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IRS Tax – Solutions for Tax Professionals

IRS Tax – Solutions for Tax Professionals

Tax consulting firms are very helpful for those people or companies who need save and avoiding taxation. No one can like to pay more tax. Most people hat to doing their own taxes and they consult to tax firms. There are thousand’s of tax consultant forms all over the nation.
Tax I.C. is IRS Tax Resolution firm. TaxIC provide many services for you related IRS tax. Tax IC provide business solution to Tax Attorneys, agents, CPA’s and Tax Preparation professional and also provide individual or business tax relief and IRS debt Resolution. We are providing services all over the nation in our all 50 states.
TaxI.C.is also Provide Tax Audit, Tax debt, Tax Preparation and other IRS issue services to virtually any individual or business in any case of their location and their Tax problem. Tax IC started for Tax Resolution firm that dealt specifically with Federal Compliance Evaluation. In the process, we listened to our clients and found that they trusted us to find a partner to help them.

We are also associate with affiliates such as EA’s, CPA’s and Tax Attorneys allover the country to build the biggest network of local tax resolution professionals for our customers to select from. iIRS CRM software also provided by taxic for this industry related IRS tax solutions . This software makes very easy to clients track their case from beginning to end of tips and suggestion to save, send and fax documents, contract’s more. Our clients, both Tax Relief Service companies, individuals with Tax/IRS issues, and businesses with Tax/IRS trouble vary in every possible way, but share one common goal. We believe we are known by the company we keep, and we will only work with the best, most ethical legal and financial professionals. And those are the only kinds of professionals whose services we will recommend to our clients.
If you are interested to know more about Tax IC related IRS tax and the services that we provide, pleas contact on e-mail id:- info@taxic.org and taxhelp@taxic.org, phone number (888) 414. Office (800) 439-9930 ext. 104, Direct (336) 506-6276, Fax (704) 625-0562, Mobile (336) 509-7466

For more information you can visit our website. www.TaxIC.org


IRS, A Government Leviathan and the Right of Citizens

IRS, A Government Leviathan and the Right of Citizens

The IRS is trying to improve and this is a truth that must be told. They have recently responded to the many cries protesting the damage that filing a tax lien can cause in a taxpayer’s life. We welcome the change and hope more of.

There are many good people within the IRS who want to do good by the citizens of this country. But the IRS is a victim to the natural phenomena of a power that is aware of its power. It has become so big and so powerful that many a times an equal treatment in a normal conversation with the IRS is treated like a charitable giving to the taxpayer.

The IRS has a nefarious edict called “IRS bashing.” If by any chance you are considered an IRS basher you may lose your license and thus it may threaten your livelihood. What this amounts to is self censuring. Case in point is this article. Is it an IRS bashing? I must ask my self. If I decided erroneously that it is not and the IRS said that it is, it can conceivable subject the writer to some sort of retaliation.

I have encountered many abusive occasions that I had to bite my tongue trying to restraint myself either out of fear for my clients’ case or even fear for retaliation against me personally. I have had an IRS employee telling me basically that when she speaks I need to shut up. Another one told me that she will refer me to an ethics tribunal because I asked her for her manager’s name and telephone number.

I know for a fact that the IRS will not condone this behavior because it is against the IRS policy and procedures. And that is precisely the point I am trying to make. When people have too much power they tend to put the law aside and they push the envelope. All you need is a citizen succumbing once or twice. Now it becomes an earned right to be superior and tyrannical. This happens with an IRS employee or the tyrants of the world. Power and human being is a formula for transgression.

What is the solution? I believe the IRS cannot be reformed when it comes to their abuse of power. The paradigm is the wrong one. We must look for another system, call it anything from sales tax to a value added to tax but not a filing system at the end of the year that may result in tax debt, property seizure, wage garnishment, bank levies and even putting a man, a free man behind bars.

Sooner or later the citizen of this country will find a way to replace the Leviathan with a smile at the cash register at the grocery store, “It is one hundred dollars plus your ten dollars national sales tax, sir. Slide your credit card here.” End of the conversation

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