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Features of SharePoint Development

Features of SharePoint Development

SharePoint has much architecture which means in the context of applications, many distinct platforms and uses. SharePoint can be a portal server, a groupware application kit, a workflow host, content management application, business intelligence application kit, operating system of an intranet, a host for services, a data store, and the data and processing layer for multiple user interfaces.

Outsourced SharePoint development

SharePoint Foundation is built on Microsoft.NET Framework 3.54, ASP.NET, and Intranet Information Services (IIS). SharePoint can also be built on SQL servers. Al servers that will use SharePoint must run on a 64-bit installation of Windows Server 2008 or higher. Standard and Enterprise editions of SharePoint are available.

Corporate developers of SharePoint do not install SharePoint by using MSI or Click Once technology. SharePoint actually has its own installation system. Instead of MSI files, SharePoint packages solutions in its own solution package files. Generally these are CAB files that have a special extension: .wsp. SharePoint package files also contain different elements which include user controls, assemblies, resource files, images, ASP.Net pages, web components etc. Java Script files and Silver-light.xap files are also deployed to company servers by SharePoint Solution Packages.

SharePoint development

SharePoint is a single platform; from a SharePoint side, this is a single web-hosting application. The SharePoint Client Object model includes Microsoft.NET Framework, Microsoft Silver-light applications and JavaScript. JavaScript files are downloaded automatically to the user’s computer when a page is accessed. JavaScript is the most familiar framework and the one used by developers when developing corporate SharePoint applications. Silver-light object models are downloaded in the .xap file the Microsoft Silver-light assemblies and are encased. Alternate downloads to the server are accessed using Silver-light.  A third object model is called .NET framework and this is used only if the object model found in the assemblies get installed to the client computer. Use the official registration package, SharePoint Foundation 2010 Client Object Model Redistributable when this object model is accessed.

What does this outsourcing and SharePoint development models mean to clients

Working with Microsoft SharePoint and client will require outsourced developers to know and use the client’s browser or other access tools. The computer jargon and development tools needed for SharePoint are developed for employees to save time searching for forms, files, and basic data. SharePoint is a storage tool that will provide proprietary information that can only be accessed on the company computer. SharePoint basically is the vehicle which stores information for employees and certain trusted clients.

Outsourced SharePoint Development

To develop a client SharePoint file, reclaim the context object from the client side that represents the current request. Through this context, obtain access to client objects at the site-collection. After a client object is obtained, a query is setup and loaded. Using an execute query method (Java Script is perfect) send the query to the server. The query commands are SML and process on the server. Batch commands are calls to the serve-side object model. Returned data comes back to the client by the service as JSON data. Developers who will install SharePoint on client web servers will know all the language to use. All the client needs to know is that SharePoint is not as complicated as it sounds – it is a retrieval and storage mechanism.


How to purchase a CRM Software

How to purchase a CRM Software

There are many strategies you need to use customer relationship management (CRM) that can help your company thrive and flourish. CRM is really a widely practiced technique to manage your interaction with existing and prospective customers and clients. Technology is widely utilized in CRM to automate, organize, and synchronize business processes, including sales, marketing, tech support team, and customer care. Listed below are the advantages of CRM software you need to know, in addition to the good thing about leveling up using phone search or number lookup services online.

Much of your goals in using e-commerce philosophy are to deal with current customers and clients, reestablish from the former ones, and streamline the expense of marketing and customer service. You should also identify, understand, and better give your web visitors and increase sales while building lasting relationships using them. And what is a better way to achieve this than knowing and responding to customer needs?

CRM starts off with collecting the correct contact data and information regarding your customers. But CRM does not end here – it’s also wise to organize and interpret data carefully. Computer systems – particularly an excellent computer-based CRM solution – plays a vital role here, and has now been found to boost sales by around 50 %.

In terms of choosing a CRM software solution, software resellers often dish great information on the very best CRM packages available. Some packages included added features, like process management and strategic planning. Many big CRM software manufacturers also provide expansive advice and guides on sites to help you over the selection process. They’re likely biased resources, but you are nonetheless good sources of information. You may download these Adobe documents or PDFs on their sites.

