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Inventory Management Software(2)

Inventory Management Software

When searching for inventory management software which stands head and shoulders above all market competitors it is crucial that you ensure that it is affordable, resourceful and dependable. There are so many facets of inventory management software that it is really important to guarantee that all bases are covered and no stone is left unturned in your aim to secure inventory management software which is beneficial and productive. It is imperative that inventory management software does not break down and malfunction unexpectedly as this is so disappointing and frustrating. If you are in doubt as to where to go to in order to secure inventory management software which is second to none then there is no one better equipped than warehouse-management.co.uk.

Our fantastic inventory management software is ideal if you are looking for a simple solution to stock control problems. Inventory Management Software helps you stay on top of things and keep organised and well-prepared. You will overcome even the most insurmountable of objects with ease and carry out complex tasks with efficiency and competency with this inventory management software as it is so reliable and rewarding. We pride ourselves on our exceptional client services and committed, customer focused approach when it comes to inventory management software and are happy to share our wealth of knowledge and expertise with you if you have any reservations or queries regarding inventory management software that need answering straightaway.

If you need to tweak or adjust inventory management software then that is absolutely no problem at all; we are always on hand to help! Our team of seasoned specialists are so well versed in all aspects of inventory management software and really know what we are doing. Inventory management software does not get any better than this! You can take orders on the move and keep a note of where they are with inventory management software and it is so accurate, precise and exacting. Your working life has never been so smooth running. Profits will increase radically and your clientele will expand dramatically if you take advantage of our unbeatable inventory management software solutions. It doesn’t matter if you are a small, family run unit or a large, well known corporation; inventory management software is all encompassing and is a useful and valuable device no matter how large or small your office, warehouse or point of sale is.

Cost effective inventory management software from http://www.warehouse-management.co.uk is in such high demand at the moment as it makes time consuming duties so much quicker and is so structured and ordered. This Stock Control System keeps things ticking along nicely and you will reap the rewards straightaway.

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Packhouse software for traceability and stock control

Packhouse software for traceability and stock control

Create a new level of efficiency with the Packhouse Manager Software solution. Improve Packhouse traceability & productivity in your fruit & vegetable packhouse with Packhouse Manager Software. Packhouse Manager gives the Packhouse rapid improvements from increased profitability and traceability and increased profit. Supports the Produce Traceability Initiative, BRC, GlobalGAP, GS1 traceability standard and more.

Farm Manager & Packhouse Manager Software provides a powerful suite of Packhouse management software solutions which make every day Packing of fruit and vegetables easier and more profitable for all Packhouses; whilst allowing you to maintain higher quality, staff performance, cost control, and traceability levels.

The primary focus of the Packhouse Management system is to improve Packhouse:

•Business control

•Traceability practices

•Business profit enhancement

•Cost management and control

•Budget management

•Staff accountability and management practices

For fruit and vegetable packing enterprises; Farm Manager & Packhouse Manager Software provides a powerful suite of software solutions which make every day fruit packing and vegetable packing business easier and more profitable – whilst allowing you to maintain higher quality control over fruit and vegetable packing, staff performance, cost control, and traceability levels. Farm Manager & Packhouse Manager Software Fruit and Vegetable packing solutions are available in customizable modules; so your fruit packing business can choose the modules required for your needs.

The primary focus of the packhouse solution is to improve:

•Packhouse quality control for fruit and vegetable packing

•Packhouse traceability & stock handling traceability

•Business profit enhancement

•Cost management and control

•Staff accountability and labor management practices

•Minimize labor costs in the fruit and vegetable packing processes

•Your business will benefit! Fruit Packing Made Easy!

•Improved packhouse profit in most areas of business

•Improve packhouse staff efficiency

•Reduce duplication & redundancy in the packhouse

•Decrease management response time in packhouse operations

•Improve reporting, analysis, and packhouse monitoring

•Instant packhouse cost reporting, live at any time!

