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Sharepoint Customization With Familiar Sharepoint Developers

Sharepoint Customization With Familiar Sharepoint Developers

In Sharepoint developers can customize pages on the site if they add or change Web Parts. It enables developers to enhance functionality to pages while Sharepoint customization and that too by avoiding code writing.

In this article we will discuss various things about Web Parts like its editing, moving or adding. Hiding the toolbars in the chart Web Part is something you will learn to know about. The latest version of SharePoint is SharePoint Server 2010 offers nifty Chart web part which shows visual data from various sources including sharepoint lists, BDC, Excel services, etc. This SharePoint Web Parts proves to be a handy control for the developers while the 2007 version missed it. Developers while creating SharePoint solutions are offered with number of options if they use the 2010 version. The chart options include pies, lines, scatters, bars, cones, etc. in both 2D and 3D.

Well we have seen only the positive side but it has some annoying features too that can drive administrators crazy. That thing is at the time of dropping onto the page a toolbar is displayed showing links for “Data & Appearance” and “Advanced Properties” to everyone with more than basic read permissions. So this is not the thing what we want, right? Tempting to click everyone to see and click on those links to show up pretty little graphs. Well, is this easy enough to turn that off? The answer is “No”. Aren’t we forgetting to include the ubiquitous hide toolbar switch that’s on most other out of the box webparts? This little undocumented feature is what came around while trying to figure out a workaround.

A blog post by Nick Grattan suggests editing the page in SharePoint designer and then changing the web part properties manually in the mark-up. SharePoint destroyer results into hobbling performance if the page mark-up is saved in the content db so it is a better option to try out somewhat JavaScript trickery for solving this problem. Well by turning out the chart webparts that render the content of the toolbar in a predictable pattern.

Well for doing so for rendering the chart preview image the tag in which the toolbar resides is followed by an tag giving a link to a particular page. The input control is followed by and it is the first child of the parent

. In the DOM it is easy to find and also a unique thing that we need to ensure that we aren’t turning off any other web part toolbars that we require. Thus, the below script is when added to the page in hidden content editor web part will hide those pesky toolbars by following DOM walking:


vararr = document.documentElement.getElementsByTagName(“img”);
for (vari = 0; i {
  varimgSrc = arr[i].src;
  if (imgSrc.indexOf(“ChartPreviewImage”) != -1)
var parent = arr[i].parentNode;

JQuery along with Dom is when preferred then it works well. Again it does also mean that we have to add the content editor and script to every single page our char web parts are on. Option to this one is that save the entire page back to the content DB in designer.


SharePoint Application Development – Way To Get Ahead In Business

SharePoint Application Development – Way To Get Ahead In Business

SharePoint development is an extended framework of ASP.Net development into ASP.Net 2.0 application by installation and customized components such as HTTP module etc. SharePoint technology is used for the adding customized codes which enhanced the out-of-the-box functionality.

SharePoint basically is the central platform that provides the opportunity to the business when one is working on the different projects and documents as well. The complex nature of application and programs which requires experience and expertise SharePoint handle it quite efficiently and helps to reach the business goal in short time.

SharePoint application development helps you to manage and share the vital information of the business project. SharePoint from the software legend Microsoft offers tools for the customization of the business as per the need. SharePoint technology helps you to share and mange documents within the organization and publish the material in an effective and efficient manner. This amazing technology allows developers to develop particular pr specific application through which data can be accessed on the internet. SharePoint is an flexible platform which easily and efficiently integrated with the existing web application used by the organization. Quick and easy to use features of SharePoint manage and monetize server resources systematically.

As nowadays when E commerce is on flare and new technology and innovations are making the process easy and rapid so is the need to opting best technology for easy processing of business work-flow. SharePoint development offers the flexibility and ease to operate and managing the data in your desired manner so its better to develop particular or specific application to manage your business process with comfort.

For availing the benefits with amazing and advanced technology through SharePoint you need to get the professional SharePoint developers at work. So for the purpose outsourcing development company from India as from here you will be getting the professional yet experienced assistance with higher flexibility as well as in a very cost effective rate. These outsourcing companies offers amazing flexibility over the hiring of the professional developers/programmers who will set on appropriate place. Through these outsourcing development company you will be able to get these professional SharePoint developers on monthly, weekly, daily and even on hourly basis.

