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EPOS (Electronic Point of Sale) System for Effective Management of your Store

EPOS (Electronic Point of Sale) System for Effective Management of your Store

EPOS System is used now days in many places like Glossary Store, Mall, Super Market, Medical Store, Mini Stores and Hospital and Retail Chain. It provides a best service to its customers and Store Keeper also. Customers get benefits because when they come out from the store and going for bill at that time they have lots many things together. So at that time if the person who generate a bill input the data and price manually than it requires lots many time to do and lots many customers are in a queue and waits for hours to come out from the store. Same benefits also get by the Shop Keeper like he has lots many items come for billing purpose and they have to generate bill fast and reduce the customer time those who stand in a queue.

With the help of EPOS system you can take better better decision with confidence and fast because EPOS system provides a better data capture facilities and you can see your day to day sales, which products sales are most and which are not in sales and availability of the products in the mall.

EPOS is a system that can be attached with the display and even we can plug in additional attached primary and secondary devices to the EPOS like bar code like scanner and printer can be used

Depending upon the requirement. System has workload facility and it provides high degree of satisfaction to its customers too.

EPOS system attached along with hardware and provides a plenty of services to customers. EPOS can apply to many fields.  A software user in the EPOS System is different kind of requirements for different kind of applications and businesses.

With the help of EPOS system no need to read or write any transactions manually because with the help of EPOS system it automatically records business transactions. It will reduce the time and money.

Benefits of EPOS system:

It will increase the speed of transactions with the help of touch screen EPOS which is faster and easy to operate.

It is easy to operate and easy to use it can be used by the any nontechnical person by giving little training.

Fast retrieval rates can help to easy analysis and better decision.

Fast, Effective and well organized transaction and less possibility of error.

In short EPOS is the system which used to make daily business transactions and provides level of flexibility for customer and businessman.


What is EPOS

What is EPOS

Electronic Point of Sale (EPOS) systems are used throughout businesses to collect, calculate and store payment for products and services sold. Traditional Point of Sales equipment have been referred to as Cash Registers and/or a Till system. In their basic form cash registers are manual systems built and used to calculate sales, print receipts and basic reports and come with cash draws for storing tender.

The evolution of Electronic Point of Sales Systems. The digital era is upon us… and it’s easier to manage then you think

Electronic Point of Sales systems have become increasingly widespread over the last 40 years, and it is the Touch Screen Terminal that lies at the very heart of the Electronic Point of Sales hierarchy in modern business point of sales culture. Touch Screen Terminals such as the Toshiba STA-20 or Samsung 4700 are computerised systems that utilise a Microsoft Windows platform to run Front of House software, and it is this software that provides the basic tools needed to operate quick sales transactions, Product Look Up (PLU), table & clerk security management and basic reports. Stand-alone and multiple terminal units can be linked to a variety of Electronic Point of Sales Peripherals including thermal and kitchen printers, bar code scanners to increase Product Look Up (PLU) recognition, mag stripe readers for security & loyalty cards and receipt & report distribution.

Furthermore, multifunctional Electronic Point of Sales applications, such as Back Office, Loyalty, and Cloud based software, can be linked to EPOS Touch Screens through a number of networks, to increase and add additional management, reporting and profit increasing features. Subsequently, the intention and aim of an Electronic Point of Sales system is to support a business owner and multiple levels of staff to exert full management and control over a business. In effect, Electronic Point of Sales systems work using exceptional organisational, cost effective and profit-increasing methods to ensure full professionalism and a high quality quick service is provided to consumers, in order to increase customer satisfaction and ease customer frustration.

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Characteristics of an EPOS Systems

Characteristics of an EPOS Systems

Nowadays, businesses are operating in age of fast developing technology. Therefore, investing in technology for the purposes particular business to be more productive is actually business effort for gaining competitive advantage on the retail market. Starting with the cash registers, continuing the simple customized point-of -sales systems, retail businesses are facing the new investment challenge nowadays, which could be recognize by investing in the retail POS software.

Therefore the advantages of using particular EPOS software will be explained additionally in the text.

