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Mobile HTML5 Kendo UI Framework Ruby iPhone Android Application Development Delhi India

Mobile HTML5 Kendo UI Framework Ruby iPhone Android Application Development Delhi India

Mobile Application Development: Options and New Trends
The sway that mobile devices hold over the whole industry provides a stirring opportunity for website owners and web developers. They are gnawing their applications into these gadgets while cross-platform mobile applications and website interfaces are set to fire their salvo into this vibrant sphere.

Whether it is for iPad, iPhone, Blackberry or Android a compatible application is every website�s gateway to exposure. In creating applications a list of HTML5 frameworks for mobile development provides a starting block- Ripple helps to test and debug the application on multiple platforms like JavaScript.

An impressive built-in Geolocation module enables testing of geolocation-related applications.

LungoJS which is supplied with full features of HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript can implement essential features such as Geolocation, History, Device Orientation and WebSQL.This framework does not require any web server support.

Joshfire is an open source mobile development framework that supports HTML5 and JavaScript. This framework will run on iPad, iPhone, Android and even on TVs and connected objects.

Sencha fully supports HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript. Our applications can be equipped with HTML audio and video components, local storage element and CSS3 styling effects. They can be adapted to iOS, Blackberry and Android devices.

Jo creates applications compatible with iOS, Android, Blackberry drawing the cream of CSS technology to solve design and animation issues.

Kendo UI is a set of HTML5 controls released late last year is quite akin to though it claims non-compliance with jQuery but when we try to use it, a lot of jQuery- style codes appear enmeshed.

In developing a web-based application it is necessary to ensure that our application is compatible with browsers in use today. Much less of a problem for the mobile world because of the rampant purchase of new devices and the advancement in technology incorporated in them. But our site needs to be tested with intended user devices.

New trends have emerged in the form of writing Ruby instead of Objective C. It was released in May this year in the form of Ruby Motion to develop and test native applications for Ipad and Iphone. For those accustomed to Ruby language this is quite an amazing make-over.

Before we set foot on the development phase let us decide whether to use Android, Apple or Blackberry models. A recent Forrester survey of 4000 information workers in 17 different countries found usages were in equal measure with Blackberry taking a light jab.

Mobile Development Platform helps low-power handheld devices such as mobile phones and digital assistants handle pre-installed applications during manufacture of these gadgets. But with the proliferation of Smartphone�s, tablets and mobiles it is necessary to take a relook at preinstalled software. Needless to mention, we cannot waste precious time developing new applications for each and every device.

Cross-platform framework has now emerged as a solution to this problem. A hybrid mixture of HTML5, JavaScript along with extra libraries provides enhanced access to the device over a pure HTML5 web application. Local Storage in excess of 5 MB, photos upload, background services run are all possible.

Leading this field is the PhoneGap framework- now donated to Apache Software Foundation as an open source project and renamed Apache Cordova. It provides a platform-specific wrapper for Android, iOS, Blackberry and Windows Phone, and exposes a platform-independent API to code against in JavaScript.

The final hitch is how we build the platform. For instance iOS requires Mac, Windows Phone calls for a Windows PC and the others come with a price tag. Today Mobile Development with options and new trends has come to stay and the web developers are now all over the platform scouting for an entry on the mobile bandwagon.

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Enterprise queue management system

Enterprise queue management system

Enterprise queue management system

Customers are the most key component for organization. Specially, for the service oriented organization including Government, customers visit their service centers for different reasons. Managing the customer flow process by one-stop service centers is critical to keep the service quality. Effective customer flow depends on the customers, who should have clear options and convenient, timely access to services that lead to positive results and high customer satisfaction.

Typically, the service centers frequently face the problem of undisciplined queues; causing tension and stress among both customers and employees which result in efficiency decline. Special service desks remain mostly under-utilized. Customers take back the impression based from the experience of service quality at the service center. While customers & employees remain unhappy; management has not enough data to improve customer service & the human resources.

Device based queue management system has introduced few decades ago to improve from barrier based queue system by several companies. Pre-printed tokens or button based token dispenser with calling terminals are primarily hardware based queue system. It got popularity because of quick deployment solution at that time. However, over times, the management could not obtained data for analyzing the queue in this system. Some of the device based companies improved with some reports, but it was not enough.

