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Hotel Marketing Plan – A 6-Part Sample Outline

Hotel Marketing Plan – A 6-Part Sample Outline

A hotel marketing plan is your action plan to fill the rooms of your new hotel. A marketing plan focuses on the four Ps (Product, Promotion, Price and Place), but doesn’t neglect customer retention and key partnerships. All of these elements should be specific to your hotel’s intended customers and the geographic area.

1) Product – Your hotel’s services

For every hotel, the basic product offered is the same service – use of a bed for a night. Beyond this similarity, there are endless ways to differentiate your service. Services can include entertainment (i.e., in-room cable, on-premises nightclub), food (i.e., chocolates on a pillow to a five-star restaurant), communication (i.e., free local calls, wireless internet), and health (i.e., a pool, fitness center, spa). Consider whether unusual services will be a draw for your customers or if you are better off providing the tried and true. Whatever you choose, present the information clearly and in just enough detail so that readers understand the level and type of service provided.

2) Promotion – How to get the word out

Promotion is how you make your people aware of your hotel and its unique value proposition and convert them into guests. The promotional tools you use depends entirely on the customers you seek. Rather than thinking about how other hotels seek customers, think from the customer’s point of view. How do your desired customers seek hotels? Make sure yours can be found where they are looking, whether this is in travel books, magazines, websites, or elsewhere. Remember that the most powerful type of advertising is the kind that money cannot buy – press. Consider whether a public relations strategy can help make this happen.

3) Price – The right rates for your hotel

Your marketing plan must show where you want your pricing to fall within the market’s range. The choice of price ties directly to your hotel’s profitability, but also to the brand you are trying to build in the minds of customers. If you bill your hotel as extremely upscale, but price it in the middle of the pack, customers may not believe your assertions that you are the next Ritz-Carlton. Pricing is about finding the right price to both represent what your hotel is and to cover costs, leaving room for profit.

4) Place – Where customers and your services meet

Place is more than the choice of location for your hotel. “”Place”” in this context means distribution, and this is the choice of how customers will book hotel rooms and receive other services you provide. This can be through websites, travel agents, or a dedicated sales staff, each of which have their own cost and benefit tradeoffs. Distribution of services continues inside your hotel and involves both your staff and your means to communicate with your guests (i.e., phone systems, TV ordering, even doorknob signs).

5) Customer Retention

Most of the cost of providing service to a customer is in getting them to buy for the first time. To keep a customer returning should be significantly cheaper than getting a new one so explain your retention strategy. For example, loyalty programs provide incentives for repeat visits and customer relationship management (CRM) software can save data on the preferences and activity of individual guests to make returning more enjoyable for them.

6) Partnerships

Finally, consider how you will work with your hotel’s neighbors, local government, and other stakeholders to build business. There may be potential for you to either get guests from or send guests to many local businesses, improving the experience the overall experience for those customers. Consider mentioning a few key partnerships that will pay off because of their importance to both parties. Don’t stretch yourself too think by proposing to partner with every business on your street. Describe any successful legwork you have done to inquire about the possibility of making those partnerships a reality.

Are you looking for more tips on how to start a hotel or develop your hotel business plan? Call 800-506-5728 to learn how Growthink can help you build your hotel business.


Restaurant POS Systems Amazing Marketing and Management Software

Restaurant POS Systems Amazing Marketing and Management Software

Restaurant POS systems offer an amazing marketing and management software for food service establishments. This product is revolutionizing management through its automated marketing and computerized functions. This one product alleviates waste and increases profit. Learn more about how it can transform your restaurant quickly and easily.

Point of sales is amazing software that is easy to incorporate into existing establishments. It is designed by computer/restaurant experts that are knowledgeable in food service. Establishments are experiencing new levels of productivity and customer satisfaction through the management and marketing tools provided. This one product is able to meet the needs of small businesses as well as multi-store chains. Establishments of all sizes and styles benefit from this product including: full service, sit down, delivery only, sub shops, pizzerias, coffee shops, and much more. There are many benefits associated with this unique software product. The amazing managerial and marketing strategies are computerized to provide consistency and reliability. This product is assisting businesses in meeting new levels of community awareness, efficiency, customer appreciation, productivity and profit. This professionally designed product is transforming the food service industry. Learn more about the restaurant POS systems by reading this article.

