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How to Make Your Liquor Store into a Thriving Business

How to Make Your Liquor Store into a Thriving Business

Copyright (c) 2009 Richard K Parker

In my many years of helping people buy businesses, I have noticed something interesting about people who are selling their liquor stores. They’re usually suffering from extreme burnout!

If you tour a number of liquor stores that are for sale, you’ll discover what I mean. The places are usually dingy, and there are bottles on the shelves that could have been sitting there for years. The lighting needs replacing, the walls need a fresh coat of paint, and boxes of really old stock are stacked up in storage rooms. I have even seen injection-molded plastic signs on the walls for brands of beer that aren’t even available anymore.

Sounds dismal, right? Well, not really, because all those factors can spell opportunity just for you, a smart buyer.

Here are the steps to turn that underperforming liquor store into a money machine!

Step one: Make sure you purchase the correct store!

First things first… You have to buy a store with untapped demographic potential. It could be an older “mom and pop” liquor store in a neighborhood that has recently been transformed by the arrival of younger, well-to-do professional consumers. It could be in a part of the city where new office complexes are planned. Whatever it is, it has to have growth potential.

Avoid buying a liquor store in an area that’s in decline. Sometimes such stores can be generating positive cash flow by selling half pints of liquor and flask-style bottles of inexpensive wine, but let’s face it; a store in an area that’s improving will always offer you more potential for growth and increased profitability.

Step two: Cater to a more upscale clientele!

If you’re in an area that is attracting a growing number of professional people, start building an upscale inventory that will appeal to them. Don’t wait for people to ask for more exclusive wines, get those products on your shelves in anticipation of popular demand.

Then we get to the issue of customer service. If you want to capture an upscale customer group, you’ll have to be able to answer questions about various wines – which wines are highly rated, or which go best with a particular kind of food.

One way to provide this service is to hire knowledgeable salespeople. Another way is to hire enthusiastic people and train them, or perhaps become a wine expert yourself. Your choice of strategy depends on your budget, your sales and the size of your establishment.

Step three: Make your upscale store look the part – from day one.

If your store needs renovation or freshening up before it can appeal to your new clients, make sure you budget for this – and always reserve a realistic amount of money for fix-ups. Come to a reality-based total for how much everything will cost, and make this point a significant aspect of your calculations as you negotiate with the Seller for the most reasonable purchase price. Remember, you cannot appeal to an upscale clientele by slapping a fresh coat of paint on dusty shelves. Look at windows, lighting, floor areas, wall coverings and more. Even your cash registers need to be up-to-date and spotless.

Step four: Expand your product offerings beyond alcoholic beverages.

Over the last decade, upscale liquor stores have begun to offer gourmet cheeses and other food products. It makes sense to expand in this way. If people are looking for a good bottle of wine, or some excellent beer to compliment a good meal, why not offer them cheese, olives, crackers and other elegant appetizers? Remember to check local ordinances and zoning to be sure you can sell foods at your location.

Step five: Hold in-store events to attract more of your target clients.

Hold wine tastings, cooking classes and cheese seminars in your store. If an author has recently published a book on wine or cheese, have a book signing on your premises.

Events do more than sell products. They give your store the feeling of a community – and a destination.

Step six: Build an Internet presence.

Set up a store Webpage where you recommend wine, liquors and beer. On your Webpage, make sure to put a sign-up form where customers can subscribe to a professional email newsletter, in which you distribute detailed information about your products.

Also, in your newsletter, include coupons for discounts on wines, beer and other products, and try to be inventive about finding new ways of making it easy for your customers to recommend additional subscribers to you.

Always present your Website visitors with the opportunity to order products strait from your Website store. You can offer local delivery if you have a vehicle, or low cost shipping to a wider area. Be aware, however, that you may be prevented by law from shipping alcoholic beverages to other states, and make sure to check this out before you buy your store, so you can get a realistic idea of the business’s true overall profit potential.


Richard Parker is the President and founder of the prestigious Diomo Corporation – The Business Buyer Resource Center. His celebrated materials, seminars and consulting have encouraged thousands of business buyers from around the World to pursue their dream of buying a business. Want to discover more about impressive business buying success strategies that really work, then look no further than=> http://www.howtobuyaliquorstore.com/


Ideal Bar ERP Software and Inventory Management System – FBHControl

Ideal Bar ERP Software and Inventory Management System – FBHControl

FBHcontrol has launched Bar ERP software which is one of the Perfect bar inventory management system with Bluetooth Scale feature. Bar ERP tool supervise your income, promotion, cash, expense and many more. A bar holder in fact have to maintain track of everything that is coming and going. Operating a bar at constant revenue is difficult without having a complete liquid control system in hand. But if you do not use the correct method to maintain a successful bar then it could be very difficult job to manage it.

