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5 Secret tips to choose SMS Gateway

5 Secret tips to choose SMS Gateway

If you don’t want SMS Gateway to only make your work more difficult, you should take a look at the next things before you make your choice. These things help you to send and receive SMS with your computer quickly and easily by using SMS Gateway. If these criterias are satisfied, you can be certain that you have chosen the best sms gateway.

1. The most important thing for you is to be able to install it easily and quickly without making adjustments for days. It has to have a simple interface, so you can send messages with pushing a few buttons. It is important to document your work, so it has to have a saving option and statistics query.

2. It has to be integrable to your own system. You have your own programes that you like to use, don’t you? Then you should choose an sms gateway that can be connected to your programs immediately, so you can send sms from your mailing system, web, database system, workflow or crm management system etc.

3. Sending SMS, MMS. It happens often that you don’t want to send a simple message, but perhaps a picture, audio message or any other rich content message, which is all possible with a well-chosen sms gateway. Moreover, you can send not only the standard 160 character message, but accentuated letters, special characters, you can even concatenate more messages, this way you can send messages without lenght limitation. Sending group sms and using the phonebook allows of mass and bulk sms sending, this way you can easily start an sms campaign, inform your employees and customers.

4. For all this, you need a well-functioning and stable system with 24/7 availability. A system, which is able to handle an overladen, bad line and is able to resend the message if any problem occurs.

5. Price. Finally, what everyone would like to know; how much will it cost to me? Sms gateway is a one-off investment, there aren’t any operational costs after the purchase. You need a software and an sms service provider. Asides from the software’s price, the only thing you have to pay attention, is to choose a suitable sms service provider. Apart from this, you don’t have any other costs regarding sms sending.

When you are looking at an sms gateway, take a look at this list and check if it satisfies these criteria. If you have no for an answer, keep looking. You can get more information on sms gateway here: SMS Gateways


A variety of Business Stock Images

A variety of Business Stock Images

Nowadays, business has truly expanded its horizons in the global arena. So, one can easily think of investing in any of the business activity. But as we look back, 20 years ago people were worried and anxious to invest a huge amount in any business. Since then, lot of things have been changed now, people are much more confident to invest in businesses plentifully. In today’s scenario, business is no longer perceived as the drones that sit across telephone lines, faking accents to get you to pay your dues rather it is termed as management and decision making.

The value of any feature can be improved and enhanced by putting up a suitable image to it. However, it is very tiresome job to find out an image that compliments your article. Mostly, if you are working on any business related topics and themes; you may not able to search the correct kind of pictures. Mainly, a business based magazine wrap all the aspects that connect the day to day activities at workplace. At times, management based problems can also be raised. One major problem that occurs is that it might be a problematic task to find out an exact image that matches the story. Here, the length of the write-up plays an important role. Moreover, you may find a right image, but its size may not be according to the dimension of the write-ups and the space provided.

The inflating growth in businesses is due to the media passion and enthusiasm. Furthermore, the kind that resounds across brands, products and services. Having only a healthy and vigorous distribution system is just not enough, you need advertising, customer care-lines, CRM initiatives, below the line(BTL) activities, you need advertising agencies, Public Relation (PR) agencies, Digital Media agencies for building an image for your brand or product. That is why today, it is the image that attracts consumers to a certain product, brand or service. They need to belong to a certain perception of the good life and the brands they respond to are the ones they feel most emotionally close to. This is why it is crucial to have your visual communication in place as much as your brand communication. The images your agencies choose to pan out your media campaign will go on to become the way your brand or service looks. Therefore, it is always advisable to choose carefully, it is not easy to forget what one has seen and it is easy to forget what one may have read or heard.

This is where the business stock images come into the picture. They are ready to use images, customized to the finest details and available for purchase round the clock. Moreover, it proves be helpful in finding the accurate images for the write-ups at a nominal price. Generally, the images on this gallery are divided into categories and sub-categories wherein the writers can easily look for the suitable ones. Lastly, you need to purchase your selected business stock images. Largely, these online websites are user friendly so, you can simply shop for the varieties of business images. You do not require worrying about the royalty of images as you can easily gain a stock of royalty-free images on these websites.

So, if you have something to tell the world, you don’t just have to say it, you can say with an appropriate image to create a lasting impression.


Unique Features of Hana POS

Unique Features of Hana POS

Running a florist business is not easy. Often you are a one person army that has to manage every detail from 4 am inventory buying trips and floral arrangements to cash register duties, customer management and inventory audits. All of it makes for an exhausting and hectic schedule without any breaks for holidays. In fact, you work twice as long and hard on holidays.

What you require is an assistant to help you manage some of these endless tasks.

What you need is Hana!

Hana software is a robust web-based florist Point of Sales system that will help you manage all these elements day in, day out. While you will still have deal with 4 am wakeup calls, you will no longer struggle with other management aspects. Hana not only helps you manage sales, but also eases management of different aspects of your flower shop.

