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What Are The Advantages That Sharepoint Consulting Services Offer

What Are The Advantages That Sharepoint Consulting Services Offer

Many sharepoint consulting services are entering these days because of the growing demand for business development processes. Sharepoint is an amazing Microsoft product that allows storing and managing all business files and documents at one location. Sharepoint development services motivate employees to work together and share and access information in a flawless manner within the organization. Custom sharepoint development is what most business owners looking for. This is because of the fact that each company will have its own theories and own way of working, so a general attitude cannot be used for all organizations. Customization is necessary and sharepoint maintenance service providers are offering great assistance to this.

Some of the popular advantages that sharepoint developers provide as follows; -Customized development options in order to empower the business to share and access files from a central location. -A library is created for employees to store and manage files and documents, and get accessed from any computer or network within the organization. -Organization is provided with revision control and access control functionalities that help to get complete control on the document library. -You can get connected to employee or team of employees via internet, Intranet or extranet, irrespective of where they are located. -All business process can be managed in much better manner. -Employers are able to direct and monitor the performances of his employees on any task. -Each and every employee of related project are allowed for participating in the decision making process of the organization. -Locating a particular document from the piles of folders will be a hassle-free job. -Clients are also enabling to develop and manage websites. With usable templates, people can bring forth websites without spending much time and efforts. -No matter what is your requirement, sharepoint can provide you with document libraries, document sites, meeting sites, discussion boards, survey sites, etc.

All these features and attributes increase the demand for sharepoint maintenance services worldwide. More and more companies these days go for sharepoint development services for better business results. But, selecting the best service provider is something like a daunting process. You will have many names to choose from, which is considerably a tough job. It is not possible to research on each and every service provider and sort out the most dependable company. You can make use of online directories and other sources for getting quality information on many service providers. Going through these sources can get you a true idea about various companies and so, you will be able to pick up the most authentic sharepoint consulting service provider from the piles.

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Improve Customer Satisfaction and Employee Performance through EPOS Systems

Improve Customer Satisfaction and Employee Performance through EPOS Systems

In today’s era of economic crisis and cut-throat competition it has become indispensable for companies to reduce their fixed costs for business management and increase profitability of businesses. Maintaining a balance between profit margins and overall costs of business are crucial to survive for any business in the long run. EPOS systems have evolved in the last few years as one of the most effective mediums for reducing costs and increasing sales of business. EPOS systems are now available in markets which are customized according to the various requirements of different business segments.

Two of the most significant factors which affect the overall performance of any business are customer satisfaction and employee performance. EPOS systems help businesses in several ways to improve customer satisfaction, monitor employee activity and boost sales of business. The modern EPOS technology is an effective tool for maintaining and monitoring several business activities at the same time which have a direct impact on overall performance and success of any business.

EPOS systems help offer better services to customers in a number of ways. Sold products can be entered into the Till machine rapidly providing customers ease to not to stand in queue for long times waiting for their turn at point of sales. Sales receipts can be issued to customers so that they can have a record of what they have purchased from your retail store. EPOS solutions are best to be used in places where customers prefer to perform transactions through mediums other than cash. These systems offer flexibility to customers to make payments in whatever mode they want. This also puts a positive impact on sales of business as customers would shop from a store which may provide them access to more than one ways of payment. One more great advantage of using EPOS solutions is that these are the best resources to gain customer loyalty for business. Information of customers can be recorded and traced through such systems which can be used to issue loyalty cards and various discount offers for loyal customers. In this way EPOS technology can be used for marketing campaign of products and services for a business.

Electronic point of sales systems have revolutionized the way business used to be managed. These systems have not only boosted the business performance and efficiency but these are really effective for boosting employee efficiency as well. This latest technology makes the work of employees extremely convenient. Employee activities can be traced and different business sections can be integrated. Owners do not need to keep an eye on activity of each and every employee as they can easily analyse the overall performance of all staff members through EPOS systems. Employees will have a sense of responsibility that their activities are being monitored and at the end of the day they need to balance cash registers. EPOS systems make employees of an organization responsible for their tasks and actions. Reports generated through electronic point of sales systems can be utilized for measuring performance of a specific business division and employee over a certain period of time.

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Retail POS Software Computerized Business Management

Retail POS Software Computerized Business Management

Retail POS software is providing businesses with smooth daily operations. The cutting-edge technology provides software management that streamlines business operations and minimizes waste. Learn more about this exciting software product and how it can benefit your retail establishment.

