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Own POS System Now to Enjoy Improved Efficiency in Your Business

Own POS System Now to Enjoy Improved Efficiency in Your Business

In order to automate workflow, improve efficiency and minimize paperwork, modern technology is widely used by most businesses. This way, they enjoy easy communication and simplicity in tracking various business operations and personnel and financial records. Later on, such kind of benefits become increased profit and sales. In order to streamline sales and customers and staff checkout process, POS equipment has been introduced in the market.

One of the major focal points for both hospitality and retail business operations is cash register. When it comes to increase the population of satisfied customers in your organization, it conducts business operations efficiently, tenders cash and processes all the business transactions successfully and efficiently. These days, all you need is efficient POS System that can fulfill all of your business needs. If you are running a hospitality business like a spa or salon, then you need Salon Iris POS system that can efficiently automate your business process.

A POS system not only eases daily business operations, in fact, it generates the reports in a way that it efficiently cut down costs and time to be indulged on daily monitoring tasks. According to many business owners, POS system is so efficient that it generates profits, revenue and orders drastically for their business. Here’s why you cannot start a fastest-running business without POS system.

The Significance of POS System

Improves Efficiency With an efficient POS System, your staff can easily leverage the process in order to improve your business efficiency and assist the customer in a way that there is no way without coming back to your outlet. Apart from eliminating cash register disparities, it reduces the requirement of double checking the inventory.

Keeps Control on Everything When the boss is away, the efficiency of staff and customer service can greatly be affected. But with an efficient POS system, you can gain the power to keep an eye on performance on everyone.

Eliminates Under-Stocking POS System makes all of your inventory functions so easier and user-friendly that you can pinpoint the cases of inventory shrinkage and eliminate “out-of-stock” conditions.

Generates Reports Accurate and Timely It analyses sales data and enables you to determine the effectiveness of your ad campaign and pricing. By quantifying all the items on stock in hand, it shows all the items that are required to be ordered. In addition, cost and profit and day-to-day gross income can easily be calculated. You can also forecast future needs of your business with historical data analysis provided by it.

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Optimize PrestaShop With Store Manager – New Desktop Computer Software

Optimize PrestaShop With Store Manager – New Desktop Computer Software

With multiple shopping carts available in the Web nowadaysor future, current webstore owners can look for the one which operates needed tasks in the most convenient way and offers the facilities to suit most of the requirements. New shopping carts appear often but just a few of them break in the market and gain customer’s popularity. PrestaShop professional e-Commerce shopping cart is one of such carts. Those who’ve been already working with PrestaShop tool witness that its scalability, modular structure and uncomplicated installation make it a desirable decision as for beginner person as well as for an experienced one.

But how PrestaShop differs from other totally free open source shopping carts? Among the PrestaShop benefits users mention:

– shopping cart is handy and intuitive in usage, its quick, so you can make required updates much faster and offer your clients organized and attractive store

– it is SEO optimized. PrestaShop supports search engine friendly URLs and permalinks. It permits to state meta tags for each product separately and optimize images.

– PrestaShop is developed on modules and well structured. It helps to extend its functionality easily to perform particular tasks.

Store Manager for PrestaShop is a kind of tool that enhances entire PrestaShop store management tasks but not single operations. It simplifies and speeds up inventory management, particularly: organizes products, orders, customers, PrestaShop manufacturers, and other data.

Store Manager for PrestaShop brings:

1.Beneficial product management and category management using drag&drop feature to build convenient category tree, quick product search and filters, mass operations with PrestaShop products

2.Powerful Export / Import of products, PrestaShop categories, customers, orders – step by step Wizard that simplifies export to CSV and import from any CSV formats; advanced import services

3.Total store management – products, categories, product attributes, manufacturers, customers, orders, reports, etc

4.Rapid access to customers, orders, with discounts, coupons, reports and other store data

5.Capable for Quickbooks, ICEcat and USPS integration.

These are very important things to consider about efficient store management. Besides, there’s a whole lot of simple operations that can be done faster such as: add, edit, copy, clone, delete PrestaShop attributes, products etc. These operations are presented as tabs on a toolbar and in the context menu. Only right click on to speed up work with store’s data.

Accuracy of store’s information is quite a matter. You would actually want to avoid copy data entry, loss of data and other possible mistakes. In Store Manager you can setup one of the two kinds of connection – bridge to make changes locally and post them to a store later and direct connection for instant changes. Database backup option is generally at your hand there to avoid mess with database records.

