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ERP Resources From Planit Search Leading IT Placement, ERP Services And More

ERP Resources From Planit Search Leading IT Placement, ERP Services And More

ERP resources from PlanIT Search create an invaluable resource for today’s businesses. Planning and coordinating your corporate procedures with enterprise resource planning (ERP) makes it possible to experience unparalleled efficiency and success — and PlanIT Search’s range of flexible solutions for ERP and IT needs let you find the very best solution for achieving this.

We have a virtual bench of ERP professionals that are able to assess your business’ unique requirements and implement solutions that are aimed at making your company run at its very best. PlanIT Search is the ERP market’s leader, providing numerous benefits to our clients that carry on long past the time our work with you is complete. Our consultants give you a set of invaluable tools that your company can use to excel in its field. We all know that increased coordination leads to smoother operations and, ultimately, higher profits. PlanIT lets you achieve this with ease.

Our ERP resources let you take advantage of the industry’s leading top professionals and services through a single, streamlined service. PlanIT Search is an expert in enterprise resource planning and is able to give you access to essential services and resources. These include staff augmentation, ERP integration, implementation, customization and support of your ERP suite. PlanIT’s services allow your business to experience numerous benefits such as streamlined communication between departments, increased budget predictability, data centralization and an overall increase in operational efficiency.

PlanIT Search deals with the ERP market’s top product developers and vendors. We maintain working relationships with renowned corporations such as IBM, Microsoft, Oracle and SAP. Making use of these product providers makes it possible for us to guarantee stability and continually high performance with every one of our ERP services. PlanIT Search installs software with exceptional, time-tested results, promising our clients that their new operational model will work properly long after the end of our consultation period.

If you’re interested in finding a great job in IT, PlanIT Search is the only resource you need. We are not only the leading ERP resource provider: we’re also the top choice for IT field placement. Our recruiters are always looking for information technology personnel that are eager to work with the best in the field. Joseph Zitek, President of PlanIT Search, started the company in 1999 as a veteran in recruiting and placement with a focus on the emerging ERP market. He, along with the rest of the PlanIT Search professionals, have continued to seek out the top IT professionals in order to further the success of the entire ERP industry.

Experience the ERP resources your business needs to stay ahead in a competitive marketplace, at the most competitive rates. PlanIT Search has the practical experience and services knowledge that consistently makes success a reality for every one of our clients.

For more information on PlanIT Search and its entire range of ERP resources and services, visit PlanITSearch.com.

PlanIT Search is the leading staffing solutions firm for IT recruitment and ERP implementation in Toronto, Ontario. For more information, visit PlanITSearch.com


Publishing Under Attack By A Fraud

Publishing Under Attack By A Fraud

Nielsen book ratings essentially imply a measure of the sales of books by means of point-of-sale software systems installed in the leading retail bookshops all across the globe.

As per the words of Jim King, the senior vice president of The Nielsen Company, Nielsen book ratings have gained popularity as a standard source of information. They are being relied upon heavily by the world’s leading publications and media corporates. For instance, Dow Jones & Company, a leading publication house globally, incorporates Nielsen ratings in one of its largest selling business publications called The Wall Street Journal. For inclusion in this publication, these book’s ratings by Nielsen are customized in the form of bestseller charts.

The alliance between the two companies, Nielsen and Dow Jones & Company, is further extended as the book ratings find a coveted place in WSJ.com or The Wall Street Journal Digital Network. As per the claims of The Nielsen Company, these book ratings are a reliable measure of book sales for use by the concerned entities of publishers, book libraries, global media, booksellers, and authors.

Dishonest claims really, considering the fact that the company has always been partial and heavily biased in favor of conservative book writers like Sarah Palin and Bill O’Rielly, reporting their bulk sales as part of their overall sales. Now, somebody may ask Jim King why the bulk sales are not reported in case of business authors. Why their bulk sales get disqualified? Simply because the company has an agreement with The Wall Street Journal?

With criticism growing by the end of the day, there can be no denying the facts. Yes, it is a fact that Nielsen point-of-sale software system, called BookScan, is not implemented by several leading retail bookstores, including Wal-Mart. And, in the absence of these outlets, how can Nielsen numbers be considered a true measure of an author’s rating? As per The Nielsen Company claims, it covers around 75% of book sales globally. However, with retail stores like Wal-Mart refusing to report their sales numbers to Nielsen, who is there to validate the authenticity of such big claims?

Another reason why you cannot expect an accurate picture is that Nielsen ignores a majority of independent bookstores all around the world. And, these book channels can actually cater to a big consumer base. Being extensively used by publishers, Nielsen ratings stand testimony to further discrepancies as the bulk purchases, by authors, get recorded as separate sales entries. And, reselling by consumers gets counted as a valid sales entry.

The software, BookScan, is further limited in the sense that it does not keep track of the sales or the number of books supplied to institutions like libraries. And, with the publishers deciding to use these ratings as a standard measure of sales, the authors are the entities suffering the most in terms of their money advances and royalties. A structure is needed where leading retail outlets like Wal-Mart as well as other grocery outlets start making use of The Nielsen Company services. But, till that time, a better approach would be to consider Nielsen ratings as a mere insight to book sales and not as a standard measure of sales.

Read more about BookScan software by visiting us at the provided link.


