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Best Wireless Security Cameras For Small Business-the Top Two

Best Wireless Security Cameras For Small Business-the Top Two

Did you know that well over 30 percent of all new jobs are created by small businesses? That is more than any other sector of the economy. That is why I say that small businesses are the engine that drives our economy. I have the utmost respect for small business owners. They have so much invested in their business and not just money either.

Unfortunately many people see small businesses as an opportunity to steal. Employees and customers account for 70 percent of all business losses in any given year. That’s a huge amount of money.

When I was in the restaurant business I used to tell everyone that the only people who stole from you were your employees, your customers and your suppliers. Everyone else was honest. That holds true for any kind of business.

The best way to stop theft is to get rid of the bad apples that you have in your employ. And for any small business owner that thinks all of his employees are honest is very naive.

The best way to get rid of the bad apples is to have a wireless security camera. Here are the two best as picked out by my customers over the last five years.

1. The first is exit sign hidden camera. This can be placed over any retail, office or warehouse doorway and is real functioning exit sign. It is available in wired or wireless models. But the best one is with the DVR included. This model uses an 8 GB SD card to record images similar to your digital camera.

2. The down view smoke detector is a no-functioning smoke detector and cannot be used as a safety product but is meant to be mounted on the ceiling and look down. It has many different applications in the retail world. The best example of that would be over cash register or over a rear door. If you own a restaurant, place it over your cold storage area or in your dry goods area. You can transmit black-and-white or color images and can be either wired or wireless. It is the second most popular hidden security camera.

Those are the two most popular wireless security cameras for small business.

When are you getting one?

If you think crime can only happen to the other guy you are wrong. The “other guy” is thinking the same thing and to him you are that “other guy”. There is a reason why they call it self defense. You have to protect yourself, your family, your home and business!!

Chances are if you are reading this that crime has touched your life in some way or you consider yourself at risk. Take the next step and do something to protect yourself! Your life and safety is worth far more than the cost of one of these.

The uses for a covert hidden camera are endless. There are home, office and business applications. Undercover law enforcers and government agencies have been using them for years but now they are priced so low that anyone can get one. And easy to use? You bet.

A covert hidden spy camera can be an even better deterrent than a burglar alarm or a security guard. A camera can be used to identify the bad guys catching them red handed indoors or outdoors.

Can you use a spy hidden camera for home, office or business? You actually can’t afford to not have one!


Business Telephone VoIP Systems

Business Telephone VoIP Systems

Having a well or poorly implemented phone system can make or break a business. If a potential customer cannot get through to you via the phone the chances are they will pick up the phone to the next supplier. And more important than just having a phone system that can get somebody on the end of the line; a well implemented system can quickly direct a person to exactly who they need to talk to wherever they may be. This can act to solve customer queries or issues faster, which in turn gives greater customer satisfaction and improves the efficiency of the company as a whole.

It is rare in business that a company works out of an office and has no members who need to be on the move, some companies may indeed very rarely work from an office. Whether the reason is sales, meetings, on-site work, or simply the convenience of working from home, it can be very beneficial to be able to stay in touch while on the move. Whatever the requirements; business mobility can be an asset to effective client management and communications. It is typically achieved by rerouting calls that would normally only go to an office phone via several devices associated with a person. This generally includes the office phone, mobile phone, mobile VoIP clients and home offices.

Mobile voice clients can also be exceptionally useful for reducing the costs of calls; since VoIP technology is web based, once connected beyond a varying data charge, it is independent of locations and as such can be used for international calling. Thus when an employee is abroad, assuming they can get a stable internet connection, they can operate from the same office number while maintaining cheap cost of calls. This is a huge benefit when considering that many traditional systems wouldn’t be able to operate or would even cost a large amount of money for the privilege.

These low costs, while very useful for employees abroad, can be equally useful for office telecoms. Since VoIP functions from internet connections and many companies already have moderate internet connections already implemented, it may cost nothing but a monthly subscription to a VoIP company to be able to operate their telephone systems.

Capital costs are also reduced since, in many cases, the network required to run VoIP already exists in the form of a computer network where the VoIP can be run directly from the computer via a “softphone”. A softphone is a computer program used for making calls in conjunction with a headset or phone plugged into the PC, which in turn can also make it very easy to integrate and make calls via existing CRM software with client contact details. This can significantly increase the speed of making calls and increase the number of calls that can be handled in a given time.