Restaurant POS systems are streamlining multiple tasks within the food service industry including: menu programming, inventory import, payroll, customer appreciation, product inventory, product ordering, employee hours/shifts, and more. Free training classes and 12 months of technical support are provided. New establishments find this product easy to implement in a timely manner. Businesses are quickly computerized, eliminating waste and increasing profit. Most restaurants lose profit through hidden waste found in unnecessary employee wages and wasted product. These two areas are drastically changed through computerized management. Management and oversight is made easy with the point of sales software. Your business can be transformed in a short period of time, removing him waste and maximizing profit. This product is easily installed on pre-existing computer equipment. This option is affordable and quickly accomplished by a computer expert. The second option is to order the restaurant POS systems software on brand-new, state-of-the-art equipment that is delivered directly to your establishment. This product arrives ready to be plugged in and used.

The point of sales also offers automated marketing strategies through the customer incentives program. This program encourages customers to return to your facility on a regular basis. Printed coupons on the back of receipts invite customers to return again in a short period of time, automated e-mails are sent announcing specials and encouraging customers to invite family and friends, and birthday incentives are also provided. This marketing strategy is proven to be effective. Scattered marketing includes mailing advertisements and flyers. This form of advertisement is designed to gain new customers. It has been proven that it is seven times more expensive to achieve a new customer than it is to maintain a customer. Franchises all across the US are focusing on this type of marketing.

Your business can achieve this marketing strategy along with computerized management easily and simply through the restaurant POS systems software. Customers appreciate incentives and these incentives are implemented quickly; as customers begin to visit your establishment on a regular basis, you are creating a strong repeat customer base. A strong repeat customer base creates community awareness. This community awareness results in word-of-mouth advertisement that is extremely beneficial. The restaurant POS systems is a highly beneficial product for food service establishments of all sizes and shapes; contact an expert today and learn more about how it can benefit your establishment.

POS Nation is your source for a Restaurant POS System and Point Of Sales systems.


Retail POS Organized Computer Management and Marketing

Retail POS Organized Computer Management and Marketing

The retail POS cash register software provides computerized management and marketing for food service establishments as well as hair salons, spas, clothing stores, dry cleaners, dollar stores, bookstores, and more. This unique product is customized for each of your needs providing: product ordering, payroll options, employee organization, customer incentives, inventory oversight, payroll options, and more. Use this product to benefit one store or multi-store chains. Learn more about this unique product. The POS cash register software is a unique product that has been designed by managerial and computer experts. It provides streamlined management taking the waste often seen through human error out of the equation. Businesses are able to move to new levels of productivity through the many options available for both marketing and management. Options available include: payroll, fast credit card transactions, customer appreciation incentives, food ordering, delivery orders, product inventory, gift cards, automated e-mails, employee hours and wage organization, and more. Businesses are able to streamline their production and management through computerization. Waste is eliminated that is commonly found in both retail and food service establishments. Success is achievable through customized options that generate smooth management through the POS. This beneficial tool is a clear-cut example of excellent managerial and marketing. The strategies included are used by major franchise organizations. You can now benefit from the many options that have been previously only available to large franchise organizations such as computerized automated customer incentives. Read this article to learn more about the many benefits available to you through the cash register software. The POS cash register software is utilized in many businesses including: carwashes, bookstores, clothing stores, hair salons, dry cleaners, spas, sit-down restaurants, delivery only, pizzerias, and more. This beneficial tool is useful for one store or multi-store chains. Establishments are transformed to moneymaking, community known establishments through the use of this computerized management and marketing system. Many customized options are available to exclusively meet your needs. This product can arrive preinstalled on state-of-the-art equipment and ready to be plugged in. All features are built-in to the state-of-the-art equipment allowing for the easiest functioning possible. A cost savings alternative is available: the software can be installed on your pre-existing equipment. A sales are presented/computer specialist will be able to provide you with information pertaining to the equipment you currently use and its adaption to the software. 24-hour customer assistance is available along with DVD training. The system is easy to install and utilize in your business. You will watch your business become transformed before your eyes through the use of this beneficial tool. It provides clear-cut communication and excellent organization. Remove the risk of human error. The marketing aspect of the POS retail is seen in the automated customer appreciation program. This unique program builds a strong customer base and community awareness through automated coupons print on the back of receipts, automated e-mails announcing specials and inviting friends, automated birthday specials, and more. It is proven to be seven times more effective to build your customer base through repeat customers than it is to focus primarily on building new customers. This is a major marketing tool that is used by large franchises and now it is available to you. It is proven effective and is hugely beneficial to building a strong customer base and generating new growth. This exceptional system will build your business substantially while increasing your profit margins and minimizing waste. Utilize this marketing strategy and computerized or management through the retail POS.

