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What You Need to Know About Inventory Management System

What You Need to Know About Inventory Management System

We know how valuable inventory is to every operation. It matters a lot from small to big businesses, and the fact that it is also hard to control and manage is certainly undeniable. If you have a manufacturing business, supply chain or a fast food shop, then you know how factors such as pilferage, administrative errors, physical damage and expiration of items can eat away your inventory. It can even greatly hamper the profit and affect the overall system of a company.

Your products are one of the most significant assets of your business. Assuring that your organization has proper stock of goods and a system that can manage all your merchandise correctly can make a huge difference in making the sale. From the manufacturing to the point of sale, the need for a sustainable inventory solution can reassure every company that there are enough products to sell for customers while managing the control of every resource.

Setting up an inventory management system can help you make the most of inventory by keeping costs under control.

What are its Features?

For Inventory Control and Warehouse

Makes inventory process faster as they are fully automated.Easy tracking of assets with check-in/ check-out system.Managing of asset costs from merchandise to stocks with precise counting.Provides various alternatives to track all assets including supplier, client information, count of merchandise, account numbers, sales and more.Manage multiple inventories at the same time and being able to view real time records.Lower inventory loss and increase sales and operational efficienciesEnhance customer satisfaction levels with availability of productsIncrease product marginsGain control on replenishment of stocks while managing overstocks

For Purchasing Department

Modernize requisition procedure and enhance faster communication with vendors with Inventory Management Solution that can record transaction, reordering dates and other relevant informationEradicate inefficiency with online purchasingEasily identify costs, loss and profits. Avoids manual errors done in purchasing, receiving and other accounting records. -For Manufacturing Division -Offers contemporary solution of managing correct orders. Manufacturing sector can now seamlessly work with back office divisions. -For Demand Planning -Accurately give data for reordering of stocks based on sales and historical dataAutomatically compute supply plan for the organization -What are its Benefits?

Offer real-time data of demands, supply, costs, profits and trends in an operationReduce manual inventory. Makes work faster and avoids manual error or computations.Managing margins with complete data to cost of inventory and revenues.It can satisfy the demands of any industry for inventory and purchasingMeet your customer’s demands and help improve customer serviceEnhance relationships with clients, vendors, and partners in the business

I have been writing for many years now. In fact my work had already appeared in various books and websites. Today I featured what you need to know about Inventory Management System so people will be aware of the importance and its applications for businesses.


Leather ERP Software

Leather ERP Software

The Indian footwear industry is one of the prime subsets of the Indian leather industry. It is the second largest producer of footwear, next to China. The leather footwear produced and exported from India includes shoes, casuals, moccasins, sport shoes, horrachies, sandals, ballerinas, and boots. The non-leather footwear exported from India includes shoes and sandals made of rubber, plastic, P.V.C. and other materials. This footwear sector has matured from the level of manual footwear manufacturing methods to automated footwear manufacturing systems. The industry is now growing to adopt modern and state-of-the-art technology, to suit international requirements and standards. The Indian footwear market scores over other footwear markets, because of factors such as reliable supply of resources, good-quality finished leather, and large installed capacities for production of finished leather and footwear. In addition, several other factors such as large human capital with commendable expertise and technology base, skilled manpower, and relatively low cost labor, also play a vital role in establishing Indian manufacturers’ supremacy over the rest.

Industry automation has led to complexity in processes and increase in the amount of data that needs to be handled. The supply chain in this particular industry sector contains multiple stages and in each and every stage, there are loads of data to be captured and analyzed.

It requires careful analysis and considerable efforts to automate the complete system. At present, the footwear industry faces challenges like unfavorable frequency of orders, changing trends and market requirements, continuous pressure for better value, tighter costs, regulations in different countries etc.

With its robust and highly economical solutions, Ramco’s OnDemand ERP helps footwear industries integrate all their processes, automate them and control costs effectively. As it is cloud based, it can be really helpful for companies having their manufacturing plants in multiple locations. In addition, companies can save costs in IT infrastructure and maintenance.