If this describes the very first time you will be using this business strategy, it’s also far better first make a list of the objectives along with the benefits you intend to get on the service. Check each of the features and out-of-the-box offerings of CRM solutions. Like for example , the supported platforms (e.g. hardware, operating systems, databases, back office systems, and even your third-party software you employ) and integration with those other systems. Learn the CRM software’s customization features, too, and the way the goods provides a global perspective. Cost is another critical factor – you ought to choose something using a one-time cost instead of an annual license tax. Tension are a few notable CRM systems who offer CRM as SaaS (Software as a Service) that you pay a monthly fee to train on a web-based application.

Choose, too, a CRM software company that emanates from the same or possibly a similar industry as yours. Upon having think of a shortlist, require the total costs and potential further costs, targeted interval for implementation, and maintenance and long-term services available.

One solution you are able to explore, e.g., which is complimentary to any by using a CRM system is a multi-database Web service built to provide you with the most accurate phone search permitting you to clean new client data before entry into your CRM application. It should deliver real-time usage of a range of public, private, and proprietary telephone data, allowing users to append telephone numbers with the name and postal addresses of your respective contacts. Phone number lookup and other premium Web services are one on the list of numerous tools you can use to retain and absorb customers into your small business.


A Web-based CRM System or Full Package Software

A Web-based CRM System or Full Package Software – Which One is Better

When managers want to make a decision about a CRM system, they first have to choose the type of CRM they will be implementing – full package or web-based solution. Both of these have advantages and disadvantages and you need to be aware of them to make the best decision for your company. Here is a list of the advantages and disadvantages:

1. Full package solutions

– You need to install the software on each PC in your company. Next time you want to get an update, it will happen all over again. The same refers to new applications and features related to the system. Moreover, additional features and updates for the system are paid for.

– The only computers you can use CRM on are the ones, which have undergone the installation process.

– Communicating with clients is separated from the system and the data needs to be added after a contact with a client.

– The interface of the CRM solution is very difficult to work with and requires help from experts.

– If your software is not updated on time, you could lose clients to companies that have newer software.

– You cannot train all of your staff members to use the system so only the ones that have undergone the special training can benefit from the software.

– There is a delay in services and they cost a lot.

– If something happens to the hardware in your company all your data will be lost because you do not have any back-ups for it.

– The format of the information can cause problems if you want to manage it with other systems.

– Your company will need to hire special employees that will maintain the system and update it.

– You will need to pay for licenses, installation fees, and much more every time you buy an update so you will end up using older versions of CRM because it is easier.

2. Web-based CRM

– You do not need to install anything. The only thing needed is Internet and a password for the system.

– The updates are carried out centrally and are not paid for.

– The updates are very dynamic and do not cause any troubles for you.

– The system is connected to the channels for contacting customers, which leads to reduced costs and higher effectiveness of the communication between the organization and the customers.

– The interface of the system is very simple and has many languages so it can easily be used by anyone.

– The process of servicing clients and recording information is very effective and aids the work of all departments.

– The connection to the Internet makes transactions quicker and more convenient.

– All the data has back-ups and cannot be lost.


Making your task easier by SharePoint Solutions

Making your task easier by SharePoint Solutions

The internet market is flooded everyday with software’s and applications that are hardly even comprehensible to the internet users. Every application or software as it purposes, has a unique programming that caters to the different functions it seeks to perform. With the advanced technologies being rampantly brought about in the market, it has become essential to devise software’s and applications which are multi-faceted and lucid in their functioning. SharePoint is one such brilliantly designed application. Since several functions such as that of file management; storing, downloading and editing documents;  come under the ambit of SharePoint, it has earned the credibility of a reputed web application.

There are several institutions or organizations who find it esoteric to understand the nature of this application and therefore remain aloof to the advantages that it could render to them. Several organizations are being run behind the whole system to identify with the varied uses and functions of it. The SharePoint Consulting groups do exactly the same. Their efforts are directed at making the confounded users understand about the applications in the software itself. Such SharePoint Consulting make sure of the clients receiving up to date information and procedures of the various integrated services of the application as is of use to them.

That is how the users get access to the SharePoint solutions where a multitude of these solutions and consultancy are dispatched. The several SharePoint solutions being offered in the market by various firms also provide training sometimes to orient the desirous clients to SharePoint. There are several SharePoint services that could satiate a whole bunch of application needs of the users. The varied compiling and dissimilation of documents and files on the net has become easier with these SharePoint services.