Why not see what your company could gain and save from moving your telecoms to a well implemented VoIP service and give a VoIP provider a call?

The Author works for a company who specialise in hosted phone systems, hosted VoIP and VoIP Solutions


Cash Register Point of Sales Office Automation And Security System

Cash Register Point of Sales Office Automation And Security System

We are a one stop solutions provider in the market.

Below is our products list. -Point of Sales -Cash Register -Office Automation -Security System -Accessories and Supply


Cash Register Series (CASIO and SHARP) is best choice for your Business.

We also called it as Electronic Cash Register (ECR). It is a tool assists your business to manage the sales flow.

If you are not looking for Point of Sales, it is a best choice to apply to your business.

Before you make a decision to buy a cash register, you need to know what kind of features you are looking for.

When you compare to Point of Sales, it is very reliable and low maintenance for long term operation.

CASIO Cash Register is a best choice for advance idea and Stock Control System.

It is a high quality brand. The quality helps a business with low maintenance and best for long term running. Its powerful functions and features are always meet most of the advance requirements from most of the customers.

Sharp Cash Register is a best choice for economy and simple to use.

It is a user friendly brand. The way of operations and setup helps a business with simple setup and best for cost budget business. Its simple way to operations and setup are always become the best choice from most of the customers.

Point of Sales – The best for Food and Beverage (F&B), Retail and Services

Our point of sales solutions are cover to most of the business type.

We cover the market such as Food and Beverage (F&B), Retail and Service Business.

How can our solutions increase your Business advantages to be more reliable and save your time? -You can check the sales details accuracy. -You can control your inventory properly with less paper jobs. -You can manage all your products and business flows with the right functions. -Not only the energy to maintain your Business, but no more double jobs without a system.

We deliver you: -Business sales control and monitoring, -effective way to manage your business, -And high quality security management.

What is your Business? -Food and Beverage Industry – Restaurant, Cafe, Bistro and Pub -Retail – Mini Market, Boutique, Accessories, Beauty Products and others -Services – Saloon, Beauty, Clinic and others -Office -Kiosks -Exhibitions

We are not only deliver products, but also services to our clients. -Repairing Services -POS Systems Support and Installation Services -Rental Services -Information and Consultation -On-Call Support Services -After Sales continue services



Role of Staffing in Human Resources Management

Role of Staffing in Human Resources Management

Staffing involves a broad scope of activities from workforce planning, job specification, recruiting, outsourcing and new employment orientation. CRM is referred to as customer relationship management. Staffing CRM is application of CRM, often involved with use of CRM software, in the process of staffing.

Putting right people to the right positions is critical for the growth and success for any organizations. With the use of CRM software, staffing process can be customized to couple with the competition and the ever-changing marketplace. Staffing can also be modified without any additional expenses or by referring the file of their competitors. Staffing also structures a security system to safeguard client’s information and also protects the applicant’s password. Staffing CRM permit’s the recruiters to trace out the placement order and explores firm’s client information without unnecessary data entry. CRM database could not able to trace out the faithful behaviors of the customers and also their attitudes.

Resume parser is a type of software that automatically parses through a large amount of resumes line-by-line for quick initial screening to quick identify the applicants that match the requirements of a specific position. Some resume parsers are able to classify resumes according to configuration criteria so that resumes can be easily retrieved when needed. It is used to screen the resumes and makes the job easy for the recruiters in a well organized way, which is sent through internet. Resume parsing assists the recruiters to collect information automatically taking the statistics from emails. This will help the recruiters to select the most capable persons rather than calling them directly and asking them to attend interviews. So by this both interviewee and the interviewer time will be saved.

Besides staffing CRM and resume parsers, Back Office software is widely used in most of recruiting firms. Back office for staffing firm provides IT infrastructure for day-to-day operation. Back office software is often tightly integrated to staffing CRM software for efficiency and data integrity. Back office software program handles billing, pay-roll process, etc. Special software is needed to run these applications. Back office looks after various tasks and gathers proper data too. The automation of part of staffing process allows on-demand information retrieval. In case of hiring a web designer, the back office is able to keep track of whether the web designers has a homepage.


SharePoint Custom Workflow with Office 365

SharePoint Custom Workflow with Office 365

SharePoint customization offers SharePoint custom workflow in SharePoint office 365.

Creating Workflow in SharePoint Office 365

SharePoint Designer 2010 is the ideal tool for business users who want to undergo customization without needing very much technical knowledge. You can create custom lists, web pages, content types, document libraries and custom workflows.