RODE Benefits

Ramco OnDemand ERP offers the following business benefits:

RODE exploits the advantages of internet and computersThe solution is highly economicalThe solution aids in change management and ensures that the phases are not disturbed. It does not require much modifications and it can be implemented soon.The end-to-end solution helps integrate data from many different departments, automate processes, control costs, and respond efficiently to change.The RODE system is fully delivered in accordance with the flow of the Leather Industry, combined with production management concepts and materials tracking, which aid every business process in the Footwear Manufacturing Industry

Ramco On Demand is one of the best ERP software solution for leather industry management. Ramco ERP software automates all your business process .

Footware industry ERP


Erp System For Process Industry

Erp System For Process Industry

Investing in an ERP System must be taken with some serious thoughts. Once implemented the system must serve the company for years to come. It must also reflect how you do business today yet evolve through subsequent business practice changes.

An ERP system in a process manufacturing company depends on data from every corner of the business such as inventory receipts, quality assurance test results, production records, customer orders, payments from customers, payments for purchases, shipments and invoices, maintenance of equipment and facilities, investments as well as several others heads under taxes. Therefore it is very important that the ERP system must be designed to reflect very need of the company’s business processes.

With the implementation of eresource ERP in the process industry segment, distribution processes become streamlined and the supply chain will be more responsive. Plant executives get an effective ERP system to respond to that demand for shorter response times. Variable customer requirements, reduced inventory levels, ever-changing schedules and shorter production runs also impact plant operations – and necessitate the use of automation to ensure peak efficiency.

Innovations and developments over the past few years in the Information Technology have resulted in a reduction in labor, and the widespread use of process control instruments. These developments have increased information flow between the plant floor and the ERP system. eresource ERP provides required support to your business process a smooth and steady progress. eresource’s web-based ERP system enables the real-time, plant floor information to control information in a manufacturing environment.

In a process industry ERP system, factory floor is always on the focus, specifically on the operator/user who is the most intelligent agent in a manufacturing environment. With eresource ERP system implemented, automatic data capture provides real-time updates to your inventory, improving the speed, ease, and accuracy of data capture. Each operator/user is connected through the ERP system, to everyone else in the plant floor, and to all plant floors within the organization. This operations-centric manufacturing environment-where information is shared within and between plants and planning in real time – is truly the efficient supply chain.

What is most important is that with eresource ERP system all your production process and all other manufacturing process are easily integrated and it enables automatic data collection. When you implement eresource you have an ERP system that is agile, adaptable, and easy to link with everyone in the organization.

For more information kindly visit: http://www.eresourceerp.com/ERP-system-for-process-industry.html

Growing as a leading enterprise solution company, eresource, or ‘Enterprise Resource’, provides end-to-end solutions that leverage technology-enabling customers to grow their business. Eresource serves many client in India and abroad and as one of the pioneers of Web-based ERP solution.


Infor Visual, Microsoft Dynamics AX and Epicor 9 ERP Software

Infor Visual, Microsoft Dynamics AX and Epicor 9 ERP Software

Infor Visual, Microsoft Dynamics AX and Epicor 9 ERP softwares come with all the options and functions necessary and helpful for manufacturing companies. Infor Visual, Epicor 9 and Dynamics AX also provide options and functions for distribution thus these ERP solutions can be utilized by manufacturing companies for managing their warehouse more efficiently and also as a solution for wholesale distribution companies.

Infor Visual comes with complete solutions for CRM providing facilities for quoting and estimating, custom pricing and commissions, sales forecasting and e business and web store front. Dynamics AX also provide CRM function where business relations with customers, vendors and leads are maintained and contacted. Epicor 9 too comes loaded with CRM solution for better work efficiency.

