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Controlling the AxesNet Game Room Management System

Controlling the AxesNet Game Room Management System

Are you in the quest of a comprehensive game room management system? If yes, then stop your search here as we bring the superlative AxesNet game room management system for you, which is all-inclusive and incredible in functioning. This phenomenal system is designed after contemplating the requirements and aspirations of the game room operators. The predominant objective of this impeccable AxesNet system is to notify the operators regarding the updates, and encourage them to run the system in its full potential.

If we get into the technicalities of this faultless device, then AxesNet is a fully automatic system that doesn’t demand the support of servers or computers in the game room. Moreover, the Axes Network Players Cards, Axes Network Cards Readers, and Axes Network POS devices are also coupled with the AxesNet game room management system, which further automatically report to the central system, and don’t require your intervention. This means, you don’t need to get apprehensive regarding anything, and the system will always remain updated with the recent reports and statistics. The best part of this system is that it is based on the cloud computing concept and you can access it from any nook and corner of this planet. You are just required to log inside the system via a web browser, and you will have the latest information in hand always.

In case, if you need the latest information, then there are experts available who retain the perfect knowledge of the AxesNet game room management system, Axes Network Players Cards, Axes Network Card Readers, and Axes Network POS devices. That is why they easily design the new reports and statistics for you. There is certainly no work required from your end; also you don’t have to know the technical intricacies related to Axes Network Players Cards, Axes Network Card Readers and Axes Network POS devices. All you need to do is just to approach these experts and they will do all the related tasks for you.

To be precise, the statistics and reports are required by the operator, when the following questions crop in his/her mind:-

•How much is required in my bill acceptors tonight?
•Who are my most active players?
•Which game will brings-in more money?
•Did the bill acceptor really steal $20 of this guy?
•Who is sitting in my game room right now and how much do they have on their cards?

But don’t worry, if you log onto the AxesNet site, all this will be available to you. So don’t delay, take the requisite steps today.

The article has been created by an AxesNet game room management system expert who retains the knowledge of Axes Network Players Cards, Axes Network Card Readers, and Axes Network POS devices as well.


Cash Register Multi Utility Device For Your Businesses

Cash Register Multi Utility Device For Your Businesses

If you are running a super market store and have a 60-80 billing per hour, then surely you need someone who can do it speedily with perfection in calculation. A single person cannot do this work. Human mind has some limitations and there are chances of some mistakes in calculation. So, there is a need of a device which can calculate bills speedily with accuracy. Cash register is perfect for this purpose. You can purchase both mechanical and electronic cash registers for your business and these will enable you too quickly and efficiently process customer purchases and keep accurate records of your daily sales transactions. Its provides a number of useful services across a wide range of sales businesses including retail stores, food and drink outlets, cinemas, supermarkets and more.

It will ensure that the checkout stage of your business is as fast and seamless as possible as they can be used to quickly calculate the total sales price of each transaction and also provide the sales clerk with the exact change that needs to be given. A bill of purchased item can be provided for customer that details the transaction and may also include additional details such as the date/time, sales clerk ID name/number and refund policy. You can use cash register sales receipt to advertise upcoming events in your store such as seasonal sales or new product launches.

Cash register sales receipt can help customers to keep record of those things which they have brought from the store, issued this receipt. In case of expiry of any product, consumers can contact the store and can claim for the better services. Cash registers can improvise the security on your shop floor as the cash drawers will be securely locked until successful sales transaction is put though. It prevents the need to keep money out in view of the public and also reduces the chances of theft. Every store has a Cash register sales Clerk who check all the transactions made during the day and cross check it with the total amount of money in cash register at the end of the day. This allows you to check each and every entry of transaction made very minutely. All the details are mentioned properly with date and time. Only senior sales staff can be provided with an override code or passkey in order to access the sales drawer in case a refund needs to be given or the customers have received the wrong change.

There are many varieties of cash registers available in the market for different purposes. With electronic cash registers, you can purchase integrated credit card readers. It allows you to provide more options of payment to your customers and helps in entertaining credit cards and debit cards. Credit cards can be processed securely through PIN readers. You will also be able to accept cash, cheques, vouchers and loyalty card. In case of audit reports, That will record detailed information about each sales transaction. It not only provides a clear picture during audit trial but also allows corroborating stock levels.

If you are looking to buy cash register, then there are many websites available on the Internet on which you can easily find cash register on sale at very cheap rates.

