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Advantages & Disadvantages of Dividends

Advantages & Disadvantages of Dividends

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A dividend is a portion of a company’s profit that is paid out to the shareholders, commonly in cash or stock. For investors, dividends present a great way to get periodic payouts on a high-yield investment. However, like all types of investments, there are drawbacks to any plan that routinely pulls out money rather than continues increasing revenue.

Pros of Dividends

Dividends certainly do have a place within the financial world. They provide a way for investors to place a large amount of capital that can then be used as a source of income, since it regularly brings in money. When you choose dividends, you can look forward to:

Profit while retaining a stake in the company – Normally, a stockholder would have to sell his or her stock in order to profit from his or her investment in a company. Dividends allow investors to profit from their investment in the company without selling their stock. This means you can look forward to regular returns.

Short-term results and long-term opportunities – An investor can continue to receive dividend payments from the company as long as the investor continues to hold stock. This can lead to significant dividend payments for a long-term investment, even though you’re seeing results over a short-term time frame.

Visible indications of your investment’s security – A continued, increased dividend payout is considered to be a good indicator of a company’s continued success. This allows you to quantify your gains easily.

Cons of Dividends

Despite their benefits, dividends aren’t for everyone. Before you and your financial advisor decide on this course of action, you’ll want to consider the following:

Dividends are not universally available – The Board of Directors is responsible for deciding whether or not a dividend is to be paid out to its investors. However, even if a company makes a significant profit, it is under no obligation to pay a dividend.

Tax repercussions – Dividends are often criticized as being subject to double-taxation, as the company is taxed on its income and the individual shareholder is also subject to paying taxes on the dividend payout. In the United States, dividends are subject to a 15 percent dividend tax rate. This is higher than what you can expect to pay on other types of investment windfalls.

Making the Decision to Use Dividends

Before you decide whether or not dividend investing is right for you, talk with your financial advisor. While dividends can be a great way to see regular returns on your investment, you might find that your unique needs are better served with stocks, bonds, or other financial options.


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POS Installer

POS Installer

Point of Sale (POS) refers to cash wrap that is the point in a restaurant or a location where the transactions for the goods and services are done. The POS systems may differ and therefore it is important that you know what to consider when getting a Point of Sale installer.

You will need to consider the cost of the system that the POS installer has since many companies may offer you systems that look much the same but there is a big difference when it comes to the cost. Note that getting a cheaper POS system may also imply that it is less efficient. The cheaper system may be lacking the software that is needed to provide the functionality that will help in reducing the cost of labour as well as other expenses that you may incur on the software in the long run.

If you get a micros POS system for example, there will be both the food cost option and the stock option in the system which may make it to cost more than others. Getting an installer that does not have these features will force you to hire someone to be calculating the cost manually and then enter the details in the accounting system.

Another thing to consider when seeking a POS installer is the ease of use of the system they have. It is okay to get a great and advanced system but you have to put in mind that it is operated by employees who may not stay for a long time. A Point of Sale system that is very easy to use will not cost you a lot when it comes to training new employees how to use it.

Training sessions can be very expensive and therefore it is better if there are few members of the team that understand the system so that they can train the new members. The POS installer customize the interface for you once the system has been installed. He or she does things like adding buttons for products, cancellations, discounts as well as other mechanics.

The POS Company usually considers the business needs as well as its work flow, but it is very important for you to also consider the experience as well as knowledge of the POS installer if you want the task to be done efficiently. A lot of times the POS system will be able to work well with other systems in your company such as the accounting systems.

The POS installer should be able to test and verify that the POS system can interface very well with other systems in your company. A lot of POS systems also allow remote connections for reporting and administration. This makes it easy for you to print reports, add new products and also adjust prices or menus from office or at home as long as you have a VPN connection.

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Inventory Management for Your Business

Inventory Management for Your Business

Inventory management is a hot topic for businesses nowadays. With good control over inventory, businesses will able to save costs and increase work efficiency. Here are some ways how inventory management can help improve anyone’s business.

