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Integrating Telephones and Computers One of The Keys To Successful IT Lead Generation

Integrating Telephones and Computers One of The Keys To Successful IT Lead Generation

Today’s generation is for the IT industry. The world has been hungry to taste the products and services available for use from the Information Technology sector. This is so because we reap convenience, speed and accuracy in a particular action when we use the appropriate technological product and service. Until now and perhaps in the years to come, we remain insatiable of what technology will provide for us. For this reason, the growth of the IT economy has been exponentially astounding.

Despite the colossal growth and demand hovering over the IT market, IT business organizations are still seeking the assistance of various experts to fully attain success. For accounting services as an example, they look for accounting specialists who will do auditing, management advisory, consultancy, bookkeeping and tax services. On the other hand, the need to have a successful IT lead generation is first and foremost their main concern. This is so because of the simple equation, no leads is equal to no profit.

The rise of the IT sector has been welcomed by the outsourcing industry. The partnership has then been built and sealed to provide the intended services for both. The IT companies provide the technology while the telemarketing firms give them sales leads of high quality on a silver platter. However, in choosing the right partner, IT firms must be very critical in assessing the available technology of the prospective outsourcer. After all, call centers have been built out of the convenience and comfort brought by technology.

One part of the investigation must be centered on the computer-telephony integration (CTI). This refers to a system of software and hardware which permits communication between the telephone and the computer systems. Powerful results will arrive when this works out well. Here are the functions of a CTI team:

•Screen pops. This application collects a caller’s phone number which will then be passed to the CTI system. Then, it will look for the prospect’s information in the database. The information will appear on the screen from the time call arrives. In this case, the agent does not have to be stressed in pulling up prospects’ data.

•Mandatory data entry. Agents are required to encode critical data before the next call.
•Enhanced reporting. CTI system will store information about the details of a particular call. Included in the data are the agent who make the call, the prospect’s information, the length of the call, the actions the agent made by using company applications and other things that happen during a phone call.
•Idle-time training.
•Coordinated screen transfer.
•Call routing.
•Dynamic scripting.
•Call blending.
•Soft-phone functionality.

Another application is an automated call-monitoring system. Through this, all telemarketers are being monitored. It automatically stores phone calls completely. This application is of great significant since team leaders will be able to do his/her evaluation of the agent’s performance.

Be assured that the prospective telemarketing service provider is using customer relationship management (CRM) technology, specialized applications and other telecommunications technology. The CRM is for you, as the client, to get updates and reports about the campaign. Specialized applications comprise knowledge-management software, contact management software, help-desk software, sales and marketing software, billing and order system. Telecommunications technology include but not limited to automatic number identification (ANI) dynamic network routing, automatic call distributor (ACD), predictive dialing, interactive voice response (IVR) and Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP).


Why So Many ERP Implementation Projects Fail

Why So Many ERP Implementation Projects Fail

One of the most difficult things for a new company to do is ERP implementation. Yes, implementing enterprise resource planning systems can be one of the most challenging processes a company will ever face and most of them make the same mistakes which lead to the failure of ERP implementation either in the short run or the long run. Now let’s go through some of these common mistakes that most organizations make:

1. Time and resources – A lot of companies underestimate the amount of time and the number of resources required for ERP implementation in their organization. It is very important for a company to figure out exactly what they want from the software as soon as possible so that the scope of work can be defined. This will help them determine the amount of time as well as the number of resources they will require to implement their software correctly.

2. Vendor – Sometimes, selecting the correct vendor is as easy as just going through their website. Don’t just rely on their website though; it is best to meet a few of them in person before making a final decision. The best method of choosing a vendor though is by checking their references. Obviously, a vendor with good references will do a good job.

3. Unrealistic expectations – Before going into ERP implementation, it’s very important for an organization to understand how ERP software’s work. Having unrealistic needs would, more often than not, lead to unnecessary complications which you could do without.

4. Functions and features – Without realizing it, many organizations don’t even utilize all the features of the ERP system they have implemented. They may only be concerned with the module developed for them and forget to check out the other features that ERP software’s have to offer.

5. Training and change management – This is a very important aspect of effective ERP implementation. It’s very important that an organization continuously strives to motivate its staff to understand the processes and systems better and to clear any doubts they may have.

6. Testing environment – When implementing an ERP system it’s very important for a company to have an effective simulated environment for checking the maximum load software can take. Skipping this step may lead to unexpected or unplanned downtime in the future which may prove to be very costly for an organization.

