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Cash Register Point of Sales Office Automation And Security System

Cash Register Point of Sales Office Automation And Security System

We are a one stop solutions provider in the market.

Below is our products list. -Point of Sales -Cash Register -Office Automation -Security System -Accessories and Supply


Cash Register Series (CASIO and SHARP) is best choice for your Business.

We also called it as Electronic Cash Register (ECR). It is a tool assists your business to manage the sales flow.

If you are not looking for Point of Sales, it is a best choice to apply to your business.

Before you make a decision to buy a cash register, you need to know what kind of features you are looking for.

When you compare to Point of Sales, it is very reliable and low maintenance for long term operation.

CASIO Cash Register is a best choice for advance idea and Stock Control System.

It is a high quality brand. The quality helps a business with low maintenance and best for long term running. Its powerful functions and features are always meet most of the advance requirements from most of the customers.

Sharp Cash Register is a best choice for economy and simple to use.

It is a user friendly brand. The way of operations and setup helps a business with simple setup and best for cost budget business. Its simple way to operations and setup are always become the best choice from most of the customers.

Point of Sales – The best for Food and Beverage (F&B), Retail and Services

Our point of sales solutions are cover to most of the business type.

We cover the market such as Food and Beverage (F&B), Retail and Service Business.

How can our solutions increase your Business advantages to be more reliable and save your time? -You can check the sales details accuracy. -You can control your inventory properly with less paper jobs. -You can manage all your products and business flows with the right functions. -Not only the energy to maintain your Business, but no more double jobs without a system.

We deliver you: -Business sales control and monitoring, -effective way to manage your business, -And high quality security management.

What is your Business? -Food and Beverage Industry – Restaurant, Cafe, Bistro and Pub -Retail – Mini Market, Boutique, Accessories, Beauty Products and others -Services – Saloon, Beauty, Clinic and others -Office -Kiosks -Exhibitions

We are not only deliver products, but also services to our clients. -Repairing Services -POS Systems Support and Installation Services -Rental Services -Information and Consultation -On-Call Support Services -After Sales continue services



Pick n Mix Stands

Pick n Mix Stands

Pick n mix, a perennial favourite, is up in the gods again as consumers resort to “olde time” products to allay their fears about the modern economy. Shops stocking pick n mix need to be aware of the importance of good pick n mix stands play in their profitability – an importance perhaps more pronounced than in any other area of impulse food selling, because of the nature of the product.

Pick n mix is all about choice. That’s the point. A customer goes to pick n mix stands because they feel that they are getting to choose their money’s worth – like being in an old school sweet shop, but without the suspicious old geezer peering over the counter to see if you are stealing any hum bugs. Good pick n mix stands, then, need to present the customer with an idea, even an ideal, of choice – the first thing pick n mix stands needs to say is, look at all the different sweets you could have.

Successful pick n mix stands are wide rather than tall – height tends to differentiate product in a false order of importance (best at the top, worst at the bottom). Height is also discriminatory in the worst way – if customers can’t reach a product they aren’t going to buy it. Particularly in the case of pick n mix, which, after all, is aimed at children – pick n mix stands that remove product from the reach of their target audience have failed before they started.

So. Wide pick n mix stands, which present a colourful array of choice “all on a level”, are guaranteed to attract custom. The next thing successful pick n mix stands have to do, is direct that custom.

Some pick n mix items are cheaper to buy than others – but pick n mix sells for a base price. Good pick n mix stands will encourage customers to pick an average of some cheap and some more expensive product, so that the store owner’s overall spend on pick n mix pays itself back at a predictable rate. In order to do this, thought has to go into the order of stock in pick n mix stands: cheap stock next to expensive stock, or items that particularly need to sell in amongst the guaranteed popular sellers. Children roaming the boxes of pick n mix stands tend to go for the most colourful stuff, or tried favourites – so lines that a store owner particularly wishes to sell should be displayed directly next to these.

Pick n mix, on average, has a ludicrously high profit margin – any shop owner who’s run one can tell you that. With good pick n mix stands and the right stock, even stores with painfully average turnovers can make enough out of it to keep the books afloat. Choose your pick n mix stands with care – they could be your ticket to a comfortable income.


GPX Group designs and manufactures POS (point of sale) products, as well as display stands for all retail outlets, shop display units and essential shop equipment. Good pick n mix stands will encourage customers to pick an average of some cheap and some more expensive product.


