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Controlling the AxesNet Game Room Management System

Controlling the AxesNet Game Room Management System

Are you in the quest of a comprehensive game room management system? If yes, then stop your search here as we bring the superlative AxesNet game room management system for you, which is all-inclusive and incredible in functioning. This phenomenal system is designed after contemplating the requirements and aspirations of the game room operators. The predominant objective of this impeccable AxesNet system is to notify the operators regarding the updates, and encourage them to run the system in its full potential.

If we get into the technicalities of this faultless device, then AxesNet is a fully automatic system that doesn’t demand the support of servers or computers in the game room. Moreover, the Axes Network Players Cards, Axes Network Cards Readers, and Axes Network POS devices are also coupled with the AxesNet game room management system, which further automatically report to the central system, and don’t require your intervention. This means, you don’t need to get apprehensive regarding anything, and the system will always remain updated with the recent reports and statistics. The best part of this system is that it is based on the cloud computing concept and you can access it from any nook and corner of this planet. You are just required to log inside the system via a web browser, and you will have the latest information in hand always.

In case, if you need the latest information, then there are experts available who retain the perfect knowledge of the AxesNet game room management system, Axes Network Players Cards, Axes Network Card Readers, and Axes Network POS devices. That is why they easily design the new reports and statistics for you. There is certainly no work required from your end; also you don’t have to know the technical intricacies related to Axes Network Players Cards, Axes Network Card Readers and Axes Network POS devices. All you need to do is just to approach these experts and they will do all the related tasks for you.

To be precise, the statistics and reports are required by the operator, when the following questions crop in his/her mind:-

•How much is required in my bill acceptors tonight?
•Who are my most active players?
•Which game will brings-in more money?
•Did the bill acceptor really steal $20 of this guy?
•Who is sitting in my game room right now and how much do they have on their cards?

But don’t worry, if you log onto the AxesNet site, all this will be available to you. So don’t delay, take the requisite steps today.

The article has been created by an AxesNet game room management system expert who retains the knowledge of Axes Network Players Cards, Axes Network Card Readers, and Axes Network POS devices as well.


Five reasons for Small Businesses to Switch to VoIP

Five reasons for Small Businesses to Switch to VoIP

VoIP, or Voice over internet Protocol to give it its full title, is a concept at the vanguard of the telecommunications industry which, if you haven’t already heard about, will become an increasingly familiar part of all our lives in the near future. But what is it and how can it benefit small business users?

The concept (which has a number of interchangeable titles such as Voice over Broadband, VoBB) actually covers a set of technologies whereby voice data is transferred in essence, over the internet. The service is distinct from the traditional telephony systems of the public switched telephone network (PSTN) which transmits both analog and digital voice data on a combined network of physical cables and wireless connections, using switch exchanges to connect the network together. In contrast VoIP transmits voice as digital data packets across internet connections, encoding and then decoding the packets at each end. VoIP packages can therefore vary in terms of the functionality they offer, often depending on the software that is supplied by the VoIP provider.

There are three main types of VoIP that can be combined within a single package, IP Phones (or VoIP Phones, which can be used just as traditional handsets), Software VoIP (which runs from a computer) and Mobile VoIP (or Mobile and Integrated VoIP). In fact you may already be very familiar with one example of this technology, an example of software VoIP which has permeated many of our social activities – Skype.

At a business level, users of a traditional telephony system need to implement a network and hardware, such as a PBX exchange, on site to split their incoming connection in order to provide the separate lines amongst their staff. However, with IP telephony such as VoIP, the service can use existing data networks to create the required number of lines.

As a consequence there are significant benefits to be had from switching your business to a VoIP service:

1. Improved Functionality
As briefly touched on above, a VoIP service can provide a business with many more communications options than a traditional telephone system. Most packages will include a software element which drives the functionality and which can be kept up to date remotely by the VoIP provider so that the business continues to benefit from the latest developments in the technology.

With enhanced software driven communication channels such as video conferencing and the fact that the service is not tied to a geographical location (e.g., colleagues can be accessible on simple extension numbers in different offices in different locations) businesses can cut unnecessary travel and costs and open channels which may have previously been difficult to access – without the need for heavy investment in expensive hardware.

Moreover a VoIP service can change and improve the way in which your business operates with many efficiencies to be had thanks to functionality such as the ability to dial simply by clicking on phone numbers on a PC, integrated computer based phone directories, self-managed caller ID and the scope to assign both multiple numbers to a single phone and a single number to multiple phones.

2. Improved Customer Service
By taking advantage of the extensive functionality generated by a VoIP service a business will no doubt enhance the way in which they operate and work with their customers, however using VoIP can also boost customer service in a number of more direct ways.

Handling of calls can be improved with features, such as ring groups, transfers and forwarding and even automated call handling coming into the reach of smaller scale businesses, ensuring that calls are dealt with by the right people in a timely manner. This can not only improve customer satisfaction but present customers with an advanced phone service at an affordable cost giving them the right impression of your business irrespective of its size. Previously this has been the reserve of big business with big budgets.