Working with computer software like Store Manager for PrestaShop you will get rid of routine task and have more rest time to use up on competitive research, promoting and other strategic duties.


Epos Systems Have Revolutionized Business Industry

Epos Systems Have Revolutionized Business Industry

The introduction of electronic point of sales (Epos) systems have revolutionized all types of businesses such as retail, wholesale, distribution and cash & carry industries. Epos solutions have offered great convenience and efficiency in managing business operations and tracking business performance. The biggest advantage of using this cutting edge technology in your businesses is that all operations can be performed quite rapidly and without human errors.

An EPOS system offers a complete package that performs all your business operations with minimum time and investment. This unique technology has transformed businesses to the next level of performance, productivity, accuracy, quality of products and efficiency. It has become inevitable for businesses all over the world to avail the benefits of this latest technology to get a competitive edge over their competitors and succeed in today’s dynamic and competitive business environment. Such businesses can benefit a lot in removing human errors, paper waste and storage space, reducing managerial costs and excess salaries of employees for maintaining and administering business and also developing strategies for boosting business sales and efficiency.

Epos systems nowadays also have flexibility to be customized according to individual business needs of various businesses. EPOS systems can also be used for connecting different branches, head office and stock and controlling their operations simultaneously from one single place. Business and sales performance at different branches can be traced quite efficiently. Status of products at inventory is updated automatically with each product sold at any branch due to the integration between various POS terminals at different places.

One of the most significant advantages of EPOS solutions is the increase in sales of products because of increased customer satisfaction. Customers do not have to wait in queue for long time for their turn at point of sales as product data can be entered into Till machine quite rapidly with the help of handheld scanners. The increased numbers of satisfied customers are a great medium for increasing customer loyalty for your business. The data of repeating customers can be recorded and such customers can be offered special discount with the help of coupons. Automated e-mail systems installed on Epos systems are also a great source for marketing your products and services to the existing customers and hence extremely helpful for generating strong customer base. Thus Epos technology can also be used for marketing your business without intervention of any human efforts.

Epos systems are also helpful in maintaining accounts of your business quite conveniently and more effectively. Most of Epos systems offer convenience for some of the most powerful epos systems to be installed for maintaining various accounts of business. Thus excessive human wages for maintaining accounts of business can be reduced and accounts can be managed more efficiently than cash registers without chances of human errors.

All these and other facilities offered by Epos systems make the use of this state of the art technology a must for businesses if they really want to survive and succeed in today’s business era of cut throat competition. According to a recent business survey, more than 90 per cent of entrepreneurs in United Kingdom are considering installing and using an Epos system which is an evidence of profitability and increasing acceptance of this technology.

E-till solutions has been offering pharmacy epos, wholesale epos, Restaurant POS and dry cleaning epos in UK along with several other retail businesses in UK.


Mall Management System, Mall Management Software, Mall Intelligence, Retail Intelligence.

Mall Management System, Mall Management Software, Mall Intelligence, Retail Intelligence.

At Pathfinder, we aim to devise a methodology that helps your business venture, brand, and business expertise gain solidity and momentum. Key element of our methodology is modifying existing work culture and ensuring the growth of the company.
Introducing XtreMe Imperium, a technology solution that is designed for facility operations including space management and planning, operations, asset management and lease management.
XtreMe Imperium helps organizations to manage their complete cycle of workplace business processes, from space and facilities to assets, to leases, work orders and operations. XtreMe Imperium delivers the strongest combination of integration, collaboration and business value today for corporate real estate and financial executives, facilities and real estate professionals, and business partners.
Unlike other CAFM technology products, XtreMe Imperium was developed from the ground up as an integrated, Web-based solution. The XtreMe Imperium platform was architect ed specifically to address the three major shortcomings of traditional tools, namely ease of use, integration, and data access and collaboration.
Advantages & Benefits of XtreMe Imperium
A fully integrated solution with market-leading functionality to manage all workplace information & processes (space, leases, assets, operations, etc.)
Business process automation accomplished via a state-of-the-art workflow engine that allows clients to build, execute and refine manual internal and collaborative processes
Ability to access and analyze workplace data from disparate data stores and applications in one central location
Cross-enterprise integration for seamless information exchange with Finance, HR and other enterprise systems that drive real estate, facilities and operations
More out of the box capabilities, with fast and easy user configuration, in contrast to the steep learning curve and heavy customization required with competing products
Executive dashboards and real-time reporting to improve insight, planning and decision- making.
Professional services and solution partners that provide best practices in deployment and utilization to ensure and accelerate client success
Technology innovation and leadership in platform, product development and industry alliances to drive continuous value for clients
Retailer Sales Reporting:
XtreMe Imperium – Retailer sales reporting, a centralized reporting system for a malls POS data. It provides access to detailed, consolidated reporting of all retailers. We collect your data, and deliver it through reports that are customized to meet your needs.

