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Why Your Company Needs an ERP System

Why Your Company Needs an ERP System

Since discussing “what is ERP”, it is going to be useful to you to hear about some of the benefits of actually using an ERP system. Specifically, we’re going to discuss two main problems when your company does not have an ERP system, and how your company benefits from adopting one.

1. Too Many Competing Systems Leads to Fulfillment Breakdown

Let’s make the assumption that a company is not using an ERP system. Instead, they’re using separate systems to perform functions for ordering, accounting, inventory, purchasing, etc. Companies that use this type of model have disjointed practices. Essentially, their record keeping will be all over the place. This kind of practice looks as follows: you will have to enter an order on a separate system, then print the order, then use a different system to fulfill the order; then go to an accounting system, and then go to the inventory system to keep track of inventory. As you can see, the room for errors in this process is large. And what always happens is that there are errors and information between systems that gets out-of-sync which leads to breakdowns in reporting. Such errors as wrong quantities, wrong prices, missed orders, running out of stock, etc., are all commonplace without an ERP system. Did we say that a lot of time is wasted?

An ERP solves the disconnected record problem because, simply put, everything is intelligently working together. This means that from the order entry function, people can see if there’s an inventory in stock, then they can sequence the move to take the inventory out of stock and ship it. When shipment happens, the customer receives an invoice and accounting for sales to the general ledger is completed. No extra work required. This process occurs without double entry, and it minimizes the amount of mistakes that occur. Instead, there is one logical record for the transaction. When a business delivers right the first time, there is much greater customer satisfaction and more profit.

2. A Company Will Find it Difficult To Grow

The second main problem that occurs without an ERP system is that a company will find it difficult to grow. This occurs because a company will continue to add more people to their processes. While it is natural to add people to a growing business, a poorly organized business requires more people to perform low value activities such as double-entry, reconciling the differences between information in systems, and assembling data to assess what is happening to make decisions. All of this “keeping-it-all-together” action is done so you can trust what you are doing without making gross errors. As the company grows, have you ever heard the expression, “herding cats”? Without the low-value activities, you quickly get out of control.

A fundamental way to tackle larger problems is break them down into smaller units. As you have greater orders for your goods and services, the natural response is to divide the challenge into smaller, highly efficient actions or steps. With an ERP system in place, this capacity to divide work is a lot easier. When processes are fully integrated, you can continue start and stop action along a coordination continuum. While you do this, with good ERP systems and their implementation, you do not need extra people overhead for control systems because information is always real-time; not disjointed due to discrete islands of information that need ongoing care. The bottom line is more profitable.

Ultimately, an ERP system makes it easier to grow. Without these systems, you may grow – but at a slower pace, and at a lower profit margin. You can be sure that your competitors will adopt these superior systems and hence have better practices to make them more profitable and competitive. Be on the better side of that equation sooner and adopt an ERP to enjoy profitable growth.

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Marty Zigman, founder of Prolecto Resources, has developed scalable eCommerce systems for companies such as Time Warner and Bank of America which processed over $1.6 billion in order revenue within 12 months. Prolecto Resources invents with Cloud based software to make business owners more profitable. FOR more info, visit: http://blog.prolecto.com


Epos Has Powers To Change Your Business Positively

Epos Has Powers To Change Your Business Positively

Introduction: It is true that the productivity of employees is something which can have a great impact on the wealth of a firm or industry. Due to this reason, many businesses are now desire to have epos systems that are ideal for serving a help to monitor whole staff performance.

In this modern era, there is a continue launch of software and hardware technologies that are becoming more and more advanced in terms of functions and features. Epos is the biggest and most popular example for this that allows your employees to balance the cash register at the end of the day by monitoring the staff performance.
In this competitive world it is not compulsory that if you are working hard means your staff is also doing the same to get your business forward. To ensure their performance and check whether workers are operating every task as effectively as possible you need something. Cheap epos system is suitable for all sizes of businesses that can fill the requirements of your business which in return give you several advantages.

Epos systems UK are really providing the way in which businesses cannot only boost the sales but also assist you to make more profits in different ways. One of the key benefits that this system serves is that it keeps a track of employee activity. By boosting the production capacity of staff, undoubtedly it also improves the honesty of employees working in your company. For those who want to install epos systems in their firm, shops or at any other commercial place, you must speak to experts who are the best dealers and manufacturers of this system.