It’s already well-known that buying retail POS software is actually kind of investment in the business. However, this investment will be valuable on long term and even it could cost reasonable amount of financial assets on the beginning, it will return the investment in the future.

An entrepreneur could have insight of sales over the time, and usually POS software could provide reports about every sold item in the shop. In that way, an entrepreneur will have wide picture about the current condition during the particular business process. One could observe which items are not selling and which items have increased sell. By having such reports, the enterprises could be more productive because one could make more effective decisions related with everyday business activities.

Utilizing the features built into the retail EPOS system which is subject of use, for the purpose to boost the profits.

Choosing and using of the appropriate POS software could even make additional financial assets for the businesses. With POS software, every transaction is time-stamped, therefore, one could realize when the peak selling hours are and it could manage the staff according to this realm. Also, various observations could be available because one could observe which items are sold in pairs, which are compatible etc. Additionally, loyalty program could be implemented for improving customer relationship management.

By offering to the customer fast and save transactions one could enhance the overall value that particular business could provide.

In general, the businesses that used the EPOS system could become more efficient than before implementing the POS software. This could be real due to the fact that one’s POS software could run entire business operations such as wholesales, ordering from suppliers and many more. Automated calculating of the items that are running out is one of the benefits when installing POS software. In that way, re-ordering of those items is much easier. POS software also provides useful reports about sells, and in that way enterprises could have quantitative insight in the sell over the period of time. At the end, it’s also essential that there are no more long lines at the counter because by using of POS software, check-out operations and sells transactions are much faster than before.

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EPOS System A Breakthrough IN Business Circles

EPOS System A Breakthrough IN Business Circles

It goes without saying that modern EPOS system has just changed the whole scenario of business control. Gone are the days when you are sitting with your calculator and notebook and making calculations how much I have spend today , how much I earn all the activity was performed by businessmen or his cashier. Thanks to technology which abolished all the hectic activity.

Now you can get every single detail of all day activity on touch screen ready to go and Z reading as well on your phone. Epos system generates reports of every single transaction. These Epos systems are suitable for every kind of business either you are running a retail store, a pharmacy you are in business of dry cleaning , cash and carry or whole sale. They are available for your business does not matter how bigger is r=the volume of your business.

These Epos system software are really revolutionary in the way in which business operate they are just boosting efficiency of employees. So businessmen are getting more profits. This Epos system software is streamlining the business activities.

Epos systems are merger of software and hardware technologies they are becoming more advance and accurate by every passing day. We can say In term of capabilities and functions they perform these are just excellent. They come with some exceptional qualities like you can see that when a sale has been made, who entered the transaction. Who is responsible to keep all the sales record? And if they are integrated with CCTV cameras then you can even see live what is going on inside the shop.

SO you can keep an eye on your employees it will definitely increase the productivity of your employees. So at the end of day your profits will also increase when your staffs are working is working efficiently its mean you are on right track. By observing these reports you can see who is loyal and who is honest with you.

The added advantage is that these Epos system are easy to use they require minimum key strokes. More ever these Epos System Works with all the current retail devices including bar code and credit card readers, customer display, cash drawer, bar-coded scales, a two-colour receipt printer and runs on any network.

E-Till Solutions specializes in offering customized and most affordable Pharmacy point of sale, dry cleaning software and Restaurant EPOS Systems in UK.


EposDirect launches the Very First FREE EPOS software packages

EposDirect launches the Very First FREE EPOS software packages

EposDirect launches the Very First FREE EPOS* software packages to UK Retail and Hospitality businesses.

eposdirect is the first company to launch a new concept of FREE EPOS systems packages to the UK Retail and Hospitality businesses.

With current market conditions, the Free EPoS offer represents great value to business owners allowing them to manage their business better whilst also using their cash for stock rather then tied up with devaluing pieces of technology. The Emperium Free EPoS offer is a complete packaged solution to include a New Touch Screen System, with Thermal Printer, Barcode Scanner, Cash Drawer, Customer Display and the globally popular Emperium EPoS for Retail or Emperium EPoS for Bar, Restaurants, Cafes and Nightclubs.

The launch of the Free EPoS packages has been highly popular; eposdirect has seen some of the highest number of visitors flocking to the Free EPoS offer at with a record number of orders recorded.