First of all, arranging your goods by using racks and shelving will ensure that your goods are placed in an orderly manner. This will allow your workers to be able to retrieve the goods which are requested quickly, without having to dig around your store or warehouse. By doing so, you will be able to increase business efficiency by reducing time wastage.

Besides that, using storage shelves will allow your goods to be placed in a compact manner. This will allow you to save space and increase the space in your store. By keeping your goods on several levels of shelves, you will be able to access goods from the top and the bottom of the pile without any hassle. Storage shelves can also be labeled to help you with the searching and arrangement of your inventory and finished goods. If you own a big business with a lot of inventory, you will want to invest in something that is sturdier and longer lasting. There have been many cases of companies losing money due to the destruction of inventory in accidents like flimsy shelves and lockers. If your inventory includes large and heavy goods like tires or planks, you will want to invest in long span shelving. This form of shelving is long, thus allowing you to fit goods of different sizes and shapes onto it. And due to its sturdiness, you do not have to worry about overexerting the shelf. Of course, long span shelving will be a little bit more expensive compared to your conventional shelves, but it is definitely worth your money. Many companies have invested in long span shelving to provide long lasting storage for their goods.

If you hold precious inventories like watches or jewellery, lockers are a good option. By locking up your goods, you will ensure that only authorized personnel are allowed to touch the goods. And if anything goes missing, you can immediately look up the people who have been in contact with the goods. Lockers also prevent wandering eyes from laying onto the expensive goods.

No matter what kind of business you run and the goods you hold, it is important for you to plan your warehouse layout and shelving properly. As mentioned earlier, this is a long term investment as you will see your cost savings increase over the years. If you feel that your business could use better planning and storage methods, it is about time that you head over to your local hardware store and enquire about the different storage items that you can use for your inventory.

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Necessary Features of an Effective Epos System

Necessary Features of an Effective Epos System

Lots of entrepreneurs all over the world are now switching towards adopting Epos systems due to benefits and services achieved from such Epos solutions. An electronic point of sales (Epos) system is a system which facilitates in keeping track of sales and purchases and inventory status of products on daily basis.

Epos solutions are extremely useful in operating all types of businesses either retail or wholesale as such systems help in recording large number of transactions and updating status of inventory accordingly. Epos systems are much more fast and efficient than human work force as such digital systems can calculate and sort more rapidly and correctly. Also such systems involve lesser costs as compared to human labor in the long run. For running any enterprise business, it is utmost necessary to manage and control stock efficiently and Epos systems offer perfect solution for this.

An Epos system consists of a computer system. Most of the computer systems are being offered in touch screen interface nowadays. The interface screen is attached with attached with the help of an Ethernet cable. Computers used in Epos solutions are mostly run on DOS or UNIX operating systems. Also a handheld scanner is used with Epos systems which facilitates in reading bar codes labeled on products. This helps in quickly entering description of products sold and their prices into till machine and preventing customers to stay in queue for a long time for their turn. The numbers of products sold on point of sales are automatically reduced from inventory with the help of back end server and Epos software.

In addition to providing aid in managing and controlling day-to-day business transactions and updating inventory status, Epos systems also help in assessing individual performance of each and every member of employee staff. Epos systems are a best solution for reducing chances of stock shrinkage and scams. Cash flow systems of an organization can also be effectively controlled with the help of such Epos systems.

Epos systems are also helpful in a way that such digital systems help in identifying most sold and profitable products and that information can be used to boost sales transactions and profitability of business. Epos systems can also be used for tracing consumer behavior and changing consumer trends with the help of charts, graphs and other statistics.

Probably the biggest benefit of Epos systems is that they enable to quickly adhere to all rules and regulations imposed by Governments which help in speeding up processing of sales transactions as customers want their transaction to be finished as soon as possible. This facility provides you a competitive edge over your competitors and makes sure your survival and success in business marketplace.

