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How to Increase Profits on Your Business(2)

How to Increase Profits on Your Business

When talking about cash registers, we often imagine that calculator that has a drawer underneath that we see in supermarkets. It is not often that technologies like this change the way business is managed nowadays.

The earliest form of mechanical calculators dates back to the seventeenth century, and the abacus, the forerunner to the modern calculators, dates back all the way to the time of the Egyptians. In 1883, James Ritty invented the very first mechanical cash register. This is what you may have seen somewhere in old stores in the back roads or rural areas or towns.

The cash register has been at the forefront of business management ever since and with the addition of the paper tape to the original design, tracking of sales in those times were made easier. But ever since the 1980’s, the cash register has been seen with a whole lot of improvements to how it functions. For one thing, electronic cash registers were beginning to see prominence in most stores, and it is starting to replace the venerable mechanical cash register of the old.

By the 1990’s, there has been a new revolution with cash register design and implementation. More powerful computers made it possible to design electronic cash registers with more features and expanded connectivity. But still, there is one feature that has not gone through change, and this is the way sales are counted. Even though electronic cash registers are more powerful, they still cannot automatically count the sales or the inventory or the stock levels, and humans still has to do the manual counting for it.

When the first true integrated POS or Point of Sales System was invented, it heralded the new generation of smart systems that can not only record the sales on the cash registers, it can also tie all inventory systems together using one system to give you the one big picture at any time you need to see it.

Being a true computer by itself, a POS system can be directly compared to your home computer a few years back. The only differences would be that the POS was designed to run POS software 24 hours a day, lower power consumption and different internal design of its electronic systems.

The biggest addition to most POS systems being manufactured right now is the use of a POS software that can be installed in any of these POS systems. The POS software is just like any program you may write if you were a software designer. A lot of POS software makers also create their programs from one of a number of software programming packages or programming languages.

The nice thing about the POS hardware today is that they use a standard set of commands that they follow, due in part to them being a true computer and following the set standards for all the computers being made today.

With these standard commands, a software maker only has to use his imagination to allow these commands to be used intuitively by the user when working on the touch point of sale system. This allows for easier training and faster transactions eventually.

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Point of Sale Software is More Than a Cash Register

Point of Sale Software is More Than a Cash Register

Whether your establishment is a full service restaurant, fast food franchise, night club, convenience store or even online retail establishment, POS- Point of System software is one indispensable instrument for your business to run efficiently. The technology system provides inventory tracking for small business while helping to record sales transactions, cash flow, control food costs and almost all business-related interactions. The prospect sounds very enticing yet one has to take into consideration the right POS system that will fit not your specific business needs. Not all retail pos solutions should be treated equal and your specific business needs will dictate what electronic point of sale software is right for your business. Allow us to provide you with some working knowledge and understanding on some of the differences between each system. To help you make some good decisions when choosing a retail management system.

Restaurant Software Solutions

For restaurant and hospitality business, a POS system is used to perishable inventory with varying shelf life’s as well as food and beverage orders that need to be processed by a cook or bartender. Two very diverse functions that need to work harmoniously to ensure a proper supply of materials are available for each order. Most of these applications should include POS employee time sheet software since hospitality operations require more employees to service clients than most. Since many of the purchases at a restaurant today are made with a credit card, they should also be designed to connect with third party credit card processing services and be done at a pci compliant pos terminal. This will enable your establishment to handle most types of payments a customer might make with your business. An order management system for a full service restaurant should be totally networked so it communicates with multiple departments including kitchen operations, liquor control systems, inventory tracking and payment processing. In a way, the point of sale software for restaurants program can keep a detailed track of food usage, calculate ingredient usage and even the availability of a menu item in real time throughout a service period. Expirations of the perishable goods can also be monitored by a properly leveraged restaurant software system .