The Free EPoS offer is quick to rollout and deploy at the client sites, for Restaurant EPoS, Bar EPoS, eposdirect offers Free services to setup the menu allowing for the Hospitality business owners to simply plug the Free EPoS systems on arrival and commence using.

eposdirect is a leader in offering quality, reliable and affordable EPoS systems to Retail and Hospitality businesses in the UK. Epos Direct is an energetic and vibrant organization that constantly thrives at adding value to the UK small and medium business and to help them grow using the best of breed technologies. Through using the Emperium EPoS technologies customers have come back to us stating that they have realized profit and improved their business operations. Now with the Free EPoS offer all business can take advantage of the true benefits of the Emperium EPoS for Retail and Hospitality businesses.

Epos Direct offers the complete range of epos software and Emperium EPoS solutions, customers can view the Emperium EPoS for Retail before buying by simply visiting the website of the author Here you will be taken through the demo of the key functionalities of the Emperium Retail EPoS software giving you a clear view of the quality of standards and the layout, it is a truly enterprise solution now being available to the small and medium retailer looking for Epos Solutions.

Epos Direct also offers the Emperium EpoS for Hospitality businesses, so if you are looking for Restaurant Epos, Bar Epos, Cafe Epos or a Night club Epos you are sure to find the right epos solutions through our website at epos direct by simply visiting the section dedicated to Restaurant and Bar epos. Customers can view a complete demonstration of the Emperium Hospitality Epos by simply visiting the website of the author. Here the customers can view the order screens, table layouts for restaurants, reservations and much more. The demo alone gives you enough information to make an informed decision that the product is of high standards and will help take your business forward.

Epos Direct demonstrates all products and the Free Epos packages at any of its showrooms located in London Docklands, Manchester and Wembley with further showrooms opening near to you.


Epos Has Powers To Change Your Business Positively

Epos Has Powers To Change Your Business Positively

Introduction: It is true that the productivity of employees is something which can have a great impact on the wealth of a firm or industry. Due to this reason, many businesses are now desire to have epos systems that are ideal for serving a help to monitor whole staff performance.

In this modern era, there is a continue launch of software and hardware technologies that are becoming more and more advanced in terms of functions and features. Epos is the biggest and most popular example for this that allows your employees to balance the cash register at the end of the day by monitoring the staff performance.
In this competitive world it is not compulsory that if you are working hard means your staff is also doing the same to get your business forward. To ensure their performance and check whether workers are operating every task as effectively as possible you need something. Cheap epos system is suitable for all sizes of businesses that can fill the requirements of your business which in return give you several advantages.

Epos systems UK are really providing the way in which businesses cannot only boost the sales but also assist you to make more profits in different ways. One of the key benefits that this system serves is that it keeps a track of employee activity. By boosting the production capacity of staff, undoubtedly it also improves the honesty of employees working in your company. For those who want to install epos systems in their firm, shops or at any other commercial place, you must speak to experts who are the best dealers and manufacturers of this system.

Take a look at your business, business size, clientele and various other factors to get the right epos software that meets with your needs. Make effective recommendations based on your research on the internet. Thus, there are plenty of firms that have best deals for you and supply both touch screen and keyboard operation for retail epos, cashless epos and catering epos. Learning to operate this system is absolutely easy and simple that will increase efficiency in terms of sales and profits.
If you want to enjoy the several advantages of epos you must get information on it and compare prices with each other to get the best out from it. You are not required to worry about money because there are also firms that offer this system with different discounts, packages and offers at any of their showrooms located in your area. So, just fulfill the needs of your business to earn more from it. Now, it’s not time to wait for the success, but just go to it. The very true lines that the advent of cheap epos systems is a boon to every business who want to become successful.

Conclusion: Make your financial control a lot easier and manage products in an organized manner with epos system UK. View a complete revelation of the imperial epos by simply visiting the websites. Ensure about the product that it is of high standards by going through demo.

