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Sharepoint STSADM Commands

Sharepoint STSADM Commands

The SharePoint development platform is a powerful platform and the Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 features the STSADM tool, which offers command line administration of SharePoint Server 2007 servers and sites. SharePoint developers are aware that STSADM is situated on the path where SharePoint Products and Technologies are installed and this path is %COMMONPROGRAMFILES%microsoft sharedweb server extensions12bin. The SharePoint consultant has to have the administrator rights on the local computer to be able to use STSADM. STSADM offers a method that enables the SharePoint developers to administer the Office SharePoint Server 2007 administration tasks at the command line or even through the usage of batch files or scripts. STSADM commands also offer SharePoint development team the access to operations that are not available through the usage of the Central Administration site such as changing the administration port. SharePoint development team is aware that the command-line tool offers a more streamlined interface than Central Administration and it even enables the SharePoint developers to perform the same tasks.


STSADM is a command-line tool that offers complete access to the Office SharePoint 2007 operations. STSADM can be used either through the command line or even with scripts or batches. It is important that SharePoint developers run the STSADM on the server itself. SharePoint consultants also need to note that most of the parameters for the command line also contain a short form that can be utilized instead of the complete parameter name.

It is also important to know that STSADM is not an interactive tool and therefore SharePoint developers have to type the operation and parameters simultaneously. The outsource development team are aware that they will not be prompted to add in the missing parameters while the operation is still running. Since STSADM commands are not interactive, hence it offers more flexibility when it comes to batching commands, as these tools do not prompt the developers for more information after the command has been submitted.

STSADM Operations

SharePoint consultants are aware of using different types of STSADM operations and some of the operations that SP developers can utilize in the process include:

This particular operation helps SP developers to activate a feature in the list of feature collection.


This particular operation allows outsource SharePoint development team to add it as an internal URL and map this to one of the five URL zones of an external resource or a web application.


This helps SP development team to make the addition of a new DataConnectionFile to the DataConnectionFiles collection.


This enables SharePoint developers to add a user agent, which is ideally in the form of a search bot and to even receive the XML file that would also include the data of the form for indexing.

This particular operation allows SharePoint consultants to add a user to a particular policy role based on a specified permission level name for the web application.


The LG BL20 Chocolate offers impressive slider phone technology

The LG BL20 Chocolate offers impressive slider phone technology

The LG BL20 Chocolate is one of the new arrivals within the LG range of mobile phones. Released in October 2009 this handset has a futuristic design which appeals. Although aesthetically pleasing to the eye, this handset also packs a punch when it comes to functionality. Measuring 106 mm x 50 mm and 12 mm thick this handset is a slim line handset which offers seamless and endearing technology.

This handset comes with a 5 mega pixel camera which operates at a resolution of 2560 x 1920 pixels. The utilisation of Schneider-Kreuznach optics is testimony to LGs emphasis on ensuring quality of image within its camera equipment. In addition the camera provides auto focus and an LED flash for illumination purposes. As an alternative to static imagery the camera also provides the ability to record video at QVGA quality and at 15 frames per second.

The LG BL20 Chocolate comes with a 2.4 inch TFT display screen which is able to display up to 262,000 colours at a pixel size of 240 x 320 pixels. Imagery displayed on the screen is colourful and vivid. The handsets futuristic feel is encompassed within the touch sensitive hidden navigation keys which are on the front panel of the handset and are used for its multitude of functionality. The handset comes with vibration and ring alert types included within the package, however for further individuality the ability to download polyphonic and MP3 ringtones is included. As a means of hands-free communication the phone provides a speakerphone.

Internal memory within this handset is 60 MB, however this can be significantly improved upon by utilising the microSD slot which allows expansion of the memory storage up to a more creditable 16 GB. The handset comes with a variety of additional options which include an MP3/MP4 player, organiser, voice memo and FM radio.

GPRS and EDGE connections are provided within this handset and are both class 12. In addition the handset also provides Blue tooth and USB. This ensures the handset can be connected to multiple devices and seamlessly transfer files or synchronise with a PC as well as providing the means to download the files as and when required.

