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Shopster vs Doba – Battle of the Best Dropshippers

Shopster vs Doba – Battle of the Best Dropshippers

Over the years, several dropship websites have cropped up promising all sorts of ways to save on your ecommerce needs. As a technique to streamline supply chain management, dropshipping can become a valuable asset to both new and established online merchants.

The basic premise of dropshipping is simple. Merchants create a website where they can sell items. They source their inventory from a dropship supplier. The inventory, which is not on-hand with the merchant, is displayed on the virtual shelves. Once bought by the end-consumer, the merchant then places the order on through to the dropship supplier. The dropshipper either white-labels the item or uses private labeling. This is shipped directly to the buyer.

Dropshipping doesn’t just create a more efficient and effective online sales process, it actually takes out some major risks and reduces the overall cost to the merchant. For instance, the cost of warehousing, handling and shipping are already transferred to the dropshipper. On the risk side, the business will always be on the positive cashflow side, there is no spoilage or slow inventory movement to deal with given that the purchase is already made and paid for by the buyer for all items being ordered.

In this world of dropshipping, two big players top all others: Doba (http://www.doba.com/) and Shopster (http://www.shopster.com). Put head to head, here’s how the two compare:

Products: Both are pretty much the same, offering a wide variety of products in different categories. They both offer approximately 1.5 million products for dropshipping.

Price: Both companies have free trial versions. If you want to upgrade, the lowest package offered by Shopster is at $39.95 per month, while Doba offers it at $49.95 per month.

Reliability: Both websites are eBay Certified Service Providers, making them a good choice to work with. eBay has less than 50 service providers that are certified, and both have this privilege.

Tools: Doba has API capabilities while Shopster has listing tools for eBay and Amazon. These are important factors for choosing a dropshipper as it allows you to expand your distribution channels. Instead of just listing dropshipped products in your online store, you can attract more buyers for your products through other means. In addition to these listing tools, Shopster also offers an Inventory Management Tool. It allows you to know the status of your orders and trace how it goes from one point to another.

Connections: The major advantage of Shopster over Doba is the connection to direct buyers via a free online store. On top of that, Shopster also created a social network to help users build powerful business relationships with other retailers.

Customer Service: Both are pretty much at level when it comes to helping out clients. Give them a call and you’ll see for yourself what kind of companies they are. Shopster empowers clients to work on their own given the breadth of knowledge they offer in their Help section, but they still support you in your needs.

Usability: When it comes to navigating the respective sites to set up your store and start using their services. Shopster is a notch above Doba. The interface is easy to manipulate and orders can come and go with ease. The tools are also easily accessible, which make selling online so much easier.

All in all, Shopster wins in this head-to-head between the best dropshippers. In terms of price, tools and usability it is a mile ahead. The free sign up with Shopster comes with an online storefront and the inventory management tool . With access to these integrated solutions, it enables the users to sell online and start earning profits right away.