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Fishbowl Inventory Hosting Smoothens Inventory Management

Fishbowl Inventory Hosting Smoothens Inventory Management

A thriving business depends on various factors, one of which is a strong inventory management system. A complete inventory management system consists of everything from accurate record-keeping to shipping and receiving of products. Inventory management system that is properly effective and reliable can keep a company’s supply chain running easily and proficiently. However, there are many common inventory management problems that can arise.

Inventory management problems can hamper company’s profits and customer service. They can cost business additional money and can lead to an overstock of inventory and capital blockage. Most of these difficulties are generally due to poor inventory practices and out-dated systems. To get rid of inventory associated problems and to keep business risk free, enterprises are utilizing advance IT applications. The application used for reliable inventory management is Fishbowl inventory software.

Fishbowl Inventory is the most popular inventory management application for QuickBooks users. It’s also an amazing individual tool for organizations that are looking to track assets. Fishbowl is a robust system that provides both inventory management and accounting features.

It is quite beneficial for Wholesale Enterprises. Fishbowl inventory software tools: –

-Swiftly pick, pack and transport products.

-Prevent stock outs and over stock.

-Manage multiple locations smoothly.

It is also quite useful for the Manufacturers, it is able to:-

-Configure bill of materials

-Trace tens of thousands of parts.

-Integrate seamlessly with QuickBooks.

It also provides beneficial features for Warehouse Management solutions like: –

-Inventory accuracy.

-Reduce error in the receiving process.

-Enhances productivity.

Some other benefits include features like: – -Adjust inventory to assist cycle counting.

-Relocate inventory.

-Saves time and money with greater speed and efficiency.

-Keeps accurate financial records.

It is fine for huge enterprises to establish local IT network and maintain it but SMEs finds it difficult to spend big share of their resources on IT department. Therefore, SMEs opt to outsource there IT department to an application hosting service provider. These hosting service vendors host various business applications which include QuickBooks add-on software i.e. Fishbowl inventory.

Fishbowl inventory hosting provides multiple benefits to the clients. It saves their time, money and other resources. It takes away the trouble and expense of establishing and maintaining IT network. Apart from Fishbowl inventory hosting service provider offers multiple other benefits like: –

-Anytime anywhere access: – Fishbowl inventory hosting comes with anytime anywhere access to data. Users can access their data from any location with the help of an internet connected device. It gives the freedom to work without any time or location barrier. This improves users’ efficiency and provides them the comfort of working according to their choice.

-Multi-user access: – Multiple authenticated users can access the data simultaneously. This feature of Fishbowl inventory hosting improves collaboration between staff members. To keep the data secure, the accessibility to data can be restricted by log in ID and password.

-Data security: – To keep the data secure Application Hosting service provider uses latest tools and technology. They utilize techniques like SQL injection, 128 bit data encryption, etc.

-Data storage and backup: – Fishbowl Inventory Hosting service provider offers rolling data backup to their clients.

-Technical support: – Fishbowl on cloud comes with free and unlimited technical support service.

All these beneficial features make inventory smooth and hassle free.

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Is Super Green Hosting Scam – Is Supergreen Bad

Is Super Green Hosting Scam – Is Supergreen Bad


In this Super Green Hosting Reviews I ‘ll point you totally about Supergreen Hosting in details, follow on.

These days numerous people are racing to begin their real individual websites and share them with the public. It’s true that you can use free web hosting services to produce your site up and running, only to truly hold the freedom to customize your website and provide value to its visitors, you will need a master webhosting account. Only did you realize that your web hosting can harm the environment?manypeople do not understand the true effect the hosting server cause on the surroundings. The general server creates the same emissions like a 15 mpg SUV have alone the information center where the hosting server is located that downs on general as much electrical energy as 30,000 households. Thus while you ar web hosting your internet site, you could be crushing the surroundings as well.

Supergreen Hosting is 1 of the basic green hosting service providers in the worldwide. It is consecrate to aiding its clients hosting their sites in a manner that is not bad for the surroundings. It as well engages in tree planning projects to assist cause our lives a little bit greener. Hence you could tell its plans are made for people who ar passionate around the green campaign.


Supergreen Hosting is so committed to the environment, any one can be sure they’ll be simply as committed to assisting the web hosting requires of their users. To make you an model of their loyalty to ‘green hosting’, SuperGreen Hosting implants 1 tree for every 1000 users that sign with them. And when it comes up to their webhosting programs, you will expect a stage of reliability that a few web hosting services achieve.