 Abundance of these functions is helpful and categorically serving to the users. These various ways are a great way to the SharePoint support. Various queries are thus answered and facilitate the pillar of SharePoint support.

Thus the many efforts as incorporated forth in this one application helps users stretch boundaries for themselves. Also the SharePoint branding is an important tool or method which perhaps is attractive to the client.  Though SharePoint branding seems a little creative designing your SharePoint site can also be a learning process once your done decision about the labels, graphics, images and logo is done. It is a lucrative task and if this ends you into a soup, you also have several ad agencies specializing in the same task and function.

There is a whole lot of stream of thought process that also goes into the SharePoint migration. The files being transferred on the SharePoint database easily, the SharePoint migration is an easier and a useful use of SharePoint. All of these transferences can therefore serve the way you want them to eliciting responses as you always desired.

Hence it has almost to a great extent taken giant leaps in the world of the internet and made working of most of its utility functions a great deal more helpful and easy.


Client Application In Sharepoint Development

Client Application In Sharepoint Development

SharePoint by Microsoft is a web application platform. SharePoint is web content and document management. SharePoint is a portal developed to centralize information and applications on a corporate or company network. By using SharePoint employees are more engaged, centralized, and knowledgeable. The latest addition to SharePoint 2010 is the client-side function.

Client Application in SharePoint Development

In 2001, Microsoft launched SharePoint as an application that is typically associated with web content management and document management systems. SharePoint development has come a long way where the transformation has taken place from server side technologies to client side applications. Client side applications refer to the technology where SharePoint data communicates with analysis and logic through an external computer.

Three primary reasons for building client based logic One of the main objectives of creating client-based logic is to offer users an opportunity to experience user-friendly applications. SharePoint developers also get to work on actions that may not be accessible through server-side applications in the sandbox environment. Outsourced SharePoint developers will also be access and control SharePoint data through another application such as customized application or office client.

Different Client Application Factors in SharePoint 2010

Clients are more engaged in obtaining access remotely to company data. Previously, clients were not able to obtain information without express authorization, and it was difficult to use remote computers and or servers. This is not the case in SharePoint Foundation 2010. Through SOAP web services, clients and employees are provided remote access. Customize and extend SharePoint Foundation with company web services.

There are different approaches that are used in SharePoint development and there are certain key issues that need to be addressed in these different scenarios.

User Related Approaches:

Rich Internet Applications (RIA) are increasingly becoming popular with SharePoint developers relying on this technology functions through the browser and enhances the user experience. This type of technology utilizes asynchronous type of communication to send as well as receive data directly from the server without resorting to reload the complete page. Ajax, Silverlight and different types of Office and Managed clients are used to offer a more responsive user experience.

Performance Considerations:

Performance is an important factor when enhancing the functionalities of web based UI and therefore it is important that the initial time taken to load the page should not be long. One of the factors is the usage of different resources such as CSS files, JavaScript and images. Since, the browser caches these files and applications are cached in the initial load therefore they do not need to be reloaded. SharePoint 2010 developers can improvise the load time for Ajax through proper handling of JavaScript resources. Another feature through which the initial time taken to load Ajax and Silverlight can be reduced is to ensure successful caching of XAP and JavaScript files.


The security factors can be taken care through proper authentication of client-side applications. Silverlight, JavaScript and object models can use the client.svc Windows Communication Foundation (WCF). SharePoint customizes WCF web services to work with company custom web services. Cross Domain Request (XDR) is used. Through this method outsourced SharePoint developers will be able to send requests to different third-party sites thereby ensuring data is made available to different domains.


CRM for Asset Managers

CRM for Asset Managers

Relationship Management Matters

While portfolio performance forms the bottom line in most investment decisions, asset managers are increasingly realizing that there are other important factors in client satisfaction that they cannot afford to ignore. The level of service and personalization provided by asset managers—whether directly to clients, to consultants and influencers, or via the broker-dealer channel—can have a significant effect on an asset management firm’s ability to cultivate client loyalty. With competitors and alternative investment opportunities looking to lure away asset managers’ client base, both client retention and competitive differentiation have climbed high on most asset managers’ list of priorities.

