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Insert Coin A Vending Machine Legacy of Innovation

Insert Coin A Vending Machine Legacy of Innovation

The vending machine industry is booming. Every day millions of coins are inserted into soda, snack and candy machines. But Michael Burnett and Jeffrey Marsh have discovered the formula for the most durable, best-looking and most profitable vending machines on the market. Their innovations resulted in 1.800.VENDING, a company that has changed the face of the vending machine industry.

The Search for a Better Vending Machine

Burnett and Marsh came into vending in 1999. They spent years researching the most popular vending machines on the market, but every system they studied had terrible flaws. Some machines had plastic coin mechanisms that frequently broke down. Other machines had cheap locks and were constantly being broken into. Soda machines had high maintenance costs, and the money coming in barely covered the cost of restocking the machines in addition to paying high lease fees.

So Marsh and Burnett came up with something better. After picking apart all those different vending machines over the years, they knew every flaw and every benefit to each kind of machine. Armed with that information, they began a year-long process of designing, testing and manufacturing their revolutionary vending machine by 1.800.VENDING.

A Superior Machine is Born

Burnett and Marsh looked at three key factors when they began to design their vending machine: durability, appearance and profitability. Since maintenance costs were such an expensive part of other vending machines, Burnett and Marsh wanted their machine to have durable, high-quality parts both inside and out. From the steel anti-jam coin mechanism to the all-metal heavy-duty hopper and shatterproof polycarbonate canisters, the 1.800.VENDING machine is tamperproof and virtually indestructible. The lid and cash drawer are equipped with a recessed “bullet-lock” security system, and each machine is supplied with a removable sun shield to protect candy in vending machines placed near windows.

Burnett and Marsh know that the appearance of a vending machine can have just as much impact on potential customers as the products offered inside. They designed their vending machines to look sophisticated and professional – to show off their products in the best possible light. The 1.800.VENDING machine is offered in 17 color combinations. Vending machine owners also have a choice of matching metal stands or a pine wood stand – in addition to optional spill trays.

By creating durable and attractive machines, Burnett and Marsh had already offered a higher profit margin by lowering maintenance costs and ensuring more profitable locations can be secured. Then they took it a step further.

Interchanging the Face of Vending

Burnett and Marsh became the most innovative men in the vending industry through one simple idea: shatterproof polycarbonate interchangeable canisters. By creating a system of identical canisters that can be filled with a wide selection of products and switched out in a matter of seconds, Burnett and Marsh created an easy way to boost profits that is changing the face of the vending machine industry. The interchangeable canister system eliminates the messy and time-consuming process of refilling vending machines from bags of candy. And with 1.800.VENDING machine’s divided cash drawer, it’s become easy to track the profits from each canister of product. Vending machine owners can use that information to stock each machine with the most profitable combination for any location.

The innovations of Burnett and Marsh have made 1.800.VENDING a world leader in the vending machine industry. Their company is one of the few vending machine manufacturers to have no complaints with the Better Business Bureau or any government office. Add to that their 100 percent Lifetime Warranty on every part of their vending machines and their superior design, the 1.800.VENDING founders have created a legacy any other vending machine manufacturer would be hard pressed to match.

More information about the vending machine innovations developed by Mike Burnett and Jeff Marsh, including a side-by-side comparison with the five most popular vending machines on the market, is available at www.1800vending.com.


All About Cash Register Paper Rolls And Registers

All About Cash Register Paper Rolls And Registers

Did you know that there are various types of cash register paper rolls? Cash registers can use various types of paper including visa tape, common register paper, visa paper and other types of rolls. Such types of paper can only be used through a cash register. A cash register is actually a mechanized device used for recording and calculating various transactions. Once the payment is provided by the customer, the cashier will then use the cash drawer inside the machine and then use the printer in order to create a receipt. In most cases, the drawer that is found in the register requires special keys to open. Only specific employees and managers are allowed to open the box. Since the cash register is locked by either a key or a password, there will be lesser risk of employee corruption and stealing.

