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Review on Tally ERP Software

Review on Tally ERP Software

Tally is well known product for accounting software. But when it comes in ERP there are few pros and cons, which you must know. After an effective application of Tally 9, there were still a few problems that were experienced. User conflicts due to multi-users of the system were thought to be permanent.

The major disadvantage of Tally ERP is- it starts from accounting whereas business starts from sales. Even tally has faced so many problems to launch Tally ERP. They want to give same flexibility in their ERP like Tally accounting software, because Tally existing customers have the same expectations.

TDS calculation has become simpler in Tally ERP it can be done with great ease. The overall data for the same is generated in the software system, and updates the bank account and is included in the report generation. This single feature makes ERP extremely good. The installation process of Tally ERP has been made easy as compared to other ERPs available in the market. Once installed it lets tones of information accessible throughout the day. It also provides incremental implementation which allows many functions to be run at the same time from even different locations. The problem with the EVAT computations with the vast collection of files into a quick and easy step preparation is possible without any ignore. Payment of water, electricity, telephone bills and other bills from any location and generating business report or stock status is made easier.

Moreover, this software enables powerful remote capabilities that enhance collaboration. It has enabled finding qualified personnel. Customization in this software is easy and faster. Great support, good brand, faster implementation and Tally integrator has made the software reduce cost of ownership, hence better equipped to be used in businesses. It is highly recommended a trail for any business needs. Also for those who want to experience the most easy and convenient way of keeping the business data on complete cycle, all key reports, cash, receivable, and month end bank reconciliation, from human resources information to each performance report, all is traceable in fast effective step. Forecasting and predicting future business performance is also possible.

Tally ERP is good to buy for small and medium size organization. But if your organization is based on process manufacturing, discrete manufacturing or any other process which Tally may not support, you should think twice before buying it. Take proper consultation before finalizing ERP for your organization.

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SharePoint Document Collaboration Via SharePoint Intranets

SharePoint Document Collaboration Via SharePoint Intranets

Custom SharePoint Designs & a well thought out SharePoint Branding effort ensures that prospects, customers, partners and vendors are always encountering the exact same corporate identity on SharePoint Websites, SharePoint Extranets & any SharePoint portals that they might have access to.

Document Collaboration via SharePoint Intranets & SharePoint Extranets

In today’s work environment that’s highly connected, documents created and used by multiple users, editors, and stakeholders are becoming the rule, rather than the exception. If your business needs to ensure easy channels of communication and collaboration between end-users but reduce the responsibility on administration required to support it, a SharePoint Server 2010 implementation is ideal. With the implementation, you achieve the co-authoring functionality of Microsoft Office 2010 with Microsoft Word 2010, Microsoft PowerPoint 2010, as well as Microsoft OneNote 2010 documents on SharePoint Server 2010.

Thanks to co-authoring, collaboration of server-based documents becomes easy and your business overheads, which were earlier linked to traditional document sharing via attachments, decrease. So, if your business needs multiple users to work on the same document, you can now ensure that work is done productively without any user intruding on another’s work or locking the others out. You won’t need any additional server setup to use this functionality as it is the default state for data stored in

share point Server 2010 implementation. What’s more, administrators can manage the sharing and collaboration functionality with the use of same tools and technologies that they have already used to manage SharePoint. This way, not much impact would be there when you decide to use SharePoint 2010.

SharePoint Portals for Project Management

Your business has got a lot of information scattered everywhere in the form of spreadsheets, documents, e-mails, presentations, and more. Most of the data is usually stored on different computers and at different locations, making it difficult to manage the same. However, with the enhanced document and record management capabilities of the SharePoint 2010 implementation, you can now manage your projects and data effectively.

share point 2010 implementation allows users to put related document sets, create business specific workflows, metadata, homepage and archiving processes. So, whether your business need to manage rigid processes like regulatory submissions or deal with informal process management where teams have to merge several file types in same process, you can do all that with SharePoint 2010.

Some other features of SharePoint 2010 that will help you manage your projects include allotment of unique document id to files that make it easy to search them, easy process to rate and add notes to documents, defining rules on a folder for further routing of the document, and usage of metadata by combining structured taxonomies and keywords, among others.

Dashboards & Reports

Thanks to SharePoint 2010, you can create rich, context-driven dashboards that help you to put data and content at a place, and get an overall view of your business performance at all levels. In other words, creating business intelligence dashboards and publishing them is an easy task in share point 2010 environment. You can use the Dashboard Designer, which can be launched directly from the browser, and use it to create Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), reports, scorecards, analytic charts and grids, filters, and dashboards.