The Value of Relationship Management

CRM systems form the nerve center of an asset management firm’s external-facing operations, uniting sales, marketing, and client-services personnel in a coordinated effort to provide an outstanding experience to every account. By harmonizing activities and information across these departments, CRM streamlines processes, from account setup to RFP responses to broker-dealer relations. By synchronizing and standardizing efforts, CRM ensures that your firm presents a unified, consistent image to all partners and clients, improving brand strength and client loyalty.


Tracking and storing a large volume of high-quality information for regulatory compliance, strategic decision support, and relationship building.


CRM systems aggregate client-related data and track activities to deliver valuable, usable insight and take the pain out of compliance.Sales professionals need a constant connection to the realities of every account—and how their efforts would pay off down the line. The resulting reward has exponential impact on their motivation, persistence, and ultimately, their results as a whole.

Gain New Clarity Through Consolidated, Accessible Information

Make the Connection with Relationship Mapping

Make Regulatory Compliance Part of the Process

Understand Your Sources of Profitability


Many asset management firms suffer from operational inefficiencies and have difficulty supporting profit margins and managing more assets without increasing expenditures.


CRM systems generate productivity gains by automating time-consuming activities, streamlining processes, and enabling asset managers to apply resources more effectively.

Complete the Picture with Third-Party Data Integration

Plan and Coordinate Activities for Higher Productivity

Get the Right Information to the Right People at the Right Time

Capitalize on Every Opportunity

Manage the Pipeline More Effectively with Higher Visibility

Know No Boundaries with Mobile Connectivity


In an increasingly competitive market, asset management firms find it difficult to differentiate themselves from competitors and add value to their interactions with clients, consultants, and broker-dealers.


CRM technology gives asset managers the tools to build and maintain better, stronger business relationships that confer competitive advantage.

Give Your Clients Unparalleled Service

Manage Events that Build Relationships —and Business—with Ease

Harness the Power of Branding

Execute Targeted, Precise Marketing Campaigns

Moving with the Markets: The Need for Flexibility

Zooming In: CRM Advantages by Line of Business


Institutional Asset Management: The Power of Collaboration

Within institutional asset management firms (IAMs), one of CRM technology’s greatest advantages is its ability to help employees collaborate across departments to provide consistent, exceptional service to clients and capitalize on opportunities to grow assets under management. CRM enables IAMs to fully integrate sales, marketing, and service functions for increased efficiency and effectiveness, providing a complete view of the client so users from all areas of the firm can personalize their client interactions, building a stronger relationship and increasing client retention and loyalty. CRM can automate and facilitate workflows for important multistakeholder processes such as account opening and RFP or RFI responses, saving time and increasing productivity. It also provides visibility into complex networks of affiliation and influence, allowing IAMs to more successfully track consultant activity and identify new opportunities.

Get Proactive with Renewals to Increase Retention

Understand Consultant Influence

Leverage Proven Sales Methodologies

Mutual Fund Wholesaling: True Insight Into Broker Value

For fund wholesalers who sell through broker-dealers, the most important relationships tend to be with their resale channels. CRM helps fund wholesalers build and expand these relationships—strategically. By providing deep insight into broker profitability, CRM enables mutual fund wholesalers to direct their resources where they’ll be most effective, cultivating relationships with profitable brokers and dropping those who cost the firm. Instant access to information that allows fund wholesalers to allocate their time and effort more effectively enables firms to grow assets under management without additional resources.


Leverage a Personalized Solution from Sharepoint Application Development Company

Leverage a Personalized Solution from Sharepoint Application Development Company

Microsoft Office SharePoint Server (MOSS) is a cohesive enterprise tool that comes in two versions standard and for enterprises. Standard version is used to develop portals, content management and for search. The enterprise version comes in use for developing solutions like forms; excel services and creating business data catalogues. Capturing and presenting the information of the corporate organization is an essential feature SharePoint Application Development cater. The competition in today scenario has risen to an unexpected rise, client are looking to leverage intranet and internet solutions that help them target goals and processes which basically lead them to profit. Sharepoint Firm Outsourcing develops such collaborating solutions that help client to enter into the global market. Large numbers of fortune companies each year look for leveraging new applications or customizing the old to latest’s for the sole reason which is to enhance their intranet to create a better communication between employees and share information with client on a secured internet.

