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11 Steps to Restaurant Operations Manual Creation

11 Steps to Restaurant Operations Manual Creation

Restaurant operations manual should be the principal tool of every franchisee, and should be presented by the franchisor on or before the franchisee starts his or her franchise operations.

Now, make sure that your franchisee will be offered with an easy-to-understand manual so that he or she can operate his or her franchised business the manner you want it to be. The gain with this kind of operations manual is that, you the franchisor will be able to regulate your business, products, or offered services regardless of whoever franchised it or wherever its location may be (the customers & patrons will encounter & enjoy the same kinds of services & products as well, regardless of wherever franchise they go).

A well-written manual will help both parties (the franchisor & the franchisee) a good deal of profit & a smooth ordered operation and will also have an bearing to prospective franchisee because they’ll be given a glimpse of what to expect if they decided to franchise your product or service.

Now, let’s direct our attentions to writing our very own operations manual (particularly, restaurant operations manual) because though there are free templates in the web right now (try looking for it using your favorite search engine), still it’s more advantageous for you & your business if you do it yourself (from scratch, if it needs to be…) because you are the only one who understands the ins & outs of your business & the desired outcome you want from it, unlike those who’ve written those free online templates who only have a generalized idea/s of a particular business operation (some of them having no experience at all about daily operations & flows of business or anything business related because they are only hired writers & what-not…).

So, let us now enumerate the basic details to be included in your manual:


-Within this section (call it whatever you want…), you should include a brief history of your business (answering the average WH & H questions…), the mission & vision statements, the list of staff & important personas with absolute contact to the business, etc…

Daily Operations

-Incorporated in this section are the detailed opening & closing procedures, shift management, daily food preparation procedures, restaurant maintenance procedures, etc…

Customer Relations

-This chapter will confer how to deal with customers appropriately without offending anyone of them

Food Service Sanitation

-The appearance and ambiance of your restaurant is important so make sure you list down how to make a clean & neat surroundings, especially the kitchen areas.

Restaurant Safety

-This refers to succeeding the requirements for a safe & secure establishment

Employee Administration

-This part contains the detailed sketch on the process of hiring employees, company policies, employee orientation & training, maintaining performance standards, employee relations, etc…

Food & Beverage Management

-This chapter should enumerate the dos & don’ts when it comes to food handling and of course, the proper attires of the servers, staffs, & crews.

Financial Management

-Integrated in this section are: forecasting sales, accounting principles, opening accounting procedures, cash handling procedures, nightly accounting closing procedures, etc…

Labor Management

-This refers to the proper handling of all labor force so the preferred objectives, incentive or bonus management can be achieved


-The tips & tricks on how to produce customer interest for the service & foods being provided is discussed here

Restaurant Forms

-This refers to cook preparation sheet, customer complaint form, daily equipment maintenance form, accident/injury report form, inventory worksheet, kitchen checklist day or night, liquor order form, manager’s log form, purchase order form, shift meeting notes, etc…

That’s it, that is all there is to it if you desire to write a complete operations manual!!!

Ultimately, you should always remember that your restaurant operations manual is an interactive & always changing type of manual -in short, always be set to update it once in a while or if the need arises so Happy writing & enjoy your franchising success!!!–creation-1827563.html

The Benefits Of Inventory Management Software

The Benefits Of Inventory Management Software

Inventory Software is very useful for storing the data for small to midsized businesses to the handle sales, buying and inventory management and control. It is computerized system to monitor of delivery sales, top class orders and product levels of different businesses. It is used widely for manufacturing industry as well as the retail industry.


Free Inventory Management System is free tool for the growth and development of the e-commerce and corporate. It is very helpful to manage the inventory for any location in the world. It is very ideal for small, midsized and large enterprises such as home businesses, shopping malls, online shopping and ideal stores. It is well designed for managing and controlling the data of various kinds of small, mid sized and large businesses. Therefore, it is very helpful to manage the databases, stock balance management and overall management.


Online inventory management is free tool to support the advertisement of particular products. It will work closely for controlling the data of different kinds of small, midsized and large businesses.


Simplify Inventory Management tasks: – The tasks of managing the business are not only very challenging tasks, but also these tasks are very complicated and complex to track the inventory in one company. It enables you to manage the informed business decisions.


