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ERP for Transportation Industry

ERP for Transportation Industry

This is the first time ever such an extensive and well integrated software for Fleet and Transport Industry is made. Eresource ERP for Fleet Management is the number one Fleet/Transport Management ERP that will help your business grow with guaranteed return on investment.

With eresource ERP in the operational mode, you can manage your Fleet and Transport business with efficiency and it is an user-friendly ERP solution. Irrespective of your fleet’s strength, eresource ERP for Fleet Management can provide solution for all your vehicle operations, trucks, cars or any other commercial vehicles.


There is no place for an argument about the credibility or functionality of eresource ERP for Fleet Management. Eresource ERP for fleet Management industry is an unique fleet management ERP solution for you. This ERP solution will help you overcome overhead expenses, unexpected break-fix scenarios and downtime due to neglected fleet vehicles and equipment.


And eresource ERP for Fleet Management serves as a ready resource for fleet maintenance history, fuel usage, and driver details also you can easy manage areas like insurance, asset management, tire management, inventory management, LR management as well as all expenses associated with operating your fleet of motor vehicles and other mechanical assets.


eresource ERP for Fleet Management is a powerful configuration management system that based on master configuration, which allows you to easily create individual vehicle configurations and maintenance plans.

And eresource ERP for Fleet Management serves as a ready resource for fleet maintenance history, fuel usage, and driver details also you can easy manage areas like insurance, asset management, tire management, inventory management, LR management as well as all expenses associated with operating your fleet of motor vehicles and other mechanical assets.


eresource ERP for Fleet Management is a powerful configuration management system that based on master configuration, which allows you to easily create individual vehicle configurations and maintenance plans.


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Annual Maintenance Cost or AMC for ERP Packages

Annual Maintenance Cost or AMC for ERP Packages

Enterprise Resource Planning packages should be selected after a proper evaluation for a successful implementation. The cost of an ERP implementation depends on many factors like the software license, resources, hardware required, implementation time, training, testing, customization, maintenance, etc. Some of the indirect costs can vary in every case. Annual maintenance cost for ERP packages is not less but it is important for system checks and upgrades. Companies need to negotiate the annual maintenance costs by analyzing the future maintenance needs and put a price on it accordingly. The future requirements are based on historical and business data. A third party can get expensive in long term. To reduce the IT expense, one does not have to resort to cutting the expense on annual maintenance cost for ERP packages. Annual maintenance is required as the companies only use about 80% of the features of the software.

Annual maintenance is needed as the servers get outdates and the database gets old. There are newer operating systems used and the new version aid in updating certain issues. Also the new versions will need support and upgrades in future. Sometimes the applications may not work in the right manner and new systems may be required. Rather than going in for expensive new system, annual maintenance for ERP packages would be preferable. The annual maintenance cost for ERP packages normally is about twenty percent and very few take more than that. This can be negotiated by the company and set a price in advance. If the costs increase in future, this method may be advantageous. The costs also depends on the number of users as some vendors may charge for new users added and others may charge according to the number of transactions.

Many companies are looking to save money and so think of cutting down costs like the annual maintenance cost for ERP packages. But continuing the ERP operations without the support depends on the system. If the system is not up to date with the market versions, it may affect the business when the customer numbers grow and the demands grow. New requirements may need new technology and updates. To keep up with the pace of the growing needs and changes, upgrades are necessary. Old and outdated systems would not be able to cope up with the changes and demands. This might result in failure of the system and lead to implementation of a new system which would be a costly affair. Therefore annual maintenance cost for ERP packages should be considered seriously. The quality of maintenance and development is also important.

The Enterprise Resource Planning packages are normally customized to fit the organization and therefore the changes made should also be done accordingly. All measures should be taken to ensure good quality services when one pays high annual maintenance cost for ERP packages. If you negotiate the costs, make sure the vendor does not cut down on the quality of the services. It is better to find an ERP provider who offers updates and services at reasonable maintenance costs.

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What is The Cost in The Pos System

What is The Cost in The Pos System

Printing paper and ribbon used in pos equipment, which are costing every day as material, also need to be taken into account when making choice.

In addition, seen from the perspective of use cost, it is better to choose equipment and facility easy to operate.

The mobility of cashiers is relatively high. If the operation of products chosen is too complicated, it will increase the difficulty and time to train green hand. Meanwhile, complicated pos hardware systems will decrease the efficiency of cash repository, causing customers to wait longer. And the working of cashiers will also become heavier.

Any mechanical products need to do some maintenance after a certain period of use. So it is necessary to consider the maintenance cost before purchase.