Take a look at your business, business size, clientele and various other factors to get the right epos software that meets with your needs. Make effective recommendations based on your research on the internet. Thus, there are plenty of firms that have best deals for you and supply both touch screen and keyboard operation for retail epos, cashless epos and catering epos. Learning to operate this system is absolutely easy and simple that will increase efficiency in terms of sales and profits.
If you want to enjoy the several advantages of epos you must get information on it and compare prices with each other to get the best out from it. You are not required to worry about money because there are also firms that offer this system with different discounts, packages and offers at any of their showrooms located in your area. So, just fulfill the needs of your business to earn more from it. Now, it’s not time to wait for the success, but just go to it. The very true lines that the advent of cheap epos systems is a boon to every business who want to become successful.

Conclusion: Make your financial control a lot easier and manage products in an organized manner with epos system UK. View a complete revelation of the imperial epos by simply visiting the websites. Ensure about the product that it is of high standards by going through demo.

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Customer Touch-Points as Marketing Opportunities

Customer Touch-Points as Marketing Opportunities

The average customer interacts with a company on multiple fronts. It could be the moment they are face to face with the clerk at the cash register, make a call to the technical support staff, or take the item they purchased out of the box. These interactions are called touch points, and being able to identify them is critical to your marketing strategy. Because they impact how consumers perceive your business, taking control of them is extremely important. This article will discuss some of the most common customer touch points, and how you can optimize the experience for the consumer.


There are a number of touch points the consumer may encounter before purchasing a product or service from your business. Perhaps it’s your website. Maybe a search advertisement you took out on AdWords, or word of mouth that spreads through the online communities or an opt in email marketing campaign. Do not overlook the importance of these interactions. These touch points are essential and should be designed to mold the consumer’s perception and expectations they have of your brand. The objective here is driving awareness through the touch points that will have the then potential customer thinking about you when they decide its time to do business.


When a consumer leaves the pre-sale stage, they move into various touch points of the sales arena. These touch points may involve paying a visit to your store, contacting the customer service agent for more information, or actually making a purchase. Optimizing these interactions involves demonstrating the value of your offerings and the brand itself to give the customer the reassurance that they have indeed made, or are about to make the right decision. With these touch points, it is vital to demonstrate your unique selling proposition, the reason why choosing you over the competition is the best option.


Post-sale touch points become a factor after the customer makes a purchase. Capitalizing on these interactions is essential to maintaining customer retention. The good thing here is that you have great control of these interactions and can use them to enhance the experience. Some examples would be creating a loyalty program, targeting the customer based on their recent purchase, simply delivering stellar follow-up service. With these touch points, your mission is to accomplish three specific goals: maintain a high level of satisfaction, strengthen relationships with your audience, and foster loyalty. For many businesses, this is the most important, and sometimes difficult stage to manage.

In Conclusion

Customer touch points are represented by the interactions that occur from pre-sale to the buying stage and beyond. While not all touch points have the same level of importance, they all play a key role in creating the customer experience. Identifying them is critical to understanding your business, and being in the position to control the interactions with your audience. Your ability to manage them could be the difference between whether your brand is viewed in a positive, or negative light.


Free VoIP Service – Are They True

Free VoIP Service – Are They True

When Voice over Internet Protocol was introduced through the Internet, a lot of the programs available are given free Voice over Internet Protocol services. Unluckily, those great days are gone and these days, these services are not free; but are still given at a minimal monthly charge.

However, after you have decided to buy this service, you would still be astonished with the advantages and benefits that VOIP gives. Your calls are limitless and you are able to call long distance numbers at free of charge, but you have to settle the low fee.

Don’t be concerned though as there are software that give free VOIP services, among them are Skype and AdCalls. These 2 programs allow you to call making use of the free Voice over Internet Protocol programming.

Skype enables you to make a computer to computer call to Skype users making use of a microphone and a headphone. All you must do is to get free Skype software on their site. This free call is only accessible for a computer to computer call and the individual you need to contact will have to get the software as well. If you need to call somebody on their telephone and get a call from them, you would have to buy their credits at a cheap price.

With AdCalls, you could make calls to anybody in the Canada and USA at anytime on their business, home, and cellular phone for free. You are able to call anybody in the world as well on their computer given that they also got the “AdCalls” dialer that could be seen on their site.