There are many varieties of cash registers available in the market.This website provide best cash registers for sale.Which You can use cash register sales receipt to advertise upcoming events in this store.


Restaurant POSqx is Next Generation Restaurant Software

Restaurant POSqx is Next Generation Restaurant Software

The days have passed by when everything, right from the listing of order to final billing, was done manually. Those were the hard times and often the restaurant manager found himself preoccupied with the things that were not actually meant to define his role. Times changed and so did the functioning of in house processes of restaurants. It was the result of development of software system that actually turned everything upside down for a better future. A point of sale was designed which automated the routine processes in small and big restaurants bring high end efficiency and synchronization at work.
Restaurant POSqx is a powerful and amazing restaurant automated system that brings marvels to the management and functioning of routine restaurant processes. Restaurant POSqx gets easily installed on the POSqx Hardware and functions smoothly as it manipulates the orders and provides complete scalability in managing restaurant operations. The automated system also lends innate flexibility to the Point of Sale Manager or Desk Manager to keep the track record of all the sales and/or transactions made through credit card, debit card or cash payment.
An effective completely automated Restaurant POSqx has an integrated payment processing system that provides quick and smart merchant account solutions to carry out routine processes and calculate the number transactions and orders made on daily basis. If the customer makes the payments in cash, Restaurant POSqx will trigger the cash drawer to for the moment cashier is entering the cash amount in the system. In case, the payments are made through debit card/credit card, the card is swiped in integrated credit card/debit card system and the amount is automatically deducted.
The important fact about Restaurant POSqx is that it integrates only in its very own unique and special POSqx Hardware. The hardware provides all the manipulation and data storage facility to automated restaurant system. Restaurant POSqx system is connected to secured online payment gateway which helps in carrying out the transactions over the web directed entirely from POS inventory system control. POSqx is a next generation optimized system that is taking the restaurant business to greater heights and give customers unique lunch, breakfast and dining experience. For remaining successful in restaurant business, it is very necessary to have high end automated Restaurant POSqx system that can really make the difference to the normal and quick functioning of routine restaurant processes.
It’d not be wrong to say that Restaurant POSqx has all the capabilities to take control of restaurant processes and coordinate efficiently between different processes that are otherwise maneuvered in a restaurant. Automated POS system has completely revolutionized manner in which restaurant operations are carried out, and the way they are maneuvered under the real time conditions. The real utility of automated restaurant system can come into action only when the POS manager is able to handle the system with complete religiosity and integrity. One cannot take the power of any POS system to higher levels if he or she is not adept with the features and functionalities installed in the system. http://www.processingamerica.com/

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SMS Broadcast System

SMS Broadcast System

SMS Broadcast System presents by itself a complete and full bulk of Free SMS marketing solutions, which also includes Free SMS modem and SMS software. You just need to place any SIM card in special hardware and start your SMS campaign or SMS blasting. Also that means that you can use overseas SIM cards, any local SIM card, post paid SIM cards, prepaid SIM cards etc.

Well though we are living into the advanced era yet it is not possible to achieve everything within micro seconds. In fact we must understand the fact that a machine also needs a sufficient amount of time to perform its operation and give the output. But it’s nothing compare to standard advertising scheme.

This technology is created to those who want to get result proven mobile marketing and it’s providing cost efficient. With BluOcean free SMS toolkit you will gain the recognition of your service or products that you are selling and very soon you will be among the top sellers lists. Once you are there at this position then you will surely get customers at your end to lift up your economic growth and stand in the global market, with exceeding and meeting business goals – maximize sales, maximize profits, increase customers, increase effectiveness, increase efficiency, and build strong customer.

Effective and good marketing makes a great advertisement about a service or product, and its purpose is to encourage clients to purchase more or use your product or service instead of your concurrent. And the main idea of effective marketing is communication, so you can ask yourself whether your competitors communicating to your clients faster and better or not. Do you want any of your customers to buy from you faster or response to all discounts of yours and other marketing stuff? If you clearly realize that you do want it, then you should have a system to help you in doing this.

Your dream to have a big and wide business empire is very well respected by us and it is after visualizing that fact that we want you to improve your business slowly but confident. Make your investment and send free SMS software, it would create memorable interactive relationship with you customers. So what are you waiting for come on wake up and don’t miss the chance to become a part of all such SMS marketing for free.

