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Book Review The Ultimate Guide to Google AdWords by Perry Marshall

Book Review The Ultimate Guide to Google AdWords by Perry Marshall

The Ultimate Guide to Google AdWords: How to Access 100 Million People in 10
Minutes” by Perry Marshall is a phenomenal book. The book is well written,
well organized and easy to follow. The information is action packed and leads
you step-by-step in creating your own profitable Google AdWords account.

In his book, Mr. Marshall provides great tips and insights. Some of the key
things you will learn include:

1. How to Build Your Very Own Google Campaign from Scratch – the Right Way. You
will learn how to tell if a market is for you. You will see how to set up your
campaign and tweak it for maximum effectiveness.

2. How to Pay Less and Get More Clicks – See how to organize your campaign and
use split testing to determine which ads are producing the best results. Find
the best keywords and how to eliminate keywords that aren’t working.

3. How to Develop High Quality Keyword Lists and how to Craft Killer Headlines –
Perry will teach you how to “research” keywords and get rid of visitors who

waste your time. You will also discover how to write “killer” ad copy that
grabs your visitors attention and begs them to click your ad.

4. How to Develop Your Very Own “Unique Selling Proposition” (also known as USP)
– Discover how to create your very own USP. Perry will teach you how to create
a “catchy” one sentence USP that tells customers what separates you from the
competition and why they should do business with you.

5. How to Measure Performance – You will learn how you can track performance for
your ads. Find out which ads are making your cash register ring and which ones
are draining your bank account. Discover how much it costs to acquire a new
customer and what your “visitor value” is.

6. How to Beat Your Competition – Learn how you can stay one step ahead of your
competition, even in a tough competitive category. You will learn how you can
increase your campaign effectiveness by marketing offline, creating an email
campaign and building a “back end” sales funnel.

7. And so much more!

I can truly say that this 306 page masterpiece is one of the top 3 business
books I have ever read. If you are trying to establish or improve your online
presence, you need to pick-up a copy of this book. You will get back your
$24.95 investment (retail price) in no time.

To learn more about how to utilize Google AdWords to promote your small business Click Here Charles Holmes is a successful author, entrepreneur and marketing guru.


Pharmaceutical Conference on Sales Force Effectiveness in the Middle East

Pharmaceutical Conference on Sales Force Effectiveness in the Middle East

A two Day Conference 2008 for the Pharmaceutical Sector

– November 11-12, 2008 – JW Marriott, Dubai –

The strategic sales forum held in the Middle East will give an answer to the most captious topics of today. Making the pharma strategic sales forum, the most important Pharmaceutical Conference held in the Middle East.

At the conference, only the best speakers, the utmost brilliant masterminds, surprisingly sharp strategies and much more will be brought to your attention at the Pharmaceutical Conference.

Sales & Marketing Excellence: Enlighten your mind with the most powerful methods to reach your customer through effective market alignment and targeting strategies;

Market Management: Learn how to create long-term successful management and sales training programs that will enable your sales teams to engage with your customers throughout the region;

Sales Force Development: Identify the gaps in the skills of your representatives, required to boost performance and get them more motivated and responsive to change within the market;

Data Management & Systems: Find the right technology for your company and learn best practices in managing your data to enhance your SFE strategies;

Customer Relationship Building: Develop a customer-focused strategy and deliver consistently increased sales across your territories.

Dear Colleague,

This is your invitation to join the Pharmaceutical Conference in Dubai on the 11th & 12th of November 2008.

The Sales Force Effectiveness Middle East Conference 2008 will show you how to choose, implement and deliver the most effective sales platform for your business. It will show you how to optimise your sales teams, maximise the customer impact and increase revenues.

Through months of in-depth research the Pharmaceutical Conference has got a very innovative and information rich programme based on what the industry wants. It will help you take the right steps to exploit and develop a whole range of marketing opportunities offered to you by today’s sales strategies and capabilities suited to the Middle East.

This is your only chance of the year to be enlightened by some of the most distinguished international and regional speakers and thought leaders in SFE. All of whom are eager to share with you a wealth of knowledge and expertise through exclusive case studies, cutting edge research findings and market intelligence in order to communicate more effectively with the increasingly demanding customer-base.

The unmatchable track record is built on our proven ability to help you make better strategic decisions to drive your business forward and stay ahead of the curve. All this culminates in an outstanding event which will be sold out within no time. Make sure your competitor does not get your seat! -Book your place today!

1. The Speakers

The Pharmaceutical Conference brings together world leading pharmaceutical experts in SFE and thought leaders from outside of the pharmaceutical world to give advice on how to advance your SFE strategies.

2. No Sales Pitches

The SFE Conference is an independent event. Every single presentation will go through a rigorous review process in advance to ensure consistent high quality presentations that provide you with relevant information that you can implement into your strategies.