POS Nation is your source for cash register software and all things POS.

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SMS Broadcast System

SMS Broadcast System

SMS Broadcast System presents by itself a complete and full bulk of Free SMS marketing solutions, which also includes Free SMS modem and SMS software. You just need to place any SIM card in special hardware and start your SMS campaign or SMS blasting. Also that means that you can use overseas SIM cards, any local SIM card, post paid SIM cards, prepaid SIM cards etc.

Well though we are living into the advanced era yet it is not possible to achieve everything within micro seconds. In fact we must understand the fact that a machine also needs a sufficient amount of time to perform its operation and give the output. But it’s nothing compare to standard advertising scheme.

This technology is created to those who want to get result proven mobile marketing and it’s providing cost efficient. With BluOcean free SMS toolkit you will gain the recognition of your service or products that you are selling and very soon you will be among the top sellers lists. Once you are there at this position then you will surely get customers at your end to lift up your economic growth and stand in the global market, with exceeding and meeting business goals – maximize sales, maximize profits, increase customers, increase effectiveness, increase efficiency, and build strong customer.

Effective and good marketing makes a great advertisement about a service or product, and its purpose is to encourage clients to purchase more or use your product or service instead of your concurrent. And the main idea of effective marketing is communication, so you can ask yourself whether your competitors communicating to your clients faster and better or not. Do you want any of your customers to buy from you faster or response to all discounts of yours and other marketing stuff? If you clearly realize that you do want it, then you should have a system to help you in doing this.

Your dream to have a big and wide business empire is very well respected by us and it is after visualizing that fact that we want you to improve your business slowly but confident. Make your investment and send free SMS software, it would create memorable interactive relationship with you customers. So what are you waiting for come on wake up and don’t miss the chance to become a part of all such SMS marketing for free.

The mobile phone and SMS texting has become apart a part of everyday life, it makes you wonder how we ever got along with out them. Businesses and organizations find this type of service to be a highly desirable CRM tool for Customer Care and PR and can help enhance any Web or email-based marketing.

SMS Text Message Marketing is a direct link for businesses and organizations to be in direct contact with consumers and members at all times. It’s estimated that over 84% of all Americans now carry some form of mobile device on their person at all times. The market place has gone mobile and billions of dollars of merchandise and services are purchased with mobile devices every year.

By using a mobile advertising service, you can promote your business and reach over 270 million mobile phone users in the U.S. alone. Send promotional offers, sales invitations, special announcements, notices and reminders has become as simple as clicking a computer mouse.


Knowing all about the Mobile Marketing Guidelines

Knowing all about the Mobile Marketing Guidelines

SMS service is a communication medium that enables 2 mobile subscribers to send short text messages between their mobile devices. The messages are of 160 characters and it is also known as “text messaging” or “texting.” All mobile operator networks support SMS messages. The mass usage of SMS has created a market for SMS being used for marketing and advertising campaigns. Marketers need to be aware that there are 2 different forms of mobile marketing that is recommended by the MMA (Mobile Marketing Association). These are Initial SMS Ad and Complete SMS Ad. The Initial ad is a short message of 20-60 characters that is appended to a non advertisement SMS message. It is plugged to the free space available at the end of the non-advertisement content. A Complete SMS Ad is a 160 character
SMS text which carries only the marketing message.

Marketers have to follow the watershed hour’s requirements of the local market while delivering a SMS marketing text. They should be ready with additional information about a product if it is requested by a subscriber. According to the Guidelines, additional information should be given to the subscriber within 12 hours of the request. The responses have to be given by an alternate short code but the subscriber should be easily able to identify the message. The aim of these guidelines is to give users information in a way which does not disturb them and intrude their personal time. Marketers, if they are providing any telephone numbers should ensure that the numbers are working during the campaign. If the call rates for users are higher than normal charges, it should be clearly mentioned in the advertisement.