Infor Visual, Dynamics AX and Epicor 9 ERP software are more inclined towards manufacturing companies so there an option encompasses all the aspects of production planning, execution and manufacturing control functions. Infor Visual ERP solution provide options for MRP- materials requirement planning, advanced material planning, shop floor controls, quality management, BOM, production scheduling and lean manufacturing. Shop floor controls are available in extended core of Dynamics AX, it also provide options for master planning where purchase and production planning is done, inventory management and production where BOM is defined and every step of manufacturing is tracked down. Epicor 9 manufacturing module contains real time production management, rule based product configuration, product life cycle management, advanced planning and scheduling and support for lean manufacturing. Infor Visual, Dynamics AX and Epicor 9 ERP softwares provide complete solution for manufacturing and give necessary control to the

management to keep a track of every step and avoid redundancy.

Distribution is another feature incorporated in these ERP softwares for better management of finished products, raw material, multi dimensional inventory and shipping and receiving. Infor Visual comes with radio frequency enabled warehouse system. Dynamics AX provide the features of supply chain management through accounts receivables, inventory management and accounts payable with warehouse facility. Epicor 9 has features like supply chain management, planning and scheduling, product data management and production management, its sales management module covers the requirement of manufacturing or wholesale distribution companies for pending orders and shipping and logistics details.

Infor Visual provides features of financials and cost accounting in back office module these features contain general ledger, accounts receivable and payable with vendor and cash management. Cost accounting module covers the feature for human resource, time and attendance. Microsoft Dynamics and Epicor 9 too have similar facilities for finance and accounts. Dynamics AX contains expense management and environmental management as separate options as enhanced features for cost accounting. Epicor 9 comes with modules like financial management and enterprise performance management for better and in depth view of organizational performance in terms of profit and loss. Infor Visual, Dynamics AX and Epicor 9 ERP softwares come with handy features for improving the functionality of organization in an economic way to reduce cost and increase profit margins. It allows better inventory management and prevents dead and immovable stocks which increase operational margins of manufacturing as well as wholesale distribution


Read Microsoft Dynamics AX Review – advantages and disadvantages. Also read about Low Cost ERP Software. Read review on Infor ERP Software.


Advantages Of Using Automated Inventory System

Advantages Of Using Automated Inventory System

Do you want to cut down costs and increase productivity of your manufacturing unit? Then an automated inventory system is your best option. With manufacturing houses trying hard to recover from the aftermath of economic recession, a fully automated inventory system can surely come handy. Hence manufacturers looking to cut down on their production and labor costs must adopt more automated systems for better work integration and systematic operation.

Adopting an automated inventory system for your manufacturing facility can surely boost productivity besides adding other advantages as well.

1. There are several inventory challenges faced by manufacturers, industrial distributors as well as by the maintenance department of an industrial setup. Problems may range from loss or theft of simple machine tools to that of other major disciplinary issues like faulty attendance records, discrepancy in inventory processing records, and so on. Industrial automatic vending machines like- auto lockers, auto scaling devices, auto dispensing units come handy under such situations. With an automated system in place, there is no easy access to company inventory as every single item used by the employee is recorded in the machine memory and can be checked if required from time to time. Hence it helps to cut down on loss or damage of company property considerably.

2. The latest software controlled automated inventory systems besides giving you the real-time data usage records would also help to modernize the ERP system. This in turn reduces your costs for indirect supplies to about 40 percent.

3. Another major advantage of using automated inventory stations like remote dispensing and vending systems is to secure point-of-access to high-use tools and supplies in large industrial establishments with a fast-paced working operation.

4. Yet another benefit of using an automated inventory system is that it enables access and proper control over the dispensed items like no other. It tracks each vending transaction and sort every single item dispensed by the name of the employee, the job and department of the individual, the shift of duty and the budget or cost of the item dispensed – all of these in just within a few seconds.

5. With such amazing advantages available, it will be unwise not to install an automated inventory system at your manufacturing unit.

For best automated inventory system get in touch with AutoCrib – inventor of the first point-of-use industrial vending machines. Check out their products by visiting autocrib.com or call them at 1-800-671-6501.


Is Process Manufacturing Software A Great Business Product Real Estate Marketing Ideas

Is Process Manufacturing Software A Great Business Product Real Estate Marketing Ideas

It can be difficult to choose a process manufacturing software that is both affordable and meets the needs of a growing company effectively. There are many industry giants involved in this field, from ACCPAC/Sage to IBM, Microsoft, and many more. Choosing which offers the most pertinent information is the best option for most companies, and researching each product in order to gauge this knowledge is the best start.