Retail establishments are utilizing a cutting-edge computer software product. The retail POS software is a computerized management tool that provides smooth efficiency, while removing waste and unnecessary costs. This program is a magnet for removing unwanted costs. It organizes employee hours, reduces managerial expenses, and implements marketing strategies that increase sales. POS is a uniquely designed tool that is catching the attention of the retail business world. This unique package has been designed by an expert in both management and computers. The combination is a revolutionary product that is transforming retail establishments such as: spas, beauty salons, stores, dry cleaners, and more. Find out more about this amazing product and how can benefit your establishment.

POS provides outstanding managerial services, which are customized for each unique individual business. Services include: menu programming, inventory import, computerized customer appreciation, product inventory, gift cards, employee hours, payroll, and more. This one package provides clear functioning communication throughout the establishment and can connect more than one store. 5+ cash registers can be viewed from one source, alleviating theft and error. Common glitches and errors in communication during business transactions are removed through this technology. This is an amazing managerial tool that is saving huge amounts on managerial expenses as well as reduced waste. There is often so much wasted profit found right inside establishment. This waste is eliminated by alleviating wasteful practices and computerizing daily procedures. Employee hours can be computerized to ensure that shifts are always adequately covered. This reduces customer dissatisfaction by ensuring that there is always adequate employee coverage. It also reduces waste found in excess employee hours. Computerize your business and comfortingly alleviate dangerous waste that hides lurking in the shadows. This one system is designed to perform 24 hour computerized management. Use this product remove waste, increase profit, create community awareness, and strengthen your overall is this operations.

Retail POS is easily adapted to meet the needs of each business. Installation is available in two options. The first option: POS retail software is installed on pre-existing equipment by a professional. This offers substantial savings for the retail business. The insulation is done quickly, in a timely manner. The second option: brand-new state-of-the-art equipment arrives with preinstalled software. The brand-new equipment is simply plugged in and ready to go. This option gives the business establishment high-quality computerized equipment along with the state-of-the-art retail POS system. The software is easily adaptable to meet the demands of one store or a multistate chain. Create a smooth operating system for your establishment. Cut common waste factors including excess employee hours, excess ordering of supplies, unsatisfactory customer service, delayed credit card transactions, and more. The customer appreciation option is a marketing strategy that works. It is seven times easier to keep a customer than it is to obtain a new customer. This concept is reinforced through automated coupons printed on the back of receipts, automated e-mails announcing specials, birthday incentives, and more. Customers quickly respond to appreciation incentives and make your establishment their common practice.

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Sharepoint Why Is It Popular

Sharepoint Why Is It Popular

SharePoint is getting popular among companies and its development process is growing at lightning speed. SharePoint a blessing to big companies as it offers itself as an amazing tool to store and mange all its files, folders and documents. Moreover, the best part is, all the employees work together and information flow is just flawless in an organization. Custom SharePoint development is the thing everybody is looking these days. Every company has their own ideologies and their own way of working, thus a universal attitude cannot be maintained throughout all of them. Customization is a must and SharePoint developers are providing great aids to this.

There is an array of advantages that SharePoint application development has provided you. Let’s go through some of them:

* Custom SharePoint development empowers you to share files from a central place.
* You can create store and manage files and documents in a library which can be accessed from any computer peripheral of the organization.
* Access control and revision control are two awesome features which help you to get a control on the document library.
* Through Intranet, Internet or Extranet you can connect to individual or team of an organization regardless the fact that where they are.
* Business process can be handled in much better way.
* Planning and monitoring performance of your employees is an easy task.
* Every employee can participate in decision making tasks of the organization.
* Finding out your own required document from the piles of folders in the system is also not a very tiring job here, rather its quite hassle free.
* SharePoint application development also enables you to create and manage websites. Usable templates minimize the time and efforts of someone who wants to come up with a website.
* Document libraries, meeting sites, document sites, survey sites, discussion boards whatever your requirement may be, SharePoint can provide you with all that.

Custom SharePoint development in India is becoming really popular. Where many Indian companies are using SharePoint for getting better results, on the contrary, other organizations which offer SharePoint development is offering their services, not only to local but to foreign clients as well.