Business Process Optimization

SharePoint 2010 has a new service architecture, multi-tenant features, and other improvements that have made it capable of handling larger volumes of content and an increased number of users as compared to its earlier version. You can reduce downtime by using its enhanced recovery and backup utilities as well as its improved support for high-availability features of SQL Server. You can analyze feature usage and find misconfigurations and other problems with the help of improved logging and log analysis tools. The considerably expanded PowerShell interface will help your business handle most administrative procedures, which in turn would encourage standardization and efficiency.

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Why Get Electronic Cash Registers For Your Retail Store

Why Get Electronic Cash Registers For Your Retail Store

If you are running a retail store and clueless when it comes to processing and recording sales transactions or collecting and storing money received from buyers, an electronic cash register can bring an end to all your problems in no time. Getting an electronic cash register not only helps your staff in performing the necessary arithmetic related to sales transactions, but it also creates and maintains high standards of security of checks, cash, discount coupons, and receipts.

One of the biggest advantages of these cash registers is that every transaction is recorded accurately and it becomes very easy for store owners and managers to find out the nature and value of sales and profits. Moreover, these devices help the retail store staff to find out exactly how much to charge and return to customers after payment that means faster processing, less of queues, and happy customers. Since a touch screen cash register or electronic cash register can be opened only by an authorized user, the risks of theft is eliminated to a significant extent.

In addition to these advantages, these cash registers give back more than the initial investment and considered often a better option than traditional point-of-sale systems. Moreover, these helpful devices are characterized by small footprint and power consumption, basic functions and reporting, low initial investment, compliance with tax regulations, improved efficiency of store processes and sub-processes, enhanced transaction processing function, and storage of cash, checks, receipts, and coupons efficiently and securely.

The fact that these e-registers facilitate tracking of customer transactions and speedy checkout time means that it is easy to identify the buying behavior and preferences of customers so that necessary marketing strategies can be centered around such data. Moreover, these devices are also useful in calculating sales tax, make reports, and identify sales by staff (individually and/or collectively). If you want more and improved benefits, it is best to opt for an advanced point-of-sale (POS) system that would add more value to cover the initial cost and promotes the delivery of better workflow for staff and easy management of large numbers of groups and customers. A POS system can also make complex business logic easy and possible along with back office integration and streamlining of inventory management besides providing additional functionalities to improve customer service and characterized by delivery of superior reporting and analysis features.

In short, an electronic cash register or a touch screen cash register can be the best option for you to manage your retail store in an effective and cost-efficient manner without putting a burden on your resources.

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Sharepoint Hosting Usability

Sharepoint Hosting Usability

First, let’s see what SharePoint is and how it can help you. SharePoint is basically an enterprise information portal, developed by Microsoft. It can be easily be configured to run Internet, Intranet, and Extranet sites and allows people and teams to collaborate. Whether you need to communicate and collaborate with your coworkers, your team, or your CEO, located a floor up or at the other end of the globe, you need SharePoint! This system is composed of Windows SharePoint Services (WSS) and the SharePoint portal. Individuals, small companies, and teams usually use Windows SharePoint services, while medium to large companies need the SharePoint Server.

Growing companies need more space for their files and documents and will soon loose track of them. This is why SharePoint allows you to both store and share all your files in a central site. With this new system, sending files through email is outdated. Now all team members have easy access to a single location where the files are stored. In today’s world, work is conducted in multiple locations. Whether you have employees in different parts of the county or even world, or working at home, SharePoint allows them to collaborate and communicate fast and easy. According to various surveys, the average employee spends between 20 and 30 percent of his or her time searching for information and data. SharePoint eliminates these loses by providing an easy way of searching through the hundreds of thousands of documents that were generated by the company. It is not easy to create and maintain sites and it can e very time consuming. This is why SharePoint can create sites for use on the Intranet in a matter of minutes. From discussion boards and meeting sites to departmental sites and document libraries, the system can have them ready in no time.

Microsoft SharePoint is the leader in enterprise information portals and it is growing rapidly. More and more people see the advantages of using this system. However, since creating and maintaining your own SharePoint server is very difficult and time consuming, we would recommend SharePoint hosting. You will be able to access all of the system’s features without having to worry about updates and technical issues. The SharePoint hosting company will provide all the technical support so that you can run your business without any problems. If you are looking to start your own SharePoint hosting company, you are definitely making the right choice. It is the fastest growing product from Microsoft, with over 1000 million licenses sold. Over 17,000 companies have already adopted this system and many more are considering it.