XtreMe Imperium Retailer Sales Reporting allows you to
Manage master information of all retailers
Web based daily / optional intranet* reporting of POS data
Accurate sales information from retailers. No Misreporting
Analytical Information of brand & category performance
Average spend size with daily trends
MIS to strategist and implement Mall promotions

How it works
It all starts with the client software running on each locations POS server. This client is a small application that is set up to execute using Windows Scheduler. This gives you full control over how frequently the data is sent to the server. Once the data is loaded to the server, using secure FTP over a broadband internet connection, it is loaded in to a MS SQL database. Once there, it is available for reporting using an interface that is simple and easy to navigate.
XtreMe eSmartStore
Gift Stores
Apparel & Footwear
Supermarket / Hypermarket
XtreMe Foodie
Fine Dining
Kiosks & Takeaways
XtreMe Axis
Food Court
XtreMe Bloom
Wellness Centers
Salon & SPA
It is our strong conviction that every business Firm or Organization, irrespective of its size, has some common needs and some needs that are absolutely specific. Our team takes an approach based on these needs and adopts relevant strategies.
Not only is the XtreMe eSmartStore Mall Management System easy to use, we will walk you through every step of our Go Live process until you are ready to put your systems to use
Call our sales team today and find out how XtreMe eSmartStore guarantees to simply your business and giving you more time on whats important, Your Customers.
We Constantly strive to achieve total customer satisfaction by delivering Error Free products and solutions on time, every time, providing timely technical support and imparting Quality training through continuous process and system improvement

To know more about our Asset management solution, email us sales@pftec.com or call us on +91 44 4394 6666.


Benefits of Optimizing MRO Inventory Management for Your Business

Benefits of Optimizing MRO Inventory Management for Your Business

In today’s extremely competitive business environment, companies are searching for any and every way to increase efficiencies, decrease costs and manage assets wisely. Most manufacturers have invested a significant amount of time and resources into EAM, or Enterprise Asset Management, while MRO, on the other hand, has been a mismanaged portion of many a company’s operations processes. Poor MRO management can hamper material availability as it ties up money in the wrong inventory, while inducing delays in parts and tools that may be critical for asset management, repairs, or production processes. MRO inventory optimization is necessary for companies to ensure that their operations are kept at maximum levels of outputcontinues.

Principles of Effective MRO Inventory Management:

Optimized MRO inventory management is important for your business as it eliminates potentials of:
a)Stock outs
b)Inaccurate reorder points
c)Inaccurate reorder quantities
d)Out of stock inventory
e)Surplus inventory
f)Archaic inventory
g)Imprecise lead times
h)Low rate of turnover
i)Ongoing purchase of dead or declining-use inventory

Optimizing inventory data has many advantages.By providing regular reports based on current MRO data, a decision support service can:
1)Automaticallyset inventory stock levels on the basis of current business conditions and/or usage.
2)Proactively detect problem items.
3)Publish action lists for procurement, warehousing, operations, maintenance and finance.

The benefits of optimizing MRO inventory management for your business are:
1)Makes the right inventory items accessible to personnel in the right quantities at the right time.
2)MRO optimization enhances cash flow by diminishing over-purchases of rarely used inventory spare parts and consumes excess inventory appropriately.
3)MRO optimization maximizes productivity by reducing asset downtime if required parts are available JIT.

MRO inventory optimization has a direct financial impact on a business as well:

Improves plant efficiency – Less unplanned downtime, in conjunction with a higher level of planned maintenance accomplished on time.
Improves cash flow – With a lower MRO inventory investment, higher levels of MRO material availability can be achieved.

Most organizations have begun to understand the unique characteristics of MRO inventories and have started using science-based optimization methodologies to their advantage.. MRO Inventory Management is all about effectively managing spare parts and supplies inventory availability for critical production facilities and operations.