7. IT infrastructure – Not many organizations pay attention to the I.T. support that would be required in order to successfully implement ERP software. Most companies choose to use low cost IT hardware which underperforms. Even though this method does prove to reduce the cost of ERP implementation, it may not allow the organization to derive as much benefit from the software as it would have with the correct IT infrastructure.

Take a note of these points and make sure your organization is not making any of these errors. As long as you can stay away from these mistakes, you should be able to successfully implement ERP software in your organization.

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CRM Application Development Custom Management Software Delhi India

CRM Application Development Custom Management Software Delhi India

CRM Software – A Single Face of the Organization
CRM is nowadays a single interface to establish contact with your customers and various departments within and outside your organization. With high technology based software, we could manage right from the organizing customer data to improving sales efficiency and finally converting leads to closure of deals.

All these activities play a fundamental role in our regular regime of day-to-day activities to manage the overwhelming volume of data and customers in corporate organizations today. CRM promises on taking over the trivial task and organizing major data providing adequate time for you to plan on Brand and Marketing Strategies.

This feature is especially advantageous to the small business organizations as they have limited resources and would like to get maximum profitability with existing resources.

Coordinate Efforts on a Single Page

In today’s complex and competitive business environments; there is a constant need for sales force and their efforts to be organized on the same page. This enhances the organization to collate customer data and queries, Address prospects, Share information and strategies and provide World class personalized service to their Customers.

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software provides with an array of services to contact, coordinate and provide world class services both for your customers and employees within the organization. It would also avoid duplication of data and Eliminates manual processes that can bog down sales cycle.

The Sales professionals not only need to connect to the Sales Heads but also need to coordinate their efforts with the Marketing, Accounting, Purchase and Production departments. Making their role more complex and involving them in routine work. The Sales professionals lack time for the vital activity of promoting Sales of the organization’s products and services. CRM renders a helping hand in providing the following services:

a) Organizing and Analyze Customer data:

The customer data is invaluable to any organization to pursue its interest in maximizing the profits. CRM provides an interface to collect data as well as to establish relationship by sending quotation, following prospects, reminders and newsletters to customers and keeping sales force well informed on updates of the products and customer status.

b) Improving and Performance tracking of Sales Professional

The question on how to improve one’s sales efficiency in every organization is the biggest challenge of today’s managers. CRM provides with an interface to centrally track sales opportunities, share Excel Spreadsheets and customer contacts.

Latest information on products and brand strategies are communicated in an easier fashion to the Sales force. This includes reporting and analyzing data to take quick business related decisions.

Marketing and Campaign management have been taken to a new dimension of providing strategies and information to sales force on their mobiles through mobile applications. Accounting Services are provided to track the expenditure on marketing and campaign programs.
Coordination of marketing campaigns from direct mailings to web downloads with an eye on moving leads to closed sales. We could measure the effectiveness of campaigns through robust metrics including number of leads that are contacted versus those that have responded and those that are closed.

Tracking sales leads, quotes and signing renewals and contracts have been recorded in a central repository. This enables us to predict the Sales forecast and accurately provision resources with the Production department.

c) Lead Management Services to generate more Business

The prospective customers in any business need to be converted into customers to maximize the profits of the organization. Lead Management Services provides with information on communications and quotes sent to prospects, contact details and follow-up timings for sales professionals to keep a track of the prospects. The hot and warm leads are given preference while the cold leads are stored in central repository for promoting future marketing programs. An application to Manage Emails and Calendar Activities are also available.

d) World class Customer service to encourage customer satisfaction and loyalty

Addressing customer queries and grievances in a personalized manner help in providing World class customer service. Tracking all customer support issues originating from a phone call or a web portal in a central repository to improve customer service and inform sales associates of potential hiccups before and during the renewal process. The process allows Analyzing of incidents, escalating issues and tracking the responses.

The case history of the customer would provide details to the executive to provide the best fit solution over the desk at the least possible downtime. Thereby, providing suitable solutions to each customer and ensuring repeat business from existing customers and promoting new customers through their references.

e) Design Targeted Marketing to promote Brand Recognition and Brand Loyalty

The various Marketing and campaign programs are targeted at a Niche segment of consumers for example Mercedes targets at the Wealthy Business Class Clientele; likewise Lamborghini and Ferrari attract Sportive Business Class Clientele. The designing of targeted marketing programs by these organizations could promote Brand recognition and Brand loyalty among Clients.

f) Project Management

Most companies take on various assignments or Projects on a regular basis. The execution of these projects require intricate details from organizing to implementation client fulfillment project, internal projects or the series of tasks required to get a new client into production. Host project-related documentation, tasks and communications–all in a central repository that is accessed by your teams no matter where they are working from.