•Streamline & automatically manage packhouse processes

•Enforce packhouse operational standards

•Create full traceability of all produce handling in all packhouse areas

•Compliance with EurepGAP, HACCP, EFSA ISO x, FarmSafe and others

•Easy packhouse audits and packhouse traceability management

•Feature Summary Vegetable Packing Made Easy!

•Issue barcode labels for incoming fruit/vegetables to ensure traceability

•Management of stock and full traceability during the packing process, including stock location, tracking, treatments and more…

•Capture pricing, weight, supplier, temperature and other information during the stock incoming process

•Batch based processing ensures high levels of traceability

•Labor management and packing labor costs reporting by batch, supplier (grower), and packing benchmark and performance reporting

•Record and manage customer purchase orders

•Analysis of packer & staff performance, tools to identify areas of waste and areas where staff need retraining

•Manage dispatch process, generate invoices, generate dispatch and transport documentation

•Integrate with financial packages

•Integrate with payroll packages

Comprehensive quality control available for incoming stock processed and packed stock, outgoing finished produce, packhouse hygiene quality control and more. Extensive quality reporting systems

Comprehensive inventory management to improve resource utilization and reduce waste includes traceability for inventory batches and integrates automatically with recall and traceability systems. Purchase Order generation, stock takes for multiple sites and depots, inventory intake traceability, inter-company purchase orders and inventory acquisition processes

PC Interface as well as optional Mobile Packhouse Software which allows staff to perform Quality Control, Stock Intake barcode scanning, stock movement and storage management, stock allocation to batches, view customer sales orders, perform consignment and scan pallets during dispatch process to ensure correct assignment of stock to each customer

Farm Software provides a powerful suite of Packhouse software solutions which make every day Packing of fruit and vegetables easier and more profitable for all Packhouses – whilst allowing you to maintain higher quality, staff performance, cost control, and traceability levels.


What You Need to Know About Inventory Management System

What You Need to Know About Inventory Management System

We know how valuable inventory is to every operation. It matters a lot from small to big businesses, and the fact that it is also hard to control and manage is certainly undeniable. If you have a manufacturing business, supply chain or a fast food shop, then you know how factors such as pilferage, administrative errors, physical damage and expiration of items can eat away your inventory. It can even greatly hamper the profit and affect the overall system of a company.

Your products are one of the most significant assets of your business. Assuring that your organization has proper stock of goods and a system that can manage all your merchandise correctly can make a huge difference in making the sale. From the manufacturing to the point of sale, the need for a sustainable inventory solution can reassure every company that there are enough products to sell for customers while managing the control of every resource.

Setting up an inventory management system can help you make the most of inventory by keeping costs under control.

What are its Features?

For Inventory Control and Warehouse

Makes inventory process faster as they are fully automated.Easy tracking of assets with check-in/ check-out system.Managing of asset costs from merchandise to stocks with precise counting.Provides various alternatives to track all assets including supplier, client information, count of merchandise, account numbers, sales and more.Manage multiple inventories at the same time and being able to view real time records.Lower inventory loss and increase sales and operational efficienciesEnhance customer satisfaction levels with availability of productsIncrease product marginsGain control on replenishment of stocks while managing overstocks

For Purchasing Department

Modernize requisition procedure and enhance faster communication with vendors with Inventory Management Solution that can record transaction, reordering dates and other relevant informationEradicate inefficiency with online purchasingEasily identify costs, loss and profits. Avoids manual errors done in purchasing, receiving and other accounting records. -For Manufacturing Division -Offers contemporary solution of managing correct orders. Manufacturing sector can now seamlessly work with back office divisions. -For Demand Planning -Accurately give data for reordering of stocks based on sales and historical dataAutomatically compute supply plan for the organization -What are its Benefits?

Offer real-time data of demands, supply, costs, profits and trends in an operationReduce manual inventory. Makes work faster and avoids manual error or computations.Managing margins with complete data to cost of inventory and revenues.It can satisfy the demands of any industry for inventory and purchasingMeet your customer’s demands and help improve customer serviceEnhance relationships with clients, vendors, and partners in the business

I have been writing for many years now. In fact my work had already appeared in various books and websites. Today I featured what you need to know about Inventory Management System so people will be aware of the importance and its applications for businesses.


