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Sharepoint Custom SharePoint Portal Applications Can Your Business A Boost

Sharepoint Custom SharePoint Portal Applications Can Your Business A Boost

SharePoint Design and SharePoint Branding: SharePoint 2010 comes loaded with new improvements allows for SharePoint branding and customized SharePoint design. The new Ribbon interface is completely extensible; new user interface controls like the status and notification area as well as the dialog framework allow you to interact with the user, in a more intricate manner. This can be especially helpful in case of business operations that need multiple users to collaborate and communicate in real time. Work with our SharePoint consultants to understand how extensive branding and design can be done on your SharePoint instance. 

Customizing Document Sets: SharePoint 2010 has a new feature called Document Sets. The function of document sets is quite similar to folders. If your business needs users to work together on related documents, they can use this feature of SharePoint 2010 to organize unmanaged documents and collaborate on data that have been invested with similar metadata. So, there is no need of creating a new document library or site for the purpose, which in turn saves cost, streamlines the operations, and increases your business productivity. Contact our SharePoint consultants if you need help understanding document sets

Insightful BI dashboards and Sharepoint Reports: Use SharePoint 2010 to create insightful business intelligence dashboards and SharePoint Reports for data within SharePoint or help you to supervise and analyze your business operations by providing flexible, user-friendly tools for building scorecards, dashboards, KPIs (key performance indicators) and reports.

Customized lists: Business requirements related to information management or the needs of the individual business department can be handled by using InfoPath 2010 to customize SharePoint 2010 list forms. InfoPath 2010 can help you set validation rules, modify layouts of list forms, or create supplementary views. Once the modification of the list forms is complete, you can easily reflect your changes back to SharePoint by using the single click publishing capability that comes with the list form..

These and some other custom SharePoint web applications can make your business process initiation, tracking, participation, and reporting an easy job and optimize the way people, processes and content interact within and across organizations. So, find out what suits your business objectives the best and then implement the same.

Converge Point is a leading SharePoint consulting firm focused solely on SharePoint and InfoPath technologies. Our expert SharePoint consultants help organizations achieve their financial and business objectives by effective using Sharepoint implementations and SharePoint branding


Let Your Business Grow With Sharepoint Development !

Let Your Business Grow With Sharepoint Development !

As online businesses have bloomed on the World Wide Web, it has facilitated entry of different technologies into the business environment; SharePoint services being one of them. As enterprises evolve, the task of maintaining records, data, information, files etc. becomes very tedious. Here the crucial role of SharePoint applications comes into the picture! Its indeed the fastest growing Microsoft product that has been used by around 20000 organizations, big or small, worldwide.

Every enterprise would love to see its data getting managed in an orderly fashion. SharePoint development assists you to arrange the documents and files and then save them on a central location. Basically, SharePoint development refers to the conglomeration of your already software development process in place with SharePoint applications.

SharePoint, powered by Microsoft, can be used to build information gateways within an organization for the team members to collaborate with the information available in the company. Lets have a look at some of the tangible benefits offered by SharePoint Designs in an organization.

SharePoint applications help your team to share files from a centralized location, and also aids in creation and management of data across different layers of the organization by making use of document library, for which you have the power of access & revision control. Also, a search module is generated using SharePoint development to locate the needed information from exhaustive file records in no time.

Also, SharePoint development facilitates you to generate collective reports in your company, and acts like an efficient tool using which you can connect with different team members thereby developing cordial professional relationship with them.

Now talking about the business processes, SharePoint development helps in their simplification and management. You can also keep a vigil on the performance of different business processes running within your organization. Further, you can encourage your team members across different layers to contribute effectively in the decision-making assignments of your organization.

If you wish to get some incredible website development done, we recommend you to use SharePoint development since this helps in easy and fast creation and maintenance of websites. Varied templates are available to you for use, and you can easily create ecommerce websites, online survey sites, forums, document libraries etc. as per the needs of your company.

Get started with SharePoint applications today !


Best Features in a Warehouse Inventory Management Software

Best Features in a Warehouse Inventory Management Software

Warehouse inventory management is one of the systems gaining value in logistics today. Only sharp minds and committed employees are able to spend minimal time in ordering inventory and determining how often they do their counts. However, a typical warehouse management system is able to control all the materials by checking inventory levels regularly. This management system is still extending its functionalities to various sectors like transportation and light manufacturing among others.

Warehouse management sometimes overlaps with transportation management systems, enterprise resource planning, scheduling, distribution and supply chain planning. Confusion is therefore experienced because of separate software solutions. An integrated system that incorporates warehouse management with other operations of the company becomes a necessity in this case. Warehouse management software can be integrated with other relevant devices to get live data. The best warehouse management system executes tasks by using live data to direct employees and tasks.

There is need to setup a separate department to monitor warehouse operations. This is because it requires a lot of human involvement to keep both the current system and the warehouse management system on the run. Therefore, warehouse management system is normally automated to bear low labor cost and boost accuracy levels as fruits. This automation allows smooth transition to the warehouse management system. It also reduces the cycle time thereby increasing service effectiveness awarded to the customer. Some areas like order tracking, first-in-first-out, material handling and cross docking are not left out. Their increase in efficiency can never be doubted.

Nothing good comes on a silver platter. Warehouse management system requires an extensive task to setup. You need to categorize similar locations and items. Detailed information like weight, rack number in which items are stored, dimensions, state of the item (raw or finished), how fast the item moves and the list is endless. Every detail of an item is entered in database so that retrieval becomes much easy. However, these are tentative details and vary from one industry to another. A distributor of washing machines may require having details like front loading or top loading, make of the washing machine, maximum weight of dry clothes the machine can take, machine weight, its features and many more.