Reports to take decisions:-The software is well designed to track the inventory on different factors to take good business decisions. It is very helpful to meet the goals pertaining to their department.

Management of production delays and shortages: – When you have records of old production cycle, then you needs to use the software, which is very helpful to maintain the good stocks to the meet the demands of customers. You can manage shortages, delays and production delays.


Real time tracking: – You should be aware about the time table and software to make the informed decisions to meet the demands of market.


Inventory Management Software is a computerized system to monitor of data, sales and revenues, small and big deals for various kinds of businesses. It is used mainly to manufacture good products for industrial uses. Online software is very helpful to calculate the records and database of managing the files and records.  It is very helpful to monitor the accessibility, storage and placement of goods within a company.


The inventory software is very advanced technology to manage the business fruitfully.

If you want to know more about the different benefits and functions of software, therefore you need to keep important things in the mind. Therefore, inventory management is very vital to manage the business fruitfully.

Stop Wasting Time and Money! Wireless Inventory Management is the Future!

Stop Wasting Time and Money! Wireless Inventory Management is the Future!

Ask yourself this simple question, where does a company lose most of its money? For a myriad of businesses the answer is precise INVENTORY CONTROL! A large majority of them don’t even realize the amount of money they are losing, since they don’t have a proper asset management system set in place. The main reasons that lack of inventory control results in monetary loss is there are poor records for what products are being used, who is using them, when they are being used, and where they are going or coming from. All this information is vital for precise inventory tracking, counting, and monitoring.

Losing cash for frivolous reasons is only half of the problem. Wasted time is the other, since there are only so many hours in a day companies are always looking for ways to become more labor efficient. The amount of wasted time looking for lost inventory (that is rarely recovered) and the amount of stress and hassle accompanying it is detrimental to maintaining a self-efficient workforce. Often multiple people are hired on salary solely for the purpose of counting inventory. Not only is that tens of thousands of dollars that could be put towards better uses, but it also slows down multiple business processes due to a lack of labor efficiency. This all wouldn’t be necessary if there was a way to efficiently and effectively regulate inventory.

Even having to manually scan every product’s bar code is incredibly time consuming when compared to the next era of inventory management. The future is WIRELESS inventory management! The power of wireless lies in its ability to provide VALUE to any organization. By effectively using RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology, any business will be able to immensely increase labor efficiency and drastically decrease inventory costs, which results in a high ROI (return on investment)!

Here is an example of how RFID can save any business TIME and MONEY! Heart catheterization labs at hospitals lose hundreds of thousands of dollars every year simply because they have poor proper inventory control measures in place. Instead of nurses focusing on sick patients (aka their job), they have to go into every cath lab at a hospital and manually count all the inventory in the rooms multiple times per week. WHAT A WASTE! Not only does this bring into account the human error of manually counting, but it is very labor inefficient since it wastes hours a day. Now imagine just one of these nurses being able to spend the total of one hour a day walking through all the cath labs and waving a “magic wand” around, which counts everything in the room and organizes it into a computerized database. This is the power of WYZE-SCAN™, which is a wireless inventory management system!

WYZE-SCAN™ works by simply adhering a smart RFID label to the inventory inside of the Cath Lab. The tags have a small antenna that is able to emit radio signals that carry small bits of information about the product it is attached to, such as the product’s name and expiration date. All one has to do to precisely count and track every product in the room is to wave around the wireless hand held scanner called the “magic wand.” The scanner picks up the radio signals of every product and does an inventory count with astounding precision in a fraction of the time it would take someone to hand count every item in the room. Reports can be generated for items that have expiration date codes, replenishment lists, and costs of procedures for each doctor and patient.

Don;t Fall For Myths Pertaining To Inventory Management Software

Don;t Fall For Myths Pertaining To Inventory Management Software

Businesses that are keen to bring customers under their folds ought to put several things in place to achieve desired objectives. As one of the significant business components, inventory management goes a long way in impacting the success of a business. Big or small, businesses ought to embrace surefire procedures to gain control over stocks at the warehouse and meet customer expectations time and time again. In their quest to gain competitive edge in the market, companies have started implementing inventory management software to sharpen inventory management procedures and take control over stock levels.