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Point of Sale Software Solution

Point of Sale Software Solution

POS Software can keep a record of the store inventory, updating it when an order is processed. It can also print out receipts, process credit card payments, track customers, etc. Point of sale software eases the flow at checkout terminals, while recording all the information that can help you make better business decisions. Point of sale software allows users to input via keyboard or mouse, and or touch screen interface. When checking out a customer you can either input the sales item yourself via keyboard or use a bar code scanner. The point of sale software will look up the item in the inventory and give you a price. It can also calculate tax on the item and correct change for the customer. POS software can print out receipts and reports. Point of sale software can be linked to your accounting system It is lot easier creating reports on inventory, sales, customers, etc. It can easily tell you the sales., revenue and profits of the day. Point of sale software can also help with credit card processing, as they are the preferred method of payment. When you enter any sales through point of sale software, it will process the sales and customer can pay via various methods i.e. cash, cheque, debit card or credit card it can check that the card has not expired and is valid. You will need a merchant account for this from your bank. EFTPOS machines could be directly interfaced to your POS software or have standalone unit. Keeping EFTPOS machine, as standalone is better as sometimes computer system is down and you could still process the sales. While selecting point of sale software, you must ensure that all the features required by your business are present in the software. Generally software comes as shrink-wrap package and could not be modified, though customization is configuring the software could be possible thru setup screens. Some software are sold as bundle package and some charges as per each module. Some of the modules could be lay by, customer loyalty, customer discount matrix, foreign currency, Product Kitting, Serial number tracking etc. POS software is generally easy to install and easy to use. You will need to know how to update inventory and record a price change for an item. Point of sale software usually provides an easy to use interface to do this. There is a wide variety of point of sale software available. You can choose one that fits your budget and meets the needs of your particular business. The software will have compatibility requirements with the point of sale hardware. You could connect all pos peripherals using Point of sale software. Pos software could be on standalone computer or networked within one building or can work on multi location environment. It is always best to put your requirement on paper and contact a pos vendor and ask for a demonstration before you take a decision. POS software support is the major point you should consider if software vendor’s name is bad in the market then probably it is not good to choose this package even if it is a very good package.

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POS System Software for Restaurant makes Credit Card Processing Easy

POS System Software for Restaurant makes Credit Card Processing Easy

Nobody wants to carry cash these days. Debit cards and credit cards are so easy to carry and so much safer, if you happen to lose them. People visit restaurants to relax, to enjoy. It is a business of offering leisure to people. Hence, a good software at the point of sale or at the point where customers make their payments can be crucial for a restaurant.

POS system software for restaurant, such as one available on posequipment.net, includes much more than merely a POS credit card processing system. It can assist you in building a full menu and is equipped with a full bar menu, enables you to accept all payment types including credit cards, checks, cash and even maintaining House Accounts.

You can opt for touch or non-touch POS system software for restaurants that can be used by hostess to make reservations and put up a waiting list. Table and chair layouts on each floor of your restaurant can also be visualized through POS software for restaurant.

While a lite version of POS system restaurant software is suitable for coffee shops and small restaurants which usually have only one to two computers, a professional version of restaurant software is fit for expansive restaurants.

A POS system at a restaurant can help you generate extensive management reports and can easily be geared up for receiving food orders on Internet. Cloud POS software for restaurant allows true freedom to restaurateurs in connecting all their restaurants on the Enterprise Cloud and monitoring them from wherever and whenever they like.

Leading hospitality technology solutions provider, like Posequipment.net, offer easy-to-use and reliable POS credit card processing system separately too, that can be installed in bars, restaurants, night clubs, drive-away, and other quick service restaurants to make it easier for your business to accept payments from different types of customers.

A good POS system provider is one that can understand the needs of your restaurant management and offer you customized solutions. You can always bargain for value-added services like free software training, technical support and even ask for warranty.

While choosing good POS system software for restaurant, make sure that it has features like table reservation and management, kitchen display system, payroll programs, system to receive food orders and manage inventory, tracking food delivery, displaying menu and the capacity to integrate gift vouchers, loyalty programs and promotion schemes.

Experts can help you with minute like split check processing, tracking server tips, built-in interfaces for printer-controlled cash draws, bar code readers and weight scales. For a free consultation on POS systems, call (479) 553-7432.

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Advantages of POS for Retail

Advantages of POS for Retail

Since starting a business or making your business run smoothly and efficiently then you need a proper software that will make your work to reduce by a large amount. In this article we will see the advantages of retail pos software over the cash register. These advantages are : getting instant feedback on sales, gives proper security and easy implementation of sales incentives. After reading these advantages your idea about pos will cleared by a huge amount.

Getting instant feedback on sales

With modern retail pos software you can have instant access to all your sales and expense data from your store during your working hours. From this you can get to know which item from your store is in fashion and which has been ruled out. Through this you can manage your business number one. Since the system does its job at the right time the just by looking at the sales you can catch the item that is in trend and after all your sales are over and you check your cash register because by that time trend would have gone out. This system will help you to calculate the profit or loss margin at any time and at any place, not like cash register which only at the store.