The mobile phone and SMS texting has become apart a part of everyday life, it makes you wonder how we ever got along with out them. Businesses and organizations find this type of service to be a highly desirable CRM tool for Customer Care and PR and can help enhance any Web or email-based marketing.

SMS Text Message Marketing is a direct link for businesses and organizations to be in direct contact with consumers and members at all times. It’s estimated that over 84% of all Americans now carry some form of mobile device on their person at all times. The market place has gone mobile and billions of dollars of merchandise and services are purchased with mobile devices every year.

By using a mobile advertising service, you can promote your business and reach over 270 million mobile phone users in the U.S. alone. Send promotional offers, sales invitations, special announcements, notices and reminders has become as simple as clicking a computer mouse.


Restaurant Customer Service Terminal

Restaurant Customer Service Terminal

In the high-end hotel guests sat round the table, in front of the computer screen by touching food choices, and soon will be selected by on-orbit delivery of food to the front of the guests. The automatic ordering system to avoid the wait caused by artificial service, attitude and other issues, while providing a powerful entertainment features. Similarly, the system is also suitable for entertainment and office space, we can pack in their office is very convenient locations or between meals.

System function

System block diagram in Figure 1. Blackfin processors are designed to meet today’s embedded audio, video and communications applications with low power requirements and conditions for calculating the design of embedded processors [1]. System contains a series of dual-core Blackfin processor ADSP-BF561 [2], video capture decoder chip ADV7183B, audio codec chip ADV1836A, SDRAM data memory, FLASH program memory, Ethernet chips LAN91C111, LCD touch screen, SD Card, UART interfaces , buttons, lights.
System by extending the SD card, transfer the FAT file system, as the photos, videos, e-books and other data storage. Through the ADSP-BF561 SPI internal bus, the data from the SD card to read the internal SDRAM, the same, SDRAM data can also be written back through the SPI bus, the internal SD card.

SDRAM read from the SD card pictures within the dishes, through a number of processing into 320 × 240 color LCD for display of the RGB-24Bit format image data, and then, through the parallel peripheral interface (PPI) given to LCD controller the dishes picture display.
LAN91C111 chip system as the network expanded master chip. ADSP-BF561 extend through the external interface bus (EBIU), and LAN91C111 read and write communication. LAN91C111 transformer output of the network through the network after receiving the RJ-45 interface, the hardware realization of the network connection. LAN91C111 chip DMA mode and interrupt pin through, and ADSP-BF561 for data transmission. Software, real-time kernel by VDK transplant LWIP, the TCP / IP protocol development.

Video (PAL system) through the coaxial cable access to the ADV7183 video decoder inside, after sampling, video decoding, the output ITU-656 format image data. Image data through the PPI, the 8bit data width, SCLK / 2 speed, DMA transmitted to the SDRAM. Synchronization using PPI data port and ADV7183 frame synchronization, vertical sync, horizontal sync and other signals connected to complete the synchronization of video data. ADV7183 power configuration of the ADSP-BF561, through a common programming interface (PF) I2C protocol to achieve complete data formats, gain control, exposure control configuration.

ADV7183 video decoder to read from the SDRAM of video data is the ITU-656 format (UYVY4: 2:2 format) through the YUV to RGB transformation algorithm, into a color LCD display module RGB24bit for data transmission to the LCD control by PPI , which realizes the video capture and playback.

Customer’s voice through a microphone input to audio codec AD1836, after the audio A / D sampling, quantification, decoded by DSP’s Sport in the mouth temporarily transferred to SDRAM memory [3], followed by MDMA transport to the SD card, the customer views the voice preservation. ADSP-BF561 AD1836 via a serial peripheral interface (SPI) configured sampling rate of 44kHz, 16bit sampling width.

SD card audio data (music) to read through the SPI to the SDRAM, decoded by the ADSP-BF561, through the serial port (SPORT) to DMA mode, the transmission to the AD1836 audio codec, then output through speakers or headphones to achieve the songs playback.
In addition, the system extends as a large-capacity NAND Flash data storage, expansion of the 4 × 4 keyboard and light, extending the Flash as the curing process, extend the fire alarm interface information.

System functions as follows:

View menu: dishes, pictures by SD card to store the BMP format. When the user when browsing the menu, ADSP-BF561 file name through the dishes, read the SD card in the corresponding dishes pictures, displayed on the color LCD. Customers can browse the menu to choose dishes, dishes can also scroll through the play.