The content of Complete SMS Ad has to be well structured with the advertiser clearly identifiable. A URL, if it has to be embedded in the message, should ideally be in a shortened form to reduce the character count. The webpage that it links to must be up and running at the time of campaign launch. The guidelines of SMS Ad marketing are updated from time to time. Marketers need to be aware of these guidelines. Guidelines are also in place for Mobile Web, MMS marketing, Mobile Video and TV and Mobile Applications.

Marketers have a well defined Mobile Marketing Framework based on which they run a marketing campaign. Most of the guidelines are incorporated within this framework. The broad framework categorizes mobile marketing into Advertising, Promotions, Direct Marketing and CRM. A customer’s willingness, perceptions and reactions are also captured in the framework. There is little doubt that Mobile marketing along with Social Media with drive the next wave of marketing and advertisement for companies of all sizes. Marketers only

need to work within the guidelines of Mobile Marketing and see the ‘moolah’ fill
up their coffers.


CRM Software Is It Significant

CRM Software Is It Significant

There are many kinds of business that you can engage in to make ends meet. In any kind of business, it involves buying and selling where in this case you are the owner and seller while customers are sellers. To succeed in business, you need to relate well with your customers. In fact, it is said that customers are like kings or your wife in real life situation; hence you need to offer them what they need.

Customer relationship is important for the prosperity of your business and to realize maximum profits. You need to derive ways in which you will relate well with your customers. In most cases, this can be achieved by educating your staff on how to relate to these important people in your business.

However, as the world experiences new technological changes, it is important to cuddle them and follow the trend. In this case, you need CRM software as well as market automation software.

CRM software, otherwise known as Customer Relationship Management software is a program that is meant to help you relate to all kinds of customers by heeding to their needs. There are several reasons why you need to have this software in your business;

Immediate access to customer records; while in business, one way to maintain your customers is to keep their records. This is because customers are aware that you know who they are at any given time. There are situations when a customer calls and inquires about something like a quote that you were to deliver to him and so on.

It will be quite hard to think who the customer is. Nevertheless, with CRM software, all you need to do is enter the name of the customer and click search, and within a second, you will have all the records of the customer in question.

Quick and simple invoicing and quotes; while in business, you need to give out invoices and quotes to your customers. Customers will ask for this information at any given time of the day (including weekends) and expect to get instant response.

This can prove to be challenging if you are held up attending to other businesses. However, with CRM software, you only have to click edit and have some few fields updated and then click email. This means that in few minutes, you will have updated the invoice or quote and sent it to your customer.

On the other hand, marketing your business is important when you need to increase sales and realize profits. This can be done with the use of marketing automation software. With marketing automation software, you are assured of;

Aligning marketing and sales; by boosting transparency and increasing communication between sales teams and marketing, this software offers a consolidated and cohesive platform for these teams to work together towards a common goal. At the same time, marketing automation provides the chance of assessing the quantity and quality of leads that have been sent through sales funnel, thus assisting you to determine if your campaigns were effective.

Better insights; Marketing Automation software can also give you a lucid idea of campaigns that have worked for you or not. At the same time, this tool provides you with factual initiatives that have been successful in engendering maximum leads and at the same time help you understand changes that need to be made to your business process chain for better results. These capabilities are significant in a way that they ensure transparency in marketing accountability.


Restaurant POS Powerful Marketing And Management Results

Restaurant POS Powerful Marketing And Management Results

Restaurant POS is being used in food service establishments of all sizes and styles such as: cafes, pizzerias, delivery only, sub shops, multi-store chains, bakeries, and more. This one product is providing computerized management and marketing for these various establishments. Remove human error and begin to experience success in daily business and marketing strategies through customized software options.

Restaurant POS is an amazing marketing and management software tool. This product is revolutionizing business management for food service establishments of all styles and sizes including: sub shops, pizzerias, bakeries, sit-down eateries, diners, cafes, and multi-store chains. Strategically manage every aspect of your business. Smooth management allows for an exceptional atmosphere where employees flourish and customers return again and again. Your staff will benefit from the employee’ handbook included in the restaurant POS system materials. This handbook provides unique training that handles situations before they have an opportunity to occur. Your customer service can greatly benefit from this exceptional training. Quality service, a great attitude, and wisdom in handling a multitude of experiences and potential problems, will bring a breakthrough result for your establishment. Computerized management reduces waste and provides management without human error. POS management includes many tasks that often hide wasted profit. Pull your business out of the darkness and achieve success through the restaurant POS package.