Retail POS Software For a Retail POS System

Retail POS Software For a Retail POS System

Options for providing better customer service today can be found in many ways. The use of a retail POS program can help your organization offer better service while managing your investment in inventory and keeping costs down overall. Determining which of the many choices will work best for you can be difficult.

When you begin considering the options that are available, things such as the cost, ease of use, difficulty of transition and other things will be factors in the choice you might make. Determining which options are the most cost effective is also important. While sometimes the purchase price might be higher, the benefits that you can obtain will be worth the extra expense.

Deciding on a company to help you with the process is going to also influence the programming you use. Many offer a number of choices but usually not all of the choices that are available. You first need to determine what you want from the software and then decide on a budget that will allow you to achieve this.

Basically, the intention of these systems to make the process of shopping easier while providing the workers with the needed tools to make their job easier as well. It is much easier to look on a computer screen to see if you have a product in stock than it is to physically go look for the product. If you still need to go look for the product, the computer can tell you where it should be.

By providing these tools, employees have more time to provide customer service. By increasing the amount of customer service, you will see an increase in customers visiting your store. Because you increase the flow of traffic into your store, you are likely to also see an improvement in profit as well.

When you are working on the various options found in retail POS software and systems, you will find that there are many choices available. You can narrow the options by determining what you are expecting from the system. If you need a system that provides a number of things, you will need to begin looking at those options first.

Deciding on a retail POS system is going to require the right hardware of course. Some of the available retail POS software programs can be used with older model computers but most require newer models. In order to install the system you need the right amount of memory and processing speed to make it work properly.

In the ever-changing environment of the retail pos industry, customer service is rapidly becoming the largest focus of many companies. Because retail environments need a fast, efficient and accurate method for processing transactions and ordering inventory, many use a retail point of sale system that processes the sale as an inventory reduction and then sends notification when the product levels reach a certain point. Infinity RMS has the perfect solution for any retail business today. Visit them today at www.infinityrms.com to learn more about the programming solutions that they offer.


POS System – Positive Changes on the Landscape on Retail Trading

POS System – Positive Changes on the Landscape on Retail Trading

Fortune Magazine in 2010 stated that 54 of the largest companies in the world are U.S. based companies involved purely in retail companies or have significant retail operations. As the numbers speak volumes, small retail firms should be planning how they can expand their business and include practical retail POS system as part of the preparation.

Software, server, and cloud technology

Retail POS system available today includes options such as specific software, dedicated server, or a system that uses cloud technology, and all these have advantages. Software installation is a practical choice especially for startup businesses that only has one laptop or desktop.

Dedicated servers for retail POS systems can give a client specific bandwidth and useful equipment but costs may be a bigger consideration. Monthly payments for this setup may eventually affect projected profit and for any business such is not  acceptable.

Systems using cloud technology is probably a practical choice. It virtually eliminates waiting time and provides a better advantage when it comes to charges. The offered approach can be up and running in half the time it requires to install and system fees are cost-effective giving companies better price choices.

Supply control and delivery systems

In retail, it is important to obtain the right supplies with the correct quantity delivered on time. Effective POS systems should do both in order to help managers and proprietors run better business operations.

POS systems that incorporate intelligent inventory monitoring means having better control on which items are necessary today and which are needed at another time. This balance implies optimizing trade capital and working hours as company needs are fulfilled and wastes are totally avoided.

The same also applies in the delivery aspect as a late shipment can mean losses and additional repercussions. For instance, a new client who expects a batch of merchandise to be delivered in a week will not accept goods delivered late. Delayed shipments affect a company’s credibility. It can drive away current and potential clients to another company providing the same service.

Delays also weaken buyer’s confidence in a retailer. The company’s reputation may get affected in the process especially when an unhappy customer complains through social media. When this happens, a business would have to use time and resources to correct the impression.  

Customer loyalty records

In essence, retailing is one big sales game as more customers buying repeatedly mean preparing better business plans.  Analyzing customer preferences and spending patterns through an efficient POS system means gaining better perspective on what items they prefer, how much they are willing to spend, and how often they do shop. These three factors can help a company make effective projections to come up with products that will grab the market’s attention.

While retail POS systems abound on the net, business owners should be careful in selecting a supplier. Examine all relevant aspects such as business profile and current clientele because it will help you know about their experience and reputation. Always remember, taking your time in the selection process is better than paying for something that will only disappoint you.