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The Function of a Balance Sheet

The Function of a Balance Sheet

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The balance sheet is important to business operations in general. It provides a snapshot of what the company owns and what they owe to outside sources. The balance sheet is also known as a profit and loss account. By either name, this special form of financial statement provides great insight into an organization’s holdings.

Breaking Down the Balance Sheet

To clarify, a balance sheet shows how much money the organization has, how much property they own, and most importantly, how much money they owe. This is beneficial for outside sources to view – bankers, investors, and even potential creditors.

The balance sheet is broken down into several sections. Each section is grouped by liquidity – that is, how easily the particular asset can be converted into cash. The first section is short term assets. Within this category, cash is listed first, followed by near cash assets. Near cash assets are assets that can be easily converted into cash. Accounts receivable, money that people owe the organization, is also listed in this category.

The next category is the long term assets. These would include equipment, property, and buildings, along with long term accounts receivable. Generally, long term assets are assets that cannot be easily converted to cash within a year’s time.

After long term assets comes the liabilities category. This category is also divided into short and long term – that is, short and long term liabilities. In this case, time is generally defined in years – less than a year for short term, and more than a year for long term.

Short term liabilities would include items such as mortgage payments for the next year, along with utilities and equipment leases. In addition, short term liabilities include employee wages, usually listed as wages payable. Long term liabilities would include items such as the remainder of the mortgage for future years, along with equipment leases. Items here overlap, as time is the separator, not the specific item.

Uses of the Balance Sheet

The balance sheet is used internally to gain insight into what the company has available at a certain point in time. Potential creditors to use a company’s balance sheet to determine the cash to debt ratio, which would in turn inform them how much risk is involved in lending. Investors can use a company’s balance sheet to judge risk as well. For example, if a company is cash heavy or cash light, this could be an indicator of problems within the company. Size of the balance sheet is also an important factor in determining corporate health. If the balance sheet is large, this is an indicator of lots of activity, which may indicate positive growth. On the other hand, if the balance sheet is small, it may mean that the company is growing stagnant.

Flow and Format of Balance Sheets

The balance sheet is laid out in a specific order for a number of reasons. The first reason is GAAP, or Generally Acceptable Accounting Practices. It is a guideline used by all accountants to formalize the statements and keep communication standardized. If the company is also publicly traded, then the format of the balance sheet is required by the SEC, the Securities and Exchange Commission. The last reason relates to Sarbanes – Oxley, a set of accounting regulation regarding internal controls designed to minimize fraud. Due to recent corporate scandals, such as Enron and WorldCom, regulations have been stricter, requiring more detail.

In short, balance sheets provide insight into a company’s holdings for all to see. Balance sheets are a highly informative tool, often open for public viewing if the company is traded publicly. Without balance sheets, it becomes difficult to gain a clear insight into the health of the company.

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Using Software Inventory Management That Genuinely Works

Using Software Inventory Management That Genuinely Works

There seems to be a larger amount of systems and software plan for organization these days that might or might well probably not support out in all of the finest techniques. Organization owners nowadays are implementing software stock management and reaping a number of great benefits. Individuals that are in search of a technique to maintain track of not just all the item to the shelves however the sales too, must begin searching through this manual and find out about the top benefits of this specific management option right now.

Performing all the inventory by hand is regarded as to be a very prehistoric method of counting and keeping track of everything. Nonetheless, there’s a surprisingly large quantity of women and men who are nonetheless performing this by hand and wasting an excellent quantity of time in the process. This really is normally precisely where creating the switch to the software will probably are available in handy. It’ll usually have a operating quantity of your stock on the shelves as well because the stock inside the back room so get note of that amazing perk.

1 of the other possibilities that organization owners are utilizing at this time would be the expert companies that will arrive out and take care of all of your present inventory needs. Nonetheless, they’re heading to use software inventory management which is higher tech and tough to use. To not point out the fact that a few of these companies are going to arrive at a extremely higher cost and might probably not even do the task the right way.