The LG BL20 is a relatively new entrant into the phone market, yet has already turned heads. It offers unrivalled styling and technology which surpasses many handsets that are available on the current market. The handsets ability to seamlessly perform numerous tasks in a user-friendly manner is one of its key benefits and one that has endeared it to the general public.

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Keys to Effective Inventory Management

Keys to Effective Inventory Management

One of the things we’ve seen time and time again in our business is that the best relocation policies reflect current realities of the real estate market, with aggressive home marketing assistance programs and incentives to employees to price their homes realistically. Still, in today’s environment, it’s inevitable that some properties will end up in inventory. Here are a few of the best practices we recommend to help minimize total program cost and the amount of times homes spend in inventory.

It’s important to understand how a home value is determined as well as the current status of the listings that were used in the appraisal. Circumstances change over time. You may find that the home should be listed at the anticipated selling price – or even below – to gain the attention of buyers. To make sure the house is priced accurately, remember to review comparable sales and listings as well as any issues influencing the market, such as schools, employment and new subdivisions. Take note of the builders who are active in the market and any incentives they are offering. The presence of unsold new homes may call for an adjustment to your marketing strategy.

In selecting a broker, be sure to consider their experience, longevity, market share and creativity. If possible, choose a broker with whom you have worked successfully in the past. Listen carefully to his or her intelligence on the local market area: Local issues such as a major employer leaving town can dramatically impact listing success. These kinds of factors should be considered in establishing a strategy.

A moderate investment to improve first impressions of a property will make it more competitive and may eliminate objections that could prevent a sale. Repaint any bold, personal colors in a neutral hue. Clean or replace the carpets and replace marginal systems such as old water heaters that may be flagged during inspection. Spruce up the entry area with a fresh coat of paint and judicious landscaping and flowers. Listen carefully to your broker’s ideas on strategic incentives to drive showings. For example, the offer of a $500 all-terrain vehicle or a $2,500 lawn tractor might help sell a large property. This type of incentive might be negotiated out of the final offer.

Competition for a home sale today can include typical resale listings as well as foreclosures, short sales and new construction that might be languishing on the market. Online research is not enough: you should visit properties, collect builder flyers, read yard signs and more. For example, if a local builder is offering incentives on a new home, you can consider something similar. The marketplace can change literally overnight, so it’s wise to review strategy with your broker at least twice a month. Regular communication can also help keep the broker more invested in the process and can lead to a richer, more productive partnership. The inventory manager should provide regular marketing updates to the client while offering cost-effective incentives ranging from reimbursement of the buyer’s closing costs, an appliance allowance or a selling agent bonus to an electric awning to shade a hot patio.

Property offers can come at any time and deals can be quite fragile, so the inventory manager must be available to receive and evaluate offers 24/7. This level of availability and commitment also helps to foster a more collaborative and successful relationship with the broker. Effective inventory managers develop keen negotiating skills: They can predict likely offers, counter offers, buyer hot-buttons and concerns. This empowers them to take control of negotiations in a market where buyers often feel they are omnipotent – and to advance the client’s best interests. Effective negotiation balances all parties’ interests and results in a successful, time-and cost-effective outcome.

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Modify the outlook of your firm with the Hosted PBX systems

Modify the outlook of your firm with the Hosted PBX systems

As nowadays businesses are growing at an accelerated rate, and so there’s a requirement of even better technology in order to manage these businesses and to catalyze the progress of these firms. Telephone has created a special mark within the business interaction field and conjointly in enhancing the business opportunities, and then it became an awfully crucial facet of business communication. At first primarily PSTN based phones dominated the market that were extremely reliable however pricy and unmanageable at identical time. Then came in the PBX technology, which was in particular an improvement over the normal PSTN telephony. Although it absolutely was lots higher than PSTN however it needs lots of initial investment therefore it became restricted to the elite business category solely.