The host of possibilities rendered by CRM, make it a Versatile Software in managing Customer Relations and in directing Sales force in achieving Business Deal closures. CRM also provides coordination between departments and automates workflow through its business cycles. CRM may in the future hold personalized applications to each customer and widen its horizon.

Email : sanganaktechnologies@gmail.com
Url : www.sanganaktechnologies.com


Getting ERP Leads Without The Expensive Learning Curve

Getting ERP Leads Without The Expensive Learning Curve

Just from the term Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP for short), you can already tell that any computer software package with that label is going to be heavily specialized for B2B. However, with that comes an equally heavy amount of work to be done when it comes to marketing.

Unlike any marketing research conducted for B2C products, companies selling B2B products need to know about each individual company to determine how they can make their software appeal individually to each one of them. It doesn’t matter if they all have a common industry or are targeting a common market of their own. The actual people you want to show your product to need to be impressed by making your ERP product relevant to their needs.

Now that you know that, you’re most likely eager to start gathering your staff to begin such research and then implementing it. Unfortunately, it’s not that simple if you’re lacking experience. Every step (from the research to the implementation) is riddled with inevitable trial-and-error periods because you’re just starting out.

Here’s an example. Now one of the first steps to getting the interest of business prospects (otherwise known as B2B lead generation), is to obtain accurate contact data. Here, you might already have some problems if you don’t have a concrete idea of how to start. Google searching or scouring the phonebooks barely scratch the surface when you’ll be targeting specific individuals in a company. Worst, these people could be even higher up the corporate ladder than you expected. There are also other things as well like the state of affairs in certain departments. That information can be most helpful when trying to make your product relevant and showing your prospect that you care about their own company’s problems.

Suppose you somehow managed to get a list done (like you discovered a seller of contact information on the internet and decided to buy). You now come to the second step of actually trying to make contact. Popular lead generation methods come in a wide range from email marketing to telemarketing. The difficulty here is that even the most middle-rank decision maker is likely to be too busy to hear or read anything. This is where relevance from the first step starts to shine. Mentioning the specific problems they’re having is more likely to grab their attention. However, it can also be a double-edged sword if they have a gatekeeper or a secretary receiving these things for them and might not like how you know so much. Another problem is how your method might end up sounding too automated, generic, and in the case of something as highly sophisticated as ERP software, you risk inflicting information overload. That is something that will definitely kill a prospect’s interest, even if you did manage to bypass a gatekeeper.

These are just two forms of the many potential trials that await you if you don’t know what you’re doing. Aside from that, you have issues like knowing when to follow up. What is the appropriate time to make a call? What keywords do you use or avoid when writing your emails so that it won’t come off as spam? Sometimes you find yourself that you’ll need more than one method and feel compelled to mix both. This type of learning curve can be quite costly. However, if outsourcing to lead generation services can easily cut all those costs in half without too many losses. There’s a lot you can learn from those who have already gained the experience before you.

Claire Hansen works as a marketing communications program manager. She is inviting you to visit http://www.erpsoftwareleads.com to learn more about lead generation and appointment setting for the software industry.


Features you should look into while buying CRM software

Features you should look into while buying CRM software

Installing a good CRM software package is the cornerstone of any customer relationship management program. Without good CRM software, gathering and storing the multitude of details gained about a customer from each interaction would be very difficult.

Small business CRM software has gone ahead in leaps bounds in recent years, with several top quality packages now available to choose from. Prior to beginning the search for good CRM software technology however, there are a few basic features you should seek in a potential CRM package:

Basic Functions: The CRM software should manage data relating to both individuals and companies and it should also provide time management features. As most businesses use Microsoft Office, including Outlook, the CRM package should offer seamless integration with MS Office and/or fax software, as the ability to compose letters, faxes and email without leaving the CRM software is vital.

Recognized CRM Software Supplier: Do your research. Make sure your proposed CRM software supplier is recognized in the industry and has a solid backing with reputable customer testimonials and reliable 24/7 technical support.

360 Degree Customer View: It is important to know which people work for the same company; who said, emailed or wrote what to whom, and when. These details need to be a single click away. Does the CRM package you are considering provide this 360-degree view?