Begin experiencing a reduction in waste by introducing the restaurant POS package to your food service establishment. Customized options include: payroll, food supply management, supply ordering, shift organization and employee hours, fast credit card transactions, orders, delivery organization, and more. Restaurants experience a breakthrough in success through this computerized management opportunity. This one package provides a unique customized management and marketing strategy that reduces waste and catches the eye of the community. The point-of-sale provides: increased profit line, positive community attention, boosted employee morale, reduced waste, streamlined employee hours and shifts, customer incentives, product inventory control, product ordering control, and more. The product is hugely effective in providing smooth running, customer pleasing, and community known establishments. Fabulous management is an easy accomplishment through the restaurant POS. Every aspect of business management is overseen through a variety of customized options. The system can be installed on pre-existing equipment or it can arrive preinstalled on state-of-the-art, brand-new equipment. This equipment will provide printed gift cards, and communication between one or more registers and one or more locations. Smooth running operations have never been easier. This cutting-edge product is amazing the food service industry.

The POS systems include a remarkably powerful marketing strategy known as customer appreciation. This marketing is seven times more effective than scattered marketing that focuses on obtaining new customers. Encouraging customers to return to your establishment based on automated rewarded is easily accomplished through the restaurant POS package. This powerful marketing strategy has powerful results. Snail mail has been replaced with e-mail, the Yellow Pages have been replaced with Internet searches, and technology is the way to build a strong customer base and community awareness. The technology is included within this computerized program. Coupons are automatically printed on a receipts, automated e-mail announcements with specials are sent out, birthday incentives are included, and more. Your community will begin to recognize your establishment when a strong repeat customer base is built. Word-of-mouth advertisement is a natural byproduct of repeat customers. Build your business, remove waste, and increase your profit margin through the use of restaurant POS.

POS Nation is your source for Restaurant POS and POS systems.


CRM Application Development Custom Management Software Delhi India

CRM Application Development Custom Management Software Delhi India

CRM Software – A Single Face of the Organization
CRM is nowadays a single interface to establish contact with your customers and various departments within and outside your organization. With high technology based software, we could manage right from the organizing customer data to improving sales efficiency and finally converting leads to closure of deals.

All these activities play a fundamental role in our regular regime of day-to-day activities to manage the overwhelming volume of data and customers in corporate organizations today. CRM promises on taking over the trivial task and organizing major data providing adequate time for you to plan on Brand and Marketing Strategies.

This feature is especially advantageous to the small business organizations as they have limited resources and would like to get maximum profitability with existing resources.

Coordinate Efforts on a Single Page

In today’s complex and competitive business environments; there is a constant need for sales force and their efforts to be organized on the same page. This enhances the organization to collate customer data and queries, Address prospects, Share information and strategies and provide World class personalized service to their Customers.

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software provides with an array of services to contact, coordinate and provide world class services both for your customers and employees within the organization. It would also avoid duplication of data and Eliminates manual processes that can bog down sales cycle.

The Sales professionals not only need to connect to the Sales Heads but also need to coordinate their efforts with the Marketing, Accounting, Purchase and Production departments. Making their role more complex and involving them in routine work. The Sales professionals lack time for the vital activity of promoting Sales of the organization’s products and services. CRM renders a helping hand in providing the following services:

a) Organizing and Analyze Customer data:

The customer data is invaluable to any organization to pursue its interest in maximizing the profits. CRM provides an interface to collect data as well as to establish relationship by sending quotation, following prospects, reminders and newsletters to customers and keeping sales force well informed on updates of the products and customer status.

b) Improving and Performance tracking of Sales Professional

The question on how to improve one’s sales efficiency in every organization is the biggest challenge of today’s managers. CRM provides with an interface to centrally track sales opportunities, share Excel Spreadsheets and customer contacts.

Latest information on products and brand strategies are communicated in an easier fashion to the Sales force. This includes reporting and analyzing data to take quick business related decisions.

Marketing and Campaign management have been taken to a new dimension of providing strategies and information to sales force on their mobiles through mobile applications. Accounting Services are provided to track the expenditure on marketing and campaign programs.
Coordination of marketing campaigns from direct mailings to web downloads with an eye on moving leads to closed sales. We could measure the effectiveness of campaigns through robust metrics including number of leads that are contacted versus those that have responded and those that are closed.