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How EPOS Systems Make Your Business Successful

How EPOS Systems Make Your Business Successful

Electronic point of sales systems are computerized systems equipped with latest technology to facilitate both customers and merchants in increasing business performance, sales and customer satisfaction. Epos systems have come up with lots of features which make business operations efficient and easily manageable. Epos solutions provide facility to run several business processes and receive query from customers 24/7. Latest electronic point of sales systems are available with auto pilot facility which facilitate to process business operations without any requirement for human interference.

Business operations can be performed much more rapidly and without any chance for human errors. On one hand these electronic point of sales solutions help entrepreneurs increase sales of business and on the other hand this technology facilitates customers and helps to increase customer satisfaction. Data can be put quite rapidly in till machine with the help of hand held scanners which saves time and efforts for business. Sales receipt can be issued to customers and different discount schemes can be offered to increase loyalty of customers with your business. Moreover, these systems also assist in monitoring business inventory more efficiently and keeping track of product status.

One more advantage of using such epos systems is that recurring billing can be easily set up and scheduled which offers customers and business owners a convenience in making payments at scheduled dates of every month. Different sales report can also be generated with the help of these systems which can further be utilized in assessing overall business performance and identifying weak areas of business. These systems also aid in placing orders for inventory as a list of manufacturers or wholesalers can be sorted out and orders can be placed to most suitable and affordable suppliers. Now, electronic point of sales systems are available with accounting feature as such systems are now being integrated with some of the best accounting software to manage accounts of business more efficiently.

All these features mentioned are a wonderful source for saving time and money for your business in managing various business activities. This results in reduced fixed costs, increased profit margins and more profitability for businesses. Although it looks to be quite expensive and costly for businesses to invest in electronic point of sales systems especially for those businesses which are relatively smaller in scale but the invaluable benefits obtained from such systems in the long run cover all the expenses on the installation of such businesses.

However, there is one important thing which is needed to be considered before making a purchase for an electronic point of sales system that one must buy only those epos systems which are customized according to specific needs of a business. Make sure that you invest only on those devices of epos systems which are essential for your business to manage. This will help prevent wasting your investment on unnecessary electronic point of sales systems accessories. The only thing you need to bother is to take some time to find a system which is best suitable according to your budget and business requirements.

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EPOS Systems For Small Businesses

EPOS Systems For Small Businesses

It is normally considered that electronic point of sales systems can be best used for businesses with larger scope and where huge numbers of complex business operations are around which are hard to be managed for human beings. This trend is now changing as lots of small businesses are also switching towards epos systems from old styled pos systems and traditional cash register systems. Smaller businesses can also acquire great benefits from these electronic points of sales systems as epos provider companies are now offering systems especially developed for small businesses customized according to their business requirements. Such epos systems offer some great features in order to manage day to day operations of small businesses with quite ease and effectiveness.

Epos companies have recently focused on providing epos systems to their customers with small businessesaccording to their individual needs and requirements. Different businesses have different needs depending upon nature of their products and customers and one generic epos system, no matter how better that is, cannot fulfil business needs of all market segments. These relatively less expensive epos systems are tailored for various needs of small businesses with a range of peripheral accessories which offer flexibility to invest money only on those epos devices which are required for businesses saving unnecessary and useless investment in your business.

Epos software embedded in epos systems are customized according to various business niches making sure that business owners can be able to acquire most out of their investments. Epos systems bring customer satisfaction of your clients to next level. This gives an opportunity to get a competitive edge over their competitors. Epos systems can be significantly effective for reducing overall costs of managing business operations of small businesses. Stock levels, accounts, products sales and orders can be quietly conveniently tracked and updated through the use of latest technology used in these electronic point of sales systems. Epos systems can automatically generate several business reports to evaluate overall business performance and compare these reports with past which help to identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and risks for your business in a better way.

In today’s era of cut throat competition and technological advancement, electronic point of sales systems offer an opportunity to stand out of crowd among your rivals. Use of latest technology in your business helps magnify customer’s confidence and credibility of your business. Epos solutions help business owners understand needs and demands of customers in a better way. Using this information effectively offers an opportunity to target various market segments with different products and expand your business to new markets.

E-till Solutions is one of the best electronic point of sales systems provider in UK. It has been offering Pharmacy Epos, wholesale POS and dry cleaning pos for its customers for the last 11 years.