Will You Please Answer The Cash Register

Will You Please Answer The Cash Register

The idea behind all of this marketing is to get the phone to ring – a customer calling to ask for your services. Few shop owners spend the time needed to develop the proper system for answering the phone. Fewer still measure the effectiveness of the employees who are answering the phone and have tools in place to gauge how many incoming calls result in the customer coming into your shop.

There have been many variations on this theme, but let’s look at this problem from another point of view and keep it as simple as possible. I want to share a great story from one of our senior coaches, George Zeeks, and his dad. After all, when the phone rings, you should be hearing the cash register ringing even louder.

The success or failure of most tasks that take place in the average shop can be broken down to the effectiveness of three basic areas: motivation, measurability and accountability. Motivation needs to be looked at from both the employee’s motivation to answer the phone and the customer’s motivation to come to your shop after the phone call is done.

As a public school boy, I soon learned to rely on experience to be my guide. At times, however, I would listen to my dad and save myself some pain. We did a fair amount of fishing together, and the lessons I learned became invaluable. One of the first lessons was to think like a fish. What is the motivation of the fish? (My dad would never have said anything like that. His motivation usually involved some sort of pain: either a gentle slap in the back of the head or self- inflicted due to some oversight on my part that he allowed.) The fish just wants what he wants – the worm.

We all know why the owner wants the person on the phone to come to his or her shop, but why do the employee? It might be financial reward, the sense of accomplishment or just a little bit of praise for having a good day. Each individual is different, and it is important that we are intimately aware of how our staff perceives their roles in the workplace and what motivates them to do it. Otherwise, you might find that you are fishing with the wrong bait. Find the right bait, and you will be successful.

The customer is a different story. Many times, if they are calling the shop and never have been there before, their motivation could be that they have already been to another shop and did not make the purchase (this could be due to a lack of trust, the amount of the purchase or maybe they just didn’t like the staff) or perhaps they do not have a shop to call “home”. The resulting calls are, at the least, an inconvenience, and for a good many people it can be almost painful to sit down and make all those calls and talk to all of those people.

What do we do about it? What does the fish want? He wants a nice juicy worm in his belly. It makes him feel good. What does the prospective customer want? What will make him feel good? How about not having to make all those calls? They want someone to listen to them. They need to feel like a person, and they need to interact with another person on the other end of the phone who cares.

The next time you talk to someone on the phone and they want a phone quote, find out their name and use it at least three times in the conversation. Ask open-ended questions. After all, the person most people like to talk about mainly is himself. Ask them what problems they are having, and pay attention. Repeat it back to them so they know you are listening, and then tell them that you understand their needs and invite them in so you can work together to solve the problem.In my mind, it is easier to think of it as “speed dating”. You have three minutes to make the date before the gong sounds, and you have about three minutes to build enough of a relationship to get the customer to not want to pick up the phone again. In the end, you’re doing both of you a favor, because they really don’t like making the phone calls. Practice this, use it every call and have your co-workers listen to you and provide feedback. You’ll be amazed at how much more successful you are on the phone.

While I was learning how to catch fish, I also was learning how they would try to get away. One memorable time, I had caught my first fish just as the sun was rising. What a great way to start the day. Feeling very proud of myself, and too busy showing my dad the prize to pay attention to what was going on, something quickly went bad. I’m not quite sure how it happened, but the hook was not in the bass’ mouth, it was deep in my finger, nowhere to be found. I ended up with quite a different prize than I had hoped. My dear dad’s response was to cut the line, leave the hook in my finger and duct tape it flat to my finger so we could continue fishing. This was a perfect example of self-inflicted pain I will always remember. When you are bringing in goods, pay attention until the job is done.

Measuring success is always a touchy subject. Many of my clients are reluctant to measure and compare their employees’ work performance. They don’t want to set up an atmosphere of competition. Again, you must know your staff. Competition by itself can be good or bad. It is what you do with it, how you shape it and guide it that makes all the difference. The measurement of performance allows you to reward those who strive for excellence. The people who make winning a part of their lives tend to win not just for themselves, but also for everyone involved. Remember, the customer has to feel that winning sensation, too. If not, they will not come in, they will not make a purchase or, worst of all, they make the purchase, never return and you will never know why.

A very simple way to measure success on the phone is with a phone log. I have found it very easy to use, and it produces results. If a customer calls and we are able to make an appointment, the staff member involved puts his or her name next to the appointment. It soon becomes clear who is making appointments and who is not. Then we find out what the successful advisors are doing right and we reproduce it in the rest of the staff.