Generally speaking, the maintenance cost (international practice and labor cost) of foreign products is relatively high while that of domestic products being relatively low. The maintenance cost (materials and labor) for ordinary products accounts for about 8% of the purchase price in the second year, which will become 12% in the third year, and the total maintenance cost will be more than half the purchase price.

Stability is very important in the operation of pos equipment, whose crash may cause customers to wait for a long time. Therefore, we often choose products with low consumption to reduce the chance of computer crash.

Another reason for us to pay attention to the entire consumption lies in the fact that the operating environment for pos system hardware is usually relatively severe with bad ventilation. Hence, the heat dissipation design should be taken into consideration, especially those hot regions in the south.

The product cost includes purchase cost and use cost.

On the current international market, main pos system brands include IBM, NCR and Fujitsu. Besides, there are domestic brands like SED, Hisense, Post, Intentia, Kawada, Minconstar, and Partner, Fly Love, Po profit from Taiwan. The price of domestic products ranges from 9,000 to 12,000, with the imported between 15,000 and 30,000.

Those foreign products are of better quality then the domestic ones, but the gap is not very large. The fault of the pos system mainly appears in pos receipt printer, main board and keyboard. The printers now used in pos system are almost by EPSON and the quality is perfect; and the main boards, for the most part, are custom POS main board, with a relatively good quality.

It may be much more in the case of foreign products. So it is advisable for enterprises to have a full consideration about maintenance when buying complete pos system.

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How To Find The Right AS400 Support and Maintenance Provider For Your AS400 System

How To Find The Right AS400 Support and Maintenance Provider For Your AS400 System

Finding a good AS400 technical support contractor is never an easy task, and the trial and error process is unfortunately the norm. If you don’t already socialize with other AS400 Shops already, there are a number of online AS400 User Groups that you may want to try. If you feel more comfortable with a local Service Provider, most areas have local User Groups which you can reach out to. If word of mouth isn’t an option, be sure to ask a lot of questions and follow up with their references. This approach will often lead you to the best AS400 Technician candidates for the task at hand or maintain your AS400 Servers properly.

Narrowing The Field: Identify Companies That Support AS400 Systems

Many companies forget this step, only to discover down the road that their chosen AS400 support contractor can’t support their AS400 System adequately or find more damage than good. Your first criteria should be that they provide basic Operations Support; being able to identify and trouble shoot software and hardware related issue Model and OS400 Version, be able to assist with your backup and recovery needs and especially competent to help you recovery from declared disaster or unplanned outage. If you or another individual at your company isn’t already AS400 tech savvy, you may also want to ensure the provider is also willing of providing training as part of their job scope. Having a highly skilled AS400 Technician onsite all the time isn’t always the smartest or economical solution, but having an individual at your company that is somewhat capable to minimize some risks is better than nothing.

Look For Comprehensive AS400 Services And Support

Next, you’ll want to determine what support services the companies you’re considering can offer. Some will be able to do a lot more than just provide AS400 Maintenance, while others will play lawyer and nickel and dime you for every single task. Some services you may expect may not be included or even available from provider to provider. Obvious questions you should have may include: When are standard services hours? What is their policy for after-hours maintenance and support? How long have they been providing these types of services? These are all pretty common questions, but be sure their standards and policies are acceptable with your business needs.

Plan For Your Longer Term Needs

After you choose your IBM Service Provider, Business Partner or Contractor, you’ll need to decide what type’s services and level of support you need. Some aspects of your AS400 System may already have basic hardware or software maintenance from IBM. But some older systems and OS Versions may no longer be supported or is cost prohibitive to continue. Filling all these gaps needs to be your priority. Virtually every type of support or maintenance contract will include a specified basic level of service, and will likely be limited to days and hours of availability for service, types of services. Just be sure you are covered for the likely event, and plan on paying extra out of pocket expenses for the unlikely events.

Some companies will have you choose between a customized set of services or a pre-determined package. Depending on the scope of your companies needs, this may be a simple decision and ultimately come down to whose the most economical. However, many companies will be stuck with the more complicated process of identifying which provider will be able to service most “if not all” your company’s immediate and future needs. Never choose a provider that offers borderline coverage of these services. If in doubt, choosing a la carte services will generally prove the better choice.

A Good Service Relationship has boundaries

Breaking contracts usually don’t benefit the end-user. There are a number of reasons you might become unhappy with your service provider over the course of time. Don’t tie your own hands to save at best 10-15% up front. Plus, shorter contracts give your provider that additional incentive to keep earning your business.

As your AS400 system continues to age, make sure that you call in your tech support whenever you have a problem or a question. You shouldn’t hesitate to use them for assistance – that’s what they’re there for. Following this advice will help you ensure your critical business applications are servicing your users at their optimal ability and for less cost to your company.