Customers ordering: Customers browse through the picture menu dishes, dishes to choose their own satisfaction, then select the button ordering, ordering functions that can be achieved. In addition, customers can order food through the network and scheduled dishes, ordering the implementation of intelligent and flexible.

Entertainment features: Terminal provides a powerful entertainment features, including: listening to music, reading books, watching videos, and so the production process dishes. Customers and other meals in the process, you can choose these entertainment features touch screen, ease anxiety and other mood during the meal, also reached the purpose of dining pleasure assured.

Voice mail and play: customers after the end of the meal, the restaurant can feedback in the form of voice from the microphone to the audio decoder chip conveyor AD1836, through the audio A / D sampling, quantization, decoded, stored in the SDRAM, then By stored in the NAND Flash, and achieving the preservation of user comments. Restaurant operator through a menu to the user’s voice message plays out, according to the user’s views.

Network functions: The system extends the LAN91C111 as the network control chip. In software, on the basis of the VDK kernel transplant LWIP main structure as a network to achieve the TCP / IP on the ADSP-BF561 transplantation [4], completed the CS (client – server) model the establishment of a network Socket , connection, transmission, disconnect the other functions. And, in the standard TCP / IP, based on the application layer protocol developed to realize the ordering terminal and PC computers direct data transmission.

Software Design

ADSP-BF561 to achieve the software through the use of VDK create a thread, the thread through the signals between the amount of (semaphore) and message (message) to transmit information and the completion of thread synchronization. Use hardware signs (device flag) to complete the DSP peripherals and synchronization. Used to handle the interrupt and DMA interrupt nesting and emergencies. By creating a thread for each application, with the priority of the thread and messages to each other’s scheduling and management, and to prepare ADV7183, AD1836 and LAN91C111 drive and other equipment, with priority management interrupt service routine, the API function calls VDK .

Ordering in the network information transmission, DSP-side program mainly in the VDK kernel ported by LWIP TCP / IP protocol stack. VDK as a Visual DSP + + together with the sale of the core, well integrated into the VisualDSP + + in. On the basis of the VDK, Socket server program through the development, implementation of the ordering information ordering network transmission and network function.
The program is loaded in the FLASH in the curing process, after power-up, the program can be separated from the emulator to load and run independently, this step is the process of any one product development work to be done. ADSP-BF561 loading process is very complex, divided into: 1, simple program to load; 2, a single nuclear program loading; 3, dual-core program loading; 4, the complex process (dual core, running in the external memory) to load. VDK kernel of LWIP procedures, and video and audio collection, coding and decoding, etc., make the program a huge amount of procedures to be run in external memory, and dual-core processor must be used to increase processing performance, the design load is the most complex procedures The Category 4 load. In the process of loading process, we start again from the simple test program, ADSP-BF561 gradual understanding of the loading process, by reading a lot of information, with the ADI’s internal and external technical support were contacted, the ultimate solution this problem.


System takes full advantage of dual-core DSP-BF561 hardware resources, making the Blackfin DSP series of audio and video processing performance into full play. Through the rational design of a DSP peripheral device, to achieve the audio capture and playback, video capture and display module, interactive touch screen, SD card and other large-capacity NAND flash memory used. Management procedures using the VDK kernel process of the transplant in the DSP on the TCP / IP protocol stack to achieve ordering information ordering network transmission and network function. Dishes stored in the terminal the millions of images can be dynamically browse and play. Provides a powerful entertainment features. Customers can dine on the dishes after the voice through a terminal evaluation.
The system uses a real sense of “no smart restaurant.”


Credit Card Statement Abbreviations

Credit Card Statement Abbreviations

This list will explain the meaning of the abbreviations on the credit card processing billing sheet of the monthly charges for processing credit cards. At first glance, the customer print out may be difficult to understand. Take a time to study the layout of the statement. Each merchant services provider has an assorted format for the monthly statement. Look at the sections first and then look at the columns. The columns usually list things currency volume, number of transactions, individual purchase fees, discounts percentage and discount paid.

Here is a list of the meaning of abbreviations and meaning of some of the words found on the credit card processing print out.

Meaning of Abbreviations on Merchant Services Statement

* ADJ = adjustment

* AMEX = American Express

* AUTH = authorizations, and is usually related with dealings fees

* AVG TKT = average ticket

* AVS = address verification system, and is a dealings gift surcharge.

