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How to Buy the Right POS Hardware that is Compatible with your POS Software

How to Buy the Right POS Hardware that is Compatible with your POS Software

When you set out to shop, you will discover that many POS companies have a recommended list of POS hardware. You must certainly look at this before you purchase anything. In case you find a good deal on a particular piece of hardware that is not on the list, call or email the company. Maybe, they have tested it and merely not updated their list. Lastly, ensure that the hardware is compatible with the operating system of your computer. For example, if you are using Windows 7, be certain that it works with that. Likewise, if you are using OS X, ensure it works on that.

If you are not able to confirm that the hardware you have chosen will work with your software, make sure that you inform this to the store manager that you will return the device if the hardware is not compatible. The last things you want is get stuck with something that does not work for you and your system.

What kind of POS hardware must you look for?

This depends mainly on your POS software. Varied POS systems allow you to use different kinds of hardware. For example, if your software allows you to print and scan barcodes, you must consider purchasing a printer and a barcode scanner.

Based on what you are selling, you may wish to purchase a receipt printer. These devices print bills onto rolled paper. Majority of POS software can work with these. Using a laser printer, you can print receipts onto an A4 paper or letter. This is the right option if you have a lot of data to be shared on your receipt.

You may also consider a pole display or mini second monitor to display data to your customers about their purchase. But, these may or may not work with your computer. You can check this with your POS software company and get the provision installed.

You may also want a credit card reader, particularly if your POS system provides integrated credit card processing. The software firm will possibly recommend or offer you a reader if this is the case.

Cash drawers and electronic cash registers are other important aspects of the POS hardware bundle that you may require.

In conclusion, while shopping for the POS hardware, keep in mind that the tools you want to buy depends on the POS software you have. Ensure that whatever you purchase will be compatible with your system and in case, unfortunately, if they don’t work, have the option of returning them for some other device or a full refund.

POS Central is one of the most experienced and established suppliers of POS software and POS hardware bundle to the Australian market. You can find a wide variety of office equipment at this store.


How QuickBooks POS Can Cheer Your Small Business

How QuickBooks POS Can Cheer Your Small Business

According to most researches, many retailers have a little or no knowledge about POS System. According to some experts, business owners include peripherals on their POS by considering their business needs. This way, an efficient POS system makes sense for your business. With little knowledge about POS system, most business owners hesitate on buying QuickBooks Point of Sale Hardware because they have a little misunderstanding due to following myths.

Myths about QuickBooks POS 1.It’s from Cash Register family: Introducing QuickBooks POS System a cash register is just like saying your Tablet PC a cell phone. Though it comes with calling function, you are not going to pay a huge amount only for it.

In the same way, QuickBooks POS automates every function of the business i.e. from inventory to staff management. In order to assure a unique buying experience to make your patrons happy, it automates a to-do-list as a whole. Even better, it rings up your sales transactions and makes right credit card processing. 2.A Costly System: In most retail POS packages, generally, a complete set of hardware and software is included. A combo software/hardware package may cost you around $2000 to $3000 only for a single store. However you could also save enough money to make it cheaper. POS package won’t be offered with a huge super computer. You can use your own PC. You can easily avoid the hassle of buying and installing a new terminal. All POS Systems of modern era accept credit cards. Now, QuickBooks POS 2013 is offered for 1 month as a free trial.

3.You Need Expert to Operate it: Since inception, Intuit is offering easy to understand, high-tech and easy to use QuickBooks POS System that is user friendly from all aspects. Though searching for it requires some sort of legwork, one-stop shopping experience from it really worth.

4.It Requires New and Extra Peripherals to Work Properly: In order to make this POS system worth your while, generally, monitor, cash drawer, receipt printer, barcode scanner, credit card processor, a computer and internet connection are enough to make it a complete set of QuickBooks POS System for your enterprise.

5.It Doesn’t Matter to Your Customers: “Why don’t you own an iPad based or modern computer system?” Though you have rarely heard this type of question from your customers, but, trust us, excellent shopping experience matters a lot for them. Your valuable customers won’t forget this experience in lifetime. But once they find a worst system, they speak aloud in the market about your business that you won’t want to happen.

visit geminicomputersinc.com to own QuickBooks Point of Sale Hardware.