Each type of machine uses a specific cash register paper rolls. There are specific paper rolls which prints the amount through a single small paper. Such rolls are used in old registers before. Nowadays, most machines are designed to release large pieces of paper for receipts and special payments. There are also special rolls which are designed to be compatible with Windows Operating System and Unix. For instance, if the cash register has an OS installed the paper roll can be used to print colored receipts with graphics and even special emblems. Customers who have special coupons and other benefits can also claim their tags through the cash register. For instance, if they supermarket is offering free discounts for loyal customers they can simply print the coupons together with the receipts. This saves a lot of money since the supermarket does not need to use another printer.

There are also cash register paper rolls which are designed according to company. For instance, electric companies have a paper roll which has the brand and the time as well as date of payment. Most supermarkets will also have a paper roll which has the brand of the company so that they will know if the receipts are legitimate or not. Yes, some paper rolls are designed to have a special type of print which makes them hard to copy through a computer. This means that each receipt will be hard to forge.

There are also some paper rolls which are made through a special type of paper. For instance, today, there are cash registers which use digital printing. This means that the papers released by the register are actually printed through heat and not through ink. Since registry machines today uses barcode and POS technology the receipts that are released by such machines are also digitalized. This means that receipts will now have additional information and bonus offers for clients. Since the machines are also digitalized there is no longer a need to use refillable ink. Instead, the machine will automatically print the receipt without any problems. If the supermarket runs out of paper then they can simply order it online and have it delivered to their store.

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Changhong, One Machine Sharp Terrestrial Digital Video Series – Changhong Number One Machine, Sharp

Changhong, One Machine Sharp Terrestrial Digital Video Series – Changhong Number One Machine, Sharp

Let you enjoy digital life, the first full HD shock!

2008, the
Flame ignited in the land of China! Olympic Games has attracted worldwide attention, Beijing event soon!

2008, the terrestrial digital signal will start on the eve of Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin, Qinhuangdao, Qingdao, Shenyang and Guangzhou, the six Olympic host cities, Shenzhen, on air, and in 37 municipalities in the country during the year, the provincial capital city building ground figure
Transmission and delivery systems.

2015 years ago, the country will be closed to all analog signals, “Digital TV Age” full sweep come!

Terrestrial digital one machine sharp shadow 700 Series

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Changhong actively involved in the development of Chinese digital TV standards, build the patent pool, to master core technologies and key components sure to strengthen product capabilities, and innovative business models to actively committed to promoting the rapid development of China’s digital TV?? Changhong terrestrial digital integrated machine came into being, promise to be the digital TV era torch light, led digital TV to the “higher, faster, stronger” development!

Pick up the remote control, began to experience one machine DTMB Digital Terrestrial TV brings you new digital lifestyle!

wireless receiver, digital-analog-compatible

Changhong, one machine terrestrial digital TV DTMB (GB20600-2006) National standard (single, multi-carrier) fusion chip, can receive free single, multi-carrier digital terrestrial TV signals, eliminating the tedious set-top digital-analog conversion step-outs, Easy to experience digital life; while one machine Changhong terrestrial digital TV can also receive traditional analog cable TV signals, to watch digital signals and analog signals correct, only one remote control, a new digital life easier to enjoy!

digital transmission, video shock

Digital TV from the program source of the shooting, editing, launch, transmission, to receive, display all the digital processing to achieve full; Changhong, one terrestrial digital television digital signal will not be the first time transmission and processing while gradually fading, signal stable and has a strong anti-interference ability, high-definition picture, sound quality is good, true Full HD digital “video”, “sound” shock effect.

digital imaging, visual feast

Using quantum core technology, together with the FULLHD show, 10bit10.7 million true color reproduction, a comprehensive display to bring you high-definition digital-level visual feast.

NICAM sound field, three-dimensional shock

Changhong terrestrial digital TV one support NICAM NICAM (required signal support), allowing you to fully enjoy the digital sound field level.

HDMI1.3 interface, audio-visual enjoyment

Double HDMI1.3 port, transfer data to 10.2Gbps, and 340MHz, precise audio and video synchronization can be achieved, including Blu-ray discs, high-definition HD video camera, etc., a perfect reproduction, meet your visual experience.

EPG electronic program guide

Users EPG program information can be learned, and to provide illustrations in the form of broadcast, reception and presentation of program information, and are free to query the audience just a remote control program intended to realize and management you can watch the TV screen in time to broadcast time and content of the Introduction and other information.