How To Create A Simple Workflow?

Here’s how to create a simple workflow that will send an email to a certain email ID whenever a new item is added to a document library of list in SharePoint by a specific person. -Start by opening Designer 2010 -Press “Open Site” and enter the URL of your office 365 site in order to connect to the site -Select “Workflows” from the site objects panel to the left -Click on “List Workflows” and select the document library to which you want to add workflow -Type in the name and description for the workflow and select OK -Click on “Condition” and select “Created by a specific person” -Click on “Specific person link” and select the person you want to check -Click on “Action” and then “Send an Email” -Click on “these users link” and then add the email address to send email -Type subject and body of the email -You will then have a completed workflow. You can go to workflow settings and check “Start options” -Finally, submit the workflow by clicking “Publishing” button in the ribbon

Once the workflow is deployed, test it by adding a new item to the document library and check your inbox for the notification.

SharePoint Office 365 – Overview

365 has a number of good points from the standard, here’s what you can do with it: -Make site and pages easily in just a few minutes. You can create a site and store documents or allow people to collaborate on the documents. You can do it all within the UI and people can then access it. -Set up lists to track things. You can use our list to track a variety of things. -Search. Our offers a fantastic search engine and within Office 365, searching is really fast and easy. -Security. If you have confidential material or data that you want to hide from learners or employees, it’s really easy to do so. -Workflow is available without coding. It’s super easy to add workflow to a list. Simply click on one of the ribbon options and open up the Designer. -It works with active director. That means you can set up Office 365 to connect your company’s Active Directory if you want to, and that will allow users to login with their name and password. There are also options for external users. -You can include assessments really easily.

For more information regarding InfoPath forms 2010 you may please contact us at our website.


Enhance Collaboration And Efficiency With Phone Systems For Small Office

Enhance Collaboration And Efficiency With Phone Systems For Small Office

Whether you have a small office which hundreds of individuals work in or a small office that just a dozen people work in, it is important that you have the right type of communication in the office to ensure both collaboration and efficiency in the workplace.

Phone systems for small office come in many options which provide your growing business a wide range of benefits and features. One of the more advanced phone systems for small office is the VoIP phone system that runs on a voice Internet protocol – which is most likely the same system you use for other business communications for clients and associates.

When you are considering new phone systems for small office there are several things that you have to consider! The very first thing which you have to consider is what your users (employees) need when using these phone systems. If you do a lot of conferencing, then you will require a conferencing option on your phone.

If you need one number that runs on one system with various rings, then you would need something such as a PBX system. Small businesses phones include features such as conferencing, mobile soft phones, automated attendant, paging, intercom, wireless, CRM system integration, unified messaging with email, text messaging or phone.

Do not purchase a phone if it does not have features you need and likewise do not buy a phone that does have features you don’t require because you will just be hiking up the price for things you wouldn’t ever use! You also have to be prepared for a change. If you’re using regular land line phones right now and plan to put in new phone systems for small office, you may have to have a meeting with your employees to show them how to work the new system so that they can better adhere to it.

Schedule a meeting, round everybody up in groups, and show various aspects of the phone to your individuals, how to work them, and let them know that if they have any problems adjusting to new phone systems for small office that they are more than welcome to ask you (or whomever is in charge) any questions about the system.

Sometimes its difficult to go from something really archaic to something really innovative, so just make sure everyone knows what they are doing and you must be good to go! In order to find the best phone systems for small office, take a look on-line! There are web sites that are designed for this specific type of product.

They must have a quote option on their website that would permit you to input certain aspects you need from the new phone systems for small office and they must be able to give you a quote on what the price would be and maybe some suggestions on the type of phones you ought to be considering!

To learn more on what to look for with phone systems for small office visit http://www.infinititelecommunications.com.au/phone-systems-for-small-office.html


Epos Systems, Fashion Epos Systems, Retail Clothing Epos Software

Epos Systems, Fashion Epos Systems, Retail Clothing Epos Software

Epos Direct Fashion Epos Systems is designed specifically for fashion retailers. Epos Direct Fashion Epos Systems information helps you find the weak spots and discover your strongest areas, leading you to make improvements where necessary. With the help of epos direct fashion retail systems, you save time and valuable resources spent accumulating the data provided by your most current software.

It is a single system that enables you to manage your stock at shop, ware house & website as well. The system that keeps you in control of your business and it runs directly from your till or sales point!