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POS equipment for your business

POS equipment for your business

POS equipments are the most important tools that you require for your business. POS hardware will keep your business technically advanced and save loads of your time. All the software by the Alexandria point of sale supports the pos hardware, the combination of our software and pos hardware will allow to smooth your business. The pos hardware includes All in one Touch screen PC, hand held barcode scanner, cash drawer, POS system, magnetic card reader, pole display, thermal receipt printer, touch screen LCD monitor, wireless barcode scanner, impact receipt printer, cash drawer accessories, POS computers and many other pos hardware. To get the details of all the pos hardware please visit our website www.alexandriacomputers.com. Free 2 day shipping with tracking and 1 to 3 years of warranty on all the pos hardware ordered from us. We deliver to the 48 continental states of USA and that too FREE of any charges. For additional information on the shipping details contact us. We ship worldwide and for more information on the regions we deliver please visit our online store. All the additional details on the various pos hardware and their price can be viewed on our website. This hardware will free you from all the hectic calculations and accounting of your business. The pos hardware of our company will provide your business a cutting edge over your competitors. All the information provided on the different products are true, we do not aim on giving false information. We always value our customer’s time and no money wastage. The satisfaction of our customers is our main priority.

Alexandria point of sale is the best place where you can find many solutions to help your business. Alexandria is not only an expert in the manufacture of pos hardware but also in development of salon software and POS software. The combination of POS hardware and software will boost your business. We have been helping many small and big business since a long time and we have already won million hearts with our service. With our products you need not to have a cash drawer or any calculator to handle the account section of your business. We do not ship to P.O boxes because FedEx does not. For more details please read our return policies.

All the software by the Alexandria point of sale supports the pos hardware, the combination of our software and pos hardware will allow to smooth your business. For more informations please visit our POS software website.

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POS Software for Retail Outlets

POS Software for Retail Outlets

A well-known giant in the IT and consulting space conducted the 2014 North America Consumer Payments Survey with a sample size of 4000, in order to understand and anticipate the forthcoming changes in the mode of payment preferred by consumers when they check out of retail stores. The results of the survey are startling enough to serve as a wake-up call for the honchos of organized retail, especially for those who are sure enough that data analytics is the only area they need to invest focus on.

By 2020, it is expected that 18% of the shoppers who were part of the survey are likely to use Bitcoins and other digital currencies for paying their bills at point-of-sale or POS counters. More importantly, 40% of those who were surveyed gave an affirmative reply when asked if they had made at least one payment by using their smartphones in last seven days or so, which was a meager 16% back in 2012. All these statistics unmistakably indicate the gradually growing global trend of diminished usage of cash, credit cards and debit cards – instruments of financial exchange that dominate the POS transactions across the world.

Demographic analysis of the data collected during survey suggests that individuals born in the late 1980s or later are leading the trend. A new breed of consumers has emerged with gross annual family income surpassing $150,000 and they are not reluctant to flush retail stores with digital currencies during payment. In fact, among the shoppers belonging to the high-income group, 19% have adopted digital currencies as the chosen mode for transacting at POS counters. As a result, it is expected that by the end of this decade, cash payments will be reduced by 12%, accompanied by a slump of 6% and 3% for debit cards and credit cards respectively – demonstrating a decline in the popularity of plastic money for the first time in 50 years.

Most certainly, top executives of every big name in the organized retail sector are grappling with multiple issues. With the threat of losing competitive edge in alluring the young and tech-savvy consumer segment that is cash rich, also comes the cost-benefit ratio of investing on futuristic payment acceptance mechanisms. When the majority of consumers with modest spending power are still quite comfortable with conventional methods, decision makers are facing the dilemma of prioritizing one segment over the other.

However, as with other cases of common people adapting to new technologies, there is also a flip side that needs to be considered. According to experts, the wide scale availability of POS hardware and software that will facilitate payment by using smartphones is a big question. The hardware, being manufactured by a handful of companies, will hit the market pretty soon in a coherent manner. On the other hand, innumerable big and small software firms that codes standard as well customized POS software for retail outlets will have to start from the scratch, simply because of the hardware compatibility issues. Since this is an emerging genre of technology that is yet to be embraced by the mass, there will be disparity regarding the packaging and pricing of software. Consequently, it will not be feasible for retailers to simultaneously install and maintain both the types – the one that favors mobile payment and the other, which is commonplace. Thus, for average retailers, the conventional transaction methods will still bear the same significance.

Author’s Bio:-

Steve Jo is an authority when it comes to POS software for retail outlets. He is the chief software architect of Swadesh Software Private Limited.

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Types of Point Of Sale Printers – PoS System Australia – GunPoS

Types of Point Of Sale Printers – PoS System Australia – GunPoS

GunPoS offers you a range of Point of Sale Printers, PoS Receipt Printers and Accessories. We can provide you a premium range of receipt printers like Impact & Thermal Printers, Portable Print Solutions, Kiosk and Panel Printers & more to suit your need.