Gives proper security

When you have any doubt on any customer or your employee then this software will help you to get out of this trouble. The modern retail pos has been geared towards preventing shrinkage. Suppose you have a person who you suspect of stealing money from the cash register then with this solid pos retail system it will be easy to correlate that person’s work schedule with minute to minute sales information. There is some pos system which also has camera with it which will help your business to get a proper and safer security.

Easy implementation of sales incentives

Sales incentives are easily implemented with a modern retail pos solution. Both setting up the coupon campaign and redeeming customer coupon are really easy, which will help to boost sales. Likewise, as for the employee performance, their sales number easily tracks through a pos system, and a commission structure and payouts can be published daily. This information will help to increase sales through clear and timely incentives.

Since this era is about competition and such kind of software makes your company to lead and also help the country grow. It helps you to save your time, money and energy.

This advantage of POS For Retail make it just not only better than usual cash register but to be best among all other software that give you just a fraction of feature that this system have. These advantages make it superior. It helps you to lead your business to a successful path.


EPOS (Electronic Point of Sale) System for Effective Management of your Store

EPOS (Electronic Point of Sale) System for Effective Management of your Store

EPOS System is used now days in many places like Glossary Store, Mall, Super Market, Medical Store, Mini Stores and Hospital and Retail Chain. It provides a best service to its customers and Store Keeper also. Customers get benefits because when they come out from the store and going for bill at that time they have lots many things together. So at that time if the person who generate a bill input the data and price manually than it requires lots many time to do and lots many customers are in a queue and waits for hours to come out from the store. Same benefits also get by the Shop Keeper like he has lots many items come for billing purpose and they have to generate bill fast and reduce the customer time those who stand in a queue.

With the help of EPOS system you can take better better decision with confidence and fast because EPOS system provides a better data capture facilities and you can see your day to day sales, which products sales are most and which are not in sales and availability of the products in the mall.

EPOS is a system that can be attached with the display and even we can plug in additional attached primary and secondary devices to the EPOS like bar code like scanner and printer can be used

Depending upon the requirement. System has workload facility and it provides high degree of satisfaction to its customers too.

EPOS system attached along with hardware and provides a plenty of services to customers. EPOS can apply to many fields.  A software user in the EPOS System is different kind of requirements for different kind of applications and businesses.

With the help of EPOS system no need to read or write any transactions manually because with the help of EPOS system it automatically records business transactions. It will reduce the time and money.

Benefits of EPOS system:

It will increase the speed of transactions with the help of touch screen EPOS which is faster and easy to operate.

It is easy to operate and easy to use it can be used by the any nontechnical person by giving little training.

Fast retrieval rates can help to easy analysis and better decision.

Fast, Effective and well organized transaction and less possibility of error.

In short EPOS is the system which used to make daily business transactions and provides level of flexibility for customer and businessman.


Inventory Management is Easy Now

Inventory Management is Easy Now

Online Inventory management software gives real time access to inventory availability. This is amazing modern technology. It is a powerful tool for business. It allows you to manage your inventory in an organized manner. One can easily view the items of the warehouse on every location in a click. All the inventory transactions can be managed well on single platform. It allows you to manage multiple warehouses from anywhere because it is web based application. You can also identify the expired items of the warehouse. You will be able to know which stock is coming and which is going. It keeps you updated and organized and increase your customers.

Why to use Inventory Management Software? -Track product details -Access from anywhere -Reduces data entry and increases productivity -Shortened the delivery time -Saves time and keeps record of stocks -Improves decision making -Quickly generates sales orders

Makes Inventory Process Easy

It helps you to make your process easy. You can access your important list of customers, inventory and products. In a click you can generate sales orders. Business owners can face many challenges when they are managing their work on spreadsheets or papers. It makes your work easier. It cuts down the expense of the company and gives more profits. You can keep track of inventory you have. It helps you to be more productive in the industry.

Avoid over production and shortages

You will not face troubles like over stock or shortage of products. It helps you to maintain the stock of inventory on one place. With the help of this software you can meet the demands of the customers. It makes your company work faster. It saves your time and money and you can provide better services to the customers by giving them products on time. You can have complete control over the supply. Easy monitoring of inventory levels. It improves the reputation of the industry. Time has changed now you don’t need to manage inventory levels on spreadsheets. It gives visibility to stocks in the warehouse.

Manage your supply chain effectively

One can manage and monitor the supply chain more effectively with the help of Inventory Management software. It also reduces the installation costs. One can analyze the business performance. It also improves the decision making process. You can easily generate goods receipt and purchase orders. Monitor transaction history.

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