One important note: the information included herein is strictly based on review, and should be used as guidelines for narrowing the field instead of as expert advice for a specific company. Products that work well for one corporation may not work at all for another, and finding suitable software sometimes takes a lot of effort, and some trial and error experience.

To begin with, BatchMaster ERP software is obtainable through Microsoft, and is the principal preference for production companies that have to blend products. This software is extremely sophisticated, and has the exclusive ability to save recipes and blueprints proficiently and properly. It also has inventory control tools, and product progress information, with the aim of keeping a company very structured and running as efficiently as is feasible.

Next, Ross Enterprise ERP software is engineered by CDC Software and is among the most popular products for process engineering based on reviews. In addition to BatchMaster’s capabilities, Ross Enterprise adds customer relationship management tools and enterprise performance management services as well. For larger businesses that require a higher level of expertise and management, this appears to be the best option.

Infor software is a very distinctive choice performing many distinct functions in an efficient manner. They guarantee a revenue boost, and are an excellent choice for companies seeking to perfect the order process, reduce costs, effectively manage channels of delivery, and augment the company’s overall efficiency level. For global process manufacturers, this is a very helpful software.

While it can be very frustrating to find helpful information on specific software without wading through the promotional material presented by the engineering company, there is much to be found regarding each software’s capabilities and proficiencies. In the same manner, it is important to note any flaws discovered, and remember that updates and upgrades are released on occasion to correct these imperfections.

Learn more about manufacturing system software. Visit Careware’s site where you can find out all about process manufacturing software.


Why ERP Software Should Be Free

Why ERP Software Should Be Free

Most of us may already know what ERP software is and what is used for. However, to find a good ERP software for small and midsize businesses (SMBs) and fit manufacturing businesses is not that easy. Most ERP solutions are costly, heavy, hard to use and implement. Do you know you have another option to use world-class manufacturing ERP software without a penny? If you are seeking a free manufacturing ERP, 2BizBox ERP ( http://www.2bizbox.com/ ) is great software really worth your time.

2BizBox is free ERP software designed for manufacturing industry. It is a comprehensive ERP system that offers best practice support for make-to-order manufacturer model. For most SMBs, they are challenged by the requirement of customers, effective management, cost and quality control, and finding new customers to grow. Meanwhile, SMBs do not have big budget and professional IT staff for ERP software. Most ERP software is too costly and complicated for SMBs. They need a solution to enable them to implement ERP and get competitive in the market. It is critical to find ERP software that would fit their vision of the ideal system. Now, with 2BizBox ERP, you have another option. 2BizBox is the only free ERP software in manufacturing sector. 2BizBox ERP is a perfect alternative for all small business to implement ERP system without any software cost.

2BizBox has been developed for 20 years. A small team was founded in 1990 and started working on the first generation of 2BizBox which is based on DOS and dBase system. The team members were managed several manufacturing businesses and had rich experience on manufacturing management. The team aimed to build easy-to-use, lightweight software for all managed businesses and the manufacturing industry. Over years, the software has been used by 100 companies in the United States, China and other counties. In 1999, the second generate 2BizBox is developed based on Java and Web-based technology. In 2004, the company opened two new development centers in Wichita Falls, Texas and China Shanghai. A brand new 2BizBox v2.0 with a new framework and Java technology was designed and developed at that time. Eventually, after long term development, 2BizBox has been carried out a powerful, complete ERP system for manufacturing businesses.