Green Data-center – Wind and solar powered free energy are the two one hundred percentage green inexhaustible power sources that power the state-of-the-art, Glendale, California Supergreen Hosting Information Centre. And that’s not every thing, the company’s office introduces, laptop computers, computers and web hosts are besides high-powered with these normal resources. As an effect, their hosts make twenty percent fewer CO2 than what an average hosting server anywhere else has.

Warranted 99.9% Up-time – Non could be more hindering to web masters or commercial enterprises than sharp or prolonged web down-time. That is why SuperGreen hosting features a group completely committed to monitoring its network and each of the service providers’ several servers . around the clock! In this way, users will be ensured of solid 99.9% up-time, too as fast and continuous availableness to their internet sites at each times.

Power Efficient Servers – All SuperGreen hosting Hosting Servers present multiple gains. They are wholly powered by one hundred percentage green inexhaustible energy resources as Wind and solar powered energy; they are built entirely with the highest supreme hardware and elements; they are super speedy and reliable; and there’s virtually unlimited GB’s of spare capability continuously usable.


Supergreenhosting.com offers sure hosting solutions at all times that I must indicate in my Supergreen Hosting reviews.

The Supergreen Hosting plan allows a comprehensive range of characteristics that are not only simple to apply and customer-driven in nature, but made specially to befit the broadest breadth of webhosting application programs at the cheapest possible price. Here are some of the main features that you can expect from the good-conceived, Super Green Hosting plan :

. Endless GB hosting place

. Unlimited Information Bandwidth

. Limitless Electronic Mail accounts

. Endless Domain Hosting

. Unlimited MySQL Databases

. Free Site Builder

. Supergreenhosting.com cPanel

. FTP Access and customer backup

. POP3 or IMAP E-mail Access

. CMS software package

. SSL & FTP Statistics

. On-line Statistics – Webalizer / Sub-Domain / Live Visitor Reports

. Python / Perl / CGI-BIN

. Pay Pal-integrated E-commerce solutions

. and a lot more than.


Supergreen Hosting may feature of offering 1 of the extra competitive, if not the most less, green webhosting price around. Taking the number of easy features, their fantastic support services, the 99.9% network uptime and all the small extras, the $4.95 monthly cost is a steal.


Supergreen Hosting offers customers all mode of contact to obtain info, address enquiries and look for answers concerning to their specific necessities and claims. For this, SuperGreenHosting.com offers 24/7 Electronic Mail and Telephone Support, besides as on-line Tutorials, Help Desks and Active Community Support.


I performed my best in this Supergreen Hosting review and will state my finale.

After weighting of total the advantages and profits that Supergreen Hosting provides its customers and prospects; its unique commitment to the environment; the convenient, reliable and high-tech characteristics of its host plan; the down-to-earth price, web masters and businesses can certainly await superior value in return for their money. For those who have been in the red with the incorrect hosting service providers, here’s an opportunity to have wide greenbacks . by functioning GREEN!

If you are concerned in moving to Just Host, I am proud to offer a particular coupon to hold whole 20% – 50% off of your rate. Just click this super green hosting coupon link in order to take the voucher.

To learn more concerning Ecommerce Web Hosting see My personal top 10 web hosts Site.


How to Save on Web Hosting with Hostgator Coupons

How to Save on Web Hosting with Hostgator Coupons

A lot of people know that starting an online business by creating a website will require a lot of money and is also time consuming. That is why a lot of small scale businesses are often scared of embracing the great things that online consumerism brings. However, what many fail to realize is that there are now a lot of ways to save money on building a website and starting your own future internet juggernaut.

One of the best ways of saving in finance is through acquiring the services of cheap and unreliable web hosting services littering the Internet. This method of saving money and sacrificing quality is often frowned upon in the world of internet marketing and website building. It is also a perception by many that subscribing or getting cheap hosting services is not a good manner in getting reliable services. More or less, your website might experience more website downtimes rather than uptimes.

Prevent your website from suffering from the same pitfalls of other webhosting services and get a webhosting company that can give you, your business and your website a much needed boost in order to reach more people and places in the Internet. One of the best webhosting service providers in the Internet right now is Hostgator.

Getting hostgator to host your website will give you a lot of things to be happy and cheer about. For one thing, Hostgator provides great features like unlimited disk space and bandwidth as well as easy to use site builders and hundreds of wordpress powered themes plus much, much more. All of these fall into easy and affordable prices and plans that would suit into your liking.