Since product mix is possible in a warehouse, warehouse management system needs to be configured. Warehouse inventory management controls inventory against abuse and theft.

IntelliTrack Inc. is the leading developer of many affordable software applications for efficient data collection systems using barcode, RFID and wireless tracking technology. As they improve their expertise on Asset Tracking, Warehouse Management and Inventory Control Software, the company has already sold more than 20, 000 copies of software. One of their cost-effective and efficient software applications is the IntelliTrack Warehouse Inventory Management and this has made day-to day warehouse operations efficient and well-organized. Check out more useful data collection software applications at http://www.intellitrack.net/.


Crm Software program Applications Are Accessible.

Crm Software program Applications Are Accessible.

Productive companies are using CRM – customer relationship management – to take care of their client relationships with professionalism and reliability. What is CRM – Customer Relationship Management- software systems? CRM is designed to build complete client profile which is therefore easily reached by people of an corporation or company. What it truly does is it gives permission to an additional colleague relating to schedules. 



With all the explosion of social media marketing platforms, CRM solutions incorporate these platforms and are in high demand. Plus with on the internet CRM, this permits all networks to perform far more effectively by means of CRM software applications, allowing simple as well as totally free CRM on-line systems. Social CRM allow for all of the interaction among the users, integrating all social networks. Net based CRM solutions can be an option for just about any firm, regardless of size. CRM needs to become handled like every other investment in technologies.




When you have achieve the level that all of your leads making use of a internet based CRM system are in location. You would find that you simply can also use it to follow up and manage the complete sales division. The CRM software for small organization along with the CRM systems are incredible leading edge technology. You will need never to forget one more meeting, just Schedule all of your prearranged appointments.




With small company CRM software it is possible to accelerate progress with sales, and possess a place of reference to return to. Making use of your net based CRM system all through the life of the customer account as well as you can be assured that they are happy. A CRM system is vital to company right now. Just like any other characteristic of online business, you will discover a wide variety of CRM software applications accessible.




CRM software helps sort out the every day operating of big businesses or businesses, in that, you have all information at your fingertips. It is imperative for anyone at any level, when getting in touch with clientele, as well as to become totally up to speed and in touch with them and their requirements. We live in a day and age that customer relationships are complex. Several troubles can arise when there is more than one person is coping with a client. 




Developing a complete profile for a client, that this amazing customer relationship management software is what each company is really a recipe for success. Go to http://www.aplicor.com, and find out the many applications .


Prepare for your Oracle 1Z0-221 Oracle 11i Inventory Management Fundamentals

Prepare for your Oracle 1Z0-221 Oracle 11i Inventory Management Fundamentals

The Oracle 11i Inventory Management Fundamentals certifications are considered as a standard for all computer support technicians within the Oracle Applications Certification industry. This certification verifies competence in certain areas like troubleshooting, security, networking, preventative maintenance and installation. Technicians certified by Oracle also have good communication skills and customer service to work with customers. Oracle Applications Certification Technology companies have made the Oracle certifications a compulsory for service technicians. In fact, over 700,000 individuals all over the world have been certified by Oracle Applications Certification since the inception of the program in 1993. The Oracle Applications Certification 1Z0-221 certification Oracle 11i Inventory Management Fundamentals test is of vital significance both in your Oracle certification course as well as your professional career. With this certification test, you could land an excellent career easily within the market and lead your way to 1Z0-221 test success. Professional who have cleared this certification test are the favorite within the industry. If you’re able to pass 1Z0-221 this Oracle Applications Certification exam, lots of job opportunities will open up for you. Oracle Applications Certification Exam Guides To help you during your Oracle Applications Certification preparation, 1Z0-221 Oracle 11i Inventory Management Fundamentals exam guides are available that will let you experience the actual certification test. These exam guides simulate the actual test scenarios such as the questions, situations, conditions and many more. There are designed and made by professionals and specialists in the industry who regularly check the most recent test objectives and then alter the Oracle 11i Inventory Management Fundamentals study materials as with the changes with the certification test. By using these 1Z0-221 Oracle 11i Inventory Management Fundamentals exam guides, you’ll not just obtain top quality training tools, but you are guaranteed that these 1Z0-221 materials are up to date too. You must look for a provider that offers economic packages having dynamic updates and excellent quality. In this way, you can have an accurate study material so you can prepare successfully for your certification Oracle Applications Certification test. The best provider will supply you with the latest and most updated test Oracle Applications Certification questions in order to you not to worry regarding anything else. In fact, they will offer you with a package that incorporates not just 1Z0-221 study guides, brain dumps, but also 1Z0-221 exam questions that simulate the actual certification test. The easiest way to pass your certification is to download the 1Z0-221 practice Oracle 11i Inventory Management Fundamentals test right now. Thus, acquiring a 1Z0-221 Oracle Applications Certification certificate in the IT industry these days is really essential. If you are a certified professional you will be the top priority and will be highly considered by IT firms looking for individuals equipped with advanced Oracle 11i Inventory Management Fundamentals Oracle 11i Inventory Management Fundamentals knowledge and skills to fill in the challenging positions. So never waste your time and make the final decision to take the Oracle certifications in order for you to have a bright future in the Oracle Applications Certification field. Author is certified author and recommends testsexpert 1Z0-221 pdf for 1Z0-221. Visit to get your copy now!

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