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Sharepoint STSADM Commands

Sharepoint STSADM Commands

The SharePoint development platform is a powerful platform and the Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 features the STSADM tool, which offers command line administration of SharePoint Server 2007 servers and sites. SharePoint developers are aware that STSADM is situated on the path where SharePoint Products and Technologies are installed and this path is %COMMONPROGRAMFILES%microsoft sharedweb server extensions12bin. The SharePoint consultant has to have the administrator rights on the local computer to be able to use STSADM. STSADM offers a method that enables the SharePoint developers to administer the Office SharePoint Server 2007 administration tasks at the command line or even through the usage of batch files or scripts. STSADM commands also offer SharePoint development team the access to operations that are not available through the usage of the Central Administration site such as changing the administration port. SharePoint development team is aware that the command-line tool offers a more streamlined interface than Central Administration and it even enables the SharePoint developers to perform the same tasks.


STSADM is a command-line tool that offers complete access to the Office SharePoint 2007 operations. STSADM can be used either through the command line or even with scripts or batches. It is important that SharePoint developers run the STSADM on the server itself. SharePoint consultants also need to note that most of the parameters for the command line also contain a short form that can be utilized instead of the complete parameter name.

It is also important to know that STSADM is not an interactive tool and therefore SharePoint developers have to type the operation and parameters simultaneously. The outsource development team are aware that they will not be prompted to add in the missing parameters while the operation is still running. Since STSADM commands are not interactive, hence it offers more flexibility when it comes to batching commands, as these tools do not prompt the developers for more information after the command has been submitted.

STSADM Operations

SharePoint consultants are aware of using different types of STSADM operations and some of the operations that SP developers can utilize in the process include:

This particular operation helps SP developers to activate a feature in the list of feature collection.


This particular operation allows outsource SharePoint development team to add it as an internal URL and map this to one of the five URL zones of an external resource or a web application.


This helps SP development team to make the addition of a new DataConnectionFile to the DataConnectionFiles collection.


This enables SharePoint developers to add a user agent, which is ideally in the form of a search bot and to even receive the XML file that would also include the data of the form for indexing.

This particular operation allows SharePoint consultants to add a user to a particular policy role based on a specified permission level name for the web application.


Steps for SharePoint and PHP Integration

Steps for SharePoint and PHP Integration

With the help of document libraries and custom lists, it is possible to read list data directly from SharePoint into the existing PHP application. In this way, a number of possibilities can be explored. Certain PHP tools are available through which it is possible to leverage the potential of the .NET Connector within the world of PHP. It ensures convenient access to SharePoint data such as documents and items. If developers are capable of working with recognized ADO.NET frameworks as well as SQL, it enhances the production quality, thus making the development process faster.

Connection of PHP applications

Developers now can avail the facility of connecting their respective PHP applications to SharePoint with the help of SQL, with the same convenience as is applicable in case of an ordinary database. Existing PHP tools are able to handle predefined lists such as the ‘Task list’ or the ‘Calendar’. Custom document libraries as well as lists can also be handled.

Seamless Integration with SharePoint

PHP tools available in the market assist in saving a lot of time when it comes to integrating with the document management system. With the help of these tools, you will be able to make use of the following aspects: –

Convenient installation is possible by simply including the library files, then setting up the connection settings to the SharePoint installation service. –

Through the use of the tools, it is possible to completely handle custom list items, develop any list that is required and that too, instantly. Moreover, predefined list items can also be managed. Again, you can also manage document libraries, folders as well as documents. You can even go for storage of data in database or dynamically read through the SharePoint integration service. –

Developers can effectively leverage these tools to work faster, developing better as well as increasingly flexible solutions. Every input-output from SharePoint gets transformed into the recognized database computer language Structured Query Language. Therefore it is easy to normalize the development process. As a result of this, developers with no prior expertise in SharePoint integration or development are able to conveniently work with document libraries along with list data.

Benefits of SharePoint and PHP Integration

Through the integration of SharePoint with PHP, there are a number of benefits that are achieved: –

The threshold of requisite knowledge is considerably brought down while working with data and integration pertaining to the document management system.

The productivity of developers can be enhanced –

The maintenance costs can be lessened. –

The need for specific training for developers can be brought down to a great extent. –

The integration ensures easier support to data connectivity.

Features and Steps

Through the SharePoint integration service provided by a number of companies, the document management system can be queried like a regular database, irrespective of whether you are making the selection from amongst a default list, an edited version of a default list, a document library or a custom list. The data will be retrieved and made available to meet the specific requirements. You can go for the following: –

Choose explicit columns (SELECT Title, Id, FROM customList) –

Choose everything (SELECT * FROM customList, include the .all in the list name to obtain each element that is available from the list) –

Make the choice by view (SELECT * FROM viewName, customList.)

There are PHP tools offering support for creation, reading, updations and deletion with the help of SQL syntax in addition to stored procedures. Comprehensive handling of list items is made convenient along with management of document libraries as well as the respective items (documents and folders).