Hostgator is also a renowned webhosting company thanks to their discount codes, called hostgator coupons. With these online coupons, customers can take advantage of up to 70% discounts on various services and plans on the Hostgator hosting.

So how can you actually save money using Hostgator coupon as you may ask, for starters, you have to select or find an online and active HostGator coupons for you to use then you can go ahead and select setup the website like it is normally done. Then just before hitting the all set button for the Hostgator, input the Hostgator coupons’ code. This will then provide your account with great savings.

You can use coupon codes like SPRINGTIME and SAVINGMONEY which allows you to pay only $0.01 for your first month of web hosting. Just click on the coupon links above and you will pay only $0.01 for your web hosting which is a Unlimited Hosting Package. It is even backed by a 45 day money back guarantee.

Try it for yourself and see how this would work for you. You’ll be thankful in the long run that you’ve selected Hostgator.


10 Essential Features of Web Hosting

10 Essential Features of Web Hosting

Anyone that wants to be seen on the Internet needs to have a website. There are literally thousands of web hosts to choose from so finding the right web hosting packages can be a confusing process, especially if you are new to web hosting. This series of articles will assist you in sorting out all the information available and give you the confidence to make the best decision about choosing reliable web hosting. You will find that web hosting packages can vary in pricing as well as the features they offer such as the amount of disk space and bandwidth available, data transfers, number of domains and email boxes, privacy and security settings, website design and marketing tools, technical support and guaranteed uptime. Knowing what your requirements are is essential to making a smart choice.

Let’s look at the features that are essential to reliable web hosting:
1.DISK SPACE / STORAGE – A web hosting account has an allotment of disk/storage space that you rent on a server. The amount of storage will include all of the content of your web pages, any graphic or audiovisual content you may use on those pages, any files that are available for visitors to download and any space that you may use for emails. You will also need to allow space for the various log files that are generated by the server that keeps track of visitors to your site and what pages they click on. You may want to choose a package with additional disk space so as you add more content such as pictures, music, videos or downloadable files that require more disk space, there are no additional costs. Databases are usually calculated separately from your disk/storage space allocated, so check with your web host to see what their policy covers.

2.DATA TRANSFER / BANDWIDTH – These two functions are an important factor when choosing reliable web hosting. They are similar but different aspects of the same process that work hand in hand.

Data transfer is how much data is being transferred on a monthly basis. Your website may not be accessible the less data transfer that is allocated on a monthly basis. Going over your allocated limit can result in a fee or even a temporary shutdown of your website. Be sure to choose a plan with more data transfer than your current needs to allow for additional traffic and content.

Bandwidth is how much data can be transferred at one time. The less bandwidth you are allocated, the slower your website takes to load regardless of the speed of the visitor’s connection. Higher bandwidth is expensive because it ties up the server’s resources and can affect the performance of other customer sites on the server. An important factor to consider when choosing a web host is the fact that they can terminate your Domain name and close the account without refund.

3.DOMAIN NAME – The Domain name is your unique name and address on the Worldwide Web. Domain registration is the process that an individual or a company secures a website domain, such as www.yoursite.com. Once you have completed domain registration, the domain name becomes yours for a specified period of time, usually one year. You must renew you domain name before your registration expires, or the domain reverts back to being available to the general public. Be sure that you own your domain name. Some web host’s maintain control of the domains they register so it’s important that you retain the option to transfer the domain to another registrar. You should read the “Terms and Conditions” regarding maintaining your privacy and any additional fees to transfer to your domain to another registrar.

4.DEDICATED VS. SHARED IP ADDRESS – An Internet Protocol address, or better known as an IP address, is the numerical address of the website that tells other computers where to find the server host and your domain on the Internet. There are advantages to having a dedicated IP address vs. a shared IP address which is explained in the next section.

Dedicated IP Address means that your site is the only one on the Internet using that IP address number. The advantages of having a dedicated IP address are that you can get your site better SEO (search engine optimization) ratings which make your website more visible and easier to find; there are better security and privacy options. A Private SSL Certificate was created to confirm the identity of a website or server and ensure secure transactions between web servers and browsers. In order to keep clients information secure, a Private SSL Certificate is required for ECommerce websites that accept online credit card payments.