Today technology has taken a leap forward and conjointly PBX has also shifted from being simply an onsite communication system to the cloud, get victimization VOIP (Voice over Internet protocol). Within the current state of affairs individuals wish to avail identical high category facilities offered by the PBX system however with flexibility and higher vocation rates. Hosted PBX systems are evolving to provide new choices in order to facilitate the business necessities.

Companies that are in their embryonic stage are pleasantly intrigued with this new cloud primarily based PBX possibility. Dodging away all the onsite PBX’s drawbacks, the all new Hosted PBX services are able to shine and facilitate the budding corporations. This new services support multi location offices, virtual workplace, unified communication, etc. what is more exciting about this technology is that it offers reliable communication and that too at really affordable rate that makes this technology a private favorite of the small and medium enterprises.

There are varied sturdy points that build the hosted PBX systems and therefore fashionable. Have at glance on some:

Your laptop is Your New Phone: if you would like to use hosted PBX services and you have got your laptop and an online affiliation then you’re sorted. One doesn’t have to be compelled to get special hardware so as to begin creating decision with PBX over cloud services. Your laptop will become your supply of communication to the planet. These features enhance the optimum utilization of current resources and therefore abate on further investment.

Asterisk the bottom of hosted PBX: Asterisk includes a variety of protocols which incorporates the SIP. Asterisk is essentially am implementation of the PBX that was devised in 1999 by Mark philosopher. Lots of products are derived out of Asterisk. This technology offers IVR, voice mails, decision distribution and implementation.

Mobility, measurability, reliability: These 3 are the assured options of the Hosted PBX systems. With its advanced vocation options PBX over cloud offers quality to its users. One isn’t restricted to a particular location any longer. You’ll be able to be present at any place however you may still get the updates regarding your callers all you would need to possess is an interconnected network. Hosted PBX conjointly makes certain that you just don’t miss out on any of your vital decisions and therefore it offers options like call hunt, decision transfer, call park, call queue, etc.

Highly glad clients: client’s satisfaction is an important facet of business development. You would like to create your purchasers feel that they’re vital to you and with Hosted PBX system you’ll be able to achieve this. This technique makes it certain that you just won’t miss out any of your calls. Even in case somehow you’re unable to answer you’ll be able to direct them to the voice mail. You’ll be able to serve your purchasers better with correct data. Options like Visual decision reports assist you to induce all the requisite data regarding your shopper.

Hosted PBX Systems will strengthen your company’s market position and assist you evolve and reach larger heights.


Why People Prefer Fishbowl Inventory For Inventory Management

Why People Prefer Fishbowl Inventory For Inventory Management

Proper Inventory management can be the sole maker or breaker for any business. In order to make successful business one needs to take care of its inventory and all the items at his shop or store to run the operations smoothly. This application is a panacea for small business owners as it help them take informed decision on stocks to be replenished, time taken by the logistics channel to deliver the goods, vendor status, order status by the clients and many other types of activities happening at the inventory within a given time frame.

Fishbowl inventory makes use of available resources in the presently available software. The key feature of this software is the affordability which it offers to its client as the price of fishbowl inventory is much less than most of the software is which are available in the market. People into sales business, bank upon one or the other type of software available in the market for better stocked keeping and inventory management. Moreover the FB is a well researched application which offers the solutions to the users without too much of complexity.

FB is simple to use, takes less time to install and even lesser time to work upon. Naturally it saves a lot of time and resources of the users in terms of manpower deployment for training. Its ability to integrate with the MS Office and internet explorer as well as with any other browser makes it easier for the user to synchronize this application with any application which a user might be using for interacting and keeping track of its communication with the potential and existing customers.

The important benefits Fishbowl Inventory software offers can be summed up as:

– Integration with Accounting Software

Allowing the users to integrate with leading accounting software, Quickbooks relieves the pain of manually copying and sharing information regarding billing, payment which becomes great pain when it comes to calculating and preparing to pay taxes.

– Maintaining Proper Customer & Vendor Interface

The single interface of this application enables the users to keep track of their customers’ orders and vendor’s status with all the details relating to pending, paid bills, stock delivery status allowing all the integration to take place in real time.