We dedicate all our time to free manufacturing ERP system. Our mission is to provide world class, free to use ERP solution for SMBs of manufacturing industry. 2BizBox ERP covers engineering, purchasing, sales, inventory, work order, manufacturing, quality, accounting, human resources, customer services 10 integrated modules and more than 100 sub modules. It is built by Java technology and supports Windows and Linux platform. 2BizBox can be deployed on in-house server or online server easily in minutes. 2BizBox is compatible with Excel and PDF. It supports infinite level of Bill of Materials, multiple currencies, barcode and serial number tracking, printing checks, embedded standard manufacturing processes complying with ISO 9000 and abundant reports like vendor shipment and quality performance reporting etc. 2BizBox supports multiple companies deployed on single server. At the same time, 2BizBox supports multiple language including English and Chinese. A lightweight MRP engine provides the fast, intuitive and on-the-fly reports. 2BizBox specially designs and offers modules for manufacturing management such as Work Order, Manufacturing, and Engineering modules to provide comprehensive management for complete manufacturing processes and utilize resources efficiently.

More importantly, 2BizBox is free. Free doesn’t mean a trail version, an evaluation version, or a free version with limited functions. Conversely it means totally free. A typical game played other ERP software vendors is offering a simplified “Free Version” to attract users to buy a full functional “Enterprise Version”. 2BizBox always has only one version for everyone. 2BizBox is available by everyone with all functions and zero obstacles. We believe this is the only way to maximize the power of software.

2BizBox is not open sourced software. We respect the spirit of open source. We utilize open source frameworks as well. However we believe functions and quality of the software are more important than the source code for end users. To offer everyone an option with zero cost software and release every function we have for free, 2BizBox empower all SMBs the capability to utilize the power of modern computer and Internet technology. You use the software, and we take care of it. Also, you can get all free resources and supports from our online community site: www.2bizbox.com.

We believe the power of software. We believe the power of free. Our vision is to provide the best free manufacturing ERP software for the world. We try to make the software available for everyone without any limits, and maximize the power of the software. Our business model is to provide services base on user request. The services includes training, consulting, implementation assistant, server hosting etc. However, you have the total right to choose services or not. The service is not bound with any part of the software and you are never forced to buy. Actually we encourage and believe most of businesses are able to study, setup, implement and use the software successfully by themselves. The service is just another option offered to you when you really need assist.

As a summary, it is critical to select right ERP software for you. 2BizBox offers you a full functional, powerful, lightweight and easy to use option, and it is totally free. With 2BizBox, SMBs benefit from a fully integrated, easy-to-use and totally free ERP solution to significantly reduce costs, improve the performance, better inventory and quality control and generate more revenue. If you are a small manufacturing company without sufficient budget, if you are willing to spend some time to study and try the software by yourself, 2BizBox ERP is absolutely an option and worth a try.

It’s time to use free ERP software, and it’s time to feel better.





Identify a problem that you faced while employed in the job that required extra-ordinary performance in order to solve.


State the action that you took in order to solve the problem or that identified a solution. Include a short description that indicates how you prepared to handle the solution.


Now state the results that you obtained after implementing the solution. Express by using numerical terms such as dollars, percentages, or hours saved.

Insert a positive statement detailing your overall accomplishments after each position.


Utilize PAR structure to develop your result’s statement.

Results Example: Executed restructuring of all equipment maintenance under one department. Increased preventive maintenance completion percentages by 75%.



Overall production yield at the end of the manufacturing line was 50% below expectation, causing a loss in company revenue. The products built were co-fired electronic ceramic packages used to house computer chips.


Implemented process improvements that provide better product alignment. Developed test procedures to verify alignment accuracy during intermediate manufacturing stages.


Increased the overall production yield 40% and reduced product resident time on the line by 20%.


Implemented process improvements in the manufacturing of electronic ceramic packages, increasing the overall production yield 40%.



Reduced head count by 50% while improving planning service levels, by restructuring organization of planning department and eliminating one layer of management.

Supervised the quality control of 350 diagnostic products worth $7 million per year in sales.

Designed, developed, and implemented a forecast/master production schedule system which resulted in a $2.5 million reduction in inventories in 1986 and record low customer back orders.


Analyzed monthly data center and labor charges, identifying previously undetected errors often in excess of $30,000 per month.

Developed and controlled a capital and operating budget in excess of $4.5 million annually.

Administered pension plans for 500 employees.