A company can even give its customers a free contact channel by supplying them with VoIP enabled telephones.

3. Flexibility
VoIP can greatly improve the flexibility of a business in a number of ways. One key area is the ability of business to respond and adapt to changes in personnel due to positive or negative growth. VoIP offers more cost effective scalability than traditional fixed line telecoms as you need only pay for the exact number of lines that are needed at any given time with less hardware to upgrade – depending on the package, the handset or headset may be the only the outlay required for a new line.

What’s more, many VoIP packages come with the capability for the business to use a simple piece of front end software to configure their network to their business needs as and when they need it rather than depending on third party providers

A VoIP product can also offer flexibility in the manner in which a business operates. Staff can work whilst being fully mobile, receiving their communications in a variety of ways – email, voice calls, instant messaging – on a variety of devices – smartphones (mobile VoIP), landlines – ensuring that they are easily in contact with colleagues and clients whenever they need to be. And all this using the same number, wherever they are in the world. Traditional phone systems, conversely, which rely on a physical network with physical exchanges connecting the relevant elements of the network, are often defined by their location.

This has further benefits for business in the event of an office or workplace becoming unavailable. A switch to VoIP will allow a business to set redirects to mobiles and handsets in other locations from any device with an internet connection. Therefore ensuring interruptions to customer service and operations are kept to an absolute minimum, without needing to physically access the office and manipulate any hardware in situ.

Last but not least of course is the fact that VoIP systems are fully integrated with traditional PSTN services so users will not have any trouble communicating with the rest of world.

4. Unified Communications
Unified communications is a term used to describe the integration of different communication channels which is made possible by the fact that VoIP uses the same data networks as other data transfers to handle voice data. As a result it may be possible using VoIP to easily switch between voice and instant messaging, receive voicemail messages into an email client, share and collaborate on documents through your VoIP software whilst discussing them on call and even integrate Customer Relationship Management (CRM) databases with telephone systems.

5. Cost
Switching to VoIP phones will arguably lead to a host of efficiency savings and operational improvements as a result of the aforementioned benefits, which therefore mean indirect cost savings. Improved communications in general, telephone and video conferencing in particular perhaps, can reduce the need for business travel and in the current climate that is an increasing expense.

However, there are also plenty more immediate savings to be had when switching; for example, the fact that businesses are able to use their existing data networks (no need for additional voice networks) and therefore potentially reduce the installation and maintenance costs of their network infrastructures. The only hardware needed are the phones/handsets, the hard work is done by software.

Furthermore, the actual costs of renting an equivalent of better VoIP service from a provider are likely to be significantly lower than a traditional service (due in part to the fact that this is a growing worldwide market with healthy competition). Whilst the services that are often considered extras in a traditional package will often be included in standard VoIP billing or be available at a far cheaper rate.

Whatever size of business you operate switching to VoIP can generate both cost savings and significant improvements in your operations and services. However, if you are a small business the switch to Business VoIP could give you that leading edge over your competitors and ensure that you are free to develop your business efficiently and dynamically.


Wonders of IP Cameras

Wonders of IP Cameras

Did you ever ask yourself, what are IP cameras? And what is the thing so special about them? Ok�Ц read carefully each word of this cool article 🙂

IP is an acronym that stands for “Internet Protocol” and an IP Security System is an internet based security system, which uses a LAN network or the Internet as a crucial tool for surveillance. IP system delivers secure and real time images of an event; as well as, the flexibility to show both full motions and still images.

Check out the coolest 5 features of IP Cameras and Systems:

– Cost Effective:
IP Camera System can be cost effective. Firstly, it reduces the cost of cabling in large installation. Secondly, it reduces the network infrastructure by using the same network for both, the transportation of video and control of PTZ (reduce the amount of cables) not as the traditional CCTV which needs two separated cables. Finally, it reduces the space needed because video processes are done via computers without the need of bulked and expensive switches as CCTV systems.

Let me break the idea of PTZ cameras for you;  
Pan, Tilt Zoom (PTZ) Cameras, often referred to as dome cameras, are cameras that can be moved left to right, up and down and zoom in and out via a computer, DVR, or PTZ joystick. This type of surveillance camera is often found at retail stores and allow the operator to follow a person as they move about or to zoom in on someone’s face, a license plate, a cash register etc. some of them are indoor, outdoor, and internet protocol (IP) cameras, each dome camera provides full color surveillance images.

– Secure communication:
By using IP systems, you get the necessary authentication and encryption to make sure that your system is not exposed to hackers. And of course more secure image capture and transmission. On the contrary of the traditional CCTV system which doesn’t have the needed authentication and encryption, and without them, it would be much easier for hackers to get into your system and record everything.

