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Features of SharePoint Development

Features of SharePoint Development

SharePoint has much architecture which means in the context of applications, many distinct platforms and uses. SharePoint can be a portal server, a groupware application kit, a workflow host, content management application, business intelligence application kit, operating system of an intranet, a host for services, a data store, and the data and processing layer for multiple user interfaces.

Outsourced SharePoint development

SharePoint Foundation is built on Microsoft.NET Framework 3.54, ASP.NET, and Intranet Information Services (IIS). SharePoint can also be built on SQL servers. Al servers that will use SharePoint must run on a 64-bit installation of Windows Server 2008 or higher. Standard and Enterprise editions of SharePoint are available.

Corporate developers of SharePoint do not install SharePoint by using MSI or Click Once technology. SharePoint actually has its own installation system. Instead of MSI files, SharePoint packages solutions in its own solution package files. Generally these are CAB files that have a special extension: .wsp. SharePoint package files also contain different elements which include user controls, assemblies, resource files, images, ASP.Net pages, web components etc. Java Script files and Silver-light.xap files are also deployed to company servers by SharePoint Solution Packages.

SharePoint development

SharePoint is a single platform; from a SharePoint side, this is a single web-hosting application. The SharePoint Client Object model includes Microsoft.NET Framework, Microsoft Silver-light applications and JavaScript. JavaScript files are downloaded automatically to the user’s computer when a page is accessed. JavaScript is the most familiar framework and the one used by developers when developing corporate SharePoint applications. Silver-light object models are downloaded in the .xap file the Microsoft Silver-light assemblies and are encased. Alternate downloads to the server are accessed using Silver-light.  A third object model is called .NET framework and this is used only if the object model found in the assemblies get installed to the client computer. Use the official registration package, SharePoint Foundation 2010 Client Object Model Redistributable when this object model is accessed.

What does this outsourcing and SharePoint development models mean to clients

Working with Microsoft SharePoint and client will require outsourced developers to know and use the client’s browser or other access tools. The computer jargon and development tools needed for SharePoint are developed for employees to save time searching for forms, files, and basic data. SharePoint is a storage tool that will provide proprietary information that can only be accessed on the company computer. SharePoint basically is the vehicle which stores information for employees and certain trusted clients.

Outsourced SharePoint Development

To develop a client SharePoint file, reclaim the context object from the client side that represents the current request. Through this context, obtain access to client objects at the site-collection. After a client object is obtained, a query is setup and loaded. Using an execute query method (Java Script is perfect) send the query to the server. The query commands are SML and process on the server. Batch commands are calls to the serve-side object model. Returned data comes back to the client by the service as JSON data. Developers who will install SharePoint on client web servers will know all the language to use. All the client needs to know is that SharePoint is not as complicated as it sounds – it is a retrieval and storage mechanism.


VB Net POS Accounting

VB Net POS Accounting

VB dot Net framework provides the best base ground for POS and Accounting software, because both systems need great support to access and process data frequently, and Visual Basic with .Net framework seems to work very well. Since VS2005, Rapid Application Development tools enable developer to create business software in the fastest time ever!

Only RAD development will guarantee the database related project to success in the shortest time and deliver the highest quality. VS2005 comes with SQL server 2005 express edition, which is free for desktop application and small business software. SQL Server 2005 plays an important row to ensure scalability of storage and software.

There are many source codes based POS and Accounting software, but only very few employed Rapid Application Development methodology and design, this brings lots of work for developer if the source code not already supporting RAD programming.

When choosing the suitable source code, one should consider to adapt to the latest tools and technology, legacy coding will only slow your overall development time! Why pay for legacy technology when you can enjoy the best out of the newest tools and coding! Cynics POS and Accounting is built on the pure dot net platform, SQL stored procedure and RAD tools such as visual inheritance and Dataset Designer.