Starting a new business? Need to issue receipts? The type of business you own will dictate the type of PoS Printer you need.

Dot Matrix or Impact printers are the ideal choice where you need a second or even third copy of your receipt. An Impact printer is ideal for small Cafe’s, with Barista and Kitchen ordering and Dry Cleaners for use with special papers

Cons of owning Impact printers, they are generallyslow printing between 3.5 and 5.5 lines of text per second. Another drawback is the noise an Impact or Dot Matrix printer will produce when printing. Impact printers have more moving parts and will require replacement ink ribbons.

Thermal receipt printers are the most popular printers in use today. Thermal printers are fast, between 42 and 57 lines per second. They are quiet with few moving parts and are therefore more reliable. Thermal printers have a longer warranty period

A thermal printer is ideal for fast service retailers, larger Cafe’s, retailers where a quiet ambience is needed.

The only con to owning a Thermal printer is its initial cost but this is balanced out by its reliability and longevity of service.

GunPoS.com.au is a privately owned Australian point of sale (PoS) and information technology reseller. We specialise in PoS for retail, providing hardware, software and support services for any size deployment including nationally recognized retailer brands.

GunPoS brings to you value added services and support through their Australia wide network of Business Partners. We go beyond simple product distribution range and by offering a range of professional services that support hardware and software components of a solution.

GunPoS – Retail Point of Sale (PoS) Solutions and System is the best choice of the point of sale companies in Australia. We specialise in PoS for retail, PoS Products and providing hardware, software and support services. Our products include POS Terminals, Receipt Printers, Label Printers, Cash Drawers, Customer Displays, Programmable Keyboards, Touch Screens, Barcode Scanners, Consumables and more.

For more details: http://www.gunpos.com.au/category-s/5.htm

GunPoS – Retail Point of Sale (PoS) Solutions and System is the best choice of the point of sale companies in Australia. We specialise in PoS for retail, PoS Products and providing hardware, software and support services. Our products include POS Terminals, Receipt Printers, Label Printers, Cash Drawers, Customer Displays, Programmable Keyboards, Touch Screens, Barcode Scanners, Consumables and more.


Electronic point of sale processing systems, hardware and software used for processing

Electronic point of sale processing systems, hardware and software used for processing

Retail epos systems are commonly used within departmental stores, warehouses, restaurants, multiplexes and shopping malls. These systems are installed with the help of qualified and able developers who excel in installing system software and hardware to offer solutions to the user. The facilities are offered to the user at a cost and the costs vary according to the client and according to the needs of the hour.

Retail epos systems and Epos systems entail various key characteristics and features, some of these features are mentioned in the following lines;

Hardware resources used in an epos system are usually state of the art and very powerful, this is so because the system requires speed and efficiency to work for the greatest common advantage of the commercial entity and the client. Latest technologies are used to install the system and some of the hardware resources used to install the system and the package at the point of sale terminal are mentioned below;

1. The scanners are the key to it all. Usually both hand held scanning devices and stationery more powerful scanning devices are used at the point of sale terminal. These devices are very efficient and they tend to read the bar code and the commodity codes efficiently and effectively. 2. The touch screen monitors are also used at the point of sale terminal. Such monitors are commonly used in restaurants, fast food joints, cinema houses and at other places. These monitors ensure credibility of the commercial user and intend to be very safe and reliable.

3. Dual display screens are also used at the point of sale terminals. These screens are very effective as they display results to the customer in real time. They provide ample opportunity for the customer to review the prices when they are being processed for bill generation.

4. CPU and the main computer console and allied components used are generally state of the art and new. They process data within real time and offer peace of mind to the user and the client for a long period of time. The memory chip and the processor speeds are extremely high to improve the processing experience and offer real time results.

5. The printer used by the departmental stores and the commercial users are very efficient. They are made to print large bills within seconds.

The software resources are commonly used for processing and for generating reports and inventory status. The inventory status is sent to the warehouse manager in real time and this makes him or her to order in due time. The management reports are used for strategic decision making.

The complete point of sale system with hardware and software resources is priced in between GBP 1,100 to GBP 1,700.

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SharePoint 2007 to SharePoint 2010 Upgrade Requirements

SharePoint 2007 to SharePoint 2010 Upgrade Requirements

With the launch of SharePoint 2010, a host of new features and services are readily available to a large number of organizations. Microsoft’s new server not only facilitates key business operations but also gives a new meaning to web access. In order to take full advantage of these features and services, users must be able to meet the resource requirements for successfully completing the upgrade process. In this article, we will take a look at various hardware and software requirements for completely upgrading your SharePoint 2007 server farm to 2010.