Shared IP Address means there could be hundreds of websites sharing one server that share a single IP address. Shared IP addresses make it easier for hosting companies to manage and maintain their servers and offer this feature at a lower cost. The downside to this feature is if other websites sharing your IP address are banned or blacklisted due to spamming or scamming, their actions directly affect your website. Your website could disappear from the search engines and your email could be blocked by Internet Service Providers (ISP). A Shared SSL Certificate gives you the benefits of a SSL Certificate at a lower cost and still provides a secure URL (Uniform Resource Locator). Many Ecommerce websites provide Shared SSL to their business clients.

5.EMAIL FEATURES – Email hosting offers a variety of features for both individuals and businesses. Some of the features offered are customized email addresses, import/export your address book, unlimited storage, webmail accessible from your mobile phone or PDA, calendar alerts, mail forwarding, auto responders, email filters that protect you from viruses and spam, phone and email tech support.

6.GUARANTEED UPTIME – This is one of the most important features of a reliable web hosting provider. Guaranteed uptime means your website is guaranteed to be up at least 99.9% of the time and available to visitors. When your website is unavailable, traffic and potential clients will be drawn to your competitor’s sites and ultimately lost sales. This guarantee should include network uptime, server uptime, web server and service uptime as well as 24/7 support.

7.CONTROL PANEL FEATURES – The most important job that a website owner has is creating and management of the website(s) and its content. The C-Panel features the tools for uploading and managing web pages, managing domains, subdomains, FTP accounts, creating parked domains, add-on domains, protecting your directories, redirecting visitors to another location, website statistics, back up data, virus protection and spam filters, the tools to keep your privacy and security.

8.PRIVACY & SECURITY – The security of your communications such as unauthorized or sensitive data are a huge concern. Some of the security tools that a web host may include are SSL secure servers, SSL certificates, high quality software that can prevent other websites from directly accessing your databases and files, anti-virus protection, reliable authentication, secure payment processing, firewall protection, use of strong passwords, email encryption and strict privacy policies.

9.TECH SUPPORT – A reliable web hosting provider should have technical support available 24/7. Get a quick reply to your support ticket should any issues arise and getting instant support via a live chat service or telephone support.

10.WEBSITE BUILDING TOOLS – Even if you have no prior knowledge or experience, Website building tools are often offered as part of a web hosting package. The more advanced website building tools teach you how to add a photo album, guestbook, ads, newsletters, blogs, FAQ module, visitor tracker, banner rotator, auto installer software for blogs, forums, galleries and much more.

For more information about web hosting services, plan options as well as a Free Membership for access to a huge selection of free products, software and marketing tools worth thousands of dollars. So make your web presence stand out, no matter what your experience level. Don’t miss out on the opportunity of a lifetime, visit http://www.internetmarketersclubhouse.com/.


Sharepoint Hosting Usability

Sharepoint Hosting Usability

First, let’s see what SharePoint is and how it can help you. SharePoint is basically an enterprise information portal, developed by Microsoft. It can be easily be configured to run Internet, Intranet, and Extranet sites and allows people and teams to collaborate. Whether you need to communicate and collaborate with your coworkers, your team, or your CEO, located a floor up or at the other end of the globe, you need SharePoint! This system is composed of Windows SharePoint Services (WSS) and the SharePoint portal. Individuals, small companies, and teams usually use Windows SharePoint services, while medium to large companies need the SharePoint Server.

Growing companies need more space for their files and documents and will soon loose track of them. This is why SharePoint allows you to both store and share all your files in a central site. With this new system, sending files through email is outdated. Now all team members have easy access to a single location where the files are stored. In today’s world, work is conducted in multiple locations. Whether you have employees in different parts of the county or even world, or working at home, SharePoint allows them to collaborate and communicate fast and easy. According to various surveys, the average employee spends between 20 and 30 percent of his or her time searching for information and data. SharePoint eliminates these loses by providing an easy way of searching through the hundreds of thousands of documents that were generated by the company. It is not easy to create and maintain sites and it can e very time consuming. This is why SharePoint can create sites for use on the Intranet in a matter of minutes. From discussion boards and meeting sites to departmental sites and document libraries, the system can have them ready in no time.

Microsoft SharePoint is the leader in enterprise information portals and it is growing rapidly. More and more people see the advantages of using this system. However, since creating and maintaining your own SharePoint server is very difficult and time consuming, we would recommend SharePoint hosting. You will be able to access all of the system’s features without having to worry about updates and technical issues. The SharePoint hosting company will provide all the technical support so that you can run your business without any problems. If you are looking to start your own SharePoint hosting company, you are definitely making the right choice. It is the fastest growing product from Microsoft, with over 1000 million licenses sold. Over 17,000 companies have already adopted this system and many more are considering it.