If you want to operate a bar business effectively and productively then it is most important to conduct an inventory on regular interval of time. It would be more appropriate if it is will be done each month. Dependable and honest employees are also needed to prevent theft. Inventory is also needed when bar operator needs to control and monitor it efficiently and maintain quality control. Therefore the importance of inventory in bars cannot be ignored. It has certainly great significance and proves to be productive if done on regular basis.

As inventory takes a lot of time and effort if carried out accurately and also feels irritating so unfortunately most of the bars do not manage it on regular basis. Choosing the best inventory management software for your bar is a difficult job but in fact you need to find it because the right type of software allows you to check and monitor your inventory and to have actual information about it. A reasonable functionality of any bar inventory management system includes check in and checkout in short words. Liquor inventory control is a crisis in our industry.

Liquor over pouring, staff stealing and theft etc are some of the major problems that badly influence the productivity of bars operations. Therefore a proper bar inventory software will help you to check, understand and monitor the performance of the bar by making sure how much liquor has been consumed and how much it actually needs. Liquor level is maintained. It is done by tracking bottles and then comparing it with the liquid sold out. It will surely help in the controlling the cost and prevention of loss. They can attain better prosperity by maintain very careful check on each and every item present in inventory especially every drink poured.

No doubt such type of system is very efficient in performance but unfortunately, not everyone can afford that. Are you looking for a bar inventory management system? Fbhcontrol will save you time, money, and remove alcohol over pouring and theft so you will be able to recover the cost of the system quite easily. With our advanced features and abilities now you can keep an eye on every ounce poured.

It helps in comparing expected inventory with actual inventory. Everything can be managed at one place. Now your IT cost can also be reduced by our system. You can avoid and recognize billing errors with the updated prices. It will help you become more productive. It has eliminated the work of guessing how much liquor is needed and how much is used because it provides complete facts and figures of everything.

I am a professional content writer. Now my article is on FBHcontrol which is US top bar inventory management System Company. Ideal Bar ERP Software has capability to manage the various hotels income, expense and reporting. To improve your business’ efficiency and profit, I’ll suggest you to try FBHcontrol.


Point of Sale System Helps Control Bar Liquor Cost and Inventory

Point of Sale System Helps Control Bar Liquor Cost and Inventory

Bar staff often do their work without a direct supervision that would sometimes lead to liquor waste and theft which can be very hard to detect. Spillage, over pours, and waste are some of the ongoing problems that can mess up any liquor inventory. The liquor inventory loss can cause a big difference in the profit of a busy bar.

Fortunately, there is now a bar inventory management system that can help measure every ounce of alcohol that flows from the container, every day, every minute. In this way, hotel, bar and restaurant owners can certainly bring down any possibility of wasting liquor.

Fast, accurate, easy to use and invisible to the consumer, the entire system can usually be interfaced with the tailor made bar software. It offers bar owners with a real time report as well as the visibility of the actual inventory and the stock movements.

The typical benefits of a bar software are the following: -The point of sale system can easily track the pour costs, flow in contrast to the sales, trends and its brand performance -The software can help staff keep drink sizes at a constant amount. -The software offers bar owners a better record keeping of alcohol dispensing for risk reduction -It accurately tracks data every day, every hour and every minute. -The software can actually drill down to the exact time and location of each variance -The software can compare every ounce of alcohol dispensed to the point of sale records -The software has easy integration with CCTV to link variances to the actual images of customers and staff -It can assess pour costs and receive precise profit and loss information on a day to day basis. -The bar software can receive accurate variance analysis and alerts a PC or mobile. It can also set automated alerts in a store both on regional and corporate levels -The software can also check and provide liquor suppliers with reports on a brand’s performance as well as it can remove the need for manual stock takes To purchase bar software, call H&L Australia at 1800 778 340 Or log on to http://www.barsoftware.com.au/


About Author:

I’m a business expert who helps Barsoftware increase its visits and sales. To know more about Bar Point of Sale and all of their other services. Please visit their website @ www.barsoftware.com.au or you may call them through 1800 778 340.

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How Liquor Store Point of Sale Works

How Liquor Store Point of Sale Works

What is Liquor Store Point of Sale?
Liquor Store Point of Sale (POS) is a business management solution designed for stores that vend liquor, wines and beers. It is worked by software that deals with managing and tracking items and products in the store.

It is developed to reduce the adversity of manual inventory of items. Thus, Liquor Store POS is perhaps, the best retail management software for liquor and beer stores.

What Comprises the Liquor Store Point of Sale?
A Liquor Store Point of Sale (POS) system is composed of a monitor, computer, cash drawer, code scanner, receipt printer, pole display and POS software. The pole display depicts how much the customers will pay for the items. The code scanner, on the other hand, identifies the code and adds the total items to the invoice.

How Liquor Store Point of Sale Contributes to the Business?

