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POS And Restaurant POS System

POS And Restaurant POS System

POS stands for ‘Point of Sale’ and this obviously refers to the physical point at which a sale is made. In a shop that’s normally at the counter, and often I a restaurant it’s at a counter too. Meanwhile on a website the POS is simply where the user fills out the forms and checks out.

If you browse the web for business articles then you’ll notice right away that a lot of attention is given to point of sale and for good reason. The point of sale is the point at which the customer has their card out or their money out and at which they are committed to pay. At this point you ‘have’ them right where you want them and that’s when it’s important to capitalize. If you handle your point of sale well then there is a good chance that you can turn this sale into a bigger sale or a sale for more items – as the person is already ready to pay. This is why you often get a lot of POS displays that offer discounted items and deals. The hope here is that the customer – already holding their payment method in their hand – is going to go ahead and just make a purchase of that one item.

However if you handle POS badly then you can end up losing a customer who was a guaranteed sale otherwise and this is of course a very serious way to lose money. If you have bad advertising then you might not attract as many customers but you won’t be physically turning away money – if you lose them at this stage then you will have lost a lot of money. At the same time this is the one part of the process that all customers must go through. Regardless of how they found your business or anything else, in order to buy your product they must go to the point of sale and pay. So if you have a problem here then you are going to lose all of your paying customers.

So what can you do about this? One solution is to improve your point of sale system. This is the system that the staff use in order to handle the transfer of cash and that will often display up on the till. By improving your point of sale system you can improve the speed at which your customers get served. This in turn then means that there is minimal waiting and no queue. That means that your customers are left standing in a line for ages during which time they might decide not to buy after all. Meanwhile it means fewer mistakes on your part and this means they won’t get over charged which can be a bad experience for them of course and prevent them from giving you their business in future, or which could result in their being under charged which conversely would be a good experience for them but would ultimately mean you lose profit.

A good POS system can help your business run smoothly. Restaurant pos systems can be custom designed to suit any business. They will help keep everything on track and in order.


What is Effective Inventory Management

What is Effective Inventory Management

Supermarkets and department stores do not seem to run out of things to sell, which is a good thing for us consumers. As a matter of fact, except during closing or opening time, you will never see an empty shelf anywhere in the store. There is no magic or rocket science behind this. Most stores do a good job of keeping their shelves sufficiently stocked with different products. This is also called inventory management.

The fact that stores always have products to sell to their customers is a result of effective inventory management. The components work together in harmony to keep the flow of revenue steady and customers happy with a constant supply of goods. Quality inventory control does not rely on one factor alone as it is a complex process that involves several aspects.

A steady supply line You will never find one day when all the people in the world will suddenly stop buying dishwashing soap or toothpaste. Retail stores have to be constantly supplied to always meet the demand. A steady stream of goods will make sure that you will never run out of things to sell, thus helping you keep loyal customers.

An organized storage room It makes it easier for storeroom staff to locate products if they are arranged systematically. Effective inventory management means less clutter and maximizing space to allow more products to be stored. It also means tagging the products with barcodes or electronic IDs to distinguish products from each other.

NOT too much or too little Inventory management also means finding ways to get rid of surplus items that take up space. Doing this will not only make room for newer products but also reduce storage expenses. This is the main reason why malls occasionally put up surplus items for sale.

Satisfied customers When a customer’s favorite snack is still in stock, he will be more than happy to buy it. It can therefore be said that a store has an effective inventory management system if the product the customer wants is still available. A successful balance between supply and demand is a direct result of effective inventory control.


What is a Piezoelectric Motor

What is a Piezoelectric Motor

Piezoelectricity is the word for a transducer relationship between electric power and mechanical oscillation. The piezoelectric effect is situated in certain materials which have the capacity to generate electricity when exposed to mechanical stress. This material pressure-rotating, distorting or compressing-has to be simply enough to deform the crystal structure without fracturing it.

Piezo properties are specific in that they can be reversible. This means that materials exhibiting the direct piezoelectric effect, or the generation of electric energy when mechanical tension is applied, also display the opposite piezo effect, the creation of physical tension when an outer electric field is applied.

Piezoelectricity was discovered during the 19th century by the Curie brothers. At that time, they were only 21 and 24 years old. They realized that quartz crystals created an electric field when pressured on a primary axis. The word piezo comes from the Greek; Piezein, which means “to squeeze or press,” and piezo, which means “push.”

What exactly is a Piezo Motor?

A piezo motor utilizes the piezoelectric effect, which is the tension that forces a multilayered material, like quartz or Rochelle salt, to bend when charged with an electric current. A piezoelectric motor does not create or require magnetic fields, and it’s not at all influenced by them. In that regard, the piezo motor performs more effectively when compared to a regular electric motor unit. It is compact, amazingly powerful, rapid and contains neither rotors nor gears.

I once found an article about a piezo motor that was the size of a sugar cube. It could maneuver several centimeters at one time and could lift as high as 1,000 times its own weight.

The Workings of a Piezo Motor

The piezoelectric motor has been integrated in microchip creation for several years, so this is not a new idea. Lead, zirconate and titanate powders are prepared, morphed and polarized. To reach polarization, electric fields are utilized to position the piezoelectric materials along a primary axis.

This process seems complex, but the piezo motor operates similarly to materials containing iron are magnetized. After an electrical source is applied, the piezoelectric motor uses its poled ceramic shape to create movement with the use of routine, sinusoidal electric fields.