– Real time Events:
IP Camera System records events in real time, and provide triggering alerts and warnings of in progress events in case a suspicious activity is detected such as: blocking, covering, spray-painting or redirection. It also provides an automatic analysis, which makes IP systems more productive means of surveillance and efficient monitoring of large systems.  But the traditional CCTV systems record events for viewing after the event has occurred. Now, what really distinguish IP camera from the traditional CCTV camera is: showing the number of people and objects, audio detection, and face and gender recognition. In a simpler words; IP Camera System records events in real time, and provide triggering alerts and warnings of in progress events in case a suspicious activity is detected such as: blocking, covering, spray-painting or redirection.

– Ease of view and switch:
IP camera system gives you the ability run a number of cameras on one surveillance network; and to view each on one screen. The available software enables one person to switch between cameras; some allow you to view scenes and videos over your mobile phone, which gives you the ability to manage it from any location.

– Perfect Image:
IP camera is the perfect choice regarding the clarity of images because of it’s highly and various resolutions, it is at least four times clearer more than the traditional CCTV system. IP system has higher image quality, full image details, progressive scan and more accurate and specific information. Simultaneous high resolution and low bandwidth streams allowing remote viewing of live video whilst recording crisp megapixel images.  It also has different aspect of rations. IP cameras have wider color spectrum than traditional CCTV; better color representation, full frame rate, and wide screen format.

IP Cameras have solved many problems and obstacle which the users have faced with the traditional CCTV cameras and systems�Ц..So, admit it, IP Cameras really are making wonders in the camera systems technology.


Restaurant Customer Service Terminal

Restaurant Customer Service Terminal

In the high-end hotel guests sat round the table, in front of the computer screen by touching food choices, and soon will be selected by on-orbit delivery of food to the front of the guests. The automatic ordering system to avoid the wait caused by artificial service, attitude and other issues, while providing a powerful entertainment features. Similarly, the system is also suitable for entertainment and office space, we can pack in their office is very convenient locations or between meals.

System function

System block diagram in Figure 1. Blackfin processors are designed to meet today’s embedded audio, video and communications applications with low power requirements and conditions for calculating the design of embedded processors [1]. System contains a series of dual-core Blackfin processor ADSP-BF561 [2], video capture decoder chip ADV7183B, audio codec chip ADV1836A, SDRAM data memory, FLASH program memory, Ethernet chips LAN91C111, LCD touch screen, SD Card, UART interfaces , buttons, lights.
System by extending the SD card, transfer the FAT file system, as the photos, videos, e-books and other data storage. Through the ADSP-BF561 SPI internal bus, the data from the SD card to read the internal SDRAM, the same, SDRAM data can also be written back through the SPI bus, the internal SD card.

SDRAM read from the SD card pictures within the dishes, through a number of processing into 320 × 240 color LCD for display of the RGB-24Bit format image data, and then, through the parallel peripheral interface (PPI) given to LCD controller the dishes picture display.
LAN91C111 chip system as the network expanded master chip. ADSP-BF561 extend through the external interface bus (EBIU), and LAN91C111 read and write communication. LAN91C111 transformer output of the network through the network after receiving the RJ-45 interface, the hardware realization of the network connection. LAN91C111 chip DMA mode and interrupt pin through, and ADSP-BF561 for data transmission. Software, real-time kernel by VDK transplant LWIP, the TCP / IP protocol development.

Video (PAL system) through the coaxial cable access to the ADV7183 video decoder inside, after sampling, video decoding, the output ITU-656 format image data. Image data through the PPI, the 8bit data width, SCLK / 2 speed, DMA transmitted to the SDRAM. Synchronization using PPI data port and ADV7183 frame synchronization, vertical sync, horizontal sync and other signals connected to complete the synchronization of video data. ADV7183 power configuration of the ADSP-BF561, through a common programming interface (PF) I2C protocol to achieve complete data formats, gain control, exposure control configuration.

ADV7183 video decoder to read from the SDRAM of video data is the ITU-656 format (UYVY4: 2:2 format) through the YUV to RGB transformation algorithm, into a color LCD display module RGB24bit for data transmission to the LCD control by PPI , which realizes the video capture and playback.

Customer’s voice through a microphone input to audio codec AD1836, after the audio A / D sampling, quantification, decoded by DSP’s Sport in the mouth temporarily transferred to SDRAM memory [3], followed by MDMA transport to the SD card, the customer views the voice preservation. ADSP-BF561 AD1836 via a serial peripheral interface (SPI) configured sampling rate of 44kHz, 16bit sampling width.

SD card audio data (music) to read through the SPI to the SDRAM, decoded by the ADSP-BF561, through the serial port (SPORT) to DMA mode, the transmission to the AD1836 audio codec, then output through speakers or headphones to achieve the songs playback.
In addition, the system extends as a large-capacity NAND Flash data storage, expansion of the 4 × 4 keyboard and light, extending the Flash as the curing process, extend the fire alarm interface information.

System functions as follows:

View menu: dishes, pictures by SD card to store the BMP format. When the user when browsing the menu, ADSP-BF561 file name through the dishes, read the SD card in the corresponding dishes pictures, displayed on the color LCD. Customers can browse the menu to choose dishes, dishes can also scroll through the play.