For a retail Business: Like restaurant establishments, a retail store also needs engage a client throughout the lifetime of that client relationship to effectively nurture and grow the relationship with that client. With properly designed retail management system you can track essential information such as buying behavior, contact information, purchase preferences and even birthdays & anniversaries to better foster customer loyalty. By keeping track and tacking action on this useful information you will be able to anticipate some actions of customers that keep on coming back to your store. Rewarding positive buying behaviors with exclusive offers and suggesting gift cards are the correct time preceding gift purchases will foster an increased return on your investment with these most valued customers. Aside from this, keeping an accurate inventory is also one of the features of a quality retail POS solution . With inventory tracking software , you will always be updated on the availability of a particular mod, sizes and colors that sell well or poorly and allow you to make data driven decisions and adjustments when ordering new products.

An extremely handy feature of well designed pos system software is your ability to track employees schedules and timesheets electronically making payroll preparation a breeze. When it comes to tax preparation, your retail POS solution and or restaurant software pos solution can make this sometimes grueling process much simpler.

The success of your business relies greatly on how well you account for goods and services that add up to the profits and or losses of your business. Having this knowledge always available at your fingertips will help you stay ahead of your competition. Purchasing the right POS software solution and using it to full advantage that is well worth your time and financial resources.

Comcash Inc provides electronic order management system for most small and medium sized business operations. Specializing in restaurant pos software solutions and retail POS systems that fully integrate an inventory tracking software that allows for a barcode scanner for inventory management.

Choose New York Based 360 Protection For A Cutting Edge Business Security Camera System

Choose New York Based 360 Protection For A Cutting Edge Business Security Camera System

If you own a business, you’ll know that one of the most important jobs as a business owner to ensure that the property is secure at all times. With that mind, its imperative that NYC business professionals speak with specialists in the field of security; experts who truly understand how to create comprehensive network systems that protect a business, its customers and its employees 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It’s for this reason that so many people within the local area call specialists 360 Protection when they require an integrated security camera system to protect their New York business


Family owned and operated since the company’s creation 14 years ago, 360 Protection have swiftly become one of the more recognized local New York area security camera system installation experts. The company has built this reputation on the foundation of their commitment to ensuring that each of their customers receives the most cutting-edge solution available at the lowest market price.


Within recent years, New York residents will have noticed a tremendous increase in the number of hi-tech security camera systems installed in businesses around the city. These recent innovations include security solutions that can be viewed from mobile devices from around the world, so that business owners can ensure that their most valuable positions are protected at all times. 360 Protection specializes in this type of security camera innovation and they’ve worked to provide these services to some of the most prominent names on the New York business scene, including restaurants such as Café Bari in SoHo and Magnolia Bakery, as well as renowned institutions such as Ramada Worldwide. Indeed, the company has become a noted specialist with clients across the city including in the Upper West Side, Harlem, Washington Heights and Upper East Side. Whether it’s a single point of reference camera above the cash register or an entire monitoring network that covers large swaths of the property, business owners trust the team at 360 Protection to complete the installation job professionally and in adherence to all quality protocols.


And one of the great advantages to working with the team at New York based 360 Protection for security camera system installation is that the organization offers an outstanding free evaluation to anyone within the local New York area that’s interested in having top-of-the-line security installed. This free evaluation is now available to business owners in the Upper West Side, Harlem, Washington Heights and the Upper East Side and consists of a technical security specialist visiting the client’s business and going through the property with the owner by their side and detailing areas in which there is a flawed security structure currently in place.


The company’s specialist will then offer direct advice on how to resolve these issues utilizing their years of knowledge within the field while working for one of the leading companies in the industry. If the New York client chooses one of the many high quality security camera system solutions from the 360 Protection catalogue, then the company’s installation specialists will begin their tireless work within a short amount of time and then complete the installation on a tight turnaround schedule, showcasing the very epitome of professionalism at every step.


When you choose 360 Protection for your business security, your needs will always come first. With customized solutions designed to suit every budget, make 360 Protection your security services specialists.


About 360 Protection:


Family operated 360 Protection is your leading security provider and consulting firm. The organization has over 10 years’ experience in delivering highly optimized, cutting-edge technology to businesses across North America and the Caribbean. For more information, please visit 360-Protection.

Wonders of IP Cameras

Wonders of IP Cameras

Did you ever ask yourself, what are IP cameras? And what is the thing so special about them? Ok�Ц read carefully each word of this cool article 🙂

IP is an acronym that stands for “Internet Protocol” and an IP Security System is an internet based security system, which uses a LAN network or the Internet as a crucial tool for surveillance. IP system delivers secure and real time images of an event; as well as, the flexibility to show both full motions and still images.