Best Inventory Management Software

Best Inventory Management Software

The development of software for keeping records of inventory can greatly benefit a person or an organization. This is crucial because of the highly competitive business environment in which we need to survive. Some software/application development companies have great experience as far as Inventory management Software is concerned. Therefore, utilizing software/application development ideas and solutions offered by program developers help a lot in saving time and money. Moreover, inventory management software greatly helps in maintaining vital documents such as bill and invoices in a manner that follows the stated guidelines by respective Government authorities.

One such Inventory Management Software is being developed by Goods Order Inventory System. As per the company – “Goods Order Inventory is a free, inventory management system for the small business users and individuals willing to manage Orders, Inventory, and Sales on a mobile platform. It provides the flexibility to manage the products, orders, sales & inventory seamlessly on iPhone, Android & Blackberry devices. Features like report, sales tracking with/without inventory, and simple user interface provide the user to manage and track all the business data at any time & any where easily”.

www.goodsorderinventory.com The best inventory management softwarealways goes hand in hand with proper inventory control. In fact you cannot separate both, they are inseparable. You cannot just opt to have one and then ignore the other. If you are wise as a business person, you must desire to have these stuffs as one.

One may ask what the difference between the two is. Well, the latter is the result; while on the other hand, the former is the cause. There will be no total control of your stock inventory if you or your staff is doing things manually because of the lack of an advanced accounting and management tool. It will be too much of a tough job.

The best solution for the inventory needs of your retailing business is to have the upgraded point of sale system POS. The business tool for a proficient inventory must be incorporated into the whole system in order to secure accuracy of the job.

Without such tool as the inventory software, you or your staff would be doing the job in the most traditional and outdated manner. It would take so long for a transaction to finish. You will employ a lot of people to do the tedious task. You would spend big bucks for their compensation and allowances. In addition, you cannot guarantee correctness and complete inventory control of everything.

As an entrepreneur who is on fire with high idealism, admit that you are powerless over a lot of things. Either you are new in this venture, or somebody who has rooted deep down in this particular business, it is never too late to realize you need help. There are areas that you want to have a good grasp but sadly, you can’t do all that you want to do with your limited capacity and resource. You need to make some valuable use of technology.

Even if you need to spend dollars on POS upgrade, do not worry about it. If your concern is success in business, then be willing to sacrifice. Purchase the latest inventory software so you can have total control over your stock.


Looking for Easy Document Management Switch to SharePoint

Looking for Easy Document Management Switch to SharePoint

Each organization has to include customized document management controls as part of its key strategies. In addition to deciding how to create, review and publish documents, it also needs to decide the most appropriate way to retain or dispose these after certain period of time. Therefore, most enterprises look for innovative a document management system that allows them to store, update, share, find, archive, restore and trace all types of documents. Microsoft has released SharePoint 2013 with a set of features to help users in managing all types of documents efficiently, while complying with the relevance governance or compliance policies. If you are looking for effective and flexible tools to control a document’s life cycle, it is a great idea to switch to SharePoint 2013.

What Makes SharePoint 2013 a Powerful Document Management System?

Hassle-Free Sharing of Information and Resources

Similar to other innovative document management systems, SharePoint also enable people to access the required resources and information. But it also allows users to organize documents and coordinate calendars effectively, along with creating team workspaces. At the same time, the user also has option to create blogs and wikis simply by using templates. The users on the do can further avail the offline synchronization capabilities to access the documents regardless of his current location.

Tight Control over Document Life Cycle

SharePoint Server 2013 comes with all the capabilities required to control a document’s life cycle efficiently. At the same time, it also enables users to implement the policies applicable to each document. Along with auditing the document-related actions, the system further ensures that the documents are disposed or retained in the most appropriate way. These features further make it easier for an organization to manage documents as corporate records, while adhering to both corporate guidelines and legal requirements.

