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The Benefits of Using MYOB RetailManager in Inventory Management

The Benefits of Using MYOB RetailManager in Inventory Management

Inventory management in small and medium size businesses, like grocery stores, pharmacies and convenience stores, is very challenging. Business owners will find it difficult to handle all aspects of inventory management by themselves. Delegating tasks to people is necessary but getting the right personnel to handle crucial business operations is costly and risky. There is a growing need to computerise and automate all aspects of inventory management and using customised software like MYOB RetailManager can make inventory management efficient and reliable.

The MYOB RetailManager is a part of MYOB’s custom solutions suite. Businesses have implemented this software to address the issues affecting inventory management such as asset management, inventory forecasting, valuation and price forecasting, quality management and supply-demand assessment.

This advanced retail management and point of sale system is designed specifically for companies who want to keep track of their performance and manage all aspects of their inventory. The benefits of implementing automated systems can make businesses increase productivity and efficiency.

Automation of Tasks

MYOB RetailManager allows the automation of key inventory management tasks from supply chain management to the delivery of products. Sales processing is fast and efficient since tasks are automated.

Customised MYOB Add On Solutions

Inventory management is much easier with the inclusion of MYOB add on solutions such as software installation, comprehensive on-site training, integration of MYOB RetailManager to other applications, and technical support.

MYOB Certified Consultant

Hiring a certified IT professional with high level of knowledge, skill and experience with MYOB RetailManager is a very important. A MYOB certified consultant trains key business personnel that will handle the company’s inventory management system. They can also help customise the company’s retail management system according to its requirements and needs.

IT Integration

Integration of information technology features makes inventory management more efficient. These features include database systems and electronic funds transfer at point of sale.

Reliable Customer Marketing Functions

MYOB RetailManager allows you to target customers with special offers, promotions and newsletters. In this way, the software allows you to build relationships and encourage customers to buy your products.

Point of Sales Hardware Compatibility

Using the point of sales hardware and peripherals is easy because the MYOB retail manager system is compatible with most barcode scanners, laser and docket printers, electronic cash drawer, customer pole displays and scales.

Detailed Reporting and Tracking

MYOB RetailManager provides customised reporting and detailed tracking functions that allow you to assess, examine and evaluate stocks, sales, profit, GST, suppliers, customers and staff.

Quick Sales Processing

Processing sales takes less time as it allows you to handle types of sales and payment options. It handles discounts, gift vouchers, quotes, special orders, and record sales using multiple tender types.

Small and medium businesses are looking for efficient systems that provide them business management capabilities such as inventory management, resource allocation and sales processing. However, there is a need to hire a MYOB certified consultant that provides the best MYOB training Sydney has to offer.

One prominent MYOB Sydney provider that services business quickly and professionally is Computer Technology Matters. They offer premium services such as free initial consultation, software installation and continued training and technical support from its qualified personnel.

Computer Technology Matters helps small and medium businesses in Australia achieve optimum sales, inventory and resources management capabilities by providing MYOB RetailManager and customised MYOB Accounting software and solutions.


Myob and QuickBooks Software What makes them different

Myob and QuickBooks Software What makes them different

MYOB and QuickBooks determining the difference.

Feel Confused about whether you need MYOB or QuickBooks Software for your business? So why are we trying to compare these two? Well becuase both MYOB or Mind Your Own Business and QuickBooks are the largest accounting and bookkeeping software companies on the market. Some MYOB products are better then QuickBooks products for different reasons and it is becuase of this that makes these products have there advantages and disadvatages. Thus, a sensible method would be to study the entire scenario and then make a choice. On the other hand, the choice of accounting software should be in sync with one’s needs, requirements and budget too.

Becuase the software has been built for the same purpose and therefore will seem very similar on the surface of the software. These similarities include the following:
ØThe way you integral with the software are both different, but the core functions that are the majority of the main tasks are the same.
ØBoth the softwares are essentially proprietary properties of the software development company that has created them
ØWindows and MAC both support these two softwares, while Linux compatible version is yet to be developed
ØWheather you get MYOB or QuickBooks both will do the job by themselves. However there are still additional additions that you can make to make one better then the other. These add on equipment are used separately

The major difference between MYOB and disadvantages is that QuickBooks is better for people that understand the technical side and MYOB of the less technical people. If you wanted to use MYOB all you would have to know is just the basic’s of computer, basicly just your daily use. Where as QuickBooks is for the type of person that love technology and understands it like the back of his/her hand. There are certain buyers who feel that both the software target different markets. Fundamentally, there are certain features that differ but there is no such evidence which goes in to confirm the fact that both the softwares target different market segments.