Customers ordering: Customers browse through the picture menu dishes, dishes to choose their own satisfaction, then select the button ordering, ordering functions that can be achieved. In addition, customers can order food through the network and scheduled dishes, ordering the implementation of intelligent and flexible.

Entertainment features: Terminal provides a powerful entertainment features, including: listening to music, reading books, watching videos, and so the production process dishes. Customers and other meals in the process, you can choose these entertainment features touch screen, ease anxiety and other mood during the meal, also reached the purpose of dining pleasure assured.

Voice mail and play: customers after the end of the meal, the restaurant can feedback in the form of voice from the microphone to the audio decoder chip conveyor AD1836, through the audio A / D sampling, quantization, decoded, stored in the SDRAM, then By stored in the NAND Flash, and achieving the preservation of user comments. Restaurant operator through a menu to the user’s voice message plays out, according to the user’s views.

Network functions: The system extends the LAN91C111 as the network control chip. In software, on the basis of the VDK kernel transplant LWIP main structure as a network to achieve the TCP / IP on the ADSP-BF561 transplantation [4], completed the CS (client – server) model the establishment of a network Socket , connection, transmission, disconnect the other functions. And, in the standard TCP / IP, based on the application layer protocol developed to realize the ordering terminal and PC computers direct data transmission.

Software Design

ADSP-BF561 to achieve the software through the use of VDK create a thread, the thread through the signals between the amount of (semaphore) and message (message) to transmit information and the completion of thread synchronization. Use hardware signs (device flag) to complete the DSP peripherals and synchronization. Used to handle the interrupt and DMA interrupt nesting and emergencies. By creating a thread for each application, with the priority of the thread and messages to each other’s scheduling and management, and to prepare ADV7183, AD1836 and LAN91C111 drive and other equipment, with priority management interrupt service routine, the API function calls VDK .

Ordering in the network information transmission, DSP-side program mainly in the VDK kernel ported by LWIP TCP / IP protocol stack. VDK as a Visual DSP + + together with the sale of the core, well integrated into the VisualDSP + + in. On the basis of the VDK, Socket server program through the development, implementation of the ordering information ordering network transmission and network function.
The program is loaded in the FLASH in the curing process, after power-up, the program can be separated from the emulator to load and run independently, this step is the process of any one product development work to be done. ADSP-BF561 loading process is very complex, divided into: 1, simple program to load; 2, a single nuclear program loading; 3, dual-core program loading; 4, the complex process (dual core, running in the external memory) to load. VDK kernel of LWIP procedures, and video and audio collection, coding and decoding, etc., make the program a huge amount of procedures to be run in external memory, and dual-core processor must be used to increase processing performance, the design load is the most complex procedures The Category 4 load. In the process of loading process, we start again from the simple test program, ADSP-BF561 gradual understanding of the loading process, by reading a lot of information, with the ADI’s internal and external technical support were contacted, the ultimate solution this problem.


System takes full advantage of dual-core DSP-BF561 hardware resources, making the Blackfin DSP series of audio and video processing performance into full play. Through the rational design of a DSP peripheral device, to achieve the audio capture and playback, video capture and display module, interactive touch screen, SD card and other large-capacity NAND flash memory used. Management procedures using the VDK kernel process of the transplant in the DSP on the TCP / IP protocol stack to achieve ordering information ordering network transmission and network function. Dishes stored in the terminal the millions of images can be dynamically browse and play. Provides a powerful entertainment features. Customers can dine on the dishes after the voice through a terminal evaluation.
The system uses a real sense of “no smart restaurant.”


Graphical Networks Announces Release of New IT Inventory Management Software

Graphical Networks Announces Release of New IT Inventory Management Software

The Asset Management IT experts at Graphical Networks LLC, today announced the release of graphTerrain, a web-based diagramming tool ideally suited for customers trying to migrate away from desktop, single-file, single-user tools like Visio or netViz. A netViz Alternative – Web-based Diagramming Tool

With graphTerrain, users can draw and document any node and link items such as network maps, Enterprise architecture elements, workflow diagrams, and other general purpose entities. It supports parent-to-child drill-downs, node and link types with customizable fields (up to 50 user defined fields per type), visual and graphic overrides, inter-diagram links and much more.

As an alternative to netViz, Graphical Networks’ graphTerrain product offers web-based visuals and diagrams that posess the same embedded data and hierarchical drill-down capabilities that netViz customers are familiar with, plus some unique capabilities that make it the best-of-breed web-based Visualization package in the market.