With the advancement in IT, lots of companies have come forward to overcome the shortage of data analytical demand from a queue management system. Software based queue system prefers touch based token dispenser to capture customer visit type selection and place the undisciplined queue in virtual queue. System defines the token to route to the available counters based on customers� selected service. The concept of digital signage has also began to open new dimension in queue management system. The managers become enabled to view data on waiting customers and the operation team can work on data to optimize the resources for improvement.

This has revolution in queue system. With the regular launching of new digital devices, the importance of customer relation management (CRM) in business and involvement of different department for their own needs have expanded the expectations from queue system. The improvement of network connectivity with low cost, the organizations are exploring for deployment of centralized computerized queue management system suitable as enterprise grade solution. Computerized queue management system is becoming a part of IT projects within organizations for taking initiative to use their existing hardware and database to reduce the cost of investment, taking leverage of using internal network connectivity within the branches for central system management and reporting on the customer flow data.

Today, the entire queue management has become parameter based configuration on web platform where it can be done based on individual branches. The service desk access the token using browser based soft keypad instead of device. Features like service pledge management, promotion management, appointment management including by call center operation, branch management console, customer segmentation management, priority management, language management, customer interface menu management, SMS management have given organizations much dynamism to improve their queue system with other corporate strategies by different department. The integration of database with BI tools has opened enormous opportunities in analysis.

Dimensions in queue management has not come to stable rather the demands from business users are coming. It is expected that there will be consolidation of different workflow systems with queue management as it is the primary interface with customers.

About the author:

Shoeb Ahmed Masud is one of the co-founders of Business Automation Ltd. working for developing queue management system since 2005. The company has enterprise queue management system �Queue Pro� running in different banks, telecom, Government & private service centers in different countries. To know more about the solution, readers can visit

Front Desk management Systems

Front Desk management Systems

Today like all things hotels, motels, Inns etc need to become highly organized so that they can provide the best to their guests while maintaining profitability

Hotel guest’s reliance on technology in the office and home has raised the bar for their travel expectations. Hotels are increasingly being asked by guests to provide them with the same quality of technology they have at home and the work place. For this software’s designed for the hospitality industry are a great boon. They help hotels and motels to provide such value-added services as Internet reservations and connectivity to Global Distribution Systems.

The Front Desk Is The Control Center For The Entire Hotel

Front Desk management systems are general purpose software’s that can be used at hotels, motels, inns, resorts, lodges, and bed & breakfast operations. These systems are the control centers or pulse of the whole hotel management.

This software is ideal solution for all kind of property. Main features include: Quick check-in/out, hotel status from the main menu, Direct billing, Expense management, Transaction management with insert, delete and edit features, back up and resort of data, importing and exporting of guest data and many more

Front Desk management systems integrate many critical functions to provide the highest level of speed and service available today. Using the system’s advanced technology, front desk personnel can make reservations, check guests in and out, process credit cards, issue keys, and perform other property management tasks with ease.

Features of Front Desk Management

Though there are many Front Desk management systems, the best of them must include certain features

-Check in Check Out More Details


-Group Management/ Operations

-Direct Billing/ City Ledger

-Full network support

-Multiple rate & rate type support in single stay

-Comprehensive User Management

-Well designed back up and restore database operation

-Transaction management with insert, delete & restore feature

-Expense Management

-Easy to Configure Software

-House Keeping Reports

-Guest Message

-Address Book

-Guest Feedback

-Document and Emailing

-Query Module

-Night Audit Reports

-Travel Agent Information

-Business Source and Marketing Codes

-Easy way to keep track of Non Rental Charges

-Seasonal Rate Types

-Availability Summary & Stay Information

-Phone Directory

-Room Exchange

-Detailed Tax More Details

-Manual and Auto Rent Posting

-Integration with Credit Card Processing software

-Customized folio notices

-Cash Drawer

-Wakeup Call

-New Card Scanner

-Guest database with advance search, export & import facility


In a dynamic industry such as hospitality, businesses require Front Desk management systems to deliver performance, scalability, and component integration and ultimately profitability.