However, if we do not make an appointment, we should have the customer’s name, type of car and what was wrong. We record this information, time and date for future reference, and when the customer does come in, we can initial another successful phone conversation.

It is important to know how many times the phone rings with a possible customer on the phone and how many times that results in the customer coming in. Each employee will develop a percentage of calls vs. people coming in, which allows us to determine who is doing what, what is effective and what is not. The basics, outlined above, will work.

To be accountable for something is to take some form of ownership. Whether it is good or bad, we must be accountable for our actions and our time. I would much rather use praise with an employee to let them know that I appreciate their hard work than to resort to criticism for a job done poorly. The key between the two concepts is the measurement strategy for gauging employee success you are using and consistently monitoring the situation on a regular basis in a way that communicates what is expected.

Too often, accountability is done far too late. The damage has been done, and we are left only with negative consequences. If we are proactive, we should constantly give our staff guidelines and feedback on the areas we find to be most important. We can use the guidelines of measurement and accountability to solve problems while they are small and, most importantly, train the staff as soon as it becomes apparent that training is needed.

Chris “Chubby” Frederick is CEO and president of the Automotive Training Institute. Contact Chubby at [email protected]. You can hear Automotive Training Institute reviews from many of our happy customers as they tell you how we’ve helped them on the road to success.


Restaurant Pos Systems For Exceptional Marketing And Management

Restaurant Pos Systems For Exceptional Marketing And Management

Restaurant POS systems provide substantial managerial assistance to restaurants of all sizes and styles ranging from small cafés to multi-store chains. There are many features provided in this amazing managerial system including payroll, employee hour management, quick credit card transactions, inventory, gift cards, and more. Find out how this amazing system could positively impact your food service establishment.

Restaurant POS systems provide substantial managerial assistance and marketing strategies for a effective and efficient food-service success. This system is designed by a restaurant and software experts. This provides exceptional possibilities for restaurant establishment management. This incredible software tool is revolutionizing food service establishments of all sizes including pizzerias, full-service restaurants, multi-store chains, delivery only, and more. POS systems provide management tools that remove human error.

Typically management is required to provide proper employee oversight, excellent service, excellent products, the ordering of supplies and ingredients, and a myriad of other amazingly time-consuming responsibilities that are a part of the food-service industry. Requiring a manager to handle this amazingly large task leaves room for human error and in some areas management simply cannot handle all of the responsibilities. This is where the computer technology available through the revolutionary restaurant POS systems steps in and takes over reducing waste and streamlining business. Having your business run from A to Z utilizing this efficient software system will move you into new levels of exceptional marketing and management. Your business can begin to see a new level of profit and community awareness by implementing the tools provided in this system.

Managing and running a food service establishment involves multiple details and there are many areas that can lead to product waste, employee dissatisfaction, excess employee wages, customer dissatisfaction, inconsistency in food, lack of advertisement, etc. The answer to all of these problems and more is the restaurant POS systems. The unique software is complete in every way to answer these problems and more.

It is a solution for proper restaurant management and provides hands off calculations that remove the possibility of human error and stop waste. One common area of waste in restaurant management falls into the area of customer appreciation. The point-of-sale system provides a successful marketing strategy through customer appreciation incentives. This type of marketing strategy encourages customers to favor for your establishment. Instantly printed coupons on the back of receipts, automated e-mails announcing specials, gift cards, birthday incentives and other customer appreciation incentives are provided instantly through the point-of-sale system. These types of marketing techniques are cost-effective and highly effective in building a strong customer base.

Every aspect of the restaurant management is overseen and organized and streamlined through the use of the restaurant POS systems. This unique system is a excellent investment in the future of your food service establishment. You can expect to see your business profit margin grow through the use of this incredible system. This one system provides a credible marketing strategy and a smooth running management system that eliminates the waste of product and profit. Also provided with the package is a employee training booklet. This booklet provides training that stops problems before they occur. Learn more about how this state-of-the-art, cutting-edge technology can benefit your restaurant. The point-of-sale system is revolutionizing the way restaurants are managed and marketed. Move your establishment forward into a new level of success and profit by utilizing this cutting-edge system.