Some of the benefits that netViz customers will see include:

* Full netViz migration with a few clicks * Enterprise-grade, concurrent, real-time * 100% native web-based diagrams with no additional software required * Minimal Learning curve * SQL Server central repository and standardized API * Simpler licensing and more affordable, flexible pricing schema

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CCIE Voice Labs Equipment Preparation Guidelines

CCIE Voice Labs Equipment Preparation Guidelines

Cisco CCIE Voice Labs Equipment is amongst the most esteemed and also commonly knows certifications within the IT sector. Frequently it’s in comparison with Doctor of philosophy in networking. Many people certified along with CCIE certification are gurus in a single or over areas of networking. The most well-known as well as the most popular is the CCIE in Routing and also Switching, yet there are more CCIE paths, as well. Network basic safety specialists are generally certified as CCIE Safety, VoIP experts as CCIE Voice Labs Equipment, by way of example. Various other tracks consist of Service Provider, Wireless, Storage area and also Service provider Operations. No matter what the track, the one thing is definite – personal certified as CCIE went through difficult preparation as well as even far more tough on-site hands-on examination, sent by Cisco. Certification is run through Cisco, but is definitely recognized and also taken as certificate of extreme networking proficiency along with achievement by anyone.

The most significant property value of this kind of certification is the fact there aren’t any shortcuts, cheats in addition to so-called “brain-dumps” which they can use! Since it’s an on-site, hands-on assessment that continues 8 hrs, it’s simple to envision precisely why. Additionally, Cisco has appreciated as well as developed their CCIE program since 1993. Voice Labs Equipment authorized individuals carry lots of advantages at their companies, just like improved/faster permission to access appropriate help teams within Cisco, yet considerably more important, by being professionals who could be counted on.

Exactly what does one particular should want to do in becoming CCIE? Here I will discuss tricks for the efficient CCIE Voice Labs Equipment preparation by Network Communications Solutions.

Be ready for as a minimum 6-9 months of very long days as well extended nights of tricky study in addition to work! If possible, prepare to have one or more month prior to your test date absolutely committed to study!
Cisco CCIE is definitely expert-level certification and therefore demands people who find themselves certified Cisco CCIE Voice Labs Equipment to get professionals within their specific grounds. This involves plenty of reading and plenty of exercise. Acquire knowledgeable about Cisco’s website as well as products, and also accessible guides off their publishing company, Cisco Press. (Network Communication Solutions)
Find the CCIE course that matches your interests in addition to recent an understanding of networking. Equally as a note, offered trails are: Switching, Security, Company, Service Agency Procedures, Wireless and also Storage.
Research, create and also complete the written certification examination for the actual chosen track. For many of us well-known tracks, Cisco Press has released qualification books most likely; this is simply not a major challenge for almost all students. Preparing properly for the diploma exam is going to pay off in the course of preparation, since this must provide reliable theoretical history.

Choose trustworthy CCIE coaching partner, along with confirmed track record along with methodology, coupled with mixed thoroughly studying solutions that come with detailed self-study material as well as instructor-led sessions for the 2nd section of the certification – the terrifying CCIE.

Know sophisticated theory and also ideas of this particular picked track and start technology-focused, qualified discovering through observing video at will, hearing audio at will products, in addition to practicing specific technologies. Seeing videos along with paying attention to teachers whenever you want, is a great kick-start regarding CCIE preparation. Especially with people that would like to abide by organized learning method to CCIE certification.

Training utilizing the lab by participating in more specific “Lab Experience” training lessons offered. As is the truth together with self-study material, excellent training providers give lab experience weeks, where trainees are sunken into very difficult hands-on exercise labs, directly watched by teacher with the purpose to replicate the practical experience of bringing the real hands-on lab exam delivered by Cisco. As the last-stage exam preparation aid, these can be invaluable!

Cisco CCIE Voice Labs Equipment For All from Network Communications Solutions


What PacketShaper can do for you

What PacketShaper can do for you

What is PacketShaper?

It is an application-intelligent traffic management system which delivers predictable, efficient performance for applications running over the WAN and the Internet. It is able to detect and classify automatically an extensive collection of applications and protocols. Thanks to the use of state-of-the-art bandwidth, traffic, service-level and policy management technology, it is able to provide effective application Quality of Service.

How does PacketShaper work?

It discovers and classifies traffic by focusing on content and applications where value to the end user lies. The combination of PacketShaper’s layer-7 classification, analysis, control, and reporting capabilities enables network administrators to keep critical traffic moving at proper speed through bandwidth bottlenecks and stops any single type of traffic from monopolizing the link.

PacketShaper also identifies traffic markers, discovers changing or dynamic port assignments and tracks transactions with changing port assignments. This type of traffic classification enables network managers to fix policies and keep control over the traffic related to an individual application, server, client, and session or traffic type.

What are the benefits of PacketShaper?

Benefits of traffic shaping technology

PacketShaper has traffic shaping technology that allows you to sort out WAN and Internet performance problems. Through active prevention of network congestion, shaping controls bandwidth utilization and application performance. It also allows you to ensure true QoS for critical applications like voice and video to CRM and ERP.

Increasing performance across the WAN

PacketShaper stops the endless cycle of bandwidth upgrades and multiplies application throughput across the existing network infrastructure. So, you can get more output in less time, with fewer performance-related complaints and a higher Quality of Service for all networked users.