Check out the coolest 5 features of IP Cameras and Systems:

– Cost Effective:
IP Camera System can be cost effective. Firstly, it reduces the cost of cabling in large installation. Secondly, it reduces the network infrastructure by using the same network for both, the transportation of video and control of PTZ (reduce the amount of cables) not as the traditional CCTV which needs two separated cables. Finally, it reduces the space needed because video processes are done via computers without the need of bulked and expensive switches as CCTV systems.

Let me break the idea of PTZ cameras for you;  
Pan, Tilt Zoom (PTZ) Cameras, often referred to as dome cameras, are cameras that can be moved left to right, up and down and zoom in and out via a computer, DVR, or PTZ joystick. This type of surveillance camera is often found at retail stores and allow the operator to follow a person as they move about or to zoom in on someone’s face, a license plate, a cash register etc. some of them are indoor, outdoor, and internet protocol (IP) cameras, each dome camera provides full color surveillance images.

– Secure communication:
By using IP systems, you get the necessary authentication and encryption to make sure that your system is not exposed to hackers. And of course more secure image capture and transmission. On the contrary of the traditional CCTV system which doesn’t have the needed authentication and encryption, and without them, it would be much easier for hackers to get into your system and record everything.

– Real time Events:
IP Camera System records events in real time, and provide triggering alerts and warnings of in progress events in case a suspicious activity is detected such as: blocking, covering, spray-painting or redirection. It also provides an automatic analysis, which makes IP systems more productive means of surveillance and efficient monitoring of large systems.  But the traditional CCTV systems record events for viewing after the event has occurred. Now, what really distinguish IP camera from the traditional CCTV camera is: showing the number of people and objects, audio detection, and face and gender recognition. In a simpler words; IP Camera System records events in real time, and provide triggering alerts and warnings of in progress events in case a suspicious activity is detected such as: blocking, covering, spray-painting or redirection.

– Ease of view and switch:
IP camera system gives you the ability run a number of cameras on one surveillance network; and to view each on one screen. The available software enables one person to switch between cameras; some allow you to view scenes and videos over your mobile phone, which gives you the ability to manage it from any location.

– Perfect Image:
IP camera is the perfect choice regarding the clarity of images because of it’s highly and various resolutions, it is at least four times clearer more than the traditional CCTV system. IP system has higher image quality, full image details, progressive scan and more accurate and specific information. Simultaneous high resolution and low bandwidth streams allowing remote viewing of live video whilst recording crisp megapixel images.  It also has different aspect of rations. IP cameras have wider color spectrum than traditional CCTV; better color representation, full frame rate, and wide screen format.

IP Cameras have solved many problems and obstacle which the users have faced with the traditional CCTV cameras and systems�Ц..So, admit it, IP Cameras really are making wonders in the camera systems technology.