By implementing this tool, establishments have found an able ally to bring down operating costs and to bring in hordes of satisfied customers. Apart from several benefits afforded by this tool, there are some myths surrounding the tools that cloud the thoughts of enthusiasts who are keen to extract the potentials of this tool. What are the myths surrounding inventory management software?

Mastering this tool is too difficult

One of the myths that is doing the rounds is the thought that mastering the tool is really a difficult task, which is far from truth. Most of the software models that are built by reputed sources are easy-to-use tools, where even individuals who don’t come with a technological background can operate this tool with ease.

Paying exorbitant sums is unavoidable

Though some small businesses are not well placed to purchase this software, this tool doesn’t unveil costly packages. The thought that it is inevitable to pay exorbitant sums to implement this software doesn’t come with a grain of truth, where enthusiasts come by software models that unveil economical price packages.

Tracking and managing can be performed only by experts

While an organization is keen to track and manage stocks at the warehouse, the software to automate inventory management procedures makes it easy for the establishment to achieve desired results. But, the thought that tracking and managing can only be performed by experts doesn’t hold water, and a well-trained professional can perform this task with the help of this software.

Bringing down stock levels is the only objective

Another myth surrounding this tool is the notion that this software can be utilized only to bring down stock levels. Apart from controlling stock levels, a company can accomplish other tasks like tracking and reporting pertaining to replenishment techniques, perform analysis with the help of data provided by the tool, among other important tasks.

The establishment that wants to gain good mileage out of inventory management software should never fall prey to myths surrounding this tool.

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What to Look For in a Hospital Linen or Medical Linen Provider

What to Look For in a Hospital Linen or Medical Linen Provider

There are many hospital linen providers, and finding the best one for your medical linen needs can be very tough. When looking for a provider, there are several things you should keep in mind, as these will help you find the best one. These benefits and considerations are essential for a hospital to properly function, so make sure you thoroughly check out your hospital linen provider.


A hospital has a lot of overhead charges, so spending a lot of money for medical linen is out of the question. Most hospitals choose paper gowns because they are often less expensive on an item-by-item, but few patients like these gowns because they are uncomfortable and flimsy. Moreover, when pricing paper gowns, a hospital must also account for their disposal cost. When all these costs are combined, a good hospital linen provider will often be able to provide medical linen for a price lower than most paper gowns, making them very affordable.

Individual Bagging

Many hospital linen providers bag their linens in one large bag. There may be 20 or 50 gowns together in a single bag, which can lead to accidents that compromise the sterile conditions of the gown. A good medical linen provider will wrap each gown in its own bag. This ensures that the patient always gets a gown that is clean, and it is easier to manage individually bagged gowns.

OSHA Standards

OSHA standards are very strict, but they must be followed in a hospital environment. All hospital linen must be properly cleaned and handled, otherwise the hospital may have health concerns. This leads to fewer patients and other severe problems, so finding a medical linen provider that follows all of the OSHA standards is paramount to the hospital’s success. Although many providers do follow OSHA standards, there are a few that don’t, and those few can hurt your business.

Inventory Management

A hospital is a busy place, so it is very possible that you may forget to order hospital linen at the right time, which can cause a major problem when there are no gowns for patients. Managing the medical linen gowns can take a lot of time, especially with so many other things going on in the hospital.

However, a good linen provider will help manage your inventory. They will often use a management system that helps them predict when you need more gowns. This means the provider will come along whenever needed, without you having to order the gowns. This is very convenient, and it frees you up for other activities.

Eco-Friendly Laundering

This is increasingly becoming more of a demand, as many people are becoming aware of the environmental impacts of their actions. Normal laundering uses a lot of harsh chemicals that are harmful to the environment, and many patients may disapprove of this.

To ensure you keep all your patients, and to keep up with this growing trend, it is important to find a linen provider that uses an eco-friendly laundering method to properly clean linens.


Finding the best hospital linen provider is very hard, especially with so many providers out there vying for your money and service. However, this checklist should help you narrow down the field significantly. If your current provider doesn’t have all of these benefits, then maybe it is time to change to another provider. A provider with all of these benefits will make it easier for you to manage the hospital, and it will present cleaner gown and linen conditions.

Erica Ronchetti is a freelance writer for ImageFIRSTTM, a nationwide industry leader and the fastest growing provider of medical linen and hospital linen (healthcare laundry services) to the medical market.