Tracking sales leads, quotes and signing renewals and contracts have been recorded in a central repository. This enables us to predict the Sales forecast and accurately provision resources with the Production department.

c) Lead Management Services to generate more Business

The prospective customers in any business need to be converted into customers to maximize the profits of the organization. Lead Management Services provides with information on communications and quotes sent to prospects, contact details and follow-up timings for sales professionals to keep a track of the prospects. The hot and warm leads are given preference while the cold leads are stored in central repository for promoting future marketing programs. An application to Manage Emails and Calendar Activities are also available.

d) World class Customer service to encourage customer satisfaction and loyalty

Addressing customer queries and grievances in a personalized manner help in providing World class customer service. Tracking all customer support issues originating from a phone call or a web portal in a central repository to improve customer service and inform sales associates of potential hiccups before and during the renewal process. The process allows Analyzing of incidents, escalating issues and tracking the responses.

The case history of the customer would provide details to the executive to provide the best fit solution over the desk at the least possible downtime. Thereby, providing suitable solutions to each customer and ensuring repeat business from existing customers and promoting new customers through their references.

e) Design Targeted Marketing to promote Brand Recognition and Brand Loyalty

The various Marketing and campaign programs are targeted at a Niche segment of consumers for example Mercedes targets at the Wealthy Business Class Clientele; likewise Lamborghini and Ferrari attract Sportive Business Class Clientele. The designing of targeted marketing programs by these organizations could promote Brand recognition and Brand loyalty among Clients.

f) Project Management

Most companies take on various assignments or Projects on a regular basis. The execution of these projects require intricate details from organizing to implementation client fulfillment project, internal projects or the series of tasks required to get a new client into production. Host project-related documentation, tasks and communications–all in a central repository that is accessed by your teams no matter where they are working from.

The host of possibilities rendered by CRM, make it a Versatile Software in managing Customer Relations and in directing Sales force in achieving Business Deal closures. CRM also provides coordination between departments and automates workflow through its business cycles. CRM may in the future hold personalized applications to each customer and widen its horizon.

Email : sanganaktechnologies@gmail.com
Url : www.sanganaktechnologies.com


Getting ERP Leads Without The Expensive Learning Curve

Getting ERP Leads Without The Expensive Learning Curve

Just from the term Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP for short), you can already tell that any computer software package with that label is going to be heavily specialized for B2B. However, with that comes an equally heavy amount of work to be done when it comes to marketing.

Unlike any marketing research conducted for B2C products, companies selling B2B products need to know about each individual company to determine how they can make their software appeal individually to each one of them. It doesn’t matter if they all have a common industry or are targeting a common market of their own. The actual people you want to show your product to need to be impressed by making your ERP product relevant to their needs.

Now that you know that, you’re most likely eager to start gathering your staff to begin such research and then implementing it. Unfortunately, it’s not that simple if you’re lacking experience. Every step (from the research to the implementation) is riddled with inevitable trial-and-error periods because you’re just starting out.

Here’s an example. Now one of the first steps to getting the interest of business prospects (otherwise known as B2B lead generation), is to obtain accurate contact data. Here, you might already have some problems if you don’t have a concrete idea of how to start. Google searching or scouring the phonebooks barely scratch the surface when you’ll be targeting specific individuals in a company. Worst, these people could be even higher up the corporate ladder than you expected. There are also other things as well like the state of affairs in certain departments. That information can be most helpful when trying to make your product relevant and showing your prospect that you care about their own company’s problems.

Suppose you somehow managed to get a list done (like you discovered a seller of contact information on the internet and decided to buy). You now come to the second step of actually trying to make contact. Popular lead generation methods come in a wide range from email marketing to telemarketing. The difficulty here is that even the most middle-rank decision maker is likely to be too busy to hear or read anything. This is where relevance from the first step starts to shine. Mentioning the specific problems they’re having is more likely to grab their attention. However, it can also be a double-edged sword if they have a gatekeeper or a secretary receiving these things for them and might not like how you know so much. Another problem is how your method might end up sounding too automated, generic, and in the case of something as highly sophisticated as ERP software, you risk inflicting information overload. That is something that will definitely kill a prospect’s interest, even if you did manage to bypass a gatekeeper.