Directed manufacturing of 19 autoimmune diagnostics; products worth $1 million annually.

Produced technical products manual for a leading emergency services and respiratory care equipment manufacturer.

Obtained the Technical Achievement Award for 1985 for developing isolation and purification procedures.


Automated employee records and medical claims functions, reducing staff size by 40% and improving processing time savings $160,000 per year.

Improved laboratory quality control by implementing tracking program utilizing Lotus 1-2-3 spreadsheet template.

Conducted a management software evaluation for one of the world’s largest medical equipment manufactures.



Utilize a Personality Inventory

ï‚- Social Styles

ï‚- Decision Making Styles

ï‚- Communication Styles

ï‚- Organization Styles


Resourceful, results-oriented, hands-on, people / systems manager. Excellent interpersonal communication skills. A team people builder with high ethical standards and work ethic. Fast learner. Successful in applying practical people and computer skills towards creating an effective operation.


Computer Aided Manufacturing – the Future of Production

Computer Aided Manufacturing – the Future of Production

Computer aided manufacturing is the process of using computers, machines, and other programmed machinery in designing and manufacturing mass-produced work pieces and replaceable parts. It may also refer to the use of computers in the manufacturing process. Many manufacturing plants in developed countries use computer aided manufacturing to save time and money in producing components and parts of bigger machines and equipment.

One of the most common applications of computer aided manufacturing is seen in car manufacturing companies, where the design and conceptualization of new cars are done with the aid of software programs that combine the concepts of design and the mathematics of engineering.

Benefits of Computer Aided Manufacturing

One of the main advantages of Computer aided manufacturing is that it allows a person to input instructions to the machine in very tight and precise measurements. It also provides them a systemic approach to produce components very fast, compared to manually drawing the concept on paper and then manually inputting the measurements and formula into a computer.

It also facilitates the efficient use of computers in the execution of designs. In many cases, the computers used in Computer aided manufacturing also have an attached execution hardware that executes the designs you have entered on the computer screen. One perfect example of this is the steel cutting technology. A craftsman can input intricate designs on his computer, and then the computer send this to the work area where a robot arm will cut pieces of flat steel into the exact measurements and designs drawn by the person on the computer. An output is ready within seconds or minutes. Without the computer aided manufacturing system, these processes will take hours or days to accomplish.

Challenges to Computer Aided Manufacturing

The first challenge to CAM is that its costs can be astronomical, from buying the computer and the machines needed to execute designs, as well as the maintenance of the machines. You will also need a sophisticated cadcam software so you can develop designs and models and be able to convert them into executable actions by the computer.

Moreover, some computer aided manufacturing systems and their cadcam software fail to produce a consistent design output. In layman’s terms, what you see is not what you get. You will need very sophisticated software and accurate hardware to execute your designs perfectly. The main reason for the inconsistency is that there has yet to be a code developed that will standardize the operations of all computer aided manufacturing systems.

Overall, computer aided manufacturing is a revolutionary breakthrough in the age of mass production. It helps people produce components and parts much faster, with the aid of powerful software that allows them to create designs on three-dimension aspect in the computer. It is also perfect for repeated tasks in a manufacturing environment.

Computers are becoming more and more indispensable in a fast evolving world where everything has to be made instant. Computer aided manufacturing is the best example of that fact, and pretty soon, all the worlds manufacturing plants will have a sophisticated computer that handles production of goods.


Efficient, predictable and more profitable

Efficient, predictable and more profitable

ERP can improve productivity in manufacturing sector

Productivity improvementEnterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution can significantly improve the productivity of the manufacturing sector. Use of ERP should not be looked at as a tool for automation of the transaction system. The major objective of ERP application should be improvement of business process.

ERP systems are designed to address the problem of fragmentation of information in manufacturing organizations. ERP systems promise to integrate an entire business with a suite of software modules covering activities in all areas of the business. Furthermore, ERP is now being prompted as a desirable and critical link for enhancing integration between all functional areas within the manufacturing enterprise.