– Highly Cost Efficient

Comparing the rich features it offers, it is very cost effective also because users need little time to get acquainted in using this Quickbooks Add-ons application. With the Software Development Kit it can synchronize with any other software without additional investment of software.

– Offers Better Flexibility

In addition to offering the aforesaid benefits, Fishbowl inventory offers maximum flexibility to the users who are always on the move as it can be installed on a virtual server remotely monitored and hosted by the third party service providers. This ‘Hosted virtually, accessed anywhere’ feature makes it very handy application as the user is not worried for installation issues as well as for the hardware components required to install and use the software.

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Help Desk Software Worth the Investments

Help Desk Software Worth the Investments

Help desk software technology can be built in several different styles to ultimately achieve the same goal – A solid, predictable, trackable help desk with minimal time and monetary investment. The site vary in their approach. From intranet stand alone self managed bundles to web/cloud based help desk software managed by an outside company or a hybrid utilizing internal and external assets to handle client or management needs.

It seems that everything is moving to the cloud, and help desk systems are no different. Net based helpdesk software has moved beyond traditional do it yourself solutions. The web based tools can help to automate your operations, minimize problems and flaws, and assist with tracking resources and licenses along with making “to do” lists and metrics tracking. Most systems also have automated alert systems through email, phone apps or texts.

Help desk software isn’t a static one-way application. Good software packages will routinely scan systems and networks to provide key data on performance and effectiveness. Most helpdesk support will also permit you to control individual machines and also work stations remotely to simplify monitoring.

A good option which has gained popularity in the web help desk arena is SysAid. SysAid is a range of Internet based tools that can help you handle all of the duties required of a help desk manager. One of the keys to their product is automation – making your work less difficult and enabling you to become more responsive. Mostly because of their service-desk interface, SysAid reviews generally praise the application as intuitive and praise its reporting ability . SysAid helpdesk software now offers a somewhat limited free help desk solution that may be of interested to a lot of smaller organizations . With minimal understanding of IT and server management, just about anyone will get this helpdesk software up and running.

Another interesting offer in helpdesk software is Kayako. Although this internet based product offers many similar pc and on-line solutions, Kayako also says it will offer an automated installer that will get the helpdesk software operating on just about any server as long as you have admin access. Kayako reviewers often rave about chat solutions in real-time that are offered by the firm. Kayako features SupportSuite, eSupport plus and LiveResponse within three levels of service and license charges.

One interesting feature offered from these companies within both their no cost helpdesk tool and membership services is support in many languages. SysAid for example features helpdesk service in English, French,Italian, and German among others. The ideal combination of languages for an international company with an American or European concentration.

Others companies add the languages of countries in Asia with their helpdesk support. ServiceDesk Plus , for example, also offers helpdesk software programs in languages like Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese and more. All employing self created alerts in the region’s language via dashboards and on-line self entered forms.

Virtually every IT helpdesk program will likely provide a feature that is often overlooked. That is software compliance. It really the responsibility of every company and organization to ensure that they possess the necessary licenses for the applications installed on their machines. It is such a great risk to fall out of compliance, especially for large firms. It seems like the more you have to lose, the more people are watching your license compliance.

Sony BMG is one of the companies that fell In 2008, Sony BMG was the main focus of an investigation which discovered approximately 47% of the computer software on company systems was outside of compliance. This is a company that was at the forefront in battles working to stop illegal use of their products. This incident was certainly pricey, but more importantly, Sony BMG was subject to unwanted publicity that could have been prevented. With an aggressive strategy utilizing IT help desk software they could have generated reports decreasing the company’s liability.

John Wall is the creator of Help Desk Guides. Wall has been working in the technology field for over 20 years. His unique perspective challenges old ideas and shows ways that IT can be part of the revenue line of your business. Help Desk Guides offers reviews, help desk scripts, advice and guests posts for a wide range of help desk topics. To learn more, guest post or offer an opinion, visit helpdeskguides.com