Prabhash Bhatnagar is Manager of Sales & Marketing, maker of hotel management system and frontdesk management software handles the key aspects of the running of client’s business, including bookings & reservations, Housekeeping, Spa, POS and generating reports.

What You Need To Know About Sales Tracking Software

What You Need To Know About Sales Tracking Software

Business owners nowadays realized the important of having to track their sales records. Knowing the data will surely help them in setting out as well as reaching their goals. They can even learn what they need to do when it comes to overcome mistakes or even obstacles that they have been trough. Simply put, tracking the sales data means a lot to company. That is why many companies are now looking to find sales tracking software that will be helpful to them.

There surely are lots of sales tracking software that you can find. So finding the software surely will not be that difficult to do. However, the hardship comes when the company needs to find the right software to accommodate their unique requirements. You can find lots of software that can give you various sophisticated user interface along with its unique features for you to use to. Even so, the only important thing that every marketer needs is the power to monitor the company’s sales track completely on any information that will generate income.

Features and variations surely are great when you want to present the information that you have on a presentation. But even then, the information will only do well if the data that were shown are accurate and useful for you to use on daily routine. That is why it is important to get the software that is easy enough to use without having to have a degree in science technology. It surely is important when your company is still in little business segment which is on the way of climbing on to the top. The software also needs to be able to show you the full historical data of what have you been doing for the past times. This data will then help you in bringing new opportunities that may arise if the company see fit within their budget as well as achieving the goal which mostly focuses on higher income.

In reaching higher income, every company nowadays is already aware that great improvement in sales may be reach by using CRM (customer relationship management). And using the sales tracking software is definitely one out of many ways to improve the company’s CRM. You can track which costumer that brings the biggest income to your company by making repeat buying behavior as loyal customers. By getting this kind of data, the company will then be able to concentrate their cost efficiently by concentrating on the right customer that brings more income.

Those features that I have been stated above are most likely the one that will bring marketers much benefit. However, if you feel that you have more requirements that you need out of sales tracking software, then it surely is up to you to decide. Just make sure that you take your time in deciding the kind of software that you need. Write down every bit of requirements that you need and search through the abundant variations of selections well enough without making any hesitation. Need I remind you that the cost may have been expensive at first, however the best software doesn’t always the one that comes with the high price. And as the goes, you will surely feel the benefit of getting the right software to keep track of your sales records.

Both mail fulfillment and POS management are integral parts of supply chain management systems

Both mail fulfillment and POS management are integral parts of supply chain management systems

The ways of business are changing every day. Newer techniques and technologies are implemented by the various companies to take their business to soaring heights. Mail fulfillment and POS management are indispensible parts of supply chain management and contribute in a great way in various kinds of business. While POS management is more suitable for the retail industry, mail fulfillment is required for various businesses. There are many fulfillment companies that offer mail fulfillment services and POS management to the various clients. This happens when the main organizations cannot take care of the supply chain management system on their own and outsource it to other agencies and companies known as fulfillment companies. There are both large and small fulfillment companies and you can select the one that will fulfill your requirements.

Marketing is one of the main things in the life cycle of a product. The ways and processes of marketing are changing and evolving continuously and mail fulfillment is one such marketing strategy that is adopted by many companies. Mail fulfillment takes care of many things from making the framework of the mail, to designing the mail, writing the copy of the mail and then to integrate all these things and arrange for printing the things. The company that offers mail fulfillment services has to take care of all these things. The copy of the mail is an extremely important thing. It is important to have expert copy writers for the text of the mail. This work is either done by in house content and copy writers or is outsourced to some other companies. The designing work is also managed by the mail fulfillment company. Apart from designing and writing the text of the mail, the fulfillment company also arranges for sorting the mails and applying different mails for different marketing strategies.

On the other hand is POS management. POS management refers to Point of Sale management. Through this management software, it becomes much easy to track the transactions that have taken place at a shop or a departmental store or restaurant throughout the day. The POS management system can be mostly seen in the payment counters of these stores or in restaurants. Such management tools and software are very essential in places where large volumes of transactions take place. It is quite difficult to keep a track record of all the transactions manually. Thus installation of POS management software has been really helpful in these conditions. Installation of the software also reduces the amount of work load to a great extent.