ERP system has been defined as a packaged business software system that allows a company, to automate and integrate the majority of its business processes, and share common data and practices across the enterprise. Through integration of various functions in the organization, managers and staff alike can use timely information to make better decisions and to perform activities, which add value to the company.

Here are some of generic ERP capabilities that can be used in the manufacturing sector:

ERP can transform unstructured processes into routine transactions such as electronic approval of purchase orders based on predefined company policies.
ERP can replace or reduce the human labour involved in processes, like matching of supplier invoices based on accepted purchase receipts.
ERP can transfer information rapidly and with ease over large distances. It is now possible for various offices and factories of an organization to perform transactions and analysis on the same server, reducing geographical distances.
ERP can help manufacturing companies in carrying out analysis such as: Forecasting of market demand based on statistical models; Capturing of hidden market trends through multi-dimensional analysis; Identification of potential improvement areas.
ERP can bring a vast amount of detailed information into the process.
ERP can enable changes in the sequence of task in the process, often allowing multiple tasks to be performed concurrently.
ERP allows the capture and dissemination of knowledge and expertise to improve the process.
ERP allows detailed tracking of task status, inputs and outputs.

Modules at a glance

Eresource ERP for Manufacturing industry consists of following modules.

Sales and Distribution Management
This Module comprises of Contact Management and Sales Order Processing Management. It is an integrated solution comprising of marketing and sales activities. Organization can act immediately to improve sales, service and marketing effectiveness by using this Module. Eresource Sales Management module is all about retaining customers, improving customer loyalty and gaining customer insight

Purchase Management Module
Purchase Management module in eresource ERP streamlines procurement of required raw materials, packaging material, sub assembly and other non-inventory materials. It automates the processes of identifying potential suppliers, Supplier Evaluation, Supplier Quote Evaluation, awarding purchase order to the supplier, and billing processes. Purchase module is tightly integrated with the inventory control and production planning modules.

Manufacturing, Planning and Control
Manufacturing, Planning and Control Module in eresource ERP optimizes the utilization of manufacturing capacity, parts, components and material resources using historical production data and sales forecasting.

Total Quality Management Module
eresource ERP Quality Control Module not only monitors quality by control plans in purchasing and manufacturing but also provides real-time process capability index for quick review. Quality Control in eresource facilities are versatile and offer support for every phase of your operations, from receipt and acceptance of raw materials, through production of intermediates, to inspections of finished goods before shipment to customers.

Inventory and Material Management
Inventory Management Module in eresource ERP provides a powerful and flexible set of features to help you manage and report your inventory information. eresource Inventory Management facilitates processes of maintaining the appropriate level of stock in a warehouse. The activities of inventory control involves in identifying inventory requirements, setting targets, providing replenishment techniques and options, monitoring item usages, reconciling the inventory balances, and reporting inventory status.

Plant and Machine Maintenance
The time has changed, machine breakdown and idle repair is no more accepted practice. The plant maintenance module in eresource ERP provides an integrated solution for supporting the operational efficiency. The plant maintenance module covers all equipment / machines of the plant.

Excise Management
The Excise module in eresource ERP will enable the organization to ensure Excise compliance to manage all transactions of Sales, Purchase, Production, Warehouse Transfer etc., This module will help the organization fulfill its statutory requirements according to latest government regulations.

Human Resource Management
Human Resource module in eresource ERP streamlines the management of human resources and human capitals. It comprises of four broad sections, mainly Training, Recruitment, Payroll and Attendance. HR module in eresource routinely maintains a complete employee database including contact information, salary details, attendance, performance evaluation and promotion of all employees.

Finance Resource Management
Finance Resource Management in eresource ERP gathers financial data from various functional departments and generates valuable financial reports such as Balance Sheet, Trial balance, General Ledgers, Quarterly Financial Reports, Account Statements, Gross Profit Analysis, Cost Center wise Analysis, Branch wise Profit Analysis, profitability report, Asset and Depreciation Management, Tax Management, ABC Analysis and many more.

For more information : http://www.eresourceerp.com/ERP-can-improve-productivity-in-manufacturing-sector.html

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