Retail POS Organized Computer Management and Marketing

Retail POS Organized Computer Management and Marketing

The retail POS cash register software provides computerized management and marketing for food service establishments as well as hair salons, spas, clothing stores, dry cleaners, dollar stores, bookstores, and more. This unique product is customized for each of your needs providing: product ordering, payroll options, employee organization, customer incentives, inventory oversight, payroll options, and more. Use this product to benefit one store or multi-store chains. Learn more about this unique product. The POS cash register software is a unique product that has been designed by managerial and computer experts. It provides streamlined management taking the waste often seen through human error out of the equation. Businesses are able to move to new levels of productivity through the many options available for both marketing and management. Options available include: payroll, fast credit card transactions, customer appreciation incentives, food ordering, delivery orders, product inventory, gift cards, automated e-mails, employee hours and wage organization, and more. Businesses are able to streamline their production and management through computerization. Waste is eliminated that is commonly found in both retail and food service establishments. Success is achievable through customized options that generate smooth management through the POS. This beneficial tool is a clear-cut example of excellent managerial and marketing. The strategies included are used by major franchise organizations. You can now benefit from the many options that have been previously only available to large franchise organizations such as computerized automated customer incentives. Read this article to learn more about the many benefits available to you through the cash register software. The POS cash register software is utilized in many businesses including: carwashes, bookstores, clothing stores, hair salons, dry cleaners, spas, sit-down restaurants, delivery only, pizzerias, and more. This beneficial tool is useful for one store or multi-store chains. Establishments are transformed to moneymaking, community known establishments through the use of this computerized management and marketing system. Many customized options are available to exclusively meet your needs. This product can arrive preinstalled on state-of-the-art equipment and ready to be plugged in. All features are built-in to the state-of-the-art equipment allowing for the easiest functioning possible. A cost savings alternative is available: the software can be installed on your pre-existing equipment. A sales are presented/computer specialist will be able to provide you with information pertaining to the equipment you currently use and its adaption to the software. 24-hour customer assistance is available along with DVD training. The system is easy to install and utilize in your business. You will watch your business become transformed before your eyes through the use of this beneficial tool. It provides clear-cut communication and excellent organization. Remove the risk of human error. The marketing aspect of the POS retail is seen in the automated customer appreciation program. This unique program builds a strong customer base and community awareness through automated coupons print on the back of receipts, automated e-mails announcing specials and inviting friends, automated birthday specials, and more. It is proven to be seven times more effective to build your customer base through repeat customers than it is to focus primarily on building new customers. This is a major marketing tool that is used by large franchises and now it is available to you. It is proven effective and is hugely beneficial to building a strong customer base and generating new growth. This exceptional system will build your business substantially while increasing your profit margins and minimizing waste. Utilize this marketing strategy and computerized or management through the retail POS.

POS Nation is your source for cash register software and all things POS.

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The Trouble With Manual Cash Registers

The Trouble With Manual Cash Registers

You as a business owner know, and depend on your detailed records. Your records may include information on clients, memberships, or simply data reports. Keeping track of these by hand, or through a manual cash register can be challenging as well as time consuming. Depending on what type of business you run, more than likely there is a software system available to help. Whether you own a retail outlet, restaurant, or even a club, software applications can take the stress away and put your business on track. What is an EPOS? EPOS stands for ‘Electronic Point of Sale’ displays. It is not your average run of the mill cash register. A POS system process sales through a pc and is designed specifically to make a variety of business transactions more organized and easy.

What are some of the Features of an EPOS System? Sales recorded in real time Monitors stock Full reports and analysis Shows slow moving products Shows your best sellers Which is the Right Software for You? Types of software include: Membership Software — MEMPOS Reservation Software — RESPOS Restaurant Software — HOSPOS Say Farewell to Manual Keeping track of inventory, client’s memberships, and especially gift certificates, needs something more than a manual cash register. For example: You are a restaurant owner. You business is very successful and your cliental is increasing daily. You may want to offer your patron’s gift certificates, or an exclusive V.I.P card, which offers deals and promotions. You would benefit greatly from a restaurant software or HOSPOS system. HOSPOS is Hospitality and Restaurant Software. This software offers major advantages, when keeping track of food sales, members and even employees. Also available for the average retailer is, reservation software or REPOS, which are Point of Sale pos Software for retail. As well as, membership software or MEMPOS, which are Membership pos for Clubs. Best Site for POS Systems One of the best sites on the net who specifically deal with POS Systems is Best offers at Free trial Demo movie Full customer support

David Brett is a highly experienced IT professional and a well known Point of Sale Software consultant who has successfully ranked major websites into leading positions in Google, MSN, Yahoo, etc.

Advantages Of A Portable Cash Register

Advantages Of A Portable Cash Register

Some business establishments entail the use of technological applications to facilitate smooth transactions between the administration and the clients. During this procedure the clients may be in a need of a receipt to that may act as reference. The major importance of the receipts is that they make it possible for the customer to check the details of the transactions. During such processes, a portable cash register has the capability to makes these applications possible.

A business establishment that is still encroached to the use of hand written documentations to reflect the purchase of a particular commodity may not operate appropriately under large scale purchases. This brings about the need to use this currency counter. It does not need any plug-ins to perform the desired task properly.