The POS management software takes care of many things like inventory management, calculating item discounts, selection of rates of the various articles, bill processing, numbers of items scanned and many more. This software also ensures that there are minimum chances of error in the work. Apart from retail services, POS management software is also used by many fulfillment companies, including mail fulfillment company. This not only helps the business to get streamlined, it also helps in enhancing the business to a great extent.

The Needs of New Generation And The Efforts of It’s Providers

The Needs of New Generation And The Efforts of It’s Providers

Now, in this present digital world the human is expanding their needs by himself. The new featured products and technologies is announcing every day in the market, and the great efforts done by people to get them. To satisfy the needs, human tries hard and give big spend. In all the needs there is a one more thing which demanding at a high level of consumption that is smart phones. Smart phones are one of the mobile device which becoming popular day by day for its features and compatibilities. In these fast going days every person has little time to complete their workload. In this situation, time becomes a very precious thing. And one more thing is that every guy wants to complete their work smartly with sufficient resources.

So the Smart phone is the precious and helpful gift for the world to become a smart at all the positions on the life. The aim of its invention is nothing but only to serve the gadget which has the best helpful features that is useful in daily life. It is a device which designed for everyone. It looks professional and also fragile. One more interesting thing is that user shouldn’t worry for limited features or app store, there can be custom application development which is integrated in a manner of users’ wishes through hiring a dedicated developer.

Here are some efforts of three popular companies which provides the best for its users.

1. Apple Inc.:

The Apple iPhone is a device which has continued developing. The first iPhone was unveiled in January 2007. The first iPhone was becoming very successful but the company didn’t stop researching and developing. It tries hard and launching new devices with new design precedents such as button placement, weight, screen size than compass, faster processors, high resolution camera and also iOS. Till now there are five iPhone models released in which every new model is superior from previous one. Along one more step according to the latest rumours, iPhone 5 will probably be available at some point this year.

How extremely difficult to stand in developing smart phone market where every competitor is strong and able to improve their performance. To provide the best they work hard, make great efforts and mainly concentrate on user’s ease and entertainment.

2. Samsung:

Samsung is the renowned organization in the multimedia market. It plays a momentous role because gadgets of Samsung serve the overall marketplace in advance technological electronics business and digital media. In the smart phonemarket two devices make it more bright which are Samsung galaxy tab and Samsung Smartphone.

GALAXY S III is the latest gadget launched by samsung. The most newest and innovative feature device it is. This smooth and modern mobile phone has the improved intellect to create everyday routine easier. With New samsung GALAXY S III, you can view the content like never before on the device’s 4.8 inches HD Super AMOLED display. An 8MP photographic camera and a 1.9MP front photographic camera have a variety of brilliant photographic camera feature and face identification related options that ensure all times are taken easily and immediately. New samsung GALAXY S III is operated by Android� 4.0, Ice Cream Sandwich, with significantly improved user friendliness and functionality to create lifestyle easier. Loaded with user-friendly technology, the GALAXY S III provides an exclusively customized mobile experience that will not be affected.

3. Google:

Google is one of the huge service providers mainly in serving information from the world wide web. The concept of the Google is very large. It covers all the globe by different products like Google +, Google Analytics, Google Adward, Google Adsense, YouTube, Gmail, etc. But in recent there is a product which has made breakout users. It is an operating system named android. Android is a Linux based operating system for the smart phones developed by Android Inc. Now in present Google is an owner of it. Because of open source many manufacturers have developed handsets based on Android. And it is clear that more developer hands working then the output will be an extraordinary.

In short human needs are creating by its providers to prove that the resources to serve human beings are not limited. The efforts of the entrepreneurs group are great and their aims are like touching the sky.

Author Bio:

Perception System is an application development company. It has expert and highly skilled mobile application developer for getting sprung up of clients. It has also an experts iphone application developer team working with MAC OS to build helpful applications. It has got the great grip in application development and offers the best quality in mobile application development services.

Convenience Store POS Software

Convenience Store POS Software – Making Transactions Fast

When the management decides to buy a Point-of-Sale (POS) electronic system, it doesn’t actually pay for the software but for the benefits they get from it. The system resolves a number of issues such as unrecorded purchased items, lack of inventory control and human errors. The management can’t afford to spend too much time finding solutions to these recurring issues.