The management software is run by desktop computers using the Windows Operating System (OS). It is easy to set-up, and the cost of most softwares is reasonable. The following are some of its features: -Check-out customers’ items easily and efficiently using a touch-screen interface. -Schedules product delivery and shipment with ease and no delays. -Create programs to attract new customers and make the old ones stay. -Monitors store’s profit. Likewise, it has sales history. -Liquor Store POS software is easy to use, lesser time for user’s training -It is an integrated system that captures errors such as information re-entry and provides prompt response, automatically eliminating them. If mistakes incur, the user can easily fix the error while not affecting the present inventory. -Liquor Store POS gives you daily audit reports where entries and corrections are depicted. -Improved customer service by prompt delivery action of items. -Customers may able to check online for products that are made available or out of stocks. -Liquor Store POS has so called security program which allows authorized persons to overview the whole financial and business transactions such as loss statements and profits. -It has also purchasing control. When hectic periods hit the store, Liquor Store POS deals the situation. -Liquor Store POS updates every inventory and is in charge of ordering items such as what items have lesser stocks and products that have discounts. -It has accounting features even the recent transaction of other networks. -It has theft control feature.

There are a lot of Liquor Store POS softwares that are widely available in the market in managing liquor and wine businesses.

The price of the POS software depends on the number of users of the software and the specific industry you are in.


Liquor Store POS System

Liquor Store POS System – An Important Asset

Are you a liquor business owner who wants to improve business goals, inventory control and employee productivity?

You might as well consider purchasing a liquor store POS system. But before jumping into it, you must not be clueless on what constitutes a good POS system. Both its hardware and software are big investments so you should not let your money go into waste by choosing wisely.

It must provide an accurate inventory of goods. The system must include a feature that will give you an updated assessment of stock list. Since the purchases of customers are instantly recorded and subtracted from the inventory list, this is critical for re-ordering stocks from manufacturers. An inaccurate report will lead to either shortage or excess of supply. The system must also be able to generate monthly or yearly inventories to be able to anticipate customer demands.

It must be secured. Liquor store POS system must be able to keep track of all the authorized people using it to ensure total accountability. It must be able to monitor who’s responsible for the every transaction, including all its details. There must be a secured system for editing, deleting and providing discounts as well. If the system cannot prevent common incidents of theft and dishonesty, don’t go for it. It must have a database for product information.

Customers often ask shopkeepers the details about the product. With the assistance of the POS system, the information about the price, quantity, remaining supply, etc. is readily accessible. By just scanning the barcode attached in the product, looking for requested information is much easier. It must be friendly to the cashiers and customers. Cashiers, supervisors and accountants must find it easy to use the system. Data on the screen must be presented in an organized way and the icons used must not be confusing. It must allow credit or debit card payments as customers nowadays prefer to use cards for security purposes. It should be able to produce customized official receipts for efficiency and convenience.

It must allow your employees to do customer service relations. The liquor store POS system automates the counting, ordering, calculating and checking tasks of employees; thereby giving them more opportunities to relate with the customers. Since the occurrence of meeting eyebrows or anxious eyes caused by numbers is lessened, the employees can allot more time in greeting and answering customers’ queries. The POS system can cost you a fortune but the benefits it gives to your business are immeasurable. Try to scout and identify the best system for you by analyzing what your store needs.


Choosing the Right Liquor Store POS Software

Choosing the Right Liquor Store POS Software

Choosing the right liquor POS software is not easy. There are thousands of them with different configurations and features. Choosing POS software for liquor stores is a crucial volition for many business owners, significantly for those who have no in-depth knowledge about POS system softwares.

POS system softwares give every want and need of your business – from tracking inventory to managing workers and customers.  This article will discuss on how to choose the right Liquor stores’ POS software.

Features of Liquor Store POS software
The following are the general features of Liquor store POS software:
 It has a customer relationship management.
 Items are regulated accurately; priced and taxed automatically.
 It has gift cards features.
 Credit card processing only takes few seconds.

Criteria in Choosing the Right Liquor Store POS softwar

How to choose the right POS software for your liquor store:

 The software must be reusable even to other liquor store branches. Software must give you high return on investments. Consider the needs of your business. List down the essential features that will help you earn more money. Making a list will help you narrow down your choice of software.

 The software can be customized with regards to handling all stores’ operations. Softwares that are designed specifically for an industry will save time, effort and money.  A well-known feature of liquor store POS software is the age verification which minors cannot purchase liquors. In verifying age, ID is collected and scanned.

 A common mistake that retailers do is purchasing POS software just anywhere. Buy software from a well-known company. Softwares that are manufactured from these companies are in good quality and provide an all-around support and service. Softwares produced by notable companies do not have flawed reputations too. Reading reviews on the net will also help you in choosing the right POS software.

 Softwares must be reliable. In this way, you are saving time and money by infrequent changing of POS softwares. Experimenting POS softwares may not be a good idea. When buying liquor store POS software make sure that it is tested, proven and used by several store retailers too. Software must be customer-based; otherwise, you will end up frustrating your customers.

 A popular POS software may not be an excellent software, but its name in the mainstream proves the software’s efficiency and user-friendliness (where touchscreens are becoming popular). In real time, the more popular the POS touch screen software is, the more buyers the software has.