Enhancing Network Security

It is observed that internal threats from worm infections, unsanctioned recreational traffic and rogue servers sometimes can severely impact network capacity and cause critical applications. PacketShaper helps in identifying infected PCs and unsanctioned traffic as well as protecting performance of key applications and the network during the time of attack. And it does this all while delivering hard ROI from bandwidth savings, multiplied WAN capacity and increased application performance.

Kaitlin Lucy is a renowned business writer who has years of experience in writing technical reviews, product descriptions and product feature analysis of technical gadgets and gizmos. He has won appreciation especially for enlightening people about the latest communication gizmos…the PacketShaper


Helping Colorama Retail Network Unify Under One Retail Software Platform

Helping Colorama Retail Network Unify Under One Retail Software Platform

About Colorama

Colorama was founded in 2007 as the result of a confederationof three independent retail chains in Scandinavia: Spektrum (Sweden) and Färgtema (Sweden). With 175 retail outlets in Sweden, and a purchasing alliance in Norway and Finland, Colorama is the largest independent retail chain for paint in Northern Europe.

Each store in the Colorama network is owned by the individual store owner. Each owner maintains individual responsibility over marketing and sales,andenjoys democratic influence over the central governance of the retail chain.

In addition to paint and accessories, the Colorama assortment also includes wall paper, flooring and ceramic tiles.

In Sweden alone, the chain is approaching annual sales of 2.5billion SEK (455 Million USD) and operates with the vision to be Scandinavians leading retail chain of paint.

Unified under a one-brand umbrella, Colorama believes in a disciplined approach to branding, where brand consistency is critical to success, including the implementation of central campaigns, cross network use of manuals, training and ability to distribute content seamlessly across operations.

Business Challenge

As Colorama was established over five years ago, the Scandinavian retail chainbegan moving assertively to leverage its size to achieve cost savings through increased buying power, and focusing its marketing efforts to establish Colorama as a national brand with top of mind consumer awareness.

Said a company spokesperson at the inception of Colorama in 2007: “This is a step towards the goal: one single Scandinavian chain. The size is the only thing that matters to the suppliers”

While buying power is one of the immediate and apparent benefits when forming an alliance, there are many other roadblocks to overcome.

For example, a centrally owned company has a board with ultimate voting power and ability to enforce centrally coordinated program. But a network built up from individual stores, with brand legacies and systems of their own, compliance and cooperation can only be achieved by reaching consensus and agreement.

And growing from a multi-branded retail environment to a centrally coordinated mono-brand retail chain doesn’t come without its fair share of headaches.

Immediately at its inception, Colorama put a strong focus on creating an aggressive central branding platform, which included campaigns that included TV, Radio, Media and events.

As many owners of retailchains will testify, brand consistency and compliance can only be achieved if communication from the top is crystal clear and the right tools are in place. Without the right tools and processes in place, retail chains struggle to overcome these challenges, and grow effectively.

To further complicate the realization of its goals to build a national brand rapidly, the network of chains now operating as Colorama, operated on more than five different store software platforms.

So with over 1,000 employees, Colorama acknowledged that communicating effectively,and under one synchronizing platform, would be critical to its success.

The company decided to laser focus on implementingits mono brand platform, unifying its retail network with a highly integrated and flexible work platform that enabled communication, collaboration and content to be shared with speed and efficiency. By doing so, the company believed it would be better equipped to manage its brand.

According to Anders Lundblad, Marketing Director at Colorama, “Managing a large retail network with individual store owners requires a great need for communicating clearly and effectively. We have a responsibility to provide the members with the toolsthey require to succeed, while at the same time establishing a framework which is easy to follow and implement. In a nutshell, you need an intelligent software platform that facilitates day-to-day communications that is also able to guide and educate your organization about your brand concept in a manner that is approachable for all stores in real time.”

As a first step to laser focus on brand compliance, the executive leadership team at Colorama decided to implement a group-wide approach that would help: Bring together retailcommunications into one single platform Store, share, and maintain manuals, documents, and marketing materials in a one-stop platform Facilitate the design and execution of customer loyalty programs and marketing promotions while respecting the Colorama brand guidelines and standards

This approach would set it apart from the competition and provide what Chainformation terms “distinctive capability,” a retail chain’s unique formula for business success aimed at securing brand compliance while outperforming the competition.

For help in realizing an Intranet-based communication platform, Colorama wanted to team with a partner that would bring not only expertise in technical environments and system integration, but also bringing a deep understanding of the retail industry.

Chainformation was the logical choice. Over the past twelve years, Chainformation has provided retail- and franchise-software for some of Scandinavia’s largest franchise- and retail-chains, including industry leaders such as IC Company, Iduna andIKEA.

How we helped

In partnering with Chainformation, Coloramawere able to leverage a retail specific solution based on proven technologies.