Maintain Integrity of Content

The latest version of SharePoint comes with document management capabilities. Before editing a particular document, the reviewer has option to activate document checkout. Thus, he can see the revisions made to the document and restore the document to the previous version. Also, the feature can be used to set security at both document and content level. These capabilities make it easier to maintain the integrity of content store on team sites or shared with a distributed team.

Easy to Build a Collaborative Environment

The IT department of an organization can deploy a collaborative environment through Windows SharePoint Services without putting any additional time and effort. Despite being easy to manage and scale the environment is still simple and flexible. The single-server setting and flexible deployment settings further make it easier to reconfigure the document management system according to the latest governance or compliance policies. Thus, all documents can be created, reviews and shared quickly to facilitate decision making.

Effectuate Document Security Management

While allowing teammates to access the resources and information from diverse locations, each enterprise has to put some amount of effort. But the security features provided by SharePoint enable them to effectuate document security management without putting any extra effort. The system allows users to nominate individual users or group, and set permission simply with two clicks. Also, the traceable access of requests to a site makes it easier to find out who has accessed the resources or information.

Smoothly Change the Location of a Document

Often users have to move or copy documents from one library or site to another. SharePoint allows them to move or copy the document at various stages of its lifestyle without any hassle. They can simply create a custom workflow to guide the document through a business process. Once the document life cycle is activates, tasks can be further assigned to the participants according to their individual roles and responsibilities. The authors with required authoring permission can further copy a particular document, while maintaining the relationship between the source and the destination document intact.

While switching to the updated version of SharePoint, an organization is not required to discard the tools that are already being used for day-to-day operations. Some of the most popular tools and applications in Microsoft Office system like Word and Outlook can still be used seamlessly with SharePoint 2013 to optimize the control over a document’s life cycle. Custom Sharepoint development teams can help build sharepoint applications for you within allocated budgets and time schedules.

We provide SharePoint webparts development services. If you would like to speak to one of our expert SharePoint developers, please contact us at Mindfire Solutions.


Warehouse Inventory Control and Management

Warehouse Inventory Control and Management

Warehouse inventory control and management systems are designed to serve a wide array of manufacturing and distribution needs. Control and management systems are available for physical plant management, including physical building analysis, property management, and building layout with rack and lane optimization. Warehouse equipment usage can also be monitored with wireless RF technology linked to systems through wireless site surveys. Wireless technology can be extended to vehicle loading and unloading operations.

The information provided from the wireless system is uploaded in real time to software specifically designed for facility management. The software is available for a wide range of businesses. Different software systems offer a full range of options for small, medium, and large businesses.

Windows based systems for warehouse inventory control and management are designed for small business of 10 or less simultaneous users and can be run on the businesses own network. Medium size business may choose from software designed to run on their own network or select a web based system. The web based systems work well for multiple location operations. Microsoft SQL Server systems designed for midsize to larger applications supply access to unlimited users. More robust Oracle based systems are designed for businesses operating globally and requiring secure operation over the internet.

Real time data reporting is one of the most desirable benefits of these completely computerized warehouse inventory control and management systems. For managing inventory flow through the warehouse, data can be collected by RFID technology inserted in the actual packaging or pallets of product. The RFID tags follow the product through the warehouse and send continuous updates to the system. Warehouse and client users can login to the system and monitor inventory pick and put data, incoming and outgoing orders and other metrics established during system setup.

Computer systems utilizing real time radio frequency bar coding technology and handheld bar code scanners offer additional solutions for tracking as it comes into and moves through the warehouse. Individual product can be scanned as orders are picked and fulfilled.

Before implementing computerized management systems, companies should identify and develop standard operating procedures. Developing efficient SOPs up front can save money. Many companies experience often experience improved safety conditions due to a properly designed system. Other areas of improvement include loading efficiencies and period end inventory reporting.

Companies looking to set up a computerized control and management system can find multiple vendors providing both software and compatible hardware for a complete and efficient system. Vendors often offer consulting and analysis services to help companies develop and improve their SOPs. Including personnel for IT and Warehousing is important in developing standard operating procedures. Their valuable experience can eliminate costly mistakes in the development of the new system. When a company considers input from both employees and vendors, efficiencies can be identified and incorporated that will serve long into the future and prevent costly modifications and redesigns. New technologies are continually being developed. Warehousing IT department should monitor changes in the industry and update management regularly.