3. Relevant, Focussed Sessions

Through months of research the 2008 event will deliver a exquisite, leading event which will answer your sales challenges including specialised sessions on Sales & Marketing Integration, Data Management, SFE Training & Development, Physician Relationships and many more.

4. Unrivalled Networking

No other event in the Middle East can provide you with 2 days of business focussed networking with some of the most influential pharmaceutical sales people.

5. Exclusive Real-World Case Studies

Learn through a proven formulary of SFE examples which will take you on a tour of the best practice techniques that no other event can deliver with such knowledgeable insights and answers to key sales challenges you can come face to face with.

SFE Middle East at a glance…

Take a look at our fresh innovative new format designed to maximize your learning and networking time at the conference.

Monday November 10

-Pre-Conference Data Management Workshop;

-An afternoon session is dedicated to learn the most effective ways of handling and managing your data and the best practice for successfully implementing it.

DAY 1 – November 11th

The brand new SFE Middle East 2008 Conference will focus on the most effective ways to develop and build a quality focussed sales force within a rapidly changing regional and industry environment.

The event is for sales executives, product managers, emerging markets specialists, business intelligence, business strategy, marketing, marketing research, training and learning, pricing and re-imbursement professionals.


Where does SFE fit into the sales & marketing model of the Middle East?

Learn how to successfully implement more quality focused sales force to deliver a more customer-centric approach;

Understand how to effectively target and segment your market by aligning your marketing and sales strategies by region;

Gain effective results by integrating sales and marketing through your portfolio to stand out from international and generic competition.

Tahir Hussein Global Group Brand Manager, Spimaco Pharmaceuticals

Understand the impact of media on sales force and why your company needs sales force in DTC projects;

Discover how leading companies are managing PR and media in the region and using this to their advantage to increase awareness and branding of their products;

Understand what your customer wants to hear and develop an effective process to communicate this message to your representatives.

Wael El Zanaty, Director of Communications, sanofi-aventis


How to make effective sales decisions with limited data and information throughout the region?

Examine the opportunities and best investment options for sales and marketing operations in the Middle East;

Strategies for coping with a lack of market research data – including commissioning internal research, use of better customer insight with your sales teams, developing your internal structure for better capture of information – and when to use gut instinct!

Make your money work for you – recognize the limited scope of possible investment and get the best returns for your spend;

How to make quick decisions across the region – focussing on the similarities rather than the differences between countries.

Amr Fahmy, Director of Marketing, AstraZeneca Saudi Arabia

Standardized solutions vs. tailor-made models – how to reach out to your customers in a fragmented region?

– How you can lengthen product lifecycles through more effective management & sales training that can increase the quality and performance of your sales teams;

– Understand the latest global trends and learn how you can effectively tailor these messages to communicate with your target market;

– Learn how you can better integrate and co-ordinate communication between the regions and HQ through a structured management system to deliver an effective and transparent operation;

– Discover what works best between stand-alone solutions or tailored solutions to ensure your KPI’s are achievable.

Marta Wieldonek, Global Brand Director, Novartis

Market driven management: A new way of thinking about your sales strategies

> An in-depth look at how Sanofi-Aventis are developing their sales plan based on research and mapping of the Middle East Market and what benchmarks they use for effective implementation of the plan;

> Learn the different types of business orientation within the region and learn which is the right approach to take for your products in the region.

Ahmed Omar, Product Manager, Sanofi-Aventis

Territory alignment and sales force sizing: Discover the best tactics for the most effective use of your sales teams throughout the region

> Discover how your territories operate and what level of investment is needed to maximize your organisations return there;

> Learn how it is quality and not quantity of your sales teams which will make effective ROI in your territories.

Phil Rush, Country Head, Novartis Saudi Arabia

DAY 2 – November 12th


Develop and implement an effective CRM Strategy for the Middle East and Africa Region

An overview of a proven regional CRM approach from a leading pharmaceutical company

The importance of high quality data in successful CRM deployment

Anissa Boghdady, Regional Manager Middle East, Cegedim Dendrite Senior-level speaker from a Top 10 Pharmaceutical Company

Identify the best data systems for your organization to produce and manage a reliable data source

Discover when and where should you get your market and sales data from;

Learn how to analyze your market needs and evaluate what parameters you need to successfully implement the best independent data providers;

Learn best practice in data management to ensure your database is updated and clean to save your representatives time out in the field;

Understand how an effective database is critical in expanding your organisations reach.