Prior to that, it only needs recharging to make keep it alive. This works well especially for attendants who are ever moving from one place to the other when carrying out the business transactions. For such a case, the owner is at liberty to perform business sales from whichever place.

The best thing is that it is a portable money counting machine. That is means that it can be carried along with ease. Its small size is also advantaged by the fact that it is very light in terms of weight. It does not require packing that is characterized by most electronic gadgets, when moving from point A to point B. This makes it easy to own them in large numbers without worrying of any storage facility.

Tallying of the sales is done professionally and accurately by this money counting gadget. In most cases, human beings tend to make slip-ups when it comes to calculating such large amounts of hard currency. Generally, it has the capacity to give crucial details such as the total amount of sales, the date and time sold, among many others. When such entries are given accurately, the chances of raising losses in your business are very minimal.

This gadget also gives your business establishment a professional look. It makes it appear a notch higher than the rest. For sure, it speaks volumes even to the clients and they will always want to be associated with your firm

Unlike other machines that need the services of a professional in order to perform, a royal cash register is very easy to operate. As a matter of fact, it provides simple manual to use for the first time in order to learn how to manipulate it effectively. On the other hand, it saves you the cash that would have been spent to hire the services of a professional. This is chiefly due to the fact that everybody is a professional when it comes to handling it.

A portable cash register has the ability to apply to all sorts of business. Actually, no business establishment is too big for this small money counter. Monetary calculations are made possible, their value not withstanding. It is never limited to a certain limit in terms of figures. This makes it possible to be used even bigger business establishments, despite their small size.

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Cash Register Point of Sales Office Automation And Security System

Cash Register Point of Sales Office Automation And Security System

We are a one stop solutions provider in the market.

Below is our products list. -Point of Sales -Cash Register -Office Automation -Security System -Accessories and Supply

Cash Register Series (CASIO and SHARP) is best choice for your Business.

We also called it as Electronic Cash Register (ECR). It is a tool assists your business to manage the sales flow.

If you are not looking for Point of Sales, it is a best choice to apply to your business.

Before you make a decision to buy a cash register, you need to know what kind of features you are looking for.

When you compare to Point of Sales, it is very reliable and low maintenance for long term operation.

CASIO Cash Register is a best choice for advance idea and Stock Control System.

It is a high quality brand. The quality helps a business with low maintenance and best for long term running. Its powerful functions and features are always meet most of the advance requirements from most of the customers.

Sharp Cash Register is a best choice for economy and simple to use.

It is a user friendly brand. The way of operations and setup helps a business with simple setup and best for cost budget business. Its simple way to operations and setup are always become the best choice from most of the customers.

Point of Sales – The best for Food and Beverage (F&B), Retail and Services

Our point of sales solutions are cover to most of the business type.

We cover the market such as Food and Beverage (F&B), Retail and Service Business.

How can our solutions increase your Business advantages to be more reliable and save your time? -You can check the sales details accuracy. -You can control your inventory properly with less paper jobs. -You can manage all your products and business flows with the right functions. -Not only the energy to maintain your Business, but no more double jobs without a system.

We deliver you: -Business sales control and monitoring, -effective way to manage your business, -And high quality security management.

What is your Business? -Food and Beverage Industry – Restaurant, Cafe, Bistro and Pub -Retail – Mini Market, Boutique, Accessories, Beauty Products and others -Services – Saloon, Beauty, Clinic and others -Office -Kiosks -Exhibitions

We are not only deliver products, but also services to our clients. -Repairing Services -POS Systems Support and Installation Services -Rental Services -Information and Consultation -On-Call Support Services -After Sales continue services

Point of Sale Systems for Faster, Systematized Processes

Point of Sale Systems for Faster, Systematized Processes

Technological developments have provided people with a lot of advantages. They make a lot of tasks simpler. One of the benefits offered by these developments is that they can make business processes smoother and faster, helping a business increase productivity. There are a lot of software and systems that have been developed to achieve this function. An example of this is point of sale or POS Mac software.

Handling the financial processes and transactions of a business is an important and challenging task. Accuracy is required; every last cent must be accounted for. Speed and promptness is necessary when it comes to calculating finances. An example of a device that can perform this function is the electronic cash register. In retail stores, grocery stores, and other similar establishments, the cash register is an essential component in the system.