Cynics POS even enjoy the offline benefit of dot net remoting! Your POS system will store all information locally and synchronize back to the server when connection are available. Up until now only very few software in the market can provide such a great feature, and this feature is expected to gain popularity by the introduction of Microsoft Sync Framework for ADO.Net.

Let’s summarize some of the great features that a good source code based POS and Accounting system should have:

Feature #1 – Offline Capability.
Able to work offline and not dependent on network connection to store data.

Feature #2 – Stored Procedure Processing.
Using powerful database stored procedure to speed up the processing time.

Feature #3 – RAD Design and Coding.
Use the latest Design and Coding method, code the software using RAD tools and speed up the maintenance process!

These are the 3 most important features, beware to check for these criteria before proceed… Invest your money carefully.

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Find out more information about fully RAD coding and Offline Capable source code based Software: VB Net Framework POS Accounting System.


VB Net POS Accounting Source Code

VB Net POS Accounting Source Code

VB Net POS Accounting Source code combines the flexibility of VB dot Net and the power of Visual Studio to provide highly customizable and fast extensible function. The source code itself will provide the base ground for another retail application to integrate POS features into their own software. Some of the benefit listed below:

Benefit #1 – Developer can integrate POS feature to their application within days.
With access to source code, developer can choose to modify the integration interface or just some call to the database server and automate the exchange data process, tightly integrated into existing application framework.

Benefit #2 – Software vendor can re-brand the system.
One of the biggest benefits of royalty free Source code is able to re-brand the product and claim the features to their own brand. End user will have no idea they are using a standard POS provided by another vendor.

Benefit #3 – Rapid Application Development Coding.
Some source code vendor utilizing Visual Studio newest RAD tools – Dataset designer to map business rules in the visual way, decrease the needs to code everything manually. Faster delivery time to market.

Benefit #4 – Leverage the Power of SQL.
Powerful SQL database is now free and available at the finger tips of developer, why still rely on file base when you can have all the benefit of true SQL database?

Benefit #5 – Small Update and Installation footprint.
Most Windows comes with dot net, this will allow software vendors to distribute only core components, updates will be very small and available to be download even with dial-up connection.

These are just 5 of the most common benefits, there still many features such as cross platform interface and web base ready user interface! Now is the time to move from existing VB 6 coding to dot the net platform.

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Accounting System – Why C# Accounting And Not VB.Net Accounting

C# Accounting System – Why C# Accounting And Not VB.Net Accounting

The only valid reason for people to use C# for the accounting system is they are not business centric application, they do not need the convenient of VB.Net in business application, and they may be very used to C# programming for another system base program…

Having said that, C# accounting is not very different from VB.Net Accounting, they all share the same components and architecture, and in business environment, many advanced C# structure does not apply. I would only recommend C# source code for accounting software when the developer are C# in nature, if you are from Visual Basic 6 or other languages, and you are developing business application, never use C#!

VB.Net is easier to learn, master and most business application are developed with Visual Basic and VB.Net! You can easily find many visual basic and vb.net based application, this make the development and resources better!

Certainly, on dot net platform, every compiled component written in dot net language are interoperable, there are no barriers between them, but if you can consistently use the same language, it makes thing even more easier.

If C# is not your daily language, use VB.Net instead, you will gain the following advantages…

Advantage #1 – More resources.

You can find more resources, including human resources if you use Visual Basic dot Net. Unless you are creating system utility like reporting tools and compiler language components, use VB.NET.

Advantage #2 – Less learning time.

If you just migrate from Visual Basic, Delphi or Java, VB.Net should be familiar…You can easily get to the expert level in few months time. C# requires more time, but certainly stronger in building tools!

Advantage #3 – Business Oriented.

All business software are built upon VB and VB.Net, you seldom see C, C++ or C# business application. Simply, because VB and VB.Net is easier to read and learn and maintain for business software.

Cynics Software provides VB.NET Accounting, POS and Inventory source code as the alternative to C# Accounting, if you can’t find any good C# Accounting, you might start to look at VB.Net, you still can use and communicate between objects easily…

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