USB Unlimited Upgrade

Support local upgrade, to update TV software, support for the latest television features, a comprehensive follow-up demand for the rapid development of the digital age.

Rui film series


Changhong terrestrial digital one machine

LDTV32866, LDTV42700FHD, plasma PDTV42700WHD, PDTV50700WHD


Keep Track of all Cash Transactions with Ease

Keep Track of all Cash Transactions with Ease

The margin for human error is significantly reduced when you invest in accurate currency counting machines. Even if the cashier is distracted while counting the currency s/he has been given, the machine carries on its function of counting notes. There is a small rider here. You must remember to bunch notes of the same denomination when you give it to the counter. Otherwise, you are going to be in deep trouble as your math will go horribly wrong. Given that most businesses, especially the retail outlets, have major cash transactions through the day, you don’t want to lose out on business because an impatient customer is not willing to wait while cashier counts the cash presented to him.

With portable electronic cash registers you can work faster as it is easy to carry out the functions related to the sale and purchase of products without any problem. When the purchases increase, it operates efficiently to generate the necessary documentation which reflects the purchases of commodities. Generally, the machine is able to give details such as the date, time the commodity was sold, and the total sum of sales. This enables swifter and more accurate tallying of all sales made in a day. This register can also be carried from one place to another making it very suitable for people who conduct their business at any point they move to. Its small size and light weight make it more advantageous.

Revolutionary improvements in the point of sale systems indeed bring about endless possibilities to businesses struggling to survive amidst economic constraints. Installing a retail cash register or not only speeds ups the sales check-out process, but also handles business functions such as staff check-in, inventory control and accounting. It can become the nerve center of your business since even first timers can quickly learn how to operate it.

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SharePoint 2007 to SharePoint 2010 Upgrade Requirements

SharePoint 2007 to SharePoint 2010 Upgrade Requirements

With the launch of SharePoint 2010, a host of new features and services are readily available to a large number of organizations. Microsoft’s new server not only facilitates key business operations but also gives a new meaning to web access. In order to take full advantage of these features and services, users must be able to meet the resource requirements for successfully completing the upgrade process. In this article, we will take a look at various hardware and software requirements for completely upgrading your SharePoint 2007 server farm to 2010.

Hardware Requirements

As with the latest trend, Microsoft is also pushing its server technologies to harness the power of 64-bit hardware. As announced, SharePoint2010 is a 64-bit server and can only be installed on machines capable of running 64 bit applications.

If you are planning an upgrade, you must have SharePoint2007 server installed on a 64-bit capable machine. If you have a 32-bit machine, you cannot perform an in-place upgrade. You must, then have new machines with appropriate hardware support and then perform upgrades in several steps to complete the process.

Operating System Requirements

Share Point 2010 runs best on 64-bit versions of Server 2008 or Server 2008 R2. If you have windows server 2003 installed on your machine, you can easily update your operating system to Windows Server 2008 provided that you have the necessary hardware support to complete this operation. However, you have sufficient number of licenses to complete this upgrade. If your current hardware does not support 64- bit operations, you can mix your hardware update with server update.

Database Requirements

Share Point 2010 Server requires you to have at least 64-bit SQL Server 2005 SP3 or SQL Server 2008 SP1 installed on your system. If you are running a previous version of the database, you must upgrade your server to meet these requirements. You can use any one of the following versions of SQL server with SharePoint 2010: Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2, SQL Server 2008 with Service Pack 1 (SP1) and Cumulative Update 2, or SQL Server 2005 with SP3 and Cumulative Update 3.

Checks before Upgrading

You can also perform some checks before updating so that there are no errors during the final process.

STSADM.exe -o preupgradecheck

This command checks the server form for compatibility with the update process. This command lists various hardware components and software applications that are installed on the system. This tool tells you whether the server form does meet the minimum requirements criteria for upgrade to Server 2008 or Server 2008 R2. Details of web parts, custom components, current features, URL lists, database orphans, invalid configuration settings and other such details are also displayed in the detail.

This information helps you decide what is needed to complete your upgrade process. If you are using any 3rd party tools of software, you must verify their compatibility with 64-bit systems and applications before performing the upgrade.

If you are looking for easy migration of SharePoint data from 2007 – 2010, you can use the free Xavor SharePoint 2010 Migration tool which can be downloaded from this site.