Hence, they’d opt to handle it in a proactive way and that’s through an effective automation. Enumerated below are the general advantages of this great company asset. Efficiency With the convenience store POS software, the process of calculating prices will be fast. Customers don’t have to wait in a slow queue waiting for their turn to purchase the goods. Management will also have a better record-keeping of every transaction.

This includes who performed it, the amount involved, the items purchased and date of transaction. Daily sales are presented in a standardized and organized way. The information can be used for analysis, decision-making and even performance evaluation. Accuracy Unlike manual calculation, cashiers don’t have to remember the prices of all items in the store. With the use of barcodes and scanners, the prices of goods to be bought will be automatically registered. Determining the total cost won’t be a concern anymore since the software will do the task.

Since cashiers don’t have to fret about these laborious details, they can focus their attention on receiving cash, giving out changes and communicating with customers. Versatility The convenience store POS software also provides the customers a few options in terms of payment. Since debit or credit cards are already integrated in the system, customers don’t have to worry if their wallets have enough cash for the procurement. Further, stores can also electronically tally points of customers if they offer membership incentives.

Honesty The system prevents occurrence of theft, haggling of prices, allowing unwarranted discounts or giving away free merchandise. When the owner doesn’t personally supervise the store, there are more possibilities of employee inefficiency. But with the POS system providing inventory control, business profit is secured and increased. Hence, employees are more productive, generated reports are more reliable, and decisions are more effective. These are key factors for business improvement and expansion. If you’re still planning to buy convenience store POS software, choose the one that would specifically address both the present requirements and future needs of the business.

You wouldn’t want to change the software from time to time as it can be costly and it demands proper employee training as well.

Clinical What Does it Mean

Clinical What Does it Mean

Ever see the deodorant where the seller claims it’s “clinical strength”? Ever wonder what the difference is and what it all means if anything? Well, here’s the scoop:

To start, here is the dictionary meaning of the term “clinical” per -pertaining to a clinic. -concerned with or based on actual observation and treatment of disease in patients rather than experimentation or theory. -extremely objective and realistic; dispassionately analytic; unemotionally critical: She regarded him with clinical detachment.

“Clinical” experience in regard to a profession can mean you’ve had experience in a controlled lab setting. For instance, I’m seeing clinical exercise physiologist, as opposed to just exercise physiologist. “Clinical” is a term I’ve never thought to use as a differentiation even though I have had 3 years clinical experience in a lab setting. Clinical in terms of a profession just means that you’ve spent time in a lab making sure that what you studied/claim to be true is in fact true.

“Clinical” is simply a term that advertisers are capitalizing on to mean stronger and to indicate that usually a prescription is needed in order to obtain it. “A vital part of modern medical research is “clinical research.” Although laboratory and animal research are of great importance, it is clinical research that answers the question “Does it work?” To answer this question, specific conditions or treatments are studied in a RESEARCH STUDY or CLINICAL TRIAL to understand the nature of a disease or the effectiveness of a drug or medical device.”

-NYU School of Medicine, General Clinical Research Center

In a nutshell, the term “clinical” is an indication that the item in question has been put to the test to see if what is says it does is actually true. There are many things that need to go in place when a “clinical” study is being done. For instance, there must be a sponsor, a principal investigator, an institutional review board and other things for it to be considered a “real” institutional study.

For now, let’s assume that this is the true method that is being followed with rules in place until bandwagon jumpers who try to make claims to sell a product will force stiffer rules and proof. Eventually, you can count on it being watered down just as the same way “fresh” and “natural” can’t really be trusted anymore to have the meaning it was intended to in the first place.

How To Find The Right AS400 Support and Maintenance Provider For Your AS400 System

How To Find The Right AS400 Support and Maintenance Provider For Your AS400 System

Finding a good AS400 technical support contractor is never an easy task, and the trial and error process is unfortunately the norm. If you don’t already socialize with other AS400 Shops already, there are a number of online AS400 User Groups that you may want to try. If you feel more comfortable with a local Service Provider, most areas have local User Groups which you can reach out to. If word of mouth isn’t an option, be sure to ask a lot of questions and follow up with their references. This approach will often lead you to the best AS400 Technician candidates for the task at hand or maintain your AS400 Servers properly.