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Inventory Management Software For Small Business

Inventory Management Software For Small Business

Inventory management software is very important in every business. It is a simple concept, though not everyone understands it. Some people think it is very complex and avoid it or do it shoddily. That is why inventory management system has been created. It is an easy to run application that anyone can use business shops to manage inventories.

Before discussing at the software, it is important that you first understand what inventory management is. Well, an inventory is simply a list of goods that comprises the stock of a business. Therefore, the whole issue involves handling the list of things that are stocked in your business store. This enables you to keep track of the goods, hence maintaining a balance between the supply and demand.

It is important that you do not have too much of one product or too little of another. Therefore, you have to ensure that a stock count is carried out regularly. There are two ways through which this can be done. It can be done manually, by hand. The other way is through the use of software specifically designed for that purpose.

The manual method was used in the past. However now, with the advancement in technology, people are turning to using the software. It is an easier way to get the job done. All you need is a computer and expertise and you are good to go.

There are several benefits of using this software. They include cost effectiveness. Most businesses usually have personnel who manage the list manually for each department. The employees have to be paid a salary which is a huge expense to the business.

The program, on the other hand, is able to handle all inventories in the company. Furthermore, it only needs one employee to use it. This helps save money that would have been used to pay the employees who are needed in the manual system.

It also has a central database where all data and information is stored. Here, the data can be easily accessed and edited by authorized personnel. The managers also can easily find all the information they need about the inventory, such as list numbers, ordered goods, locations and the shipped goods. So, one does not have to go through a great hassle to get the information they need.

There are different types of this program. It is important that you ensure you get the one that is designed for your business shops. In most cases they are tailor made for a specific business. This ensures that it handles every little detail in the business. In such cases, you have to contact companies that make such systems and have them make you a system for your business.

Operating the program is not very difficult. However, personnel have to be trained on how to do so when the system is introduced. The training does not take a lot of time or money and in a short while the system will be up and running. Therefore, get retail inventory management software for your company and increase its productivity and performance.

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What Kind of Cash Registers do I Need

What Kind of Cash Registers do I Need

The right kind of cash register largely depends on the business sector it is to be used for. The individual’s budget and the specific capabilities and features required should be the determinants of the cash register that you are willing to purchase.

Physical Requirements

Every merchant needs to have a specific cash register in accordance to the physical requirements of their business organizations.

A digital touch screen monitor, which replaces the keypad, can be a better feature as incorporated in automated cash registers. The digital monitors can actually put up the users experience a notch further, thus making their experience way better.

While they can feature any type of business, these registers are most commonly found in catering and hospitality industries. They can actually be programmed to display images as well as brief description of products.

In fact some fast food establishments as well as restaurants can actually put up a few images or brief description of products, thus making life of the client way too easier. The speed and accuracy of order taking can be significantly increased as a result.

Credit card readers/ terminals as well as digital signature capture devices can all be put back with a few additional peripheral systems.

The basic things that one needs to know about these machines, however, are that they are meant for businesses that are willing to make payments in cards and not cash.

Advanced Capability Requirements

Capable of far more than totaling up cash transactions, modern cash registers can be of various other benefits. There are a few requirements to be kept in mind before hiring a cash register. For example you can track employee coding. Employee coding is the feature by which one can actually link a specific employee to a transaction. The sales history of every employee can thus be tracked by this method. This might be an important feature in stores with large numbers of employees, who actually need to keep a track. Whereas, a one employee organization will actually be wasting resources getting such a cash register for their firm.


The merchant’s choice of a cash register will of course be influenced by its price. The basic rule for every product fits in equally well with cash registers to. The more systems and capabilities the cash register is meant to have the better will be its performance.

With products that range over a variety of prices, cash registers can be found in any price and to suit any business needs.

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POS Cash Register Management And Marketing Opportunities

POS Cash Register Management And Marketing Opportunities

The POS cash register provides management and marketing opportunities for retail and restaurant establishments. This unique software is providing organization and managerial communication that runs from register to register and from store to store. This amazing product is eliminating waste while it increases profit margins. It is providing managerial and marketing strategies in one computerized system. Learn more about how it can benefit you.