Hardware Requirements

As with the latest trend, Microsoft is also pushing its server technologies to harness the power of 64-bit hardware. As announced, SharePoint2010 is a 64-bit server and can only be installed on machines capable of running 64 bit applications.

If you are planning an upgrade, you must have SharePoint2007 server installed on a 64-bit capable machine. If you have a 32-bit machine, you cannot perform an in-place upgrade. You must, then have new machines with appropriate hardware support and then perform upgrades in several steps to complete the process.

Operating System Requirements

Share Point 2010 runs best on 64-bit versions of Server 2008 or Server 2008 R2. If you have windows server 2003 installed on your machine, you can easily update your operating system to Windows Server 2008 provided that you have the necessary hardware support to complete this operation. However, you have sufficient number of licenses to complete this upgrade. If your current hardware does not support 64- bit operations, you can mix your hardware update with server update.

Database Requirements

Share Point 2010 Server requires you to have at least 64-bit SQL Server 2005 SP3 or SQL Server 2008 SP1 installed on your system. If you are running a previous version of the database, you must upgrade your server to meet these requirements. You can use any one of the following versions of SQL server with SharePoint 2010: Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2, SQL Server 2008 with Service Pack 1 (SP1) and Cumulative Update 2, or SQL Server 2005 with SP3 and Cumulative Update 3.

Checks before Upgrading

You can also perform some checks before updating so that there are no errors during the final process.

STSADM.exe -o preupgradecheck

This command checks the server form for compatibility with the update process. This command lists various hardware components and software applications that are installed on the system. This tool tells you whether the server form does meet the minimum requirements criteria for upgrade to Server 2008 or Server 2008 R2. Details of web parts, custom components, current features, URL lists, database orphans, invalid configuration settings and other such details are also displayed in the detail.

This information helps you decide what is needed to complete your upgrade process. If you are using any 3rd party tools of software, you must verify their compatibility with 64-bit systems and applications before performing the upgrade.

If you are looking for easy migration of SharePoint data from 2007 – 2010, you can use the free Xavor SharePoint 2010 Migration tool which can be downloaded from this site.


SharePoint migration 2007 to 2010


The POS Working Principle on Data Management

The POS Working Principle on Data Management

As retail pos and restaurant pos, there are so many transactions to be done every day. How does pos work on it? the basic is effectively complete pos data management for single commodity management/ departmental management/ personnel management as well as the provision of large number of valuable reports. now let us check the Pos Data management.

1. Commodity information database Commodity information database is the most important database of the POS system and directly related to the front desk software of POS system. Its design must be reasonable, and has stronger scalability. It includes the commodity code, class code, name, self bar code, the original barcode, price and other auxiliary information.

2. Commodity code database The commodity code database is the key for generating a product information database and is indispensable of commodity classification management. In addition, the POS front program also supports the sale of goods by class code soit should contain commodity classification code and its description.

3. Action information record databse Any action of cashier after entering the system will be recorded in the database. When you find the problem of the collection process,you can get the information by looking through the action information record databse.So it is necessary to recorde the action of cashier.

4. Memory data record databse The databse guaranteens the security of POS system and maintains the continuity of the actions.The database is saved in the disk after each transaction and is read after each boot. This ensures that the shutdown data is not lost.

5. Personnel database The actions of cashier login and password queries are from the databse, which includes action personnel information, such as personnel code,/name /password and so on.

6. Sales databse Sales database is the record of every transaction done by cashier. It is the most important database of the management of single comodity sales. All receivable-related data can be available in this databse, which contains the date and time of receipt/ the number of cash register,/cashier coding/commodity calss code/commodity code/ commodity sales prices, changes of commodity prices / the sales amount of goods,/payment options/ diss of goods,/merchandise sales and dis rate presets as well as other data related to statistics.

7. Shortcuts definition database The database contains shortcuts code and the description of shortcuts.

8. Transaction serial number database Store the transaction number. Each time you do the transaction, the transaction number will be accumulated recorded to the database.The new transaction number will be attracted from the database.

After we know well about the pos data management, how does pos work now? first write new data in the pos data management and inquire the corresponding data according to requested standard and show us. sure all the data is based on pos hardware.

As an economical pos hardware manufactuer, Posright.com can supply complete point of sale hardware,pos hardware,pos equipment,pos receipt printerrestaurant pos, we will offer one-stop pos hardware solution for your purchase!