SharePoint migration 2007 to 2010


Advantages Of Using Automated Inventory System

Advantages Of Using Automated Inventory System

Do you want to cut down costs and increase productivity of your manufacturing unit? Then an automated inventory system is your best option. With manufacturing houses trying hard to recover from the aftermath of economic recession, a fully automated inventory system can surely come handy. Hence manufacturers looking to cut down on their production and labor costs must adopt more automated systems for better work integration and systematic operation.

Adopting an automated inventory system for your manufacturing facility can surely boost productivity besides adding other advantages as well.

1. There are several inventory challenges faced by manufacturers, industrial distributors as well as by the maintenance department of an industrial setup. Problems may range from loss or theft of simple machine tools to that of other major disciplinary issues like faulty attendance records, discrepancy in inventory processing records, and so on. Industrial automatic vending machines like- auto lockers, auto scaling devices, auto dispensing units come handy under such situations. With an automated system in place, there is no easy access to company inventory as every single item used by the employee is recorded in the machine memory and can be checked if required from time to time. Hence it helps to cut down on loss or damage of company property considerably.

2. The latest software controlled automated inventory systems besides giving you the real-time data usage records would also help to modernize the ERP system. This in turn reduces your costs for indirect supplies to about 40 percent.

3. Another major advantage of using automated inventory stations like remote dispensing and vending systems is to secure point-of-access to high-use tools and supplies in large industrial establishments with a fast-paced working operation.

4. Yet another benefit of using an automated inventory system is that it enables access and proper control over the dispensed items like no other. It tracks each vending transaction and sort every single item dispensed by the name of the employee, the job and department of the individual, the shift of duty and the budget or cost of the item dispensed – all of these in just within a few seconds.

5. With such amazing advantages available, it will be unwise not to install an automated inventory system at your manufacturing unit.

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Best Features in a Warehouse Inventory Management Software

Best Features in a Warehouse Inventory Management Software

Warehouse inventory management is one of the systems gaining value in logistics today. Only sharp minds and committed employees are able to spend minimal time in ordering inventory and determining how often they do their counts. However, a typical warehouse management system is able to control all the materials by checking inventory levels regularly. This management system is still extending its functionalities to various sectors like transportation and light manufacturing among others.

Warehouse management sometimes overlaps with transportation management systems, enterprise resource planning, scheduling, distribution and supply chain planning. Confusion is therefore experienced because of separate software solutions. An integrated system that incorporates warehouse management with other operations of the company becomes a necessity in this case. Warehouse management software can be integrated with other relevant devices to get live data. The best warehouse management system executes tasks by using live data to direct employees and tasks.

There is need to setup a separate department to monitor warehouse operations. This is because it requires a lot of human involvement to keep both the current system and the warehouse management system on the run. Therefore, warehouse management system is normally automated to bear low labor cost and boost accuracy levels as fruits. This automation allows smooth transition to the warehouse management system. It also reduces the cycle time thereby increasing service effectiveness awarded to the customer. Some areas like order tracking, first-in-first-out, material handling and cross docking are not left out. Their increase in efficiency can never be doubted.

Nothing good comes on a silver platter. Warehouse management system requires an extensive task to setup. You need to categorize similar locations and items. Detailed information like weight, rack number in which items are stored, dimensions, state of the item (raw or finished), how fast the item moves and the list is endless. Every detail of an item is entered in database so that retrieval becomes much easy. However, these are tentative details and vary from one industry to another. A distributor of washing machines may require having details like front loading or top loading, make of the washing machine, maximum weight of dry clothes the machine can take, machine weight, its features and many more.

Since product mix is possible in a warehouse, warehouse management system needs to be configured. Warehouse inventory management controls inventory against abuse and theft.