The cash register is where the customers pay for their products. The location where this transaction occurs can be referred to as the point of sale, or the checkout. The term point of sale can also refer to the system of hardware and software used to perform these functions. A typical point of sale terminal has a display screen for the cahier, a customer display, a bar code reader, a cash drawer, and some may have credit card swiping systems. A printer for the receipt is another basic component.

Today, points of sale systems like POS Mac software are highly advanced. POS software can now handle sales processes better and record all sales transactions. They can also generate daily, monthly or even yearly reports, depending on how advanced they are. More advanced POS systems even have inventory management functions. Each item or piece of product is recorded or entered into the system to be tracked.

A lot of industries use point of sale systems, and different features and functions may be removed, depending on what the industry needs. Take retail stores as an example: they usually have the aforementioned components of an average point of sale terminal, like bar code scanners and credit card swiping systems. A grocery store may also have this, but it can have something additional, such as electronic weighing scales that automatically calculate the total price.

When the cash register was first invented, it was operated manually, and it was only used as an adding machine. Today, the cash register can be part of a point of sale system that automates, systematizes, and speeds up not just purchases, but other important accounting tasks as well. A point of sale system like POS Mac software can be beneficial to both businesses and consumers.

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Cash Register Software Transforming The Food Service Industry

Cash Register Software Transforming The Food Service Industry

Cash register software is specifically designed for managerial and marketing strategies in the food service industry. This product is transforming the food service industry. Experience new levels of success in the highly competitive food-service industry and launch your business ahead with new levels of community awareness by utilizing this amazing product. Learn more about how it can benefit your business by reading this article.

The highly competitive world of food service is being impacted by cash register software. This software is streamlining food-service management and providing automated marketing through the customer appreciation aspect. This software is customized to meet the needs of specific food-service establishments and is being utilized by restaurants of every kind including: pizzerias, full-service, coffee shops, sub shops, multi-store chains, delivery only, catering, and more. The software is uniquely designed by food-service experts and computer experts; the combination of expertise brings forth a dynamic program that is re-vamping the food service industry. Common waste that has been associated with many failed restaurants is eliminated through the computerized processes available in this unique package. There are multiple benefits associated with this restaurant software including options such as: wage management, employee time management, streamlined employee hours, customer loyalty incentives, gift cards, inventory control, quick credit card transactions, exceptional customer service, payroll options, and more.

Cash register software is customized to provide specific computerized tasks for individual establishments. The customer loyalty incentives are an incredibly affective aspect to this program. It is a marketing strategy that is proven to improve your customer appreciation and community awareness. These incentives are automated through the computerized system providing instant re-wards and incentives for customers including automated e-mails announcing specials, birthday specials, and printed coupons on the back of receipts. Customers who are rewarded for patronizing your establishment will return again and again and ultimately will bring friends and family creating the word-of-mouth advertisement that is so successful in creating community awareness. Becoming a known entity in your community is feasible by implementing the automated rewards. Most food service establishments focus on scattered marketing. This technique provides mass mailings sending out coupons and menus; however, this technique is proven to gain a small amount of new customers when compared with the cost. It is seven times more effective to maintain a customer then to receive a new one. As you build a strong continuous customer base you will experience new customers coming on a regular basis due to word-of-mouth advertisement. This is an extremely effective way to build your customer base. Automated e-mails can also be generated that invite your customers to invite their friends and family for specials. This is also proven to be very effective. Experts in computers and the food service industry have provided this invaluable tool for establishments. Implementing it is easy.

The point-of-sale system is restaurant software designed to create smooth running management on an ongoing basis. The cash register software provides communication between one or more registers and between one or more store. Open up the communication lines in your establishment and provide consistent customer care through computerized organization. Streamline your daily management tasks minimizing waste that is often seen through human error. Stop excess product ordering and excess employee hours through the computerized organization of these tasks. The restaurant software system can be customized to meet your specific needs; contact an expert today to find out more details on how to get this money saving system established in your business.

POS Nation is your source for Restaurant Software or a Point Of Sale system .