Inventory Control

Inventory Control

The goal of inventory control is to reduce the cost of warehousing surplus products without negatively impacting a company’s sales by not having adequate inventory to fulfill orders. With proper supervision of product supply, warehouse storage, and easily accessible items, the company can maintain enough supply without raising the overhead costs.

Processes for managing products and locating materials throughout the warehouse facility can be developed and managed with computer based systems. RFID and bar coding technology allows a company to monitor inventory levels to meet current customer demands. Data collected in these processes can be used to identify trends and predict future demands. The company can use this information to manage manufacturing processes, raw materials acquisition, and control shipping costs.

Current systems using bar codes and RFID tags send data automatically to the management software. Well performing systems can reduce inventory Out of Stocks. Automatic tracking can include a wide collection of physical assets. Bar codes and RFID tags can be attached to merchandise, raw products, components used in manufacturing, or anything over which the company wishes to maintain physical control.

All transactions or movement of inventory feeds into the inventory management system. Movement can be identified according to the physical plant, work stations, or handheld and mobile computers. Remote viewing and counting technology allows the company to visually monitor asset movement and maintain quality standards. These systems also allow visual verification of data sent via the wireless control system.

Good inventory control must also include loss prevention procedures. Since inventory loss in warehouse facilities can come from employees, a good control system will include loss prevention as part of the system. Employee theft is on the rise and can eat into a company’s profits as easily as lost sales due to not having enough products to ship. SOPs should include having different employees handling receiving, inventory, disbursements, and adjustments.

The combination of modern technology and well trained employees is essential for creating effective inventory control system. Physical inventory counting can be a thing of the past. Companies can reduce the cost of labor, monitor and control inventory loss, and maintain a steady flow of products through the warehouse system and on to the customer. The more data compiled, the more effectively the company can control costs and profits. The control of inventory should be made part of the design of the entire warehouse management system. The capabilities of the management software should be evaluated in its ability to handle incoming data and the required reporting. The IT department should work closely with the directors of warehousing and manufacturing as well as vendors being evaluated for supplying the system.

Real time systems combine a wide array of components including asset tracking software, Radio Frequency ID tags, bar code tags and readers, and cameras, all with a wireless link together on the company’s network or on an internet based system. Companies with multiple locations can combine data and control capabilities to apply efficiencies across the entire organization.


Inventory Management Software and Benefits

Inventory Management Software and Benefits

For any company to accomplish productive business results, it becomes a quintessential prerequisite to take good care of inventory management procedures. Effective inventory management can help a company gain competitive edge over competitors, and can help a company meet customer demands at all times. The inventory management software is a potent tool that solidifies inventory management practices, as it can also be customized to fit into the needs of a company. Can companies get benefited by making use of customized inventory management software?

Serves the purpose
Businesses thrive by meeting market demands at the right time, which depends primarily on good inventory management principles. With the inventory management software, various records are maintained well, and this software serves the purpose to the hilt. The software dons the role of a potent tool to track inventory, and to identify areas where a company is losing or gaining money, which in turn guides a company to take informed decisions. Establishments can rely on this software to improve various process cycles, and can even improve methods to bring profits out of investments made by a company.

Reduces time
A company has to devote enough time to track inventory and to maintain records, if the tracking is done manually. Needless to say, tracking materials that enter into a warehouse and that goes out of the warehouse to reach retail shelves needs to be done on a regular basis. This task has to be performed to make sure that products are produced and shipped in the right manner. When an establishment opts to make use of inventory management software, it saves time by recording all the essential data in no time at all. The numbers needed for restocking and reporting basis can be accessed with ease, as when inventory management software is utilized by an organization.

Saves money
When inventory control is done on a manual basis, an organization can be forced to take bad decisions owing to inaccurate bookkeeping. There could be problems that arise out of under-purchasing or over-purchasing of products, which can bring down the efficiency of an organization. But, when inventory management software becomes an inherent part of an organization, right decisions can be made, which can save a lot of the money for a company that might lose money through inaccurate recordings pertaining to inventory control. The production process of a company runs without any hitches, where companies can also reduce personnel costs needed to maintain inventory control on a manual basis.

