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A Simple Inventory Management System Using Excel

A Simple Inventory Management System Using Excel

Inventory management is important for any business – small or big. Because if you don’t have the goods customers are looking for, why did you start the business in the first pace and if you have too many of goods that no one wants to buy you will end up making a huge loss. So how do we ensure that we have the goods that the customer is looking for and avoid storing too much of the products. The magic word is inventory management and a few experts believe in ‘just in time’ inventory management. There are many software programs that have been created for the sole purpose of inventory management and they are either ‘over kill’ or very expensive. Small business can easily use Excel to manage their inventory and since most people use either MS-Office or Open Office in their offices, there are no additional investments required.

Let’s assume for a moment that you have a store and one of the items you sell or have been selling is red silk skirts. How many have you sold on an average in a period (day, week or month)? What is the maximum sales of this item that you can expect realistically? What is the time lag between placing the order and receipt of the goods? You also need to take into account a safety margin: the supplier doesn’t have the items in stock, the transport is on strike, there is an accident, etc.

Depending on the average sales per period and the maximum expected sales you can calculate the variance. The safety margin can be taken as twice the variance as a thumb rule. The sum of the safety margin and the time taken to deliver the goods gives us a good approximation of our re-order level. Now based on the quantity in hand and the calculated re-order we can easily calculate the re-order quantity.

You can use the Excel worksheet cells with the following headers to create an inventory management for each of your items: Item ID, Item Name, Description, Unit Price, Quantity in Stock, Reorder Level, Quantity on Reorder, Max sales per day, Average sales per day, Variance, Time to deliver goods. Based on the above discussion and using standard Excel formulas, you can calculate the variance, safety margin, reorder level and finally the reorder quantity!

With time and with a better understanding of your business including seasonal variations in sales you can tweak this simple inventory system to achieve a more comfortable handle on your inventory!


How to export white pages directories to excel in a click

How to export white pages directories to excel in a click

White pages directories are one of the major sources of sales leads that are available for free on the Internet. It enables you to quickly find people/businesses along with their contact information. It helps you build your own contact lists, prospect lists, targeted business mailing lists, cold calling lists, business email lists for various sales and marketing campaigns.

White pages directories are easy to use. You need to just enter the name of the person, location and hit the find button to get the required information. It instantly displays the name and contact information of the person you searched for. Similarly, white pages directories also help you to find businesses on the Internet.

For example, if you want to find a list of car dealers in California, just type car dealers, enter the location as CA or California and click the find button. It instantly displays the list of car dealers in California. Absolutely fantastic; but the real challenge lies in how you export these white pages addresses to excel spreadsheet or any other database.

The search results display more than 10000+ contacts that run across multiple web pages. You can manually export white pages to excel by copying the contacts and pasting it into your excel spreadsheet. But you need to copy-paste the contact details field by field which is a time-consuming and tiresome task. Imagine how much time will it take you to extract those 10000+ white pages addresses to excel. This is where a white pages directories extraction software can help you export white pages directories to excel in a click and offer you that winning edge.

The white pages directories extraction software enables you to extract thousands of white pages addresses to excel in a single click. It helps you eliminate manual data entry and enables you to quickly and effortlessly export white pages to excel spreadsheet in a few minutes.

The white pages directories extraction tool intelligently extracts name, address, phone numbers, fax numbers, email addresses of multiple contacts and exports to your excel spreadsheet. It eliminates duplicate contacts and helps you build an error-free database on your own in a few minutes.

ListGrabber is one such white pages directories extraction tool that helps you build lists of fresh leads in no time. It is absolutely easy to use. All you need to do is just launch your white pages directory, search using a keyword, select the search results page and click the Excel icon on the ListGrabber toolbar.

Your contact list, prospect list, targeted business mailing list, cold calling list, business email list, or any list that you want to build from white pages directories is ready in a single click

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