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Why Ecommerce With Point of Sale Integration is Incredibly Important For Success

Why Ecommerce With Point of Sale Integration is Incredibly Important For Success

The Ecommerce is evolving at current trend, with increasing mobile and responsive websites at internet. Point of sale software systems are boon to automate the retail business and eCommerce business by combined automation of inventory and stock management. This increases the productivity of the retail and eCommerce sales prevent double entry record maintenance and so on.

Check out further to know why eCommerce with point of sale integration is incredibly important for success.

What does a Point of Sale Software Do?

POS systems can connect all the virtual and physical warehouses and mange the incoming and outgoing stocks, interchange order, sales and customer information from web store to POS for delivery, automating the record maintenance with cloud using QuickBooks integration, generating overall sales reports and growth progress both on physical stores and ecommerce web stores.

POS Integration Early Adoption:

Multiple ecommerce shopping website vendors like Shopify, WordPress WooCommerce and Magento allow access to systematize inventory and ecommerce selling processes with popular POS Software solutions. It is now possible to integrate pos with Magento, Shopify and WooCommerce using webhooks and RestAPI. All you need is a pos developer.

The Shoppify and Magento are the wide used brands in which most ecommerce websites are hosted. The next big platform is WordPress in which WooCommerce plugin is used for ecommerce. All the above popular platforms developed an integrated pos module to sync pos. Importantly Shopify POS, is a competitive point of sale system developed to defeat LightSpeed POS Systems.

Leading Point of Sale Software Integration Brands:

They are some of the leading brands in offering point of sale solutions with cloud servers -LightSpeed POS:The Integrated Point of Sale with rich featured solutions in LightSpeed Pro & LightSpeed Cloud. LightSpeed for MultiStore, LightSpeed for Restaurant App are available for iPhone,iPad and iPod -Shopify POS:Integrated point of sale setup available for every shopify users to sync product inventory with web stores. -CheckOutApp:Unique powerful and secure point of sale app -MACPOS: Point of sale for MACIntosh with greater control over inventory for food order management systems. -MYMAC: Retail Apple MAC POS consultant for Australian retail and eCommerce businesses -ZingCheckOut: Cloud point of Sale software application competitor of LightSpeed POS -ShopKeep: Easy to use ipad POS systems. -PayGoPOS: A one stop POS for Mobile, Windows and Cloud -VendHQ: Setup Multistore POS for iPad

Productive and Secure

Point of sale Integration does not only automate the business process it is secured. You can make secure transaction for payments with credit card or debit card with guaranteed PCI-DA compliant certified POS payment gateway processors and credit card processors.

It reduced the man effort and minimizes the error ratio and results in productive environment for successful business operations.

Being one of the professional POS developers, proffers limitless check website for more indepth information LightSpeed ecommerce .


Why Lightspeed POS For Mobile – An Incredible Way to Transform Sales Process With iPhone And iPod

Why Lightspeed POS For Mobile – An Incredible Way to Transform Sales Process With iPhone And iPod

Point of Sale systems definitely an impressive way to make business deals with less time and effort. Mobile POS lead us to next generation selling easy with any iPhone or iPod.

Why LightSpeed?

There may be various point of sale software available to enhance ecommerce but above all other point of sale systems, LightSpeed POS is one such wonderful solution to facilitate retail businesses more effective.

Which LightSpeed POS can support Mobile?

LightSpeed Pro Mobile POS is unique product available for iPhone, iPod from LightSpeedRetail.

How LightSpeed POS for Mobile is beneficiary? -It gives a personalized shopping experiences digitally using iPhone or iPod by allowing every retail sales team to close deals with no time. -It allows the iPhone or iPod to scan barcode using Linea Pro scanner and add to products to customer shopping cart. -We can simply choose the customer by selecting them from customer list. -All backend retail management provisions like creating new invoice, verify inventory and stocks levels, scan and add products to cart, check out for payment with LightSpeed POS CreditCard Processing. -Mailing the receipts or print them done efficiently happens in minutes by connecting and accessing data from database.

What are requirements for installing LightSpeed for iPhone or iPod? -You may require access to LightSpeed 3.6 to connect to database Server using Wi-Fi, 3G, or VPN. -You can download LightSpeed PRO Mobile POS 1.5 demo version on Apple ITunes free of cost. -It also requires hardware like iPod 4 Touch, iPhone, Linea Pro kit inclusive of barcode scanner, credit card swipe, battery pack, and USB A to Mini B to charge scanner devices.

What are the Limitations? -1 user / every available LightSpeed server license -LightSpeed Server with 5 user access can log in concurrently up to 5 mobile or MAC devices. -Without Device running with IOS 4.0 and above, it is not possible to process sales and payment. -Credit card processing is limited to credit card processors supported by lightspeed. -Axia, Merchant Warehouse, Tyro and Authorize.net are the LightSpeed POS Credit card processing services in United States. -Tyro is the LightSpeed POS Credit card processing services in Australia while other payment processors are explored for international payments.

Why should not be Shopify POS or ShopKeep POS or VendHQ POS?

There are Multiple Mobile POS available apart from LightSpeed PRO Mobile Point of Sale. Nothing is comparable with LightSpeed Features with limitless sales opportunities.

We Radiant proffer limitless solutions for integrating LightSpeed POS for iPod at affordable costs. We can also handle Custom FileMaker Plugin Development and JBilling CRM Integration for Retailers to enhance their business functions.