Narrowing The Field: Identify Companies That Support AS400 Systems

Many companies forget this step, only to discover down the road that their chosen AS400 support contractor can’t support their AS400 System adequately or find more damage than good. Your first criteria should be that they provide basic Operations Support; being able to identify and trouble shoot software and hardware related issue Model and OS400 Version, be able to assist with your backup and recovery needs and especially competent to help you recovery from declared disaster or unplanned outage. If you or another individual at your company isn’t already AS400 tech savvy, you may also want to ensure the provider is also willing of providing training as part of their job scope. Having a highly skilled AS400 Technician onsite all the time isn’t always the smartest or economical solution, but having an individual at your company that is somewhat capable to minimize some risks is better than nothing.

Look For Comprehensive AS400 Services And Support

Next, you’ll want to determine what support services the companies you’re considering can offer. Some will be able to do a lot more than just provide AS400 Maintenance, while others will play lawyer and nickel and dime you for every single task. Some services you may expect may not be included or even available from provider to provider. Obvious questions you should have may include: When are standard services hours? What is their policy for after-hours maintenance and support? How long have they been providing these types of services? These are all pretty common questions, but be sure their standards and policies are acceptable with your business needs.

Plan For Your Longer Term Needs

After you choose your IBM Service Provider, Business Partner or Contractor, you’ll need to decide what type’s services and level of support you need. Some aspects of your AS400 System may already have basic hardware or software maintenance from IBM. But some older systems and OS Versions may no longer be supported or is cost prohibitive to continue. Filling all these gaps needs to be your priority. Virtually every type of support or maintenance contract will include a specified basic level of service, and will likely be limited to days and hours of availability for service, types of services. Just be sure you are covered for the likely event, and plan on paying extra out of pocket expenses for the unlikely events.

Some companies will have you choose between a customized set of services or a pre-determined package. Depending on the scope of your companies needs, this may be a simple decision and ultimately come down to whose the most economical. However, many companies will be stuck with the more complicated process of identifying which provider will be able to service most “if not all” your company’s immediate and future needs. Never choose a provider that offers borderline coverage of these services. If in doubt, choosing a la carte services will generally prove the better choice.

A Good Service Relationship has boundaries

Breaking contracts usually don’t benefit the end-user. There are a number of reasons you might become unhappy with your service provider over the course of time. Don’t tie your own hands to save at best 10-15% up front. Plus, shorter contracts give your provider that additional incentive to keep earning your business.

As your AS400 system continues to age, make sure that you call in your tech support whenever you have a problem or a question. You shouldn’t hesitate to use them for assistance – that’s what they’re there for. Following this advice will help you ensure your critical business applications are servicing your users at their optimal ability and for less cost to your company.

POS Inventory Control Capable

POS Inventory Control Capable

Doing business has never been as easy as it is now. With the current inventory control software that are installed in the new generation of POS or Point of Sale systems, a business owner or the manager can have full stock control and much more.

We all know that a big chunk of the business is in the back doors. That is why inventory control cannot be emphasized enough. Behind the sales counters are the stock rooms where everything is located. There is a totally different dynamics that is going on in the back doors and this is so important for every business. You need to have a stock control mechanism so that you will have updates of your stock when you need.

You must know what stocks you are carrying, the date when you had those delivered and especially the quantity of your order. These are very basic information but oftentimes taken for granted. Whenever you need to have an update of the number of stocks that you have, you should be able to access the information that you need. So having a software than can help you with your inventory control is a must.

This will also save you time in ordering and re-ordering. Imagine if you don’t have the software to do your inventory management. You will go to your stock room, manually count everything and spend time thinking about what products are moving fast and what are being left behind. To top it all, you will have to check on the date these stocks were delivered, when they are due for payment and you have to double check if your sales and your inventory adds up. These are cumbersome tasks but you need to do it anyway.

Remember that you must also check on the taxes that you will pay or have already paid for all the stocks you ordered. This is important because you have to know how much you need to add to the cost of the product that you are selling. You can easily save yourself the time and effort in doing your inventory manually by having a POS or point of sale system that is capable of handing your stock control.