Lisa served as product manager on one of the leading ASP web hosting company, specializing in offering SharePoint Hosting support and services.


Advantages and Disadvantages of Managed and Unmanaged Colocation

Advantages and Disadvantages of Managed and Unmanaged Colocation

There are two types of Colocation available; Managed Colocation and Unmanaged Colocation. Colocation is a type of web hosting, where someone rents rack space from a data centre, where they store their server. This prevents them from having to have their own server.

With managed colocation you only have to rent the rack space, provide the server and other hardware and pay the web host. The rest is done by the employees of the data centre. All you may have to do is purchase upgrades for software when necessary. Problem solving and maintenance are sorted out by the hosting company.

The major advantage of managed colocation is that you are employing experts to control your hosting needs. You can live safe in the knowledge that everything is under control and people who know what they are doing are overseeing your hosting. This leaves you free to concentrate on your core business.

There are two main disadvantages of managed colocation; the cost and the lack of control. It is significantly more expensive than unmanaged colocation. It is like employing anyone else within your business – you are paying for someone to do a job for you. And it will be no surprise that experts cost. You are not in complete control of your hosting with managed colocation as you are employing someone else to deal with it. This is something that some would see as a benefit, but others would see as a negative. If you want to be in charge of your hosting then managed colocation is not for you.

With Unmanaged Colocation you only rent the rack space from the hosting company, while the rest is up to you. You will be in control of your server and therefore hosting knowledge is necessary.

The disadvantages of managed colocation do not exist here. You will pay a lot less as the service you receive is less extensive. And unlike managed colocation you do have full control of your hosting. It is therefore much more flexible, allowing you to do exactly what you want. There are still some limits as you will have to operate within the parameters set out by the data centre. Overall though, the amount of control you have is much more significant.

Unmanaged Colocation is not for novices. It requires some expertise so if you don’t have any experience of web hosting then you are better off with managed colocation. Any updates will have to be carried out by you and you will be responsible for solving any problems that will inevitable occur. This means that unexpected extra costs may arise.

There are advantages and disadvantages of both managed and unmanaged colocation. Which is best for you depends on a mixture of your budget, the amount of control you want and your expertise level.

Andrew Marshall ©



GreenGeeks Hosting Good or Bad

GreenGeeks Hosting Good or Bad

GreenGeeks Hosting any Good?

Here you are, this is my GreenGeeks Hosting Review.

GreenGeeks is considered to be a quite newly founded web hosting company, and already has become a leader in green hosting. This hosting company has won many awards; and not long ago, GreenGeeks is recommended to be the official web hosting provider among Drupal users in the “Drupal for Dummies” educational book. To be honest, for me I am not surprised by GreenGeeks’ quick success – afterall the company is run by a known player in the hosting market.

What are the advantages of GreenGeeks?

High quality eco-friendly hosting

This service can be a fit for small businesses and for personal sites likewise. They offer the optimal service to make sure, that the quality of webhosting is high.
Unlimited traffic and hdd, one-click set up supported with Fantastico, and a huge number of supported e-commerce solutions. Things looks quite average in this area , this way customers can get whatever you can have at other hosting providers, with clean energy.

Disk Space Unlimited

Monthly Bandwidth Unlimited

Addon Domain Unlimited


300% Eco-friendly WebHosting

What is the meaning of this? Well, GreenGeeks substitutes the electicity use of the machines with three times as much wind energy. If you want a bit more proof, than seen in the advertisments, take a look at GreenGeeks’ green energy certificates. There is not much to add to that, I am convinced.
Because of this, there’s no question,GreenGeeks would be the most eco-friendly hosting company on the planet.

Simple hosting service with 99.9% uptime

Hositng with GreenGeeks has huge PLUS in my opinion: it is the good technical background. According to the officials, Green Geeks has the latest servers and internet connection. Plus they perform daily backups.
This gives me the feeling of trust and I have no headaches about the web hosting troubles.
Things might cause you problems with GreenGeeks Hosting?

They are new: they don’t have much business experience.

Bottom line is Green Geeks is a very good web hosting provider, my one worry is they are young. The company is still seen a startup company, so give them a little time to earn reputation and I am sure they will be huge.

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