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Better Management of Resources through ERP Development

Better Management of Resources through ERP Development

Growth and development of the human civilization came with the gradual development of the communication systems. Communications helped in the better spread of ideas and this came out with better products and services. Method of communicating with each other has gone through a revolution with the gradual invention of computers. Computers also make processing of all type of calculations quite easy and comfortable. Development of industries does not always require capital but also properly trained manpower. It takes great amount of time for the development of properly trained human resources. A properly trained person will take much less amount of time for any type of production and service oriented activity. Resources in any form are an integrated part of any corporation.

Programs used for Enterprise resource planning are very integrated system software’s with multiple applications. ERP resource planning is an advanced business management software system. Adapting and accepting this system helps an organization to integrate all their activities under a single umbrella. This is the proper requirement of ERP development to help the proper functioning of all type of industrial operations. It includes manufacturing, marketing, sales, development and all this can help in the improvement of functioning of any existing operation. Falkon tech’s Verp brand of integrated software systems could be accustomed with any existing systems. It will also help to reduce the cost of spending resources on hardware. This will facilitate any growing organization to spend their scare resources in other necessary requirements and make their organization see profitable days ahead.

There are different types of modules for different type of organizations. You can also purchase them as per your requirement in your organization. Each module is focused on one area of business process. Suppose, the customized software solution used in the area of material purchase may not be applicable for the proper control of your inventory. Only a Handful of companies like Falkon Tech’s have particularly focused their attention on improving the business potential of all small and medium sized enterprises. This remains the primary focus of all ERP development process and it remains an integrated part of the strategy. One of the most important features of his system is their adoption of any existing system software and this could be customized as per requirement.

There are many software companies operating for the benefit of many small and medium enterprises. This offers some scope for the development of ERP related integrated systems. Falkon Tech’s Verp ERP development software helps to integrate all your related systems under a single umbrella. Planning for help to integrate would hardly make a mockery of things, since most of this system software is really of the mark. They are somewhat of a specialized breed and are designed to be a multitasking marvel. Preserving and nurturing of resources are an integral part of every planning and this should be properly handled and also utilized to improve the overall potential of the organization. These systems can be customized as per requirement and need of the organization. It will help the organization to run smoothly.

Over the years, author Roger Black has gone through the integration process of any new software systems with the existing one. ERP development is also a part of the process and this is very much compatible with any existing system software. It will not only reduce the cost of manpower but also of hardware.




Enterprise Resource planning, more commonly known as ERP over the internet is not an unknown term now. It can be heard in every corporate office. Although the acronym is complex, its meaning is quite simple and is all about integrating the different software systems like management systems, data tracking into a single software system. The domain of ERP is fairly large. It includes the automation of manufacturing, accounting, sales, services, management information and customer relationship information with the help of integrated software. That is all what ERP means.

The acronym ERP was first used by Gartner Group in 1990. There was a rapid growth in the ERP systems in the 1990s because of certain issue like Y2K and introduction of Euro but the sales sank later in around 1999 after these issues had been solved.

There are many differences in enterprise resource planning softwares but their mission is very much similar: To run the enterprise, the whole of it. This software connects different areas of the company and their external resources that include their clients and partners. ERP provides integrated software for tasks such as accounting, finance, purchasing, inventory, customer relationship management etc. The system is developed into modules. The modules for each task such as finance can be either set-alone or bundled with the system. All the different modules developed are placed on one managing module. This makes the merging of various software programs together to complete an accounting task unnecessary. The ERP system will work as an all inclusive system and will provide all the software applications required to complete the tasks.

The integrated approach pays back very well if the right software is installed properly in an industry. When a customer places a order in the company, a series of paper work begin. These paper works are keyed in and keyed out at various levels in different departments. This results in greater chances of loss and misplacement. No department knows the true current status of the product because each department has its own system designed for its particular needs. There is no way for the account department to check whether the product has been shipped from the warehouse department. The answer to all these issues is ERP.

The software vendors have realized the importance of ERP for industries. There are many ERP vendors who are very much interested in knowing your needs and developing an integrated system for you. Salesforce.com, Microsoft Dynamics Group, NetSuite, Infor ERP SyteLine, Intuitive ERP, BatchMaster ERP, Oracle are among the few famous vendors

ERP may have some disadvantages like cost overhead in migration from the existing system, problem in customization and resistance in sharing information from one department to other. But if deployed properly, it would minimize human intervention during work and hence will lead to fast disposal and better accuracy.