The move gave Colorama instant access to a high powered Intranet that would function as the retail chain’s delivery vehicle for know-how, business data and content for the daily operations including: Faster, role-based communication Brand and Identity Guidelines Marketing Design Templates and Execution tools Daily Sales Reporting

While CCM is ready to be used out of the box and can be implemented in just 2-4 weeks, Colorama worked with Chainformation’steam of development expertsto realize a number of features to be used across the retail network including: Customer Loyalty Program Management and Mailing Features Access to preferred vendors and procurement processes E-mail and Text Message Marketing tool to drive customer traffic Access to purchasing agreements, discounts and vendors

“Having partnered with Chainformation since our inception, we have continuously worked with their team of experts to align the CCM platform with our business objectives and creating useful tools for the members of our retail network. For instance, we can use CCM to communicate withany, or all of our members of our loyalty program. We can send out mass mailings or test messages with special in store promotions,” says Anders Lundblad.

Another popular component of the CCM platform is the Colorama College – an individual module that offers e-learning directly to the store staff, regardless of their location.

This means that any employee with access to the Colorama network can access training programs, such as the “new recruitment training” or product specific training programs. As students go through various stages of interactive training programs, they then take tests online.

Some of the information shared via CCM is either confidential or business sensitive. But the retail software is completely role-based so that users will only see what they need to see. For instance, CCM captures critical sales information which is made available only to the central finance department.

More than just a gatekeeper of confidential information, CCM also helps streamline communication so that employees are not over-informed.

Perhaps one of the most useful features included with the retail software platform, is the Web Content Management Plug-in. This plug-in providesColorama with the ability to publish and manage content on local store website.

With pre-approved web-page templates and role-based user rights, Colorama can rely on the plug-in to published content according to pre-approved brand standards, and that websites will look the same in every location and geography.

How the implementation was done

In rolling out CCM in the Colorama network, Chainformation was committed to designing, testing and implementing CCM with minimal disruptions to existing daily business.

Chainformation deployed a team of professionals who were involved in all aspects of project delivery, beginning with analysing Colorama key processes, and business drivers. Through a series of requirements-gathering workshops and functional design sessions, Chainformation were able to frame a customer unique solution that supported Colorama in each of its focus areas, including guest management, brand management and staff education.

Once the functional design was in place, the team worked quickly to complete the CCM-platform customized for Colorama, including technical design, development and testing and system integration.

The primary solution components included:

The roll-out of CCM, a state of the art retail software and single point of entry and for the Colorama network.

This customized approach of an out-of-the-box solution was designed to meet all the system-, knowledge delivery- and communication-needs of the Colorama network.

The solution equips the members of the franchise network with a tool that makes daily operations easier and more transparent, while at the same time providing head office with a tool that helps secure brand compliance, improve communication flow and deplete operational deficiencies: A user friendly-interface for speedy publication of news and updates Real-time access to manuals, Brand Guidelines, and Identity Standards A media asset manager that contains brand-compliant visual elements such as images, logos and document templates. A design tool that enables the design of local promotions and e-mail campaigns A management tool for the Colorama loyalty club program A SMS Text Message Marketing Tool for executing campaigns that drive customer traffic Customer feedback functionality

High performance Delivered

With CCM by Chainformation, Colorama has transformed from a disparate network of stores to a leading Scandinavian retail star equipped with best practice work processes.

Says Anders Hall, Sales & Marketing Manager at Chainformation: “In 2007, Colorama was operating on five individual store software systems which made it incredibly difficult to capture relevant information on sales, and communicating effectively across the stores. By implementing CCM by Chainformation, we have been able to synchronize and funnel information from all legacy systems, while providing one single platform for store staff to use in day-to-day retail operations.”

Every Colorama location now has one single point of entry from which it can access manuals and marketing modules, communicate and cross-collaborate, while also receiving important updates and news from Colorama’shead office

As campaigns and marketing materials are made available in real-time, CCM also enables Colorama to see if individual staff member have missed to take part of important documents or content. The system even keeps track if anything has been printed out.

“The success of any retail chain begins with people and communications. With CCM by Chainformation, we have equipped our organization with a state of the art tool which allows us to maximize and fully leverage the potential of the Colorama network, from purchasing information to brand building. As we laser focus on building Scandinavia’s leading retail chain in our segment, we can implement large scale changes and keep our network informed in seconds,” explains Anders Lundblad.

In hindsight, the strategy has worked well for Colorama. They have carved out a clear leadership role in a short time and continue to expand. According to a recent internal report, Colorama has become one Sweden’s most recognized consumer brands, with a brand awareness of 25 per cent (closest competitor at 9%), and top of mind brand awareness for TV commercials.

According to Anders Hall, Sales and Marketing Manager at Chainformation, “Partnering with Colorama, we were able funnel the wealth of information flowing through fivelegacy computer systems in play across the Colorama network, while also providing a communication platform where Colorama could communicate and share business critical information. This is a great example of how Chainformation is able to rapidly deploya unifying approach and help deliver business critical knowledge when large chains and alliances are born.”