Whether it is SharePoint 2010 development, or any other version, by leveraging a diverse collection of PHP classes, developers are capable of easily integrating SharePoint and PHP.

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Client Application In Sharepoint Development

Client Application In Sharepoint Development

SharePoint by Microsoft is a web application platform. SharePoint is web content and document management. SharePoint is a portal developed to centralize information and applications on a corporate or company network. By using SharePoint employees are more engaged, centralized, and knowledgeable. The latest addition to SharePoint 2010 is the client-side function.

Client Application in SharePoint Development

In 2001, Microsoft launched SharePoint as an application that is typically associated with web content management and document management systems. SharePoint development has come a long way where the transformation has taken place from server side technologies to client side applications. Client side applications refer to the technology where SharePoint data communicates with analysis and logic through an external computer.

Three primary reasons for building client based logic One of the main objectives of creating client-based logic is to offer users an opportunity to experience user-friendly applications. SharePoint developers also get to work on actions that may not be accessible through server-side applications in the sandbox environment. Outsourced SharePoint developers will also be access and control SharePoint data through another application such as customized application or office client.

Different Client Application Factors in SharePoint 2010

Clients are more engaged in obtaining access remotely to company data. Previously, clients were not able to obtain information without express authorization, and it was difficult to use remote computers and or servers. This is not the case in SharePoint Foundation 2010. Through SOAP web services, clients and employees are provided remote access. Customize and extend SharePoint Foundation with company web services.

There are different approaches that are used in SharePoint development and there are certain key issues that need to be addressed in these different scenarios.

User Related Approaches:

Rich Internet Applications (RIA) are increasingly becoming popular with SharePoint developers relying on this technology functions through the browser and enhances the user experience. This type of technology utilizes asynchronous type of communication to send as well as receive data directly from the server without resorting to reload the complete page. Ajax, Silverlight and different types of Office and Managed clients are used to offer a more responsive user experience.

Performance Considerations:

Performance is an important factor when enhancing the functionalities of web based UI and therefore it is important that the initial time taken to load the page should not be long. One of the factors is the usage of different resources such as CSS files, JavaScript and images. Since, the browser caches these files and applications are cached in the initial load therefore they do not need to be reloaded. SharePoint 2010 developers can improvise the load time for Ajax through proper handling of JavaScript resources. Another feature through which the initial time taken to load Ajax and Silverlight can be reduced is to ensure successful caching of XAP and JavaScript files.


The security factors can be taken care through proper authentication of client-side applications. Silverlight, JavaScript and object models can use the client.svc Windows Communication Foundation (WCF). SharePoint customizes WCF web services to work with company custom web services. Cross Domain Request (XDR) is used. Through this method outsourced SharePoint developers will be able to send requests to different third-party sites thereby ensuring data is made available to different domains.


Point of Sale Software Helping Business Productivity and Growth

Point of Sale Software Helping Business Productivity and Growth

Using the popularity of the Internet, numerous businesses have now ventured online to advertise and sell their products and services. Even though going online has helped businesses easily get recognized by clients, business owners nonetheless need to find ways to ease down the daunting task of managing their company. They have to look for methods to multi-task in the simplest way possible. A Point of Sale (POS) software program can help in this aspect.

A POS software program functions exactly the same as conventional cash registers, except that they do not require human intervention to scan the sold items. A company just needs to prepare a total list of items in their inventory. They should categorize these items and indicate the prices set on them for faster sorting. Via the Internet, clients just need to click on the items they want to purchase. The POS software program will deal with the checkout and automatically indicate updates.

Since the web is quickly evolving, developers continue to enhance their goods. Numerous businesses continue to use POS software program as it makes their work simpler and faster, giving them time to focus on other problems. Many developers become consultants of established businesses, making new POS systems which will fit the company’s industry. Today, specialized software is already available for various websites, like construction businesses, auctioning, and buy-and-sell.

Developers do not just make the software program based on the company’s operation. They will need to analyze concerning the customer’s feedback about their software program too. Numerous clients are particular about the comfort of purchasing, paying, and checking out over the web, which is why their feedback is very essential. The ideal POS software program delivers satisfaction not only to the business that uses it, but additionally to the clients who buy items

Today, POS system rely heavily on the web to connect numerous systems together. As mentioned earlier, the POS checks out items and indicates them within the inventory. If they are in separate places, a global document aside from the Internet indicates the updates. The Internet assists companies to get updated inventory lists, which help them make deliveries on time and enhance their present operations.

There are many POS software available in the market today. Businesses may want to consult with software developers to come up with the ideal POS software for their business. A business with reliable automated POS software will cope up with the demands of clients and in the company itself. This way, handling requests for procurement and delivery can effortlessly be handled.