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Perhaps the Greates Business Invention of All Time The Cash Register

Perhaps the Greates Business Invention of All Time The Cash Register

James Ritty might not have guessed that the cash register, which he invented in 1879, would change completely into some thing, which even he would fail to identify. He just wanted to devise a fool proof cash handling system, which effectively prevented his dishonest staff steal and pocket the money at his tavern in his Dayton, Ohio.

Early cash registers were mechanical machines, which did not issue receipts. The cashier would crank up the machine and press the total key to register transaction and that is when the cash drawer would open and a bell ring at the managers/owner’s office to alert him of a completed transaction.

But would it not be possible to open the register when there is no sale at all? These are day to day necessities and the manager or the owner would want to check or take away cash from the register even when there is no sale and the drawer can be opened by hitting the NS (no sale) key which opens the drawer after logging that the drawer was opened. Some models have special keys and latches for such instances.

Modern Cash Registers Whether you have a small business or a restaurant, modern line of cash registers will fit the bills for you. These computerized cash registers of the day can be attached to scales, check stands and bar code readers. Some specially ordered models have the capacity to be attached to credit card terminals and software such as EFTPOS. EFTPOS stands for Electronic Fund Transfer and Point of Sale, which handle transactions with customers. It handles electronic debiting of customers’ accounts and crediting the amount to the merchants’ account.

Pilferages with modern cash registers are not easy. These are highly protected. One example is alphanumeric passwords.

Accounting and Taxation Angle to Cash Registers It is mandatory for customers and merchants to maintain the receipts for some time while merchants compile tax returns. The point is, it is easy taking stock at the cash registers by the volume of sales rather than inventory. Bar code scanners such as EAN and UPC maintain logs for each item sold and totaled at the end of the day.

Top Manufacturers and Salient Features Japanese have pulled it off in this regard. Toshiba, Casio, Sharp and American companies like IBM, Wincor-Nixdorf and TEC are top selling models. Features keep changing but, Clerk ID System, Self Tax Computation, Memory Protection, Locking Cash Drawer Locking coin tray, multiple tax rates; thermal printers and pop-up rear display are only the most common features.

Have you seen a self checkout cash register yet?

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What is a Two Tier ERP

What is a Two Tier ERP

We’ve discussed “What is ERP?”, but now its time to take a look at two tier ERPs, and some of the benefits that NetSuite offers for those looking for a two tier approach.

A two tier ERP is a concept or approach that is generally used in larger organizations. Oftentimes, larger organizations have multiple lines of business and / or multiple companies running independent from each other. These companies, most likely, have different target customer segments, different inventory product requirements, and may be serving unique geographical markets. Each line of business, when looked at from their perspective, must be able to take care of their own business requirements. However, this may not serve the interest of a corporate parent who wants to be able to consolidate results of its subsidiaries as well as have some level of governance.

Two tier systems often make sense to the management because they want to be able to act quickly while producing some level of autonomy for each subsidiary. I am a strong believer of a single instance architecture. But I am realistic. It may be next to impossible to achieve this depending on the situation. Here are some criteria where Two Tier may make sense: -The parent ERP is too complex to adopt for a small business unit. -The cost is prohibitive for the smaller business unit to own the parent ERP. -Certain local or regional regulatory requirements can not be met. -Key functionality is missing from the parent ERP.

NetSuite works to have an offer for organizations that face these challenges. In some respects, the NetSuite OneWorld product is seeking to be the Parent ERP. Of course, it is all one system and it works very well if the criteria noted above is met. At the same time, NetSuite is pitching to larger companies to be part of a two tier structure; not as the main ERP but as a sub ERP.

NetSuite has recently won some major clients that are two tiered. For example, see these articles: -Qualcomm -Olympus (video) -Torstar Digital

At the same time, they have a great success story with OneWorld acting as a single instance for GroupOn.

The reality is that as companies grow, so do their demanding requirements. Today, there are very few business management systems that can truly make a Single Instance offer. The choices really open up if you go Two Tier. But make no mistake, you will require a major investment to integrate, train people, and maintain these systems on an ongoing basis. NetSuite’s technical architecture makes it pretty easy to integrate with; but it will require work. Two-tier has become much easier due to integration platforms, such as Boomi or Mulesoft.

Finally, two tier ERP is different from Best of Breed often adopted by smaller organizations who aren’t holding the entire consequence of a fragmented technical architecture. Please see my article, “Best-of-Breed Business Systems: Traps & Lies”. The same considerations apply for two-tier ERP. Ideally, get the entire business, on a single instance. If the boundary is a subsidiary, then so be it.

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Marty Zigman, founder of Prolecto Resources, the leading Southern California consultancy serving Ventura, Los Angeles, and Orange Counties, leads companies to advanced growth through NetSuite based implementations and innovations. Marty’s organization has developed scalable eCommerce systems for companies such as Time Warner and Bank of America which processed over $1.6 billion in order revenue within 12 months. Marty Zigman, a previous CPA and Deloitte & Touche consultant, brings a unique perspective to how business systems can lead to increased enterprise value and competitive advantages. http://blog.prolecto.comTwo Tier ERP is an approach used by management when it is too difficult to get on one single system across multiple business subsidiaries. Learn more about this case..