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Small Business Crm Software Solutions Sugarcrm

Small Business Crm Software Solutions Sugarcrm

Small business CRM software Solutions SugarCRM
There are several options available in the area of small business CRM software solutions. Small businesses need to maintain data on customer contacts, track campaigns and help manage leads. There is one more thing that most small businesses need from CRM software and that is affordability and scalability. No small business wants to remain small forever, and software which can grow with the business is vital.
While many alternatives spring to mind there are few that can beat a web based small business CRM software solution. The reason is simple. A web based CRM means that the software is securely seated on a server elsewhere so can be accessed from any device capable of bringing up a web browser. Sugar CRM is open source software which means the price is right for a small business, it is free. Most small businesses can do well with the community license of the small business CRM software Sugar. While the basic Sugar has only customer tracking, email and marketing tracking, contact list coordination and even newsletter integration it lacks some of the extras of the paid edition such as sales projections.
Deploying SugarCRM will require either a LAN or a remote server. Each employees computer accesses the CRM interface via a web browser. With such a solution there is no need to separately install this small business crm software on each and every employees device and subsequently keep them updates. That means that only one machine need be upgraded with the latest edition of SugarCRM and if the software is remotely hosted, even the regular IT tasks might be avoided. Small businesses often do not have the resources to spare to hire an IT department to continually update software and machines, SugarCRM can help avoid this expense at a time when many companies can ill afford unnecessary expenditures.
The small business CRM software solution SugarCRM can be installed on virtually any machine running any OS. There are packages which can be installed on PCs, Mac, Linux or open source which requires a server with Apache, a MYSQL server PHP. Alternatively there are prepackaged stacks for multiple platforms which contain all the software required to run the CRM on that platform. Installing sugar CRM software is simple for the small business even if they do not have their own IT department.
The core of the small business CRM software Sugar CRM will make tracking customer campaigns, contacts, leads and mailing lists far easier than it has ever been. This software solution for small businesses is configurable and can be added to or personalized and while the basic package is good for many businesses it can become far more powerful with addon modules.
Web based software is becoming far more prevalent because of the decreased expense in deployment and upgrades as well as the fact it can be accessed by employees who work remotely or travel consistently. No longer will the sales rep on the road or at a convention be out of touch with a small business CRM software solution that is web based.

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Computer Aided Manufacturing – the Future of Production

Computer Aided Manufacturing – the Future of Production

Computer aided manufacturing is the process of using computers, machines, and other programmed machinery in designing and manufacturing mass-produced work pieces and replaceable parts. It may also refer to the use of computers in the manufacturing process. Many manufacturing plants in developed countries use computer aided manufacturing to save time and money in producing components and parts of bigger machines and equipment.

One of the most common applications of computer aided manufacturing is seen in car manufacturing companies, where the design and conceptualization of new cars are done with the aid of software programs that combine the concepts of design and the mathematics of engineering.

Benefits of Computer Aided Manufacturing

One of the main advantages of Computer aided manufacturing is that it allows a person to input instructions to the machine in very tight and precise measurements. It also provides them a systemic approach to produce components very fast, compared to manually drawing the concept on paper and then manually inputting the measurements and formula into a computer.

It also facilitates the efficient use of computers in the execution of designs. In many cases, the computers used in Computer aided manufacturing also have an attached execution hardware that executes the designs you have entered on the computer screen. One perfect example of this is the steel cutting technology. A craftsman can input intricate designs on his computer, and then the computer send this to the work area where a robot arm will cut pieces of flat steel into the exact measurements and designs drawn by the person on the computer. An output is ready within seconds or minutes. Without the computer aided manufacturing system, these processes will take hours or days to accomplish.

Challenges to Computer Aided Manufacturing

The first challenge to CAM is that its costs can be astronomical, from buying the computer and the machines needed to execute designs, as well as the maintenance of the machines. You will also need a sophisticated cadcam software so you can develop designs and models and be able to convert them into executable actions by the computer.

Moreover, some computer aided manufacturing systems and their cadcam software fail to produce a consistent design output. In layman’s terms, what you see is not what you get. You will need very sophisticated software and accurate hardware to execute your designs perfectly. The main reason for the inconsistency is that there has yet to be a code developed that will standardize the operations of all computer aided manufacturing systems.

Overall, computer aided manufacturing is a revolutionary breakthrough in the age of mass production. It helps people produce components and parts much faster, with the aid of powerful software that allows them to create designs on three-dimension aspect in the computer. It is also perfect for repeated tasks in a manufacturing environment.

Computers are becoming more and more indispensable in a fast evolving world where everything has to be made instant. Computer aided manufacturing is the best example of that fact, and pretty soon, all the worlds manufacturing plants will have a sophisticated computer that handles production of goods.