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SharePoint Custom Workflow with Office 365

SharePoint Custom Workflow with Office 365

SharePoint customization offers SharePoint custom workflow in SharePoint office 365.

Creating Workflow in SharePoint Office 365

SharePoint Designer 2010 is the ideal tool for business users who want to undergo customization without needing very much technical knowledge. You can create custom lists, web pages, content types, document libraries and custom workflows.

How To Create A Simple Workflow?

Here’s how to create a simple workflow that will send an email to a certain email ID whenever a new item is added to a document library of list in SharePoint by a specific person. -Start by opening Designer 2010 -Press “Open Site” and enter the URL of your office 365 site in order to connect to the site -Select “Workflows” from the site objects panel to the left -Click on “List Workflows” and select the document library to which you want to add workflow -Type in the name and description for the workflow and select OK -Click on “Condition” and select “Created by a specific person” -Click on “Specific person link” and select the person you want to check -Click on “Action” and then “Send an Email” -Click on “these users link” and then add the email address to send email -Type subject and body of the email -You will then have a completed workflow. You can go to workflow settings and check “Start options” -Finally, submit the workflow by clicking “Publishing” button in the ribbon

Once the workflow is deployed, test it by adding a new item to the document library and check your inbox for the notification.

SharePoint Office 365 – Overview

365 has a number of good points from the standard, here’s what you can do with it: -Make site and pages easily in just a few minutes. You can create a site and store documents or allow people to collaborate on the documents. You can do it all within the UI and people can then access it. -Set up lists to track things. You can use our list to track a variety of things. -Search. Our offers a fantastic search engine and within Office 365, searching is really fast and easy. -Security. If you have confidential material or data that you want to hide from learners or employees, it’s really easy to do so. -Workflow is available without coding. It’s super easy to add workflow to a list. Simply click on one of the ribbon options and open up the Designer. -It works with active director. That means you can set up Office 365 to connect your company’s Active Directory if you want to, and that will allow users to login with their name and password. There are also options for external users. -You can include assessments really easily.

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CRM Software Is It Significant

CRM Software Is It Significant

There are many kinds of business that you can engage in to make ends meet. In any kind of business, it involves buying and selling where in this case you are the owner and seller while customers are sellers. To succeed in business, you need to relate well with your customers. In fact, it is said that customers are like kings or your wife in real life situation; hence you need to offer them what they need.

Customer relationship is important for the prosperity of your business and to realize maximum profits. You need to derive ways in which you will relate well with your customers. In most cases, this can be achieved by educating your staff on how to relate to these important people in your business.

However, as the world experiences new technological changes, it is important to cuddle them and follow the trend. In this case, you need CRM software as well as market automation software.

CRM software, otherwise known as Customer Relationship Management software is a program that is meant to help you relate to all kinds of customers by heeding to their needs. There are several reasons why you need to have this software in your business;

Immediate access to customer records; while in business, one way to maintain your customers is to keep their records. This is because customers are aware that you know who they are at any given time. There are situations when a customer calls and inquires about something like a quote that you were to deliver to him and so on.

It will be quite hard to think who the customer is. Nevertheless, with CRM software, all you need to do is enter the name of the customer and click search, and within a second, you will have all the records of the customer in question.

Quick and simple invoicing and quotes; while in business, you need to give out invoices and quotes to your customers. Customers will ask for this information at any given time of the day (including weekends) and expect to get instant response.

This can prove to be challenging if you are held up attending to other businesses. However, with CRM software, you only have to click edit and have some few fields updated and then click email. This means that in few minutes, you will have updated the invoice or quote and sent it to your customer.

On the other hand, marketing your business is important when you need to increase sales and realize profits. This can be done with the use of marketing automation software. With marketing automation software, you are assured of;

Aligning marketing and sales; by boosting transparency and increasing communication between sales teams and marketing, this software offers a consolidated and cohesive platform for these teams to work together towards a common goal. At the same time, marketing automation provides the chance of assessing the quantity and quality of leads that have been sent through sales funnel, thus assisting you to determine if your campaigns were effective.

Better insights; Marketing Automation software can also give you a lucid idea of campaigns that have worked for you or not. At the same time, this tool provides you with factual initiatives that have been successful in engendering maximum leads and at the same time help you understand changes that need to be made to your business process chain for better results. These capabilities are significant in a way that they ensure transparency in marketing accountability.


How to export white pages directories to excel in a click

How to export white pages directories to excel in a click

White pages directories are one of the major sources of sales leads that are available for free on the Internet. It enables you to quickly find people/businesses along with their contact information. It helps you build your own contact lists, prospect lists, targeted business mailing lists, cold calling lists, business email lists for various sales and marketing campaigns.

White pages directories are easy to use. You need to just enter the name of the person, location and hit the find button to get the required information. It instantly displays the name and contact information of the person you searched for. Similarly, white pages directories also help you to find businesses on the Internet.

For example, if you want to find a list of car dealers in California, just type car dealers, enter the location as CA or California and click the find button. It instantly displays the list of car dealers in California. Absolutely fantastic; but the real challenge lies in how you export these white pages addresses to excel spreadsheet or any other database.