* BTCH HDR = batch header. Most processors calculate a small dealings gift for each batch

* CHG = charge

* CHGB = chargeback

* CNP = bankcard not present

* DISC = discount, which is the discount evaluate or percentage evaluate being charged

* DSCV= = Discover

* “MC” effectuation MasterCard

* “NABU” is MasterCard’s dealings fee

* “PCI COMP” effectuation commercialism bill industry compliance. This is an annual fee

* “POS”= location of sale

* QUAL = qualified. The evidence might list the eligible rate, mid-qualified rate, and non-qualified rate

* REF NO = reference number and is assigned to each batch

* STMT FEE= billing fee

* TRANS= transaction

* VS= Visa

* WAT =is a type of dealings fee

Description of Types of Cards

Here are some examples of the types of abbreviations found on the credit card processing print out that are used to describe the assorted credit bill types in the market:

* COMM CNP = commercial, bill not present

* Rewards 2=is a type of credit bill with a rewards program and is charged a mid-qualified rate

* CORPDATA is a corporate credit bill that falls into the non-qualified percentage category

* EIRF=is a type of non-qualified card

* DB or DBT= debit

* ENH MER 3= enhanced merit 3

* MCW= MasterCard World Card

Merchants and business owners should be open to getting quotes from other merchant services companies, as the rates go up twice a year. The merchant services industry is very competitive, so merchants should have a firm sense of understanding of the rates and fees related with accepting credit cards.



Run Your Restaurant in Better Way With Best Point of Sale Pos Terminals (POSqx)

To run your restaurant in better way, you need to use high-end best restaurant management software. A POS inventory system can manage everything in your restaurant quite comfortably and precisely. Most importantly, the Best point of sale pos terminals can process all sales made in your store – be it credit card, debit card or cash payment. Naturally, the restaurant software is equipped with a complete payment processing system and from your part, you should take no chances in ensuring that the Best point of sale pos terminals is completely safe for such processing.

Your customers may opt to pay through various modes – it may be cash, credit cards or cash cards; even some of them may be your regular customers whom you will charge periodically. So, Best point of sale pos terminals vendors give enough options for collecting and processing payments in different modes. The restaurant software should also enable you to collect payments from customers whose records are saved in the main database of the best restaurant management software.

Under normal conditions, your customer will dine in your restaurant, walk up to the cash-counter or the payment processing systems console and pay using his cash/credit card or simple cash. Now, if the customer pays in cash, the best restaurant management software will open up the cash-drawer automatically the moment the cashier enters the cash details in the console. For credit/debit card processing, you will get your customer’s card swiped in the system and the amount will be automatically updated in the best restaurant management software.

All POS inventory system is equipped with adequate security features to prevent mal-practices. As you get various reports on the data collected in the POS inventory system , any discrepancy will be easily noticeable to you. The information of your customers’ credit or debit cards is completely encrypted through the Best point of sale pos terminals so that they can dine and enjoy in your restaurant freely. A number of Best point of sale pos terminals are also equipped with online payment gateways to complete transactions over the web from the POS inventory system console.

It is important to run your restaurant with an optimized system and offer the customer with a great dining experience. So, to remain in the business successfully, you need to have Best restaurant management software besides efficient workforce and adequate infrastructure. In the end, your restaurant software makes the difference and takes you towards success.

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Contact Name: David LaCroix-Efficient in Best Point of sale pos terminals
Email:[email protected]
Contact Phone: 866-512-9284 EXT. 701

Website: http://www.posqx.com


All about the Ethernet connection

All about the Ethernet connection

The suitable level associated with sales (POS) system can offer any extraordinary affect on retail or hospitality enterprise, supplying you with the latest level of manage around your businesses, growing proficiency, increasing revenue, and assisting you to fine-tune your online business design. Not only is it extremely effective compared to cash subscribes, buy POS systems, and it can create precise accounts which can help anyone create far more well informed enterprise choices. Take into account, ones needs and discover what exactly the market offers as soon as changing at a conventional check out into a advanced POS system. The actual POS system market features two primary sorts of consumers: retail businesses and hospitality corporations like dining places, night clubs, and accommodations.

Before opting to buy power supplies, know that energy supply model (PSU) is amongst the number of products within the electric device that may have an effect on the actual efficiency and also stability of one’s entire method. It’s often the most undervalued, under-appreciated element inside any device, but among the very first elements to be able to cause malfunction.This post targets the actual variables to take into consideration while getting a PSU for any computer system, however it usually is applied to any software wanting a controlled PSU. When after this manual, take into consideration your software, and also properly think about every aspect. Determine the actual wattage you’ll need. Use a PSU finance calculator website page or computer software to aid establish your preferences.