Is Dublie A Scam

Is Dublie A Scam

There are many scams in the online, multi-level-marketing world – DubLi Company does not appear to be one of them. Study shows that it is a legitimate online company that began in Europe and has now extended its headquarters to the United States and Australia. Read on to find out how to tap into the DubLi business to earn steady income for little hassle.

DubLi is an online auction that has an attractive twist to it, making it different from massive auctions such as E-Bay. It is what’s known as a inverse auction, meaning that the bids set off higher and perform their way down. As a result the product goes to the lowest bidder while the bidding time is up!

The way DubLi makes capital is that the customers have to buy credits in order to bid on products. Therefore, the additional times customers want to bid, the more credits they are required to purchase. Then they receive the product at a low price, but DubLi still recieves money out of the deal. In addition to the reverse auction, DubLi has a regular online shopping system where customers can easily buy products at markdown prices. So, is this a business where the online marker could achieve a fair profit?

Once you join the DubLi network team, you can, as a member, participate and earn stable money in three ways. You can get paid commission all through the reverse auction, customer referrals plus new network marketer referrals. Read on to get the details of these lucrative methods.

For the 1st way, the marketer simply has to attain new customers who want to take advantage of the reverse auction. The customers need to pre-buy credits in order to bid on a product. Thus the marketer, purchases these credits from DubLi in wholesale bulk rate and then sells to the customer for retail value- thus earning the seller a direct sales commission.

The 2nd way of building cash is by referring customers to shop at this online auction portal. Ultimately, the network marketer earns cash by referring other people to develop into network marketers. Each new marketer has to buy a starter package-so this allows DubLi to offer you a commission for new marketers.

As it’s better to do the research and be familiar with the background of any company you perhaps would like to work with, let’s look at a short history: The DubLi business is an online auction and shopping system which began in 2003 by a Danish man, Michael Hansen. His vision was to create an online auction venue that rivals the likes of Amazon and Ebay. Despite the fact that the main headquarters is in Germany, they have recently expanded into Australia and the U.S.

There has been speculation on a Dubli Scam. Study shows that it does manage numerous warehouses in the US, Cypress and other places, as well as having the headquarters in Germany, Delaware and Australia. It is not a scam, except a valid way for interested business people to work their way up in the MLM DubLi structure.

Hopefully this DubLi review was helpful and motivating to you. Again, MLM DubLi is a specialized auction platform as well as a normal online shopping platform. If it looks like a safe match for you, it could well make you some real income to become part of the team.

The Dubli Network can be an amazing income opportunity if you can simply understand how to build it properly. Most people who start a Dubli business will never reach that level of success that they want, generally because they don’t have the correct online marketing skills. To discover how to build a Dubli Opportunity from the ground up, visit Daniel Sigafoos’s free network marketing training center now .


Wyless continues to grow M2M market share in the first 2 quarters of 2010

Wyless continues to grow M2M market share in the first 2 quarters of 2010

Wyless Group, the Global M2M Managed Services provider, today announced record sales and profit results for Q1 and Q2 2010. Revenues and connections have grown by 70% and profits have increased by 300% over Q4 2009.

Wyless announced that growth had been strong in all areas of business during the first 6 months of the year, in geographical penetration, diversity of industry verticals and introduction of new products. Wyless customers represent every M2M industry vertical, including Healthcare, Industrial Monitoring and Control and Vehicle Telematics. The wide-range of Partner Applications include, remote healthcare
patient monitoring, mobile electronic point of sale ( EPOS), video surveillance, parking meters and personal tracking.

Chris Lowery, Founder and CEO stated: ” Wyless has grown its customer base by 40% and we presently have customers in 64 countries on 6 continents. Ongoing development of Porthos, our open management platform, has been substantial and we have several white label versions of Porthos operating under license. We have also successfully introduced a number of managed service agreements for existing networks. We will be announcing further major strategic developments later in Q3″

Mr. Lowery also responded to press articles concerning management changes in the Group. ” The previous CEO, Rami Avidan, left Wyless last September to pursue other interests. At the request of the Board I took over as CEO of the Wyless Group, to ensure that our strategic objectives are achieved.
Reporting to me:
Dan McDuffie, SVP of Wyless USA, is Global Sales Director.
Virginie Carniel, Director of Wyless Europe, is Global Operations Director.”


About Wyless
Wyless is a Global Network Enabler (GNE). Our Managed Services enable companies to securely and reliably communicate with their remote and mobile devices in over 120 countries, in partnership with Tier 1, Mobile Operators. They include Open Connectivity, an Intelligent Network, Porthos, our unique Open Platform and Professional Services. These Managed Services combine to provide real-time visibility, enhanced control and flexibility for wireless connections. Wyless enables customers and partners to reduce the risks, costs and complexities of deploying and supporting mobile applications at the same time as enabling new revenue streams for our customers and partners.

For more information about Wyless, please visit www.wyless.com.

For More information, please contact:
Barry Nay
+44 (0) 1895 454 674.