What makes Hana unique? -Get started quickly and easily with Hana. It is a web-based solution with no special hardware requirement or software installation. You can even choose your credit processing company, so that all your credit sales are in real time. Thus, you save time in follow ups, cancellations etc. -Generate delivery route maps and organize delivery schedules with a single click of a button. No more spending hours figuring out delivering location and optimal routes. -Take and track all type of orders quickly and easily. Manage house accounts, customer profiles and recipient information. All relevant information on every order is automatically saved on the system and is easily accessible. -Go paperless as HANA automatically integrates all messages into a single interface. This increases efficiency, saves time and reduces errors. It also improves profit margins. -Generate accurate reports of how your business is doing with the aid of the digital records of all purchases and sales. -Manage your business remotely. You can pull up order information quickly and easily from anywhere, at anytime.

To summarize, HANA is a plug and use web based POS florist system. It does not require the purchase of any expensive hardware or installation of any complicated software. You simply have to log in to get started. It is an extremely cost effective without a large upfront cost, license fee or contract. Additionally, there are no costs or worries about software updates or reconfigurations. All you have to do is focus on running your business.

To know more about Hana POS features , visit hana florist POS who are empowering florists with an affordable POS system.


Improve Your Customer Service through Retail Inventory Management

Improve Your Customer Service through Retail Inventory Management

Managing the inventory is a crucial task in every business in order to ascertain the exact order quantity. It is though proper inventory management that you can get a fair idea regarding the stocks at your disposal and can accordingly place an order for the new stocks. Retail stores and managers are required to maintain a complete record of the inventory for efficient handling of business. retail inventory management system provides you with up-to-date record of the entire stock so that you can replenish your supply within the required time. It is really difficult to keep a track of everything in store and this process is also time consuming and costly as you need to hire an inventory specialist to handle the task. However with the help of inventory management software you can conveniently remain updated with all the stock and its details and can even place an exact order accordingly. This system also notifies you when your stock requires replenishment so that it doesn’t falls below a pre-determined level.

Easier to use and absolutely convenient this software would always assist you in keeping all the demanded products in the stock so that you never need to face an out-of-stock situation during the time of peak sale. Timely purchase orders are also generated by these systems which further streamlines the management process. Your operating cost is also reduced considerably and you can even save a lot of your time in manually calculating all the stocks and orders. This also helps you in identifying which all stocks are being sold the most and which are not being preferred. By identifying your products in this manner you can easily boost up their sales by adjusting their price or providing lucrative offers on such products.

This retail inventory tracking system prevents double entry of orders as well as ling checkout lines. You can easily improve your customer relationship quickly and efficiently with the help of this system. This system is highly helpful as it automatically calculates and creates restocking orders which you can easily mail to the vendors. It is with the help of this system that you can generate sales reports on a weekly, monthly or yearly basis.


Creating Sites with SharePoint 2010

Creating Sites with SharePoint 2010

SharePoint 2010 enables businesses to maximize the efficiency of their business processes and improve productivity, without having to worry about security and business continuity. SharePoint 2010 solutions help businesses to store and keep files in a central location that can be accessed easily and quickly by team members. It also allows users to create SharePoint sites within a company intranet by providing them access control and revision control for documents.

Understanding SharePoint 2010 solutions

SharePoint 2010 provides two types of solutions, namely Farm Solutions and Sandboxed Solutions.

Farm Solutions and Sandboxed Solutions

When a solution package is deployed to the farm’s solution store, it is called a ‘farm solution’ and when it is deployed to the solution store of a site collection, it is called a ‘sandboxed solution’. The difference between SharePoint 2010 solutions can be understood in the following ways: -The components in a farm solution generally run easily with full trust, while the components of a sandboxed solution run under several significant code execution and resource access restrictions. -Only a farm administrator can install a farm solution while a site collection administrator can deploy a sandboxed solution. -Each sandboxed solution must conform to certain hard limits on the system resources that it can use. And all of the sandboxed solutions in a specific site collection, taken collectively, also must conform to certain resource restrictions.

How to create a new site in SharePoint 2010?

Creating a SharePoint site requires a membership of a site group that has the Create Sub sites permission from server administrator. -A SharePoint site can be created in few simple steps to share documents and keep track of a project, discussions and contacts. Creating a page involves many steps including Web Parts, also known as a Web Widgets to the page. The Web Part gives additional features to specify and modify the appearance of the web page. -Once a page is created, the site administrator can add it to the Quick Launch Bar or it can be found on All Site Content from the left-hand side navigation. The new page will have its own unique web address which can be accessed by anyone with permission from the administrator. -Thus more web pages can be created easily in this way. -To create a new page, click Site Actions, then select New Page. -After naming the page, a blank content area appears. Choose your page layout by selecting it from the drop-down list under Text layout. -When an image is inserted in the web page, SharePoint uploads the image from your local drive to the Web site. Now that the SharePoint Website is on a server, the image will be loaded onto the server automatically and becomes a part of the site. -When you delete a page, SharePoint will not actually remove it from your site. It will send it to the Recycle Bin, from where you can recover it later if you change your mind.

