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How Has EPOS Software Developed

How Has EPOS Software Developed

When going about our daily shopping, whether that be in a supermarket or a shopping centre it is easy to take for granted all the process and procedures that are going on behind the scenes. One such process is the use of EPOS software used in conjunction with modern touch screen tills. I’m not sure many of us have ever really stopped to ponder its evolution and we forget all too quickly the irksome and slow tills of the past. Here is an overview of how EPOS software has developed and evolved to become an integral part of the retail environment.

A Time Before EPOS Software

Many of us born after the 80’s are not likely to remember the old fashioned, mechanical, heavy tills. However for many they were common place, found in shops ranging from department stores through to corner shops. Relying purely on a receipt being printed to tally up the days takings caused issues and they were also flawed in several other ways. In a fast food restaurant for example, tickets had to be printed and lined up at the grill station, tickets that could be easily lost. If the receipt paper jammed it also meant it could be difficult to add up the days takings. Not to mention card transactions, stock control and many other operations that EPOS software does effortlessly on modern technical hardware. A solution to this problem was needed…

Early EPOS Software

The solution came in the form of microprocessor development. As computers started to become more sophisticated and smaller in size they could be made into the size of a till. In fact one of the first organisations to use a simple but none the less working EPOS software based computer was McDonalds, the well know fast food outlet. Their till used EPOS software to allow them to send and queue up orders directly to the kitchen area. As time went on early Apple and Atari machines where used until Microsoft Windows based software was developed and became the standard OS, along with Unix and Linux.

Modern EPOS Software Solutions

Once the ball got rolling many different EPOS software solutions started springing up, tailored to different customer facing environments. Modern EPOS software is even featured on till systems that can be operated by the customer, via self-service tills. Modern EPOS software implementations offer a much wider field of customer data to be captured which covers everything from special offers through to stock information and accounts data storage.

It’s interesting to learn how EPOS software goes unnoticed much of the time and we take for granted till systems. It’ll also be interesting to see how EPOS software continues to develop over the coming years.

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Modern Epos Systems For Your Retail Business

Modern Epos Systems For Your Retail Business

EPOS or Electronic Point Of Sale systems are becoming increasingly popular with businesses and shops of all sizes. They offer a convenient way to track, manage, and maintain stock as well as data relating to sales. They can be combined with analysis and reporting software in order that the shop owner or businessperson can analyse the data, calculate margins, and work out an efficient plan to reduce those margins and therefore increase profits.

Combining Sales Channels

One of the greatest problems for modern businesses is combining the various sales channels that they use. As well as a bricks and mortar style shop which requires a Point of Sale system, many businesses also make sales over the phone, by email, on websites, and even on auction sites and online marketplaces. The problem with this for many shops is that it means data is found in various formats and literally all over the place. Combining the individual sets of data into a usable and complete dataset is very difficult and can be too time consuming for the typical retailer.

EPOS Systems

Modern EPOS systems negate the need to have multiple systems or multiple sets of data. In fact, they can combine data from your own website as well as sites like Ebay and PayPal. They can then combine this with data from your high street shop, data from your mail order business, and data from your phone ordering system too. Essentially, however you choose to sell products and services is entirely up to you but you do not need to feel restricted when choosing sales channels thanks to modern EPOS systems.

Trends And Analysis

There is a greater trend towards analysis and trending in the modern marketplace. Modern businesses are highly in tune with the fact that lower spend and increased prices means improved profits, and many shops are also aware of the benefits of a quick stock turnaround. However, without effective EPOS systems it can prove virtually impossible to calculate the figures you need let alone work with those figures. You can even fully integrate your web store with your shop stock without having to keep track of each individually.


Perhaps the Greates Business Invention of All Time The Cash Register

Perhaps the Greates Business Invention of All Time The Cash Register

James Ritty might not have guessed that the cash register, which he invented in 1879, would change completely into some thing, which even he would fail to identify. He just wanted to devise a fool proof cash handling system, which effectively prevented his dishonest staff steal and pocket the money at his tavern in his Dayton, Ohio.

Early cash registers were mechanical machines, which did not issue receipts. The cashier would crank up the machine and press the total key to register transaction and that is when the cash drawer would open and a bell ring at the managers/owner’s office to alert him of a completed transaction.

But would it not be possible to open the register when there is no sale at all? These are day to day necessities and the manager or the owner would want to check or take away cash from the register even when there is no sale and the drawer can be opened by hitting the NS (no sale) key which opens the drawer after logging that the drawer was opened. Some models have special keys and latches for such instances.

Modern Cash Registers Whether you have a small business or a restaurant, modern line of cash registers will fit the bills for you. These computerized cash registers of the day can be attached to scales, check stands and bar code readers. Some specially ordered models have the capacity to be attached to credit card terminals and software such as EFTPOS. EFTPOS stands for Electronic Fund Transfer and Point of Sale, which handle transactions with customers. It handles electronic debiting of customers’ accounts and crediting the amount to the merchants’ account.

Pilferages with modern cash registers are not easy. These are highly protected. One example is alphanumeric passwords.

Accounting and Taxation Angle to Cash Registers It is mandatory for customers and merchants to maintain the receipts for some time while merchants compile tax returns. The point is, it is easy taking stock at the cash registers by the volume of sales rather than inventory. Bar code scanners such as EAN and UPC maintain logs for each item sold and totaled at the end of the day.

Top Manufacturers and Salient Features Japanese have pulled it off in this regard. Toshiba, Casio, Sharp and American companies like IBM, Wincor-Nixdorf and TEC are top selling models. Features keep changing but, Clerk ID System, Self Tax Computation, Memory Protection, Locking Cash Drawer Locking coin tray, multiple tax rates; thermal printers and pop-up rear display are only the most common features.

Have you seen a self checkout cash register yet?

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