Top 6 digital events you should attend in 2011 (UK)

Top 6 digital events you should attend in 2011 (UK)

Having worked in the online or digital space for a number of years now, I thought it might be useful to highlight some of the must attend events for any passionate people working in online marketing, seo, web design and development, ecommerce, content management and production as well as those new to the digital space.

Please feel free to leave any comments or suggest events that I may have missed off. There is so much going on in the online world now-a-days that you do have to be quite selective. Just remember to take some spare change for a coffee or two as these events will need your full attention – not that it’ll be hard to absorb anything digital related as it’s always so fascinating.

Top digital events for 2011

1.TFM&A (Technology for Marketing and Advertising): 1 -2 March 2011 | Earls Court 2 & 26 May 2011 | Featured at the eCommerce Expo Manchester

TFM&A delivers the latest industry insight, trends and developments as well as leading suppliers of digital, direct, data and CRM solutions enabling for truly integrated marketing campaigns. It’s also a great opportunity to network with peers and find some new suppliers.

Register in advance for free entry.

2.Digital Shoreditch: 3 – 7 May, 2011 | Various locations in and around Shoreditch including Brick Lane (http://digitalshoreditch.com/)

The Digital Shoreditch festival celebrates outstanding creativity in the heart of the UK’s digital hub. Shoreditch will become a digital playground on 3rd-7th May 2011, with late-night parties, eye-catching displays such as illuminated buildings, real-world interactive installations, and augmented reality games. The festival showcases the latest technologies; provides a platform for sharing knowledge and ideas; and connects anyone with an interest in digital.

It focuses on a wide range of industries and has a more fun edge to it – so you could even take the children on the Saturday as they have a ‘Family Day’. So get your hands on some tickets now (http://digitalshoreditch.com/about-2/).

3. Internet World (http://www.internetworld.co.uk) – 10 – 12 May 2011 | Earls Court 2 | London
This free event* has been around for a number of years and is the biggest online or digital focused event for a range of topics and disciplines. It has also grown and now features over 300 solution providers and attracts a staggering 12,000 visitors.

The show is now arranged into five different shows and categories all within the same place which are; Digital & Mobile Marketing, Connectivity & Hosting, eCommerce & mCommerce, Social Media and Content Management.

Their education programme (http://www.internetworld.co.uk/Content/Internet-World-2011-Keynote-Programme) is also fantastic featuring free seminars and presentations from some of the leading digital companies such as eBay, Google, Facebook and Amazon. Take a look at the full Keynote timetable (http://www.internetworld.co.uk/Content/Keynote-Timetable-2011) – from my experience you need to get there fairly early as the free places fill up very fast.

It’s also a great way to approach new suppliers and get a feel for what services are being offered. You could also pick up a freebie or two.

*you must register in advance to gain free entry.

4.Marketing Week Live: 29 – 30 June 2011, Grand Hall, Olympia (http://www.onlinemarketingshow.co.uk/)

Marketing Week Live attracts thousands of forward thinking marketers all looking for that next inspirational idea to take their campaigns to the next level. A truly inspirational experience for the UK’s modern marketer.

There are four different shows focusing on retail (In-Store), data driven marketing (The Data Marketing Show), market research and insight (Insight) and digital and online (Online Marketing). Their free seminars are always interesting and useful. Again, ensure you arrive early. Register in advance to ensure free entry to the show. (http://www.onlinemarketingshow.co.uk/registration.aspx)

5.eCommerce Expo: 26 May 2011 | Manchester & 11 – 12 October | Olympia, London (http://www.ecommerceexpo.co.uk/)

eCommerce Expo is the industry event for the UK and, increasingly, Europe. It ranks as one of the largest gatherings of Ecommerce professionals in Europe and boasts over 140 exhibiting companies plus a comprehensive conference programme. There’s an invaluable ‘Google University’ where you can hear about the latest trends in search (SEO and PPC) and see what they have planned. Plus listen to case studies and independent keynote presentations from speakers from some fantastic companies such as More Th>n, Argos, Amazon, Shop Direct Group, Google and Barclaycard.

Entrance to the exhibition and conference is free.

6.Apps World: 29 – 30 Nov, 2011 | Olympia (http://www.apps-world.net/europe/)

The Apps World event aims to address the entire app ecosystem, and the challenge of delivery, development and design of apps across multiple platforms. A truly international event, that brings together leading operators and app stores worldwide, and is the first show to draw on parallels between the emergence of the TV app store, the challenge to pay TV operators, the challenges mobile operators face, device manufactures and the emergence of the tablet apps marketplace.

The event costs from £225 and is split into three main focuses; a developers zone (free entry), marketing zone and TV Apps, handset and operators zone.

If you’ve missed any of these events why not sign-up for updates on their website – it’s a great way to secure free entry for next year. Enjoy the shows!

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Gail Kenny is the managing director of puregenie.com, one of the UK’s leading online recruitment agencies specialising in digital media and ecommerce jobs. Launched back in 2006, they have rapidly earned a reputation as one of the best recruiters of talented online managers within the travel sector. In more recent years they have broadened the sectors which they operate in to include online gaming, financial services and media. They work with some of the biggest names in online travel. They are not an online job board, but offer a comprehensive recruitment service. Puregenie (puregenie.com) is part of The Gail Kenny Group, see www.gailkenny.com.