Gautam is a re-known and an ambitious author as well a user of sharepoint for many purposes whish comprises of many things such as using sharepoint 2010 solutions, building a website in sharepoint, etc.


How an efficient POS System can change the future of your restaurant

How an efficient POS System can change the future of your restaurant

There are many factors concerned with Restaurant POS.System to be considered for you to have successful business. In this article, we will tell you about taking a strong control on your business with more efficiency and increased revenue without wasting huge sum of money.

Taking business control on your hands An efficient and correctly POS System is capable to bring you at the new position of control. POS system can help you make your business fine tuned with improved profit and efficiency as well. On the other hand, a wrongly-selected POS system can ruin your business productivity and become the wastage of investment and frustration for your staff.

A POS System is also a cash register which features a cash drawer, receipt printer, touch screen terminal, and some input devices like barcode scanner and keyboard. Apart from being the empowered cash register, the pos system can help management being futuristic with business plans by generating reports to provide all information they want. An efficient and fast POS system, in turns, increases revenue by reducing expenses and saving funds. In fact, it also cut down time to be utilized in making business plans for future success. It gives more control by saving money on the business and increase productivity which sounds a great mixture for the success of your business. Here are the factors by which a revolutionary pos system can grow business:

1.Reduce Shrinkage: The shrinkage can dramatically be reduced by an efficient and high-tech POS system. In this way, the pos system reduces the risk of wastage due to employee theft and shoplifting. The internal shrinkage will automatically be reduced if employees know the system is tracking the inventory carefully.

2.Accuracy: The POS System is designed to give full assurance to the restaurateurs about the accuracy of selling the right products to right customers. With only one tweak from your computer, you can easily revise prices and your staff has no need to guess the price.

3.Improved margins: With having the detailed sales report, you can easily focus on items of high margins in order to get better margins. You can boost up sales easily by promoting items of poor performance or moving items into different locations and get higher sales of good performing products.

4.Know your financial status: With the computer generated financial report, you can easily know about the profit, total cash in drawer and total items sold till the end of the day, yesterday, last week or month.

5.Improved inventory management: With having the properly detailed sales report, you can easily track the stock in hand. In addition, you can track sales trend and sales history in order to forecast business needs and growth. You can also set alert on the POS Software which will notify you whenever your stock is running low and you can reorder them on time. The store owners mostly get surprises when they have this report on their hands.

6.Maintain list of customers. The POS System can properly record the names and addresses of customers and maintain the list of targeted ones for sending notifications of offers and discounts.

7.Minimizes paperwork: Extensive paperwork can dramatically be minimized with the reduced time to be used on evaluating sales figures, inventory tracking, and other repetitive tasks. If you use POS system, you are not only reducing paperwork but also enough time that will give you peace of mind.

8.Efficiency: If you use barcode scanner with the pos system, you can effectively reduce the checkout time of the customers in retail settings. This streamlines the order automatically from the counter to the kitchen and serves the customers much faster than you can.

With its enhanced capabilities, the customers can be happy with your service and come back again and again. You should utilize all the capabilities on your own pace.

POS needs in retail and hospitality Both hospitality businesses such as bars, restaurant and hotels, and retail segments of the POS market have different needs.

Retail The needs of retail business are simpler from POS Systems. The transactions can be completed easily in the retail settings along with less possible variations on products. Some retailers are required to add digital scales for returns and exchanges in their support kits of POS Systems. You should buy POS which supports matrixes if you have business of varieties of styles like clothes. For instance, you can make entry of only one inventory with matrixes like a sweater, but it will also allow you to track sales as per the size and color.

Hospitality The requirements of both hospitality and retail businesses are different as per the size of business. For casual restaurants, efficiency is the key thing to consider. In the retail-type restaurants and fast food restaurants, the POS Systems save time on every transaction by reducing errors that may happen due to wrongly scrawled orders and pass the items back to the kitchen. The POS System is a humble requirement for quick-service restaurants. It displays the order taken automatically on the monitor located in kitchen that can easily be assembled and delivered to the patrons.

For fine dining and table service restaurants, the requirements of the POS are different somewhat. The POS system records the responsibility of staffs on each table. It helps management gain efficiency with impressive speed. It can increase the turnover easily and reduce the effort and time taken by staff in order processing.

Conclusion However, switching from an ordinary cash register to highly advanced POS system is not so easy at all. Many factors are there to keep in mind with eliminating some pitfalls. But it will give great returns on your investment of time, money and effort. In this way, you can efficiently manage your business with your helping hand in the form of a computerized pos system. You can serve your customers in a better way with managing inventory. Inventory management is one of the difficult tasks to do in a restaurant and pos made it simple.

visit geminicomputersinc.com to know more about Restaurant POS.Systems.

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