Used epos hardware

Used epos hardware

Electronic Point Of Sale systems are the revolutionary tools regarded as the most important especially in a retail setting. EPOS systems are used by any business that have regular sales and maintain stock, from shops to diners and hotels, in fact almost all businesses would benefit from an Epos system.
The function of an Epos system is to control stock, increase sales and maximise profits as well as everyday tasks such as printing receipts. Theses systems really are a fantastic tool for planning your sales strategies highlighting stock levels of your best sellers and allowing you to stock adequate supplies as well as highlighting the lines which are not selling so well. These systems allow the business to make real time decisions; trends change from day to day so we need to be on top of these to protect the profit and loss accounts, especially in these tough economic times.
Electronic Point of Sale Traders (Epostraders) was incorporated in 2009 as an online one stop shop, selling quality used Epos hardware at competitive prices, this hardware included printers and barcode scanners as well as everything in-between. We have built up a fantastic reputation and our experienced staff whom have accumulated over 30 years of experience within this sector are as dedicated to our company ethos as we are. We aim to deliver a high quality used epos hardware system and believe that this doesn’t have to cost the earth!
Our stock can be found on our website www.epostraders.co.uk and the stock is updated daily, we will have on average 1000 epos system lines online at any given time. We employ a team of engineers to ensure that the used epos hardware is in good working order, and each system, new or used is given a guarantee for added peace of mind.
For the best in epos systems look no further contact us today online or on 0845 2994131 and our friendly professional staff will endeavour to find a solution to your problem.




In today’s hyper-competitive world, every business is investing heavily to live up to the expectations of their customers. Revamping the fringes are not enough, and it is the core strategy that needs an overhaul. This is particularly important in the context of developing economies like India, which has witnessed an exponential rise in the aspiring middle-class population, who can afford a world class service. For instance, a common trend points to the preference of cashless transactions by means of debit/credit cards while making payment. This is almost in the verge of becoming a minimum standard, or more appropriately, a prerequisite to attract and satisfy customers.

Thus, keeping pace with its peers in the genre of retail business, restaurants in the subcontinent are keen to adopt POS (Point of Sale) system which, among its various functionalities, distinctly addresses the growing concern of customers over acceptance of plastic money. Being a combination of hardware and software, a POS system can potentially streamline internal operations and management of a restaurant, which is indeed a great assistance in the task of maintaining overall profitability. However, the price varies over a number of factors like complexity of software and reputation of vendor to name a few, and it is up to the owner of the restaurant to decide the best mix for his nature & scale of business.

Rest assured, decision making regarding investment in infrastructure is a tough job, and a bit of genuine advice might be of help. So here goes some very pertinent suggestions, which can make a difference in the quality of decision someone takes regarding buying a restaurant POS system.

First and foremost, zero down a vendor that offers on-site installation and excellent after-sales service, and do sufficient research on its reputation. After all, it is unwise to fiddle with sophisticated hardware and complicated software even after paying hefty sums, which is nothing but an unnecessary distraction and harassment. If a vendor provides prompt technical support from a remote location, then it is a plus.

Secondly, choose a set of hardware that occupies minimum possible floor space. Perhaps, any sensible owner will prefer to accommodate few more customers over a sprawling set of machines having large footprint, especially when business is in full swing. Swanky looking restaurant POS system getting more importance than customers is always a disadvantage, if it contradicts fundamental business principles.

Software packages in nicely packed CD-ROMs that accompany the gadgets are essentially application suites. The more its functional diversity, the better your ROI. So check for the features that such software claims to offer, and test run them for consistency. Even better, if the vendor agrees to train your staff regarding its optimum usage.

Last but not the least, a large touch screen monitor, along with an entire gamut of peripherals, should ideally be waterproof. Bigger touchscreen simply implies easier identification & swift selection of items, promptly generated KOT, and better service by reducing the turnaround time. Also, waterproof equipment minimizes the chance of the hardware getting damaged due to unintentional, but inevitable spill overs by the waiters, who put in extra efforts to impress customers & patrons and win handsome tips.

Having said it all, I must acknowledge the fact that the points discussed above are not complete in any sense, and as such, should not be regarded as a comprehensive guide on procurement of a restaurant POS system. Readers must use their own intellect and discretion to decide what’s best for their business.

Author’s Bio:

Steve Jo is a serial entrepreneur and an associate mentor of Swadesh Softwares Pvt. Ltd., and attempts to create magic with his authentic piece on trivialities of a restaurant POS system. He enjoys delving into research and critical review. He is an avid reader who voraciously ingests anything that has a positive impact on life.

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