These are just two forms of the many potential trials that await you if you don’t know what you’re doing. Aside from that, you have issues like knowing when to follow up. What is the appropriate time to make a call? What keywords do you use or avoid when writing your emails so that it won’t come off as spam? Sometimes you find yourself that you’ll need more than one method and feel compelled to mix both. This type of learning curve can be quite costly. However, if outsourcing to lead generation services can easily cut all those costs in half without too many losses. There’s a lot you can learn from those who have already gained the experience before you.

Claire Hansen works as a marketing communications program manager. She is inviting you to visit http://www.erpsoftwareleads.com to learn more about lead generation and appointment setting for the software industry.


7 Ways To Increase Cash Flow And Your Net Income

7 Ways To Increase Cash Flow And Your Net Income

Download Check your cash flow – Royalty Free Stock Image
from © Dreamstime.com There is no denying that we are currently in a global financial decline which is causing people to spend less and companies to produce less. However, this situation does not mean you should throw in the towel or stand still and do nothing until things blow over.

Let me share a secret with you. To create a strategic plan to help you succeed and thrive in your business no matter what the economic conditions is not complicated, nor does it have to be overwhelming. It just requires a bit of advance planning.

You see, the main reason why some business owners are not being affected very much by today’s market is because they have long- and short-term marketing and growth plans. In addition, their short term plans can be quickly shifted around to accommodate day-to-day market fluctuations.

The most common way to gauge your success is by having systems to track everything you do in your business. This will allow you to know which services or products are bringing in the most profits and subsequently how much money you get to keep (your net income).

If you have been caught ill-prepared for the current financial turmoil, and are having cash flow problems don’t worry. Today is a new day, a new beginning to remedy your management shortcomings. If you have been inconsistent with marketing planning and have overlooked the establishment of a sound business growth system, I can offer a quick remedy that you can implement to help you weather these lean times. Starting…NOW!

Here are a few ways to increase cash flow and your net income:

1. Price your services for profit. Many business owners start cutting their prices, and though this strategy provides more immediate income, it hurts you in the long run. Do not cut your prices; instead increase your value. Even standing in a financial quagmire, people want value. I believe your tactic should be to reduce your customers’ fear of spending and increase value by offering a stronger guarantee, a better return policy, more access to you and/or your staff, a better payment plan and so on.

2. Establish invoice systems. You’ll get your money more quickly and consistently.

3. Drop projects that are not bringing in money. Go over your reports and either drop or postpone any project that is currently causing cash drain.

4. Spend most of your time promoting or selling income-generating services and products.

5. Increase efficiency of your marketing dollars. Increase marketing tactics (“systems”) that have proven to be profitable. As loyalties loosen, your competitors’ customers are more willing to jump ship.

6. Add a new marketing channel. If you are promoting online, then venture into offline marketing and vice versa. If you are marketing via print, then pick up your cell phone and follow up. Your tactical mix will depend on who you are targeting, but bear in mind those solo business owners who show their tenacity in the coming months will be the ones who increase their market share as competitors drop off. Now is the time for you to extend or complement your existing marketing strategy.

7. Find out what your market wants. It’s crucial that you know your clients. Make sure your offer is on target with crystal clear benefits and a distinct, differentiating feature from other aspects of your business. One of the best ways I know to find out what your niche market is willing to buy right now is by conducting a survey.
There are different survey types depending on where your customer resides and how they operate. You can run a telephone, email or main page survey. Use the results to craft a unique message, create a new product or service and beat your competition.

Hint: When you speak to your clients on the phone, weave in a few fact-finding questions or ask them at the end of your call to do an informal survey. You also can run an email survey to keep costs down, or you can use email combined with a web-based software for surveys. Consider putting up a survey on your main Web page or on your “Thank You” or “Squeeze” pages.

This article will not have any power unless you integrate the great ideas I have shared. Make a promise to yourself and your business to integrate at least one of these strategies into your business in the next 30 days. If you make more than one of these changes, you’ll see things happen even faster and not have to worry about where that next check is coming from.

If you are ready to improve your small business cash flow go to http://www.ezbusinessgrowth.com/fsm to discover easy ways to build a consistently profitable solo business around your lifestyle and
with less time commitment.

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