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Insert Coin A Vending Machine Legacy of Innovation

Insert Coin A Vending Machine Legacy of Innovation

The vending machine industry is booming. Every day millions of coins are inserted into soda, snack and candy machines. But Michael Burnett and Jeffrey Marsh have discovered the formula for the most durable, best-looking and most profitable vending machines on the market. Their innovations resulted in 1.800.VENDING, a company that has changed the face of the vending machine industry.

The Search for a Better Vending Machine

Burnett and Marsh came into vending in 1999. They spent years researching the most popular vending machines on the market, but every system they studied had terrible flaws. Some machines had plastic coin mechanisms that frequently broke down. Other machines had cheap locks and were constantly being broken into. Soda machines had high maintenance costs, and the money coming in barely covered the cost of restocking the machines in addition to paying high lease fees.

So Marsh and Burnett came up with something better. After picking apart all those different vending machines over the years, they knew every flaw and every benefit to each kind of machine. Armed with that information, they began a year-long process of designing, testing and manufacturing their revolutionary vending machine by 1.800.VENDING.

A Superior Machine is Born

Burnett and Marsh looked at three key factors when they began to design their vending machine: durability, appearance and profitability. Since maintenance costs were such an expensive part of other vending machines, Burnett and Marsh wanted their machine to have durable, high-quality parts both inside and out. From the steel anti-jam coin mechanism to the all-metal heavy-duty hopper and shatterproof polycarbonate canisters, the 1.800.VENDING machine is tamperproof and virtually indestructible. The lid and cash drawer are equipped with a recessed “bullet-lock” security system, and each machine is supplied with a removable sun shield to protect candy in vending machines placed near windows.

Burnett and Marsh know that the appearance of a vending machine can have just as much impact on potential customers as the products offered inside. They designed their vending machines to look sophisticated and professional – to show off their products in the best possible light. The 1.800.VENDING machine is offered in 17 color combinations. Vending machine owners also have a choice of matching metal stands or a pine wood stand – in addition to optional spill trays.

By creating durable and attractive machines, Burnett and Marsh had already offered a higher profit margin by lowering maintenance costs and ensuring more profitable locations can be secured. Then they took it a step further.

Interchanging the Face of Vending

Burnett and Marsh became the most innovative men in the vending industry through one simple idea: shatterproof polycarbonate interchangeable canisters. By creating a system of identical canisters that can be filled with a wide selection of products and switched out in a matter of seconds, Burnett and Marsh created an easy way to boost profits that is changing the face of the vending machine industry. The interchangeable canister system eliminates the messy and time-consuming process of refilling vending machines from bags of candy. And with 1.800.VENDING machine’s divided cash drawer, it’s become easy to track the profits from each canister of product. Vending machine owners can use that information to stock each machine with the most profitable combination for any location.

The innovations of Burnett and Marsh have made 1.800.VENDING a world leader in the vending machine industry. Their company is one of the few vending machine manufacturers to have no complaints with the Better Business Bureau or any government office. Add to that their 100 percent Lifetime Warranty on every part of their vending machines and their superior design, the 1.800.VENDING founders have created a legacy any other vending machine manufacturer would be hard pressed to match.

More information about the vending machine innovations developed by Mike Burnett and Jeff Marsh, including a side-by-side comparison with the five most popular vending machines on the market, is available at www.1800vending.com.


ERP And Its Benefits

ERP And Its Benefits


Data need only be entered or updated once, reducing errors, time and labor for reports, analysis, planning and program management. Ultimately, time and resources are shifted to innovating, problem solving and direct service to customers rather than inputting, processing, organizing, verifying and related “busy work” that burns through time and money.

1. Focus on how IT can reshape work and public sector strategies

Problem. The knowledge required to succeed with IT is complex and rapidly changing. Given the large size of many agencies and the checks and balances established to foster debate and deliberation, governments tend to become inwardly focused and fail to keep pace with the innovation required in the Information Age.

What to avoid. Don’t delegate all responsibility for technology to technologists, or focus on internal operations to the exclusion of externally oriented service improvements and building essential political support.

What to do. Learn how digital processing and communications are revolutionizing the work-place and the nature of work, ideally through becoming directly involved in IT projects and working with computer

applications as part of your personal routine.

2. Use IT for strategic innovation, not simply tactical automation

Problem. The enormous potential benefits of IT are often compromised if it is used merely to entrench old work processes and organizations rather than to fundamentally redesign them.

What to avoid. Don’t focus on incremental improvements to the exclusion of more aggressive innovation.

What to do. Push for some strategic ten-fold improvements, and not merely for 10 percent. Foster and protect experimentation. Design an e-government strategy with wide opportunities for “anytime, anyplace” service. Explore service integration across program and organizational boundaries.

Develop rich and flexible technology-based options for self-service.

3. Utilize best practices in implementing IT initiatives

Problem. The failure rate of IT initiatives has often been daunting, even though the most difficult problems have been political rather than technological.

What to avoid. Don’t approach IT as primarily a technology problem, and don’t delegate IT projects

predominantly to technology specialists.

What to do. Recognize that technology implementations are usually change-management problems. Place general managers and politically capable leaders in charge of most major IT initiatives. You need leaders who can authoritatively deal with organizational conflict and budget issues.

4. Improve budgeting and financing for promising IT initiatives

Problem. By focusing on incremental annual changes to existing programs, government budgeting makes it hard to invest in IT initiatives that offer high value but also require long-term, cross-agency innovation.

What to avoid. Don’t rely too heavily on funding IT through the traditional tax-levy budget.

What to do. Analyze economic and budgetary trends to identify sources of financing appropriate for an increasingly electronic economy. Your analysis should explore the principle of letting the direct users of services pay when they are the ones that capture the benefits (i.e., user charges for service elements not inherently public in nature). Also, explore budget reforms to give greater emphasis to multiyear, cross-boundary service integration and innovation (via capital funds, revolving funds, shared-risk investments with the private sector, etc.).

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