4 Main Advantages of Utilizing On-line Advertising and Marketing Software

4 Main Advantages of Utilizing On-line Advertising and Marketing Software

You need to have used a number of the advertising and marketing instruments on-line and questioned how good it’s to have one thing achieved with just a push of a button. Thanks to the advanced know-how that made these online marketing instruments available. One should use a number of the most popular on-line advertising and marketing tools with a purpose to survive in business and compete the established experts. Not solely that, you also achieve some major benefits by using them. Today I will talk about 4 main advantages of using on-line advertising tools.

1. Automates The Process: On-line advertising and marketing instruments are very helpful in making the entire course of automatic. You arrange a crucial knowledge only once and push a button to submit your details. The instruments deal with the rest. With the development within the technology many of the instruments that are available today have this push button technology. Virtually each profitable internet marketer uses tools that automates many of the processes. This saves their time which they utilize to market their business elsewhere.

2. Keeps You Ahead in Competitors: If you’re new to web advertising, you will need to use these online instruments with a purpose to enhance your on-line business. Successful marketers know exactly what kind of instruments to utilize and how. They’ll at all times stay one steps forward if you do not know the right way to make greatest use of these tools. All you require to do is to search out out a number of the finest tools that suits your small business requirement, and grasp the ability to operate on these tools. This fashion what you are promoting will get extra exposure and you will stay ahead in competition.

3. Tools are Trade Particular – Know The Greatest:These instruments are particularly made for the respective industries. They’ve up to date knowledge and know the most effective of that industry. Suppose take an example of Social Media Submitter tool. This software knows precisely where to submit your website. They hold updating their database with new social media websites. And alter their codes accordingly. So utilizing up to date online marketing instruments could be very advantageous.

4. Establishes Trust in Your Customers: Some of the skilled instruments are so common that even prospects require their web entrepreneurs to use them, in order that they can imagine that they’re coping with official person. Lets take an example of Aweber autoresponder service. Most of the well-known web entrepreneurs use Aweber as their autoresponders. So when a consumer or customer subscribes to your service he believes you as a severe internet marketer since you employ Aweber. Many people use completely different providers that cope with spam which could not attract critical customers.In any case, you have to use special tool in order to save your time and money during article marketing.
Article Marketing Software Or Article Submission Service: Which Is Preferable?
Some people prefer to buy article marketing software paying one-time fee. But the biggest disadvantage of article marketing software is that you cannot automate all the process 100%. In other words, it cannot be done without your participation. And you should be a very patient person to use this tool on a regular basis. Otherwise, you cannot get regular results. As a result, you will have to spend a lot of time every day.
But when it comes to using article submission service, you can 100% automate all the process.
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The Benefits Which Cash Registers Renders to Its Users!

The Benefits Which Cash Registers Renders to Its Users!

In this article we will provide our readers information about money registers and how they have made the lives of people so easy and convenient. So those who want enlightenment just read the article which descends.

General overview:

Cash registers are regularly used in maintaining recordings of all the transactions which are done by customers. They are available in various formats and designs. Some of these money registers are also used for price calculations, cash drawers, which itself holds checks receipts, cash etc. They are a very common sight and are also known by many as POS systemization or the Point of sale systemization. They in short are very effective in handling currencies.

In the past:

In the times gone by when such Cash registers were not available to human beings, the use of calculators, pens, and papers were common for carrying out such activities. But with the evolution of time along with the transformation of technology, many such proficient devices started getting manufactured and as a result were introduced in the schematics. These devices as soon as they were introduced transpired as one of the best modes for effective and trouble-free cash handling activities. They made the lives of people a whole lot easy and complicated activity such as making changes in the calculations, calculating tax, maintaining records as well as product codes and department codes were done without breaking a sweat!

The advantages if having such contraptions around:

They render loads of benefits to its users, the biggest among them being the speed factor. With these babies around its users can go through huge cardinal of customer information and they also assists in maintaining a substantial flow of money into the stores. These devices even have scanners which speeds up the cash transactions and also enable swift entering of product details into the money register. It is for such mind-boggling characteristics that such contraptions are one of the main pre-requisites for each and every retailer or store owner.

As mentioned above there are several genres of such money registers available in both the genres of the market. Here are some options which the customers can apply while selecting the appropriate ones:

Thermal printing money registers- These types of registers employ a special kind of thermal paper till roll which gets black as soon as heat is applied to it. Its thermal printable heads caters to the heat and as a result provide the type-numeric to the till roles. They are really effective and with them around one simply doesn’t have to ponder over problems such as changing the ribbons. Also its rolls are also easily changeable and easily available in the market in cost-effective prices.

Portable hard-wire registers- This is another one which the customers can opt for. They are very portable and are tailor-made for cellular businesses where their own power outlets are easily available.

However if these two doesn’t prove to the adequate choice for customers they can always log into the World Wide Web and get all the essential information regarding which ones which serve their interests.

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Dan Colgan is a business expert & he is interested with Affiliate Marketing. His writings are based on thermal paper rolls, credit card paper rolls etc.