Seamless Connectivity: These days it is becoming more and more common for a growing business and its mobile workforce to utilise networked access to a central database, to mobile phones, and to PDAs. You need to ensure your CRM software package supports all the connectivity required by your company.

Managing Campaigns: In order to optimize your business marketing dollars, tracking of marketing campaigns and measuring their performance is critical. You will need a CRM package which provides this function.

Managing Leads: If you want sales opportunities to become closed sales, tracking leads is of prime importance. Make sure you select CRM software which provides lead tracking.


Fish Bowl Marketing To Generate Endless Leads

Fish Bowl Marketing To Generate Endless Leads

Fish Bowl Marketing allows you to get hundreds of leads, even thousands of leads. How is this possible? Quiet simply, first you need to locate a restaurant that caters to your target demographics (i.e. business professionals). Then walk into the restaurant or cafe and ask to speak with the owner.

Many restaurants have a glass fish bowl by the cash register where people can drop in their business cards. They can be found in coffee shops, some chain restaurants, etc… Some business establishments use a fish bowl because they would like the business person to try to win a free lunch or dinner at the restaurant in a weekly drawing. This results in repeat business.

If the restaurant doesn’t have a fish bowl, all you need to do is gain permission to start your own fish bowl lead generation system. Once you get permission, create a sign that says “Win a Free Lunch”. Then, create entry forms that say: “Win a free lunch. All you have to do is finish the sentence ‘I hate my job because…’ An easier route is to ask them to drop their business card into the fish bowl as it already has their contact details neatly typed. Make sure that your sign looks professional and eye- catching.

Each week, pull out a winner and notify them then by email or with a call that they won the free lunch and when they can cash it in. For everyone who didn’t win, you can send them an email that notifies them that though they are not the winner, they did win second place and will get a consolation prize. What to give them? It is up to you… Maybe it can be a brochure, a newsletter about the power of residual income, a free product sample from your company, etc.

Make sure you also tell them to reply with a confirmation mailing address so they can get their free item and also so they can be entered in next week’s drawing. You then would send the free item to the people who respond to your email and enter them into the next week’s drawing (for those who respond). Continue to do this until everyone has received a free lunch.

Now, what is known about prospects who leave their cards and participate?

1) They are in a rat race and currently suffer through a 9-5 job, some commute long hours, and they know the disadvantages and lack of financial independence a job offers.

2) The prospect have some extra income because they buy their lunches instead of taking them to work in a lunch bag. This income could be redirected to building a part-time business from home. Buying lunches can get expensive. Purchasing twenty a month could easily cost about $150. This money could be used to invest in a business.

3) The prospects have regular jobs that pay their monthly bills. So, it is not likely they are in desperate need of money, and can afford to patiently build a network marketing business.

Writing to the participants instead of calling them can be powerful. This is because if you as a networker writes to them, you will only hear back from those who are interested, positive, and motivated to do something. You as a networker won’t have to listen to excuses and a lack of belief from those who are not qualified, allowing you to focus on building your business.

As you can see, you can use this technique many times over. Even better, it is an inexpensive way to build a massive list of leads, and do so locally without paying ridiculous fees to lead generation companies. Plus, you will come into contact with some great people and build your business rapidly. Choose a few business establishments and begin to grow your business today!

Author Bio: Having an entrepreneurial spirit, Ozlat is no stranger to being involved with hyper-growth business opportunities. Joining the Vemma and Verve opportunity early in 2008, Ozlat was a founding member and pioneer of the Australian movement, and is well on his way to reaching the top position in the company. To learn more about the techniques Ozlat and his team of successful distributors at Energy Cans use, please visit the Educational Section on the team blog.


Scope Of Vtiger Customization Across Industry Verticals

Scope Of Vtiger Customization Across Industry Verticals

Vtiger CRM has proved itself to be a potential system for managing all customer-centric activities in small and mid-range organizations worldwide. Being a variant of SugarCRM, Vtiger has gained acceptance worldwide in terms of it being free to use and flexibility of customization, since it is open source. With an efficient system for lead management, marketing management, inventory management, campaigning, generating reports and scheduling activities such as calenders, emails, sms notification capability etc, Vtiger caters to the automation of marketing processes and efficient management of client based information. As Vtiger customization has found a large number of takers now, more and more companies are offering vtiger customization services and also hosting at affordable rates.

Vtiger spans its reach across a number of verticals including services industry, hotels, travel, retail, automobiles industry, healthcare, call centers and much more. E-commerce integrations are available for vtiger, which has made it a boon for online markets. Add-ons and email client made available in vtiger is another advantage, as it comes free of cost.