Epos Direct have released a brand new Fashion Epos System, which includes Epos Hardware, Epos Software & E-commerce Solutions useful for Independent retailers with one shop or boutique or group of chain store.

Our Fashion Epos Systems provides you with affordable Fashion Retail Management and Epos solutions that will save you hours of time, keeping track of your stock and making business decisions for improving shrinkage and customer spending. Fashion Epos Systems is a powerful and innovative, modular based Windows software application that has been developed with feed back from retailers to focus on the real requirements of Fashion Epos, Stock Management and Fashion E-commerce solutions.

Our Fashion Epos Systems will help increase efficiency while reducing operating expenses. Fashion Epos Systems helps provide managed services as part of their support plan; this drastically reduces the technical issues for the customers, especially those with Multi-Stores. Fashion Epos Systems will also ensure that all your stores are connected to each other and the database back-up for every store is updated every few minutes.

Complete Fashion Epos Systems Package Included :-

* Touchscreen System

* Cash Draw

* Receipt Printer

* Barcode Scanner

* 12 months warranty on hardware

* Epos Direct Till and Back Office Software

Fashion Epos Systems Features :-

* Purchase orders

* Receiving

* Distribution & Store Transfers

* Inventory Management

* Physical Inventory/Cycle Counting Overview

* Customer Management

* Access rights & Control

* Discounts, returns

* Multi-tender processing

* Gift certificates/cards

* Added security at workstations

* Marketing tools

* Loyalty Programs

Epos Direct Head Office Solutions

The Epos Direct Hospitality Head Office Solution allows hospitality business with more then one location to manage the business operation from one place. The Head Office solution is trusted and proven to allow quick and easy decision making processes and initiates changes throughout the wide area network up to real-time.

Remote access to business critical information from any location

Epos Direct Fashion Epos System allows endorsed personnel the option to remotely access the tills Head Office system. Senior managers and accounting staff can review sales, stock and cash figures from any location including their home offices. This will really useful for the analytical teams who have been able to significantly reduce the number of man-hours involved in the invoicing process due to this facility.

Epos Direct Fashion Epos Systems stands for reliability, cost-effectiveness, quality and trust. Epos direct is The authors of the Emporium Software and hospitality solutions with proven technologies currently used in the Europe, Africa, USA, Asia & Middle East.

Now surely you are visiting our website http://www.eposdirect.co.uk for ordering this Fashion Epos Systems Software.

If you want to visit our place then please note down our address :

Epos Direct

67, Victoria Avenue,


M9 0RD

T: +44 (0) 161 740 5001

F: +44 (0) 8701 319 236

Mail to : info@eposdirect.co.uk


Setting Up an Extraordinary Home Office With Laptops and Desktops

Setting Up an Extraordinary Home Office With Laptops and Desktops

Now that you have decided to give your kids a computer and an office for homework, what exactly the following step? Determining whether to obtain a desktop, laptop, or tablet is your next choice.

Desktops are the original personal computer. The advantage of desktops is that you can have the best hardware. Furthermore, the hardware is generally easy to access, so you can add better components to the computer later on, instead of investing in a brand new desktop. You might want to improve the graphics card, or add a hard drive. Desktops also usually contain six or more USB ports, whereas laptops and tablets only have two or three. The largest CPUs and GPUs must have big cooling fans, and these can only fit in a desktop. These computers also can display to numerous monitors. The drawback of desktops is that they are not portable. They are designed to be stationary. A desktop is ideal if you need a powerful computer for autocad. Excellent desktop computer manufacturers are Alienware, Lenovo, and Sony.

A laptop computer is smaller and easy to transport compared to traditional desktops. In the past laptops were less productive than desktop models, yet in the present day, laptop computers are designed to be just about as powerful as desktops, for everything with the exception of the most complex programming. Laptops have space limitations, however, and processors designed for them operate at low voltages. This means that they can’t have the big heat sinks that are needed to operate the fastest CPU’s. Expect to find a 500 GB hard drive and 4 GB RAM in a laptop. All the hardware is compact, and swapping parts once you have bought the computer may be difficult. Some laptops allow you to increase the RAM. The main advantage of a laptop is that it is portable. Good laptop manufacturers are Alienware and Lenovo.