The search results display more than 10000+ contacts that run across multiple web pages. You can manually export white pages to excel by copying the contacts and pasting it into your excel spreadsheet. But you need to copy-paste the contact details field by field which is a time-consuming and tiresome task. Imagine how much time will it take you to extract those 10000+ white pages addresses to excel. This is where a white pages directories extraction software can help you export white pages directories to excel in a click and offer you that winning edge.

The white pages directories extraction software enables you to extract thousands of white pages addresses to excel in a single click. It helps you eliminate manual data entry and enables you to quickly and effortlessly export white pages to excel spreadsheet in a few minutes.

The white pages directories extraction tool intelligently extracts name, address, phone numbers, fax numbers, email addresses of multiple contacts and exports to your excel spreadsheet. It eliminates duplicate contacts and helps you build an error-free database on your own in a few minutes.

ListGrabber is one such white pages directories extraction tool that helps you build lists of fresh leads in no time. It is absolutely easy to use. All you need to do is just launch your white pages directory, search using a keyword, select the search results page and click the Excel icon on the ListGrabber toolbar.

Your contact list, prospect list, targeted business mailing list, cold calling list, business email list, or any list that you want to build from white pages directories is ready in a single click

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Setting Up Credit Card Payment On Dynamics POS

Setting Up Credit Card Payment On Dynamics POS

There are 2 entry methods used by Dynamics POS to process credit card authorizations and captures: manual entry and card swipe. In this article I will talk about how to set up Retail headquarters in AX 2012 to facilitate both of these methods.

Prerequisite: you will need to set up MS Payment service account and make sure it is configured on payment processor side before you can complete successful card authorizations. POS hardware profile should also be configured with EFT account credentials used to connect to MS Payment service.

The following is the list of setups required in Retail module of AX 2012 to allow cc processing:

Retail->Setup->Payment method->Payment method. You should have one payment method with Default function ‘Card’

Retail->Setup->Payment method->Card types. You will need to have one card type for each type of credit card that the store will accept as a valid payment. For example, set card ID as MC, Card type mane as Master Card, Card type as International credit card and Card issuer as MC.

Retail->Setup->Payment method->Card number. You will need to create Card number for each Card type you set up. To continue with Master card example, you will select previously created Card type MC as Card ID and enter Card number from as 5000, Card number to as 5999 and Length of card number as 4.

Important note: there is a typo in Dynamics AX help file that incorrectly states that card number length in this case should be 16. That is not correct and it will cause an issue when processing cc payment with card swipe.

Retail->Common->Retail channels->Retail stores. Go to Set up tab and click Payment methods. Here you would need to create a record for a ‘Card’ payment method that you created in step 1. Make sure you select 201 as POS Operation ID (this will allow manual card entry at POS terminal when ‘Pay card’ button is clicked).

Retail->Common->Retail channels->Retail stores. Go to Set up tab, click Payment methods, select ‘Card’ payment method you created in step 4 and click Card setup button. Here you will need to add all Card types (created in step 2) that you want to allow in the store. Make sure to check Check expiration date and Allow manual card numbers check boxes.

Retail->Setup->POS->Screen layout. Main screen layout on the POS should include Payments button grid (usually Button grid ID 5). This grid should have ‘Card’ button that is linked to Action Item ‘Pay card’. This setup will allow manual entry of cc information.

Then you will have to install and configure MSR itself. Depending on hardware manufacturer, the installation will vary but the end result should remain the sale: configuration utility used will recognize card swipe and will display card information on the screen.

Once that is achieved, you will come back to hardware profile used by POS terminal and will input MSR type (usually OPOS standard), device name (as specified in OPOS configuration utility) and description (optional). Also you will verify that Start track 1 and 2 as well as Separator match the ones you can see when you swipe a card in configuration utility.

Finally, run 2 jobs: N-1070 ‘Stores and tenders’ and N-1090 ‘Registers’, restart POS application and get ready for testing.

Manual entry:

Log in to POS

Type/scan item # and press Enter. Item should have sales price other than zero

Click ‘Pay Card’ payment button

Enter required cc info in opened form

Click OK

Depending on weather on not MS Payment service is connected to live merchant ID of selected provider you should get one of the two possible results: successful authorization or decline. If you get Error code: 50000 then setup in Retail module was not completed properly and retail log on the POS database machine will be the best source to investigate the root cause of the error.

Card swipe:

Log in to POS

Type/scan item # and press Enter. Item should have sales price other than zero

Swipe card through MSR

Click OK in opened form

The expected result is new popup window should open when you swipe card. This form is very similar to the one that opens when you click ‘Pay Card’ button except that all fields are greyed out as they are populated directly from the magnetic stripe.

That is it. Of course, for the test to be successful, MS Payment service account needs to be configured with the one of the payment providers available through this service (FirstData, CybeSource, PayPay, etc.) You will need to provide Merchant ID that was automatically generated when you sign up with the selected provider to your contact at provider’s side so that it can be linked to the bank of your choice. You will need to sign contracts both with payment provider and the bank.

Next time I will talk about reason codes and different situation you may want to use them. It’s a very flexible feature of Dynamics AX POS.


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