How EPOS Systems Make Your Business Successful

How EPOS Systems Make Your Business Successful

Electronic point of sales systems are computerized systems equipped with latest technology to facilitate both customers and merchants in increasing business performance, sales and customer satisfaction. Epos systems have come up with lots of features which make business operations efficient and easily manageable. Epos solutions provide facility to run several business processes and receive query from customers 24/7. Latest electronic point of sales systems are available with auto pilot facility which facilitate to process business operations without any requirement for human interference.

Business operations can be performed much more rapidly and without any chance for human errors. On one hand these electronic point of sales solutions help entrepreneurs increase sales of business and on the other hand this technology facilitates customers and helps to increase customer satisfaction. Data can be put quite rapidly in till machine with the help of hand held scanners which saves time and efforts for business. Sales receipt can be issued to customers and different discount schemes can be offered to increase loyalty of customers with your business. Moreover, these systems also assist in monitoring business inventory more efficiently and keeping track of product status.

One more advantage of using such epos systems is that recurring billing can be easily set up and scheduled which offers customers and business owners a convenience in making payments at scheduled dates of every month. Different sales report can also be generated with the help of these systems which can further be utilized in assessing overall business performance and identifying weak areas of business. These systems also aid in placing orders for inventory as a list of manufacturers or wholesalers can be sorted out and orders can be placed to most suitable and affordable suppliers. Now, electronic point of sales systems are available with accounting feature as such systems are now being integrated with some of the best accounting software to manage accounts of business more efficiently.

All these features mentioned are a wonderful source for saving time and money for your business in managing various business activities. This results in reduced fixed costs, increased profit margins and more profitability for businesses. Although it looks to be quite expensive and costly for businesses to invest in electronic point of sales systems especially for those businesses which are relatively smaller in scale but the invaluable benefits obtained from such systems in the long run cover all the expenses on the installation of such businesses.

However, there is one important thing which is needed to be considered before making a purchase for an electronic point of sales system that one must buy only those epos systems which are customized according to specific needs of a business. Make sure that you invest only on those devices of epos systems which are essential for your business to manage. This will help prevent wasting your investment on unnecessary electronic point of sales systems accessories. The only thing you need to bother is to take some time to find a system which is best suitable according to your budget and business requirements.

E-till Solutions is one of the best epos systems providers in UK. E-till Solutions offers dry cleaning pos systems, pharmacy point of sales systems, wholesale POS and Hospitality Epos systems customized especially according to the individual requirements of various businesses.


EPOS Systems For Small Businesses

EPOS Systems For Small Businesses

It is normally considered that electronic point of sales systems can be best used for businesses with larger scope and where huge numbers of complex business operations are around which are hard to be managed for human beings. This trend is now changing as lots of small businesses are also switching towards epos systems from old styled pos systems and traditional cash register systems. Smaller businesses can also acquire great benefits from these electronic points of sales systems as epos provider companies are now offering systems especially developed for small businesses customized according to their business requirements. Such epos systems offer some great features in order to manage day to day operations of small businesses with quite ease and effectiveness.

Epos companies have recently focused on providing epos systems to their customers with small businessesaccording to their individual needs and requirements. Different businesses have different needs depending upon nature of their products and customers and one generic epos system, no matter how better that is, cannot fulfil business needs of all market segments. These relatively less expensive epos systems are tailored for various needs of small businesses with a range of peripheral accessories which offer flexibility to invest money only on those epos devices which are required for businesses saving unnecessary and useless investment in your business.

Epos software embedded in epos systems are customized according to various business niches making sure that business owners can be able to acquire most out of their investments. Epos systems bring customer satisfaction of your clients to next level. This gives an opportunity to get a competitive edge over their competitors. Epos systems can be significantly effective for reducing overall costs of managing business operations of small businesses. Stock levels, accounts, products sales and orders can be quietly conveniently tracked and updated through the use of latest technology used in these electronic point of sales systems. Epos systems can automatically generate several business reports to evaluate overall business performance and compare these reports with past which help to identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and risks for your business in a better way.

In today’s era of cut throat competition and technological advancement, electronic point of sales systems offer an opportunity to stand out of crowd among your rivals. Use of latest technology in your business helps magnify customer’s confidence and credibility of your business. Epos solutions help business owners understand needs and demands of customers in a better way. Using this information effectively offers an opportunity to target various market segments with different products and expand your business to new markets.

E-till Solutions is one of the best electronic point of sales systems provider in UK. It has been offering Pharmacy Epos, wholesale POS and dry cleaning pos for its customers for the last 11 years.