Tablets may resemble laptops without keyboards, and in some cases, that is indeed what they are. With the globalization of touch screens, tablets are now available. Various businesses sell laptop and tablet convertible computers. Alternatively, you can purchase a separate removable keyboard for numerous tablets. One of the reasons that tablets are so popular is that they are mobile. Tablets are usually able to connect to full size monitors too. A tablet is probably not your initial choice when you plan for your home office computer. This concept is changing, however, since tablets have been enhanced in recent times. For instance, you can download office applications. You can also give presentations. If you are a retailer, you can use your tablet in place of a cash register, and process credit cards. Tablets are superb for a mobile lifestyle. There are three main operating systems for tablets, one of which is Android. Excellent tablet manufacturers are Sony and Lenovo.

Whichever computer you go with, you ought to think about storage. Computers typically have internal hard drives. You might want an external hard drive to keep your data backed up and stored safely at home. Opt for a Solid State Drive or a rotational drive. You can also go for the cloud for extended storage. For transferring files on a routine basis, or for increasing the storage capacity of a laptop or tablet, you can easily use SD and micro SD cards. These work on laptops and tablets. SD cards are also used in lots of cameras. USB Drives are common and they make it simple to move files from laptop to tablet or to share data with a classmate. Some tablets, however, don’t have USB ports. Sony Memory Sticks are used only in Sony branded products. Excellent storage suppliers are SCT, ADATA, and LaCie.

Printers are important office machines for the home office. Decide if you need color printouts, and how frequently. How fast do you hope the printer to print? Do you also want a fax machine, copier, and scanner? Do you print photos regularly? Laser printers are the speediest and have the nicest copies. If you print in black and white, this is a preferable choice. Color laser printers cost a lot of money. For this reason, you will want one only if good quality color printouts are important to your success. Ink jet printers are economical and satisfactory for all around use. These machines are often bundled as all in ones containing a copier, scanner, printer, and fax. This may be more than perfect for your home office. If color is necessary to you and you plan to keep costs as low as possible, buy an ink jet printer. Another category of printer you can choose is a photo printer. These printers can work as effectively as mail order photo printing services. The negative is that the ink cartridges and the photo paper are costly. Excellent printer brands are Dell, HP, and Ricoh.

Hoping to find the best deals in laptop computers? Opting for a portable computer doesn’t have to be challenging. The site http://ElectricalAvenue.com has top-rated portable computer reviews.

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How to Force Uninstall Office Sharepoint Server 200

How to Force Uninstall Office Sharepoint Server 200

If you are in a need to uninstall and remove Office Sharepoint Server 200, you have come to the right place, here I will list all the ways available: normal uninstall or force uninstall Office Sharepoint Server 200, and you can choose the way you like.

Remove Office Sharepoint Server 200 in a normal way:

Step 1 Click Start – Control Panel – Add/ Remove Programs

Step 2 Locate and choose this program and click “Uninstall”.

Step 3 Click Remove to confirm this removal.

It is very easy to operate, and many programs can be removed by this way, but it does not always work, especially when removing some powerful antivirus programs like Office Sharepoint Server 200, because usually you are unable to completely shut down these programs, and many traces still left in your computer. Don’t worry, I will also introduce another way to force uninstall Office Sharepoint Server 200.

Force uninstall Office Sharepoint Server 200 with Perfect Uninstaller

Perfect Uninstaller will help you to force uninstall and remove Office Sharepoint Server 200 Highlights by doing 3 things. Firstly, the uninstaller uninstalls the program. Once been finished it will fully scan your registry and your hard-drive to find any files that are related to the program.

Free download Perfect Uninstaller – the Perfect Uninstaller to help you force uninstall Office Sharepoint Server 200 with great success and make sure all the now-defunct Registry entries and related files are eliminated automatically with a few clicks. Aside from this software, it can also completely remove other programs like Authentium, Norton, Norton antivirus, Internet Explorer, or Microsoft Office, and similar programs.

Why is it best to consider using Perfect Uninstaller?

l  Many programs, when installed, may change your system in some fashion or the other to improve that particular program’s performance while not caring about your overall computer performance.

l  Sometimes these programs have updates, but they update the main components without consideration of being able to uninstall the whole program. Which means that when an uninstall is done, these additional pieces may still be left ‘hanging’.

l  Some uninstallers without some sort of ‘logging’ module are not able to completely uninstall programs. Furthermore, it can cause risks to your PC.

l  Add-ons, Spyware or more that are intentionally installed into your computer by bundling itself to a normal program without the related uninstall files.