The ceramic area is joined with a precision stage, and the resultant power of the piezo motor yields stage movement. Depending on how the joining mechanism is built, a piezo motor can travel both linearly and in rotationally. The routine nature from the driving voltage allows for limitless travel and clean movement.

Piezo Motor Variations

The piezoelectric motor continues to be produced in many different waysseveral different ways for several different uses. The traveling-wave piezo motor is used for the auto-focus feature in reflex cameras and the inchworm piezo motor moves linearly. A few piezoelectric motors are employed in camera sensor displacement technology, permitting anti-shake capabilities.

The piezo motor can be used in handheld devices, medical technology devices, the automotive sector and in electronic household electrical appliances. The piezoelectric motor has started to become increasingly more cost-effective, even for mass volume uses in high-precision systems.

While the piezoelectric motor is but one specific application of the piezo effect, an array of other uses exist. Currently, modern piezoelectric materials are mass-manufactured for many uses-underwater transducers, healthcare products, and ultrasonic cleansers, for example.

For more info about the piezo motor, you can find a handful of resource online. In fact, you can even learn to construct your own motor. The piezoelectric effect is a remarkable phenomenon, one that we’ll likely see increased exposure of in the future.


Understanding Your Family As a System

Understanding Your Family As a System

Systems theory suggests that families are systems in which individuals are interconnected and interdependent on one another. Thus the understanding of an individual can be analyzed by the prevailing reflection of how the individual’s family functions.

In the systems theory, the first of which is that a family is an interconnection of family members. In a family environment, it means that actions by one family member will affect the rest of the members in the family and vice versa. This also suggests that change in one part of the system will reverberate throughout the other parts.

The second feature is that a family is greater than the sum of parts. This means that it would be more accurate to assess an individual by looking at their interactions within the family rather than focusing on the individual’s personality as per se. This is because it is believed that individuals are what they are based on their interactions with family members. The start of society begins in each family unit.

Thirdly, it suggests that a family is in equilibrium. This means that the family will generally resist change in such a manner that if any parts within the family tries to change, the rest of the parts in the system will try to pull the individual back to their original state. This is also true even if the change is something positive. However, despite being resistant to changes, the family also constantly adapting itself to its members and the changing environment.

A system can also be flexible or rigid, depending on the boundaries set within a family. Boundary is also a key element of the family system, there can be both emotional and physical boundaries. For families which are flexible, it means that they are “open” and accepts certain changes. On the other hand, a rigid family means that it does not accept any changes at all. In order for a family to function effectively, members should have flexible boundaries, as the family will be in equilibrium without forcing states of change.

Lastly, the system theory suggests that in a family, there are rules and roles made by the family itself and hence, are unique to each and every family. Rules can be spoken or silent and are self regulating within the family. On the other hand, roles are also present in the family, where each individual plays a part in maintaining the family.


A mother who is a vegetarian can possibly influence her family to be more vegetarian even though the other family members may not by their nature, like to eat vegetables. Normally when there is dinner together the whole family had to eat vegetarian meals with her. Over a period of time, the family members individually may develop a habit to vegetables not because they like it, but rather because they are used to it. In this example, the family has open boundaries which potentially save the family from arguments.

All it takes is perhaps the rest of the family to protest to eating vegetarian meals on a constant basis and the mother may stop becoming a vegetarian due to inconvenience and the fear of domestic arguments. When that happens, it is not the mother who does not have the personality to become a vegetarian but rather is forced by the family to dilute away that part of the personality, in order for the family to function well. This phenomenon can be seen in group think as well whereby a group makes a decision not because everybody is readily in for it but rather maybe two dominant characters decide and the rest of the group consent to it.


Understanding A Point Of Sale

Understanding A Point Of Sale

If you have a business, then you will absolutely need a Pont Of Sale. But if you are still using an old School POS, then you should have it replaced right away with a computerized one. This will let you in on more efficiency and all of the operations that you will undergo using it will become easier. Here are the advantages of such a machine:
1.First of all, you will be in for a very accurate inventory control. The software that the School POS comes with will let you track the inventory of your store much quicker than an old cash register.
2.A computerized such machine will also be able to interface with barcode scanners and what this means is that you will never have to lose time calculating how much the customer owes you. You can also make a lot of mistakes of you indulge in using this method and this means that you can lose serious money.
3.When you will have your new inventory received at the end of the month, the software that the POS comes with will be able to have the barcode labels printed so that they will be attached on your inventory. This will make tracking, selling and counting extremely easy.
4.There are some POS software packages out there that will let you have the employee sign in and out times tracked. Also, some of them will track their cards, so that you will know how much the employee has worked and thus adjust his salary for that.
5.If you will go with such software, you will have the advantage of being able to track your customers using their mobile phone number, their loyalty card and also their name. This is useful, as the customer will be able to benefit from certain discounts sometimes.
6.Reporting is very much increased and this is because the data is retrieved with more detail. This means that everything that has been tracked using that POS will be sorted and will be later available for verifications.
7.There are some POS out there that have already been integrated with ecommerce platforms. What this means is that you will benefit from an improved connection with your offline or online store.
8.You will see that in a short time, your profits will also increase, as you will be able to satisfy more and more customers and not lose time using an old Point Of Sale Vending.
If you want your business to grow up fast and bring you greater revenue, then getting a computerized POS is vital.