SharePoint application development has created numerous benefiting features that have provided the end user to collaborate effectively like:

-Communication and collaboration: It enhances a better communication between different departments of an enterprise. Information can be exchanged, addressed, solved, initiatives, editing content, announcement, and event listing all these and many other issues are taken care on the intranet through a an application developed using MOSS. Leveraged solution has to the ability to send email as well. The information can be shared and accessed to all, it robust environment help the supervisors to perform auditing as well. The documents can be stored like files, white pare, list, pictures, and all these features can be hidden by other too. The content is used to metadata and filtered with a single click.

-Decision making and extranet: Many websites which have rich content which is informative and simultaneously offer many options that help in decision making of employees performance and projects. In instances where an organization is working on the both captive sourcing and software offshore module the platform extranet comes into the picture. The client has the authority to look into a specific set of external information on the dashboard specific for its team or someone in generic.

SharePoint business process has led its foot in cloud computing where the solution providers are delivering applications that are hybrid with integrated features. It manages spreadsheets where users are allowed to share information and analyses upcoming bottlenecks. SharePoint is an excellent platform for developing business solution and a great career opportunity for architects delivering solution using such framework.


How CRM Software Helps to Your Business

How CRM Software Helps to Your Business

CRM is known as Customer Relationship Management. CRM a customer-centric approach to manage clients database. CRM includes procedures and strategies execute by an organization to improve its customer relations and track customer details. CRM software helps to attracting prospective clients and increase relationship with existing ones.

CRM is also known as customer management or relationship marketing that proactively existing customer and managing customer relationships in the most effectual and professional manner possible in order to maximize returns to the business. CRM is more than a simple software and that’s reason some leading companies prefer to develop customize CRM software development. Some CRM software is device to a particular type of business like real estate CRM software, banking CRM software. Most businesses use a standard contact management product that they can then customize to their individual needs.

CRM software makes it easier for large and small businesses to manage the huge amounts of details that running an organization. Software development company makes CRM software that customizable and modified for data and resource management to specific business needs. It is perform easily navigable and user-friendly software systems that paperless bring all types of client and product details to employee fingertips, thereby save and time of organization and customers both and make more your business more efficient and reducing costs.

Customized CRM software helps to makes the method of information analysis and retrieval much faster and proficient. CRM keep comparatively sophisticated and complete records of client contacts and transactions. It can help to collect, manage and arrange the information into one central database and thus, reduce on redundancy in information storage.

CRM software can help businesses to communicate more clearly and openly with customers and potential customers more effectively by improving the speed and ROIs of connections with customers and potential customers. CRM software is simplicity, ease of use, cost-efficiency and effectiveness option for large and small business organization.


New York Security Camera Installation Specialists 360 Protection Revolutionizing Industry

New York Security Camera Installation Specialists 360 Protection Revolutionizing Industry

As companies in major cities around the globe seek to adjust their security apparatuses in order to form a strong, reinforced infrastructure that protects their workforce and their property, they must embark on a search for high quality security solutions providers. These solutions providers must be experienced and knowledgeable, but also must be able to offer innovative services based on the latest advances within the industry. For companies in New York City searching for a security camera installation specialist, 360 Protection is the provider of note.

NY, New York based security solutions provider 360 Protection has developed a strong reputation within the US security industry for their ability to seamlessly match their customers’ core requirements with solutions from their wide-ranging service catalogue. The specialists at 360 Protection take great pride in their ability to keep their clients’ property and businesses safe 24 hours a day, 365 days a year through cutting edge solutions such as alarm systems, security cameras, access systems and more. In addition, the company is one of the most reputable providers of structured cabling, time clock systems, phone systems and audio and video displays. To put it simply; the company is an all around electrical solutions leader.

As one of the leading security camera installation pioneers in the City of New York, 360 Protection continues to excel within their field by meeting their client’s most direct of security needs. The company has developed security solutions for some of New York’s most prominent institutions such as Ramada Worldwide Hotels, Suba Restaurant, and Columbus 72.

Because the company is completely dedicated to offering unique service solution to each customer that contacts their offices, they offer cliental a free, no obligation security review for their property before their technicians begin any of their installation work. This security review is conducted by an expert analyst, who can detail for the property owner where there are weaknesses within their current security apparatus. Then, once these weaknesses have been established, the company specialists will provide the client will with a comprehensive array of solutions from the company’s catalogue.