The inventory management software happens to be a notable addition that can help a company perform to its potentials, as this software guides a company to meet the market demands promptly and earn recognition in the market.


Stock Control Software Is A Must For Small Businesses

Stock Control Software Is A Must For Small Businesses

If you operate a small business, then you might have thought that you don’t need all of the sophisticated tracking systems and software that all of the major retailers use every day. You may have thought that you want to keep your business simple and efficient, without spending a large sum of money to invest in a stock control system. However, this may be a decision that is costing you thousands of dollars per year in lost revenues and in customer frustration.

Perhaps you feel that stock inventory software is too complicated or unnecessary for small businesses. While this may have been true in the past, there have been some exciting new developments in the past few years. Today, more than 250,000 small businesses use stock control software in order to more easily manage their business. Let’s take a closer look at inventory software and whether or not it can help your business.

One of the primary benefits of good inventory software is that you will be able to keep your shelves stocked much easier. With a stock control system, all of your items will be identified with their own unique barcode. When you receive a delivery of new inventory, you will use laser barcode scanners to enter the newly arrived items into your database.

You will always know exactly how many units you currently have in stock for each particular product that you carry. Without a good system like this, your business is prone to running out of stock of items from time to time. Not only does this result in lost sales, but it also results in an unhappy customer who may think twice before coming back to your store.

While scanning all of your incoming items into your database is a crucial component of stock control software, the other most important aspect of this system is your POS or Point of Sale equipment. The latest inventory software includes many excellent products to meet all of your business needs.

You can have a fully modern and computerized cash register, and you can even use a wireless barcode scanner to checkout what your customers purchase. Every time you scan the barcode of an item with your cordless barcode scanner at the POS, it will be deducted from your inventory. When your inventory levels begin to get low for a certain product, then you will be alerted so that you can reorder it.

A good stock control software system can also help you to better manage other aspects of your business, such as the time that your employees work. Keeping track of time can be one of the most tedious aspects of running a business, but stock control software can make the process much easier and more efficient.

Stock control software is no longer just for large companies. You can now implement a modern system with excellent barcode scanners and the most up to date software. Start looking into getting this software for your business if you want to simplify it and increase your profits.


Sharepoint Why Is It Popular

Sharepoint Why Is It Popular

SharePoint is getting popular among companies and its development process is growing at lightning speed. SharePoint a blessing to big companies as it offers itself as an amazing tool to store and mange all its files, folders and documents. Moreover, the best part is, all the employees work together and information flow is just flawless in an organization. Custom SharePoint development is the thing everybody is looking these days. Every company has their own ideologies and their own way of working, thus a universal attitude cannot be maintained throughout all of them. Customization is a must and SharePoint developers are providing great aids to this.

There is an array of advantages that SharePoint application development has provided you. Let’s go through some of them:

* Custom SharePoint development empowers you to share files from a central place.
* You can create store and manage files and documents in a library which can be accessed from any computer peripheral of the organization.
* Access control and revision control are two awesome features which help you to get a control on the document library.
* Through Intranet, Internet or Extranet you can connect to individual or team of an organization regardless the fact that where they are.
* Business process can be handled in much better way.
* Planning and monitoring performance of your employees is an easy task.
* Every employee can participate in decision making tasks of the organization.
* Finding out your own required document from the piles of folders in the system is also not a very tiring job here, rather its quite hassle free.
* SharePoint application development also enables you to create and manage websites. Usable templates minimize the time and efforts of someone who wants to come up with a website.
* Document libraries, meeting sites, document sites, survey sites, discussion boards whatever your requirement may be, SharePoint can provide you with all that.

Custom SharePoint development in India is becoming really popular. Where many Indian companies are using SharePoint for getting better results, on the contrary, other organizations which offer SharePoint development is offering their services, not only to local but to foreign clients as well.