Across verticals, the following industries find profound use in vtiger customization:

Services industry: The CRM seems to have been made rightfully for serving the purpose of service based businesses. The system can be used as it is, without going for large scale customizations. All functionalites including managment of leads, documents, email clients, marketing, calendaring vis a vis are of significance.

Logistics/ shipping/automobile: The main functionalities of managing leads to potentials, contacts, inventories, marketing etc are plus points.

Hotels/ travel industry: Most of the functionalities hold good. It is ideal for hotel/ travel industry to manage client information and automate their marketing/sales processes.

Retail shops: The main features that count are inventory management, purchase/sales orders, invoices, export as pdf options, email client etc. If possible to integrate with a POS (point of sale) tool, it could be a boon to retail shops. Since not all modules are to be used, the vtiger customization service required for such an option would be more to cut down and tailor it for the specific need.

Call centres find enormous use in managemnt of leads, contacts, marketing, mass emailing, sms alerting, following up on clients, scheduling using calendaring etc.

Online shops find it useful since vtiger allows integration with E-commerce modules such as x-cart, zen cart, oscommerce, magento etc. Also, mutliple shops can be managed at a time without much hassles.

Vtiger is also seen to satisfy the operational, analytical and collaborative aspects of a CRM. In addition to catering to front office processes, there is provision for reports analysis and also problem ticket management, customer portal etc, making it collaborative.

If you are looking for a complete package CRM for business purposes, you should definitely try out vtiger , opting for vtiger customization services. Nowadays, you get to choose not only for vtiger customization, but also assistance in installation, hosting, training etc. In other words, complete vtiger solutions are being offered as a package.


ERP Leads Make Your Approach More Personal

ERP Leads Make Your Approach More Personal

The complex nature of ERP software automatically indicates that it seeks to serve a multitude of purposes within a business. These range from the mere payroll system you see workers line up for to the sophisticated dashboard of a Business Intelligence application, a tool that can only be seen from the desk of the high ranking CEO.

However, with such a wide array of services and functions, it can be hard to discuss all of them when sparking the interest of prospect. As much as it’s good that your firm supplies such powerful, streamlining software, that power can come at the cost of your lead generation campaign.

The cost though is necessary because a successful sale can only mean prosperity for your firm. Still, how is it that such powerful software technology can cripple your capacity to get prospects interested? The answer lies in that in the communication process.

First, make a quick review on the most popular and viable methods out there for software companies. Normally, you’ll find email marketing, website creation, SEO, and even social media as popular suggestions. These are all well and good. In fact, they’re even quite befitting for a software company because their digital orientation.

Be warned however, this is where the multitude of features can pose as a difficulty. How are you going to pack all that information into a single website? Are you really sure you want to dedicate your entire marketing effort to contain all the information within a simple website? Given that ERP software is more often than not an entire package of other applications (much like computer operating systems), you might even end up having to make a different site for each of them! Sure with a website, it’s doable but how about an email? How are your going to pack in and summarize all that in a single letter without boring your prospect?

On the other hand, you might wonder what role does simplicity even play in all this. Well the truth is that simplicity can save the life of your lead generation plan. Do remember that the particular individuals your leads actually represent are quite the busybodies. They don’t have time to surf your site, no matter how well-made it looks. There’s no telling either if all it’s ever going to give them is an inconsiderate overdose of information.

What your marketing strategy needs is to be more personal. Reach out to each individual representative and determine if there are any specific problems that your products can help them with. Once you’ve researched that, start contacting them and carefully begin a dialogue.

Frankly, this is something where email is more likely to stumble. The spam filter is your worst enemy, making it uncertain if a client is even aware that you sent them anything. If you want a more direct and flexible means of communication, give telemarketing a try.

Believe it or not, software telemarketing is perfect for a B2B business like ERP software. Given that the lifestyles of decision makers and executives can differ greatly from average consumers, it takes remarkably different set of professional skill to communicate. These skills are from something you’d expect from stereotypical phone sales man. They’re careful. They’re not about selling but simply talking things over. The experienced ones even come with a very hefty database that they can pursue to help get you more qualified leads!

So if you still don’t want to risk the passive approach of internet advertising, be more active and personal by outsourcing your lead generation to telemarketers today.

Claire Hansen works as a marketing communications program manager. She is
inviting you to visit
http://www.erpsoftwareleads.com to learn more about lead generation
and appointment setting for the software industry.