The computer software that has been introduced in the recent a long time has become verified to be one of the best instruments available. In truth, people will be able to install the model that they’ve selected on their operate too as home pc systems to get the really very best numbers at all times. This clearly will assist to make things a fantastic deal simpler within the long run. As long as the appropriate model is picked for the current operating system, there need to be no issues whatsoever.

But another fantastic factor about this pc software could possibly be the truth which is so significantly more reasonably priced. It only requirements to be bought and installed as quickly as for it to be up and operating. Each model out there will come along with a distinct amount of directions and instruments that will assist any novice get started and great to go very quickly in any way.

After the personal computer software has started running, operate is going to turn into so significantly simpler. Be positive to produce use of additional updates and tutorials to carry on to learn the ins and outs with the fresh system. Each 12 months, when that fateful stock day arrives along, there will be no must spend hrs and overnighters to complete all the numbers to make sure that will surely be a great plus.

It is an amazing idea to think about teaching all the staff to make use of this method. Once everybody else knows what to do they’ll possess the potential to do the reports and preserve the appropriate amount of time inside the method. Get a while to generate a teaching program and go over it with the appropriate staff.

Now might be the perfect time to commence contemplating software inventory management. You’ll find so really a few fun and effortless advantages that owners can now use all on their really own. Get began employing the set up procedure right now and enjoy a a lot easier workplace with the most exact information achievable.


From Pub Lease To Marketing, What It Takes To Run Your Own Pub

From Pub Lease To Marketing, What It Takes To Run Your Own Pub

A lot of people have a dream of managing their own pub one day. It is a very satisfying experience and can be financially rewarding too, but sometimes people enter into the pub game without knowing a huge amount about it. If you are thinking about taking over a pub lease then you should do plenty of research first to see if you think you will enjoy the experience. It can be a lot of hard work and there is no secret in the fact that running a pub can mean long hours. If you want to manage your own pub then first read this article so you can find out what is involved with the job.

First of all you will need to organise the lease. This will involve preparing a business plan, filling out an application form and going through a recruitment process. Once you have been selected you will be given the keys to your very own business. You will need capital available to you on top of the monthly rent money. You will need to purchase stock and other equipment and will need a lump sum available as working capital. As the tenant in the pub you will be responsible for carrying out minor repairs and maintenance works. If new glasses were needed, you would buy them. If the glass washer was to need repairing, you would pay to have it fixed. The brewery would take care of all major structural work to the building however.

With most breweries you enter into a supply agreement when taking on a lease from them. This means you have to buy all your drinks from them. This allows breweries to invest in their premises and ales and gives the consumer access to a good selection of quality products. Food however does not normally come under this same agreement. You are often able to purchase food and catering equipment from any supplier. As the landlord of your pub you can serve food if you wish (provided you have the kitchen space available.) You can choose what type of food you want to see and of course set your own prices. Whether you want to offer “basket” type meals or turn your establishment into the next gastropub, that is entirely up to you.

The brewery will be on hand to offer advice and help to any new landlord, however the day to day running of the pub is your job. That means you must be in charge of ordering supplies, running the bar and restaurant, hiring and firing and carrying out any marketing. The days can be long as there are afternoon and evening shifts to do. If you have a restaurant then there will be extra work too. A good idea is to talk to landlords of pubs in your area to find out what running a pub is like. It can be a fantastic way for couples to live especially and offers an opportunity of running your own business to those who otherwise might not have it. You can enjoy organising themed nights or carrying out marketing campaigns to get the word out about your new menu or special offers. There are a host of ways you can promote your business and turn your pub into a roaring success.

When you purchase a pub lease you are signing up to a challenge. Be prepared for some long days and hard work, but a feeling of satisfaction and fulfillment at the end of the day. Managing a pub is not for everyone, however if you think you are up for the challenge then you should begin by seeking out possible premises. There are pub tenancy vacancies available in all parts of the UK so your dream pub could be just around the corner.