Integrated Functions of Inventory Management Software

Integrated Functions of Inventory Management Software

Integrated business solutions are changing the way business is done in the modern age. Whereas businesses used to do certain functions separately and often at different times, nowadays they can get multiple jobs done simultaneously and in a shorter amount of time. For example, an inventory management software system such as that used in retail stores assumes four basic functions. Anyone using such an integrated program can thus kill four birds with one stone.

Identification. As there will be dozens of different products in storage, without inventory control, it will be quite a challenge to determine which is which. Identification systems such as barcodes and radio frequency tags have revolutionized the methods of labeling products and storing information. Barcodes and electronic tags work pretty much like regular work IDs by assigning each individual product its own identity on the computer database.

Tracking. The movement of goods needs to be monitored the moment it leaves storage en route to the outlet. Electronic systems act like radar for goods, tracking a product’s delivery to make sure that it reaches the intended destination. In the event of an anomaly, the manager can track the product to the logistical convoy responsible for the delivery.

Supply. With different products having their respective electronic labels, workers can easily identify which products are almost out of stock. Inventory management software can track the quantity of the available goods in storage in real time. The manager can immediately place orders from the plant so that the supply line moves steadily.

Services. Inventory management software can also help business keep tabs on total expenses when rendering their services. This is more applicable for businesses that offer specific services such as janitorial tasks than those that sell goods. The expenses for rendering those services are recorded in the software, which can become the basis for computation of fees.

Thanks to technology, all these functions have been integrated into one package that lets people do multiple tasks efficiently. Managing goods and services has never been this easy with inventory management software. Whether a business is big or small, effective inventory management is necessary for smooth business operations.


ERP Comparison on Ramco and SAP Business One

ERP Comparison on Ramco and SAP Business One

Sap B1 and Ramco ERP solutions target small and midsized companies. Sap B1 is best fit for the companies who have grown quickly and need to integrate all the aspects of their business together. Ramco is available as ERP on demand which makes it an ERP solution within the reach of mid and small enterprises.

Sap B1 is available as single integrated application having 14 modules to provide solution to its users. It has sales, inventory, administration, purchase, financial, business partner, MRP, production, human resource, sales opportunities and banking modules to perform all the activities included in the functioning of a company. Apart from these modules, Sap B1 contains reports module which has pre-defined and user defined reports, user defined reports are designed by the user to get information in the way they prefer to see, which gives them the facility to analyze the information more deeply and accurately with ease.

Sap B1 ERP has the facility of E-commerce which allows its users to buy and sell products on-line. This website is B2B and B2C which helps its users to do their business 24 hrs. Web CRM is another module of Sap B1 which is for its employees to manage the accounts of existing customers and also to contact and manage prospect customers all through a web browser. Sap B1 is good for the organization having its work force between 10-100 employees. This ERP comes with the option of customization as per the needs of the user, SDK kit is also provided to the user for understanding and managing the software according to its needs.

Ramco ERP solution comes loaded with all the options and facilities that a mid size or large or small company may need. The modules that Ramco ERP offers are financial management, accounts receivable, accounts payable, manufacturing, inventory management, cost planning and control, shipping and logistics, CRM, sales, purchase and subcontracting, human resource and service management. Ramco ERP has completely integrated modules and also provides business processes like order to cash, storage to distribution etc.

Ramco ERP solutions are available as SaaS or as Ramco ERP on demand. This gives small and mid size companies a chance to have a fully integrated ERP solution at their disposal at an affordable price, along with this it is also open for customization as per the need of the customer and its requirements. Ramco ERP can be accessed by a web browser and the hassle of deployment and managing huge IT infrastructure is reduced to minimum. It is scalable according to the growing or reducing needs of the client.

Ramco and Sap B1 are fully integrated ERP with all the features, Ramco ERP in comparison to Sap B1 is easy to opt due to its availability as SaaS. While Sap B1 is in house hosted ERP and it can be customized as per the users needs. The customization of Sap B1 is quick and it can go live with in 2-8 weeks whereas Ramco ERP as SaaS takes lesser time than that. Sap B1 is for mid size companies capable to handle the employee strength of 10-100 whereas Ramco ERP is scalable as any other SaaS ERP.

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