There are unique needs associated with both food service and retail. These unique needs can be met through the POS cash register system. This unique system provides both managerial and marketing strategies through computerized functions. It removes the human error through computerization. Most establishments have large amounts of hidden waste due to human error and inconsistency. Perhaps your establishment has been showing some signs of leaking: leaking profit, leaking customers, leaking employees, and leaking success. You can stop up these leaks permanently through this computerized product. Your profit margins can increase, your customers can return again and again with friends and family, your employees can remain committed and steadfast for years, your success rate can go through the roof. Move your establishment into a new level of productivity through organized store management, customer incentives, employee training, and customized options hand selected by you. The restaurant POS software addresses the unique needs associated with food service. Organizing manpower, generating computerized shift organization, product ordering, product oversight, quick credit card transactions, inventory oversight, customer incentives, and more, can be handled automatically 24/7 through the POS cash register.

This amazing product is servicing establishments of all sizes including small cafes, sub shops, pizzerias, sit-down, delivery only, multi-store chains, and more. It is easy to incorporate into a facility and two options are available. The first option is having the product installed on the existing equipment. This option is most affordable and allows for easy integration into your present business functions. The second option is to order the product preinstalled on brand-new state-of-the-art equipment. This equipment is ready to be plugged in and utilized it provides printed gift cards, and automated coupons printed on the back of receipts, and many other selections. There are many features that are available for both of these options. Contact a representative today to learn more about which option is best for your facility. It is important to begin this unique process as quickly as possible to increase your business’s profit and move into a new margin of success. Beginning at one level is possible before you move your establishment into the next level. You can start with this product installed on your current equipment and then move into the next level of having it arrive on state-of-the-art, brand-new equipment. Consistent customer care is available 24-7! DVD training is also included.

The marketing strategy that is included with this product is the automated customer incentives. The customer incentives are automatically printed on the back of receipts, automatically e-mailed, etc. Select the customized choices for benefiting your facility. A customer incentives focus is included in the employees handbook. This handbook allows employees to experience a well organized and peaceful work environment. This training allows them to handle situations correctly before they occur. Your employees can begin enjoying their peaceful work environment through this excellent training. The computerized management offered through the restaurant POS software is revolutionizing the way businesses are run. Benefit from this product today by contacting a sales representative.

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Top 5 Free Payroll Software

Top 5 Free Payroll Software

Most business owners can keep track of their employee time and pay by using free payroll software. Cutting out additional expenses and providing customizable data fields, this excellent tool even offers support to troubleshoot product use.

The Top 5 Free Payroll Softwares are listed below:

#1: NolaPro v4.0.

This free accounting and business management suite is web-based and provides a full service which includes inventory tracking and order entry. NolaPro also includes plugins for business-to-business web portals, point of sale and an ecommerce shopping cart. Menu displays, colors and icon sets are customizable, and the interface is flexible based upon your business needs. Different companies can have several sets of books and data is not restricted. Security is at a high level of safety in order to provide permissions to users who may access the software. There are no banner ads, no restrictions to the license and no advertisements, this software is fully functional for its free use.

#2: Journyx Timesheet.

By focusing on the decision-making process, Journyx offers an interface that allows individuals to enter expense and project time information from any location that accesses the Web. Information from Journyx transfers over to existing HR systems. Journyx tracks employee time for projects, rates and expenses and makes the process of collecting this information easy and seamless.

#3: TimeTrex.

This web-based time management suite provides attendance and time, invoicing, as well as accounts receivable and other important functions. Employees are able to track their time by cell phone as well as bar code reader from anywhere they may be. Calculating overtime as well as other business policies and costs allows an employer to identify the costs of labor by specific employee, department, quantities produced, branch, and task type. TimeTrex even calculates taxes to be withheld, prints paychecks, provides electronic paystubs and can direct deposit an employee´s pay.

#4: actiTIME Basic.

Management and billing have never been easier for mid-size as well as small businesses. actiTIME is a web based time tracker that helps to streamline meticulous daily time management tasks. This free program tracks projects based upon customer as well as employee, access can be granted to several employees with various levels of security, tracks overtime and both non-billable and billable tasks to transfer to QuickBooks. Support is available for this product for free.

#5: Asman Accounting.

This system for bookkeeping provides a double-entry general journal for all business tracking. Financial analysis for any business is important, and this program includes line graphs, bar charts, pie charts and 3D bar charts to help compare employee productivity and trends. Show trends in monthly, daily, bi-monthly, weekly, quarterly, yearly and half-year settings as well. This program is fully customizable and provides accounting options and more.