Even as a lot of individuals are selecting to use this service, it has its annoyances, one being the failure to call 911. The explanation for this is that the dial is made from your network instead of a telephone. This makes it not possible for 911 to track your call from the Voice over Internet Protocol phone and to know your address. When getting your 911 calls, it is not possible for the dispatcher to get any info on your location.

VOIP is fast increasing popularity and huge corporations like AOL and Verizon are all giving Voice over Internet Protocol packages. Free VoIP is the popular selection, though these days it is getting harder to find one. For consumers who aren’t prepared or who feel not comfortable w/ going to VoIP, they have the choice of utilizing IM or instant messaging services, for example YM or Yahoo Messenger.

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To find more about FreeVoipService check our website, http://www.freevoipservice.net/, for more information about FreeVoipService.


How EPOS Systems Make Your Business Successful

How EPOS Systems Make Your Business Successful

Electronic point of sales systems are computerized systems equipped with latest technology to facilitate both customers and merchants in increasing business performance, sales and customer satisfaction. Epos systems have come up with lots of features which make business operations efficient and easily manageable. Epos solutions provide facility to run several business processes and receive query from customers 24/7. Latest electronic point of sales systems are available with auto pilot facility which facilitate to process business operations without any requirement for human interference.

Business operations can be performed much more rapidly and without any chance for human errors. On one hand these electronic point of sales solutions help entrepreneurs increase sales of business and on the other hand this technology facilitates customers and helps to increase customer satisfaction. Data can be put quite rapidly in till machine with the help of hand held scanners which saves time and efforts for business. Sales receipt can be issued to customers and different discount schemes can be offered to increase loyalty of customers with your business. Moreover, these systems also assist in monitoring business inventory more efficiently and keeping track of product status.

One more advantage of using such epos systems is that recurring billing can be easily set up and scheduled which offers customers and business owners a convenience in making payments at scheduled dates of every month. Different sales report can also be generated with the help of these systems which can further be utilized in assessing overall business performance and identifying weak areas of business. These systems also aid in placing orders for inventory as a list of manufacturers or wholesalers can be sorted out and orders can be placed to most suitable and affordable suppliers. Now, electronic point of sales systems are available with accounting feature as such systems are now being integrated with some of the best accounting software to manage accounts of business more efficiently.

All these features mentioned are a wonderful source for saving time and money for your business in managing various business activities. This results in reduced fixed costs, increased profit margins and more profitability for businesses. Although it looks to be quite expensive and costly for businesses to invest in electronic point of sales systems especially for those businesses which are relatively smaller in scale but the invaluable benefits obtained from such systems in the long run cover all the expenses on the installation of such businesses.

However, there is one important thing which is needed to be considered before making a purchase for an electronic point of sales system that one must buy only those epos systems which are customized according to specific needs of a business. Make sure that you invest only on those devices of epos systems which are essential for your business to manage. This will help prevent wasting your investment on unnecessary electronic point of sales systems accessories. The only thing you need to bother is to take some time to find a system which is best suitable according to your budget and business requirements.

E-till Solutions is one of the best epos systems providers in UK. E-till Solutions offers dry cleaning pos systems, pharmacy point of sales systems, wholesale POS and Hospitality Epos systems customized especially according to the individual requirements of various businesses.


Electronic Cash Registers Bring Convenience to Convenience Stores

Electronic Cash Registers Bring Convenience to Convenience Stores

Today’s selection of registers will help you keep your business flowing smoothly, ultimately pleasing both your employees and your customers.

Breaking Out of the Flintstone Age with Electronic Cash Register

First, we had pencil and paper. Then we moved to the old fashioned, almost typewriter like cash registers. If you go into a traditional ‘mom and pop’ store nowadays, you may still find that some of these are still in operation. However, when you travel to your local name brand department store, you will see that with the volume of people that are served, having a higher level of technology makes it more efficient to scan and operate. What you don’t see is the savings given to these companies by not having to purchase ink and receipt paper that is difficult to find, or having to locate a technician that is able fix a broken component. By coming out of the Flintstone era and investing into a new piece of technology you can create more efficiency and find accessorizing parts with ease.