The most important thing to remember is that both these two pieces of software, both offer efficiency and fast data retrieval, making decision making easy. While both the softwares are extremely simple to use and install, each of them have their distinct advantages.

QuickBook Advantages:
ØThere are many software options that include the following versions. These versions are good for users which include whole sellers, manufacturers, retailers, non-profit entities, contractors, professional accounting firms and professional service firms
ØAnother important part of business is knowing the different taxes in relations to where you are in the world. Thus there are many different version for this also.
ØThe On-line screens are identical to paper-based forms
ØThe standard accounting procedures can be complicated. A user does not necessarily have to be well versed with them while using QuickBooks.
Advantages for MYOB Users
ØComprehensive package of several online services like e-mail hosting, domain registration and web hosting ØUnbelieveiable range of functions like accounting bookkeeping, invoices and payrolls are avaiable. These options are available for a start up to small businesses to corporations that need multi-user software ØOther MYOB products include POS ( point of sale software) assest management and payment services.
Ø Online Management of customers, vendors and employees
Ø It has a unique function of being able to work with several currencies

Even know both piece of this software are impressive, it’s important to remember your business goals and expansions. Accounting is a large selection of a companies requirements and should be with in certain goals of the business.


CRM Software and MYOB Integration – Is This Possible

CRM Software and MYOB Integration – Is This Possible

Ever thought of having a software powerful enough to integrate an MYOB into a CRM software? Businesses, especially those whose concerns involve accounting and marketing, are wanting of a system that can work both as CRM and an accounting tool to manage customer data. Figuring out which system works and which does not, or trial and error, place businesses at risk of losing customers. Why? While trying to figure out a better way, you are missing out on the most important component of your business – your customers! If you think your CRM software is not doing you any good, look no further. Find out how an MYOB and CRM integration can bring about these changes for you.

1. Businesses that have not started using CRM yet.

-These companies makes use of Microsoft Outlook, spreadsheets from Excel or an ACT for keeping track of basic contacts
– Simpler software that lacks the data sharing, workflow automation or other key features provided by CRM software.The owners of these businesses are often aware of CRM and plan to look at it but sometime in the future.

2. Companies that uses CRM but keep their financial data separately.
-These businesses are already using CRM for targeted, automated marketing as a strategy for growing revenue and new customers. However, their CRM has no information about customer purchases or payments in it. An MYOB is mostly used to keep all the accounting info.The effectiveness of marketing and targeting analysis for an automated business process is often attributed to a lack of access to up-to-date financial data.

Where are the businesses with all their customer data in the one place, accessible through a single software program? None of them are practically in the SMB space. The software just hasn’t been available.

Why? Simply because CRM and accounting software have evolved separately with different goals in mind. Here’s why.

The Software Problem

-CRM software is optimized for reporting and analysis, workflow automation, capturing both structured data (customer addresses, phone numbers, job positions, etc.) as well as unstructured data(email and other forms of correspondence, notes, comments, etc.) and two-way communication with clients and prospects.

-Accounting software is mainly designed for the purpose of managing numbers (structured data),as well as for accuracy and process.

So can they ever meet in the middle? Is there a product that one product will combine both functions?

Luckily, a solution is finally found.

Thanks to software developers who came up with such a tool such as a hosted software solution that links CRM software together with accounting and more. Designed to turn your business into an automated revenue machine, this software helps you generate more sales and profits while you invest the same or fewer hours of work each week.

Popular commercial software such as SugarCRM and MYOB are linked tightly together as an end-to-end business automation solution.

CRM software is designed to be the “control panel” for your marketing, with which you could:
-Assess data for campaign strategies.
-Execute marketing campaigns.
-Monitor campaign results both in financial and activity terms.
-Establish marketing and sales “workflow” by setting up automated response actions basing on customer inquiries and other events.

As a result, it offers the best of both worlds: the distinct features and performance of marketing – leading point products, with the breadth and thoroughness of a complete solution.

This multiple process of MYOB CRM integration is to achieve one common goal- Business Success! Secure the future of your business by opting to integrate a user friendly system which is cost effective. It can mean the difference in success or failure.