There are companies which are deeply involved in producing as well as exporting  of strength cords which includes protected strength cords, versatile strength cords, PVC protected strength cords, electrical energy cords, sole centre strength cords, multicourse strength cords as well as XLPE strength cords. Thus one has the choice to buy power cords from the pick. The makers make of a variety of cord as well as cable, new plastic report, illuminating polyurethane parts, extruded plastic merchandise, fastener d fastener jewellery, water close, diaphragm & moulded plastic merchandise from The Indian subcontinent.

To buy digital frames it is always better still is to locate an overview of much the same method of which methods the electric power is consumed, because of which consumption is assessed on the wall structure, grow because of the review bodies electric power products performance to have the result. The digital frames are actually the photo frames. See that it serves the same purpose of a tablet computer. Most of the digital frames display the JPEG pictures while there are also many which support the slide show of the pictures.  

The network interface cards are basically the networking on the edge and the cards which are used to enhance the same are basically the networking system. To buy network interface cards one has to be sure as to which networking the group is using. These are basically used to connect the computer to the Ethernet computer. The card) provides an interface to the media. This may be either using an external transceiver or through an internal integrated transceiver mounted on the network interface card PCB.


Modern & Fast Mode of Money Transfer

Modern & Fast Mode of Money Transfer

With the incredible advancement in the field of internet technology, sending money overseas, whether to family or friends, or because you need to pay for a purchase has become much easier and much cheaper. The Traditional method for transferring money such as Cheques, Money orders, Telegraphic Transfers or through specialist money movement retail outlets do of course still exist, but these tend to be fairly expensive.
Money sent home by migrants constitutes the second largest financial inflow to many developing countries, exceeding international aid. Estimates of remittances to developing countries vary from International Fund for Agricultural Development’s. Remittances contribute to economic growth and to the livelihoods of people worldwide.
Sometimes relatives in your home country need financial help. If they reside in Pakistan, you do have a few options. Most banks allow transfers to Pakistan, and some even have special programs for this country. If you need to send money to Pakistan often and for few fees, you can use programs outside of banks, such as a prepaid debit card.

Sending money to Pakistan has never been easier. ATMCASH offers the safest and suitable way to send money the Pakistan 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Send money to Pakistan using ATMCASH’s breakthrough money transfer service with low fees, unmatched security and the convenience of transferring money online or by phone. If you are trying to figure out how to send money to Pakistan, you must know that you are not the only one. With the Pakistani immigration rate expected to rise by 130,000 citizens per year, to one country or another, there are a lot more people out there who also need to learn how to send money to Pakistan.

Just like with any other group of immigrants, Pakistani citizens that immigrate to other countries want to figure out how to send money to Pakistan in order to help their loved ones financially. In many cases, it could possibly mean the difference between their loved ones living comfortably and surviving or having to live in poverty.
In late 2007 it was confirmed by the World Bank that India were the largest recipients of money transfers via money transfer services. Send money to India has been made very easy after the introduction of online means in India. The idea of going to a bank for small or big transfers is frustrating. You have to wait in long queues and wait for your turn, plus if you have some business that requires regular transactions, say daily, you will be finding most of your time wasted commuting and then waiting in a bank.

Fortunately, there are other ways to cut short the time and energy wasted otherwise. We can use bank offering the online money transfer to India. Now, it is basically the wire transfer, internet based, to India. However, you cannot compare it to the normal method as it is far useful and that is why it known as power transfer. The transaction is undertaken and completed within 48-96 hours. Plus there are no restrictions about upper limit.
Send money to Afghanistan you need to Sign up with ATMCASH, tell them who to send the money to and how much to send. You can use your credit card or checking account. ATMCASH sends your friend or relative a prepaid ATMCASH card via FedEx and sends you the secure PIN code via the mail. The recipient can then withdraw the money at any ATM in Afghanistan that accepts MasterCard using their ATMCASH card once you reveal to them the PIN.
Customers in Afghanistan appreciate no more waiting in lines or expensive fees. You can withdraw as much cash as you need when you need it. There is no need to carry around all the cash at once. The card recipient can add additional funds whenever you want.