Once the client selects one of the company’s solutions, the 360 Protection technicians will begin their work to ensure that the client is provided with a cutting-edge security solution within a first-class turnaround time, thus preventing the client from suffering any loss or damage due to the security weakness discovered by the company’s highly trained workforce.

Whether the company requires a single camera over their cash register, or a set of hundreds of cameras that sweep the area constantly for changes within the local environment, the security installation experts at New York City based 360 Protection are ready to handle the complex work involved. They can even offer solutions that allow business owners to view their property online or via a mobile device from anywhere in the world!

Gaining access to the very best security solutions that the industry has to offer has never been this simply. Contact the 360 Protection specialists today to book your very own free in-house security review. One phone call could help your organization save millions of dollars in lost property and damage.

About 360 Protection:

Family operated 360 Protection is your leading security provider and consulting firm. The organization has over 10 years experience in delivering highly optimized, cutting-edge technology to homes and businesses across North America and the Caribbean. For more information, please visit 360-protection.


free crm free crm

free crm free crm

There is a great profit earning scope in the system of business email list. One might have heard about the money inside the list but there are people who may not believe into it. People who are thinking about the process involved inside it are very hard and could not be done by every person easily are actually thinking in a wrong manner and such thinking should be discarded. Many people follow the belief that great profit lies in the list but this is what is not found and managed by many business owners. The fear that they have on their mind about it being so hard and expensive makes the entire situation obscure.

Customer relationship management (CRM) is a broadly recognized, widely-implemented strategy for managing and nurturing a company’s interactions with customers, clients and sales prospects. It involves using technology to organize, automate, and synchronize business processes—principally sales activities, but also those for marketing, customer service, and technical support. The overall goals are to find, attract, and win new clients, nurture and retain those the company already has, entice former clients back into the fold, and reduce the costs of marketing and client service. Customer relationship management denotes a company-wide business strategy embracing all client-facing departments and even beyond. When an implementation is effective, people, processes, and technology work in synergy to increase profitability, and reduce operational costs.

One can directly turn the audience into the targets by the business email list; one can make most from the listing and emailing process because the information on the products and the services are directly provided to the people in a manner of promotion. The promotion is important and it can be helpful by the list because it not only helps entrepreneurs expand monetarily but it also provides many other benefits also.

These business email list services let the customers gain direct contact with the promoters, and they will take interest in the offer. It is also beneficial because many people would love the individual attention method which appears when a person gets an e-mail regarding something interesting. One can get good feedback from the customers which could be added as additional data, into the product. This becomes important because generally people are unenthusiastic in investing some money in anything that is different and new.

Free CRM offer Web-based tools and software as a service, which are accessed via a secure Internet connection and displayed in a Web browser. These applications are sold as subscriptions, with customers not needing to invest in the acquisition and maintenance of IT hardware, and subscription fees are a fraction of the cost of purchasing software outright.

Tools and workflows can be complex to implement, especially for large enterprises. Previously these tools were generally limited to contact management: monitoring and recording interactions and communications. Software solutions then expanded to embrace deal tracking, territories, opportunities, and at the sales pipeline itself. Next came the advent of tools for other client-facing business functions, as described below. These technologies have been, and still are, offered as on-premises software that companies purchase and run on their own IT infrastructure.

Opt-in e-mail advertising, or permission marketing, is a method of advertising via e-mail whereby the recipient of the advertisement has consented to receive it. This method is one of several developed by marketers to eliminate the disadvantages of e-mail marketing.

Opt-in free crm may evolve into a technology that uses a handshake protocol between the sender and receiver. This system is intended to eventually result in a high degree of satisfaction between consumers and marketers. If opt-in e-mail advertising is used, the material that is e-mailed to consumers will be “anticipated”. It is assumed that the consumer wants to receive it, which makes it unlike unsolicited advertisements sent to the consumer. Ideally, opt-in e-mail advertisements will be more personal and relevant to the consumer than untargeted advertisements.

A common example of permission marketing is a newsletter sent to an advertising firm’s customers. Such newsletters inform customers of upcoming events or promotions, or new products. In this type of advertising, a company that wants to send a newsletter to their customers may ask them at the point of purchase if they would like to receive the newsletter.

Free CRM with a foundation of opted-in contact information stored in their database, marketers can send out promotional materials automatically — known as Drip Marketing. They can also segment their promotions to specific market segments.