Mahmoud Hany Rizk, Governmental Affairs & Commercial Director, Merck Serono Middle East

SFE and technology – Discover how to improve your sales force through adopting the latest software and programs

Discover what technology can be applied to your business needs and how your organisation needs to change in order to implement new technology which can drive your SFE strategies;

Learn how to train your Sales Force up to deliver better results and faster communication with these tools;

Identify the areas for growth in technology such as CRM and how your organisation can develop these areas ahead of the competition;

Understand how these new tools can be a faster and more effective way to measure the market and your performance.

Ayman Mokhtar, Director of Marketing, sanofi-aventis


Proven strategies to accelerate the effectiveness of first line managers

> Examine effective coaching and development strategies that will provide training up to management level, to encourage self-improvement and motivation throughout

How to successfully develop your reps by using incentivising tactics and allowing 2-way communication to be fed through the organization;

How the managerial roles should evolve for a new flexible approach to new pharma territories and how your company should prepare.

Masood Jaffrey, Associate VP, GSK

Sales force development – Strategies to make sure your representatives work consistently and effectively

> Understand the skill gaps in your sales force and learn how to build a program around it. Develope those skills to ensure continuity of skilled representatives in your organization;

> Learn how to develop a culture of continuous learning by giving representatives more responsibility and empowerment;

> Establish best practice for effective sales calls and meetings which will enable better reviews of performance for your representatives.

Waleed Sabet, Front Line Sales Manager, UAE, Novartis


A general manager’s overview – Solvay’s sales approach to the Gulf Region

> Gain an insight into the Macro-Economics of the region and what it means for Pharmaceutical companies;

> Examine an external SWOT analysis of the region and how you can develop these areas;

> Learn the structure of the Healthcare system in the Gulf and what the best way is to identify your customers;

> Learn how Solvay have developed their sales strategies in response to this region.

Ahmed Khalaf, General Manager, Solvay

Performance management: How to find the right KPI’s for a customer focused sales force

> Understand what the critical challenges are facing the sales environment and learn what the right KPI’s are to put in place to build an effective sales model for the future;

> Discuss how to overcome the internal barriers to implementing new selling models and what you have to do to overcome them.

Jamil Akhter, General Manager, Global Pharma

A customer’s point of view – What you need to know about your company’s interactions

> Hear a customer explain the new approaches pharmaceuticals are taking in Western Europe to delivering added value to its customers and what take-home solutions you can learn from them;

> Understand the similarities between the UK and the Middle East Market and learn what your customers are thinking and how you can be the first to meet their demands now and in the future.

Omar Ali, Formulary Developer & Pharmacist, NHS

Fee per Delegate:

Platinum Pass

– Two Day Conference

– Full event recording

– Access to conference workshops $ 2100.00

– Pharma Middle East Report

– Access to special IMS Data Management Workshop

Gold Pass

– Two Day Conference

– Full event recording $ 1600

– Access to conference workshops

Silver Pass

– Two Day Conference

– Access to conference workshops$1400

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Things to know about the CRM system

Things to know about the CRM system

Customer relationship management or CRM system is a tool serving as a business organizer. While this tool is widely used by large corporations and companies, many business owners still have many questions about this application. If you are planning to purchase a CRM system for your company, you may also want to learn more about it.

How does it work?

The first thing for you to know is that the main purpose of the CRM system is to make it easier for you to communicate with your customers, to make your relationships and interactions more fruitful, to learn more about your customers’ needs and demands. The CRM model can also be used as a business organizer. It can help you coordinate the operational processes, manage your business, and track down all the deals.

How can my company benefit from it?

The CRM model has a number of obvious advantages. Not only you as a business owner will benefit from the system, but all the company will enjoy certain merits, too. For example, the entire customer fulfillment will be improved, the number of the returning clients will be increased, and it will also be much easier for you and your company to focus on some specific demands, expectations, and needs of your customers.

Is it good for my company?

It is always important to know how this or that technique or tool will help you develop your business, how it will affect your company’s productivity, and if it will bring any changes at all. With the CRM system, you always have a possibility to evaluate its work. Moreover, this can be achieved in two different ways. First of all, if you want to evaluate your marketing strategies implemented with the help of CRM, there are special comparison charts. You can also make a social survey to learn your customers’ opinion or, alternatively, you can assess the information on customers’ satisfaction. Both the social survey and the comparison charts can help you realize whether you need the system or not.

Is it for me or for my company?

The CRM model is designed for the entire company, and not just for a business owner. It means that any of your managers can benefit from it. You can install it on all of your computers to make the organizational and management processes even easier. Note that you may want your employees to take special training courses before implementing the system. It will help them get accustomed with the system and learn its main functions and features. Such approach is a must if you want the system to give positive results within the shortest period of time.

Is it upgradable?

One of the best things about the CRM model is that it is easily upgradable by the host. If you have been using the system for some time, and feel that you want it to be even better than it is now, you can ask the host to provide you the latest updates of the system, including the new features and functions.