The Advantage of Electronic Cash Registers

Electronic cash registers have many advantages. First of all, businesses that utilize this technology have the ability to scan barcodes or employ self-check-out lines in busy settings. Instead of having to mark the prices of each individual product, these cash registers allow for a digital scan providing your customers and employees with a whole new level of convenience. The second major advantage is that replacing ribbons and paper is almost effortless, which means that rushed customers do not have to wait during this task. This product will end up saving your employees time, and therefore customers will be happier with a whole new level of convenience with the utilization of this simple machine.

How Much Will You Pay for an Electronic Cash Register?

If you are operating a small business you can purchase an electronic cash register for just under a hundred dollars. However, if you are managing a franchise or a busy retail location, investing in a top of the line, state of the art machine can run you into the thousand dollar range. The amount of business and generated profit that you accumulate will help you to gage what kind of investment that you need to make. Also, checking out the cost of maintenance and supplies will play a factor in your overall decision. Enhancing your business by stepping into the modern technological era will bring you extended benefits over the long term. Though it can be quite the initial investment, you will make your staff and consumers content by employing machinery that elevates expediency and efficiency. Investing into electronic cash registers will help you to expand your business potential, make your pricing options easier, and help you to manage your accounting with ease.

Please visit our website for a great selection of electronic cash registers, and choice of stock of paper till rolls.


What is a Two Tier ERP

What is a Two Tier ERP

We’ve discussed “What is ERP?”, but now its time to take a look at two tier ERPs, and some of the benefits that NetSuite offers for those looking for a two tier approach.

A two tier ERP is a concept or approach that is generally used in larger organizations. Oftentimes, larger organizations have multiple lines of business and / or multiple companies running independent from each other. These companies, most likely, have different target customer segments, different inventory product requirements, and may be serving unique geographical markets. Each line of business, when looked at from their perspective, must be able to take care of their own business requirements. However, this may not serve the interest of a corporate parent who wants to be able to consolidate results of its subsidiaries as well as have some level of governance.

Two tier systems often make sense to the management because they want to be able to act quickly while producing some level of autonomy for each subsidiary. I am a strong believer of a single instance architecture. But I am realistic. It may be next to impossible to achieve this depending on the situation. Here are some criteria where Two Tier may make sense: -The parent ERP is too complex to adopt for a small business unit. -The cost is prohibitive for the smaller business unit to own the parent ERP. -Certain local or regional regulatory requirements can not be met. -Key functionality is missing from the parent ERP.

NetSuite works to have an offer for organizations that face these challenges. In some respects, the NetSuite OneWorld product is seeking to be the Parent ERP. Of course, it is all one system and it works very well if the criteria noted above is met. At the same time, NetSuite is pitching to larger companies to be part of a two tier structure; not as the main ERP but as a sub ERP.

NetSuite has recently won some major clients that are two tiered. For example, see these articles: -Qualcomm -Olympus (video) -Torstar Digital

At the same time, they have a great success story with OneWorld acting as a single instance for GroupOn.

The reality is that as companies grow, so do their demanding requirements. Today, there are very few business management systems that can truly make a Single Instance offer. The choices really open up if you go Two Tier. But make no mistake, you will require a major investment to integrate, train people, and maintain these systems on an ongoing basis. NetSuite’s technical architecture makes it pretty easy to integrate with; but it will require work. Two-tier has become much easier due to integration platforms, such as Boomi or Mulesoft.

Finally, two tier ERP is different from Best of Breed often adopted by smaller organizations who aren’t holding the entire consequence of a fragmented technical architecture. Please see my article, “Best-of-Breed Business Systems: Traps & Lies”. The same considerations apply for two-tier ERP. Ideally, get the entire business, on a single instance. If the boundary is a subsidiary, then so be it.

Copyright © Marty Zigman 2011

Marty Zigman, founder of Prolecto Resources, the leading Southern California consultancy serving Ventura, Los Angeles, and Orange Counties, leads companies to advanced growth through NetSuite based implementations and innovations. Marty’s organization has developed scalable eCommerce systems for companies such as Time Warner and Bank of America which processed over $1.6 billion in order revenue within 12 months. Marty Zigman, a previous CPA and Deloitte & Touche consultant, brings a unique perspective to how business systems can lead to increased enterprise value and competitive advantages. http://blog.prolecto.comTwo Tier ERP is an approach used by management when it is too difficult to get on one single system across multiple business subsidiaries. Learn more about this case..