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Sharepoint Customization With Familiar Sharepoint Developers

Sharepoint Customization With Familiar Sharepoint Developers

In Sharepoint developers can customize pages on the site if they add or change Web Parts. It enables developers to enhance functionality to pages while Sharepoint customization and that too by avoiding code writing.

In this article we will discuss various things about Web Parts like its editing, moving or adding. Hiding the toolbars in the chart Web Part is something you will learn to know about. The latest version of SharePoint is SharePoint Server 2010 offers nifty Chart web part which shows visual data from various sources including sharepoint lists, BDC, Excel services, etc. This SharePoint Web Parts proves to be a handy control for the developers while the 2007 version missed it. Developers while creating SharePoint solutions are offered with number of options if they use the 2010 version. The chart options include pies, lines, scatters, bars, cones, etc. in both 2D and 3D.

Well we have seen only the positive side but it has some annoying features too that can drive administrators crazy. That thing is at the time of dropping onto the page a toolbar is displayed showing links for “Data & Appearance” and “Advanced Properties” to everyone with more than basic read permissions. So this is not the thing what we want, right? Tempting to click everyone to see and click on those links to show up pretty little graphs. Well, is this easy enough to turn that off? The answer is “No”. Aren’t we forgetting to include the ubiquitous hide toolbar switch that’s on most other out of the box webparts? This little undocumented feature is what came around while trying to figure out a workaround.

A blog post by Nick Grattan suggests editing the page in SharePoint designer and then changing the web part properties manually in the mark-up. SharePoint destroyer results into hobbling performance if the page mark-up is saved in the content db so it is a better option to try out somewhat JavaScript trickery for solving this problem. Well by turning out the chart webparts that render the content of the toolbar in a predictable pattern.

Well for doing so for rendering the chart preview image the tag in which the toolbar resides is followed by an tag giving a link to a particular page. The input control is followed by and it is the first child of the parent

. In the DOM it is easy to find and also a unique thing that we need to ensure that we aren’t turning off any other web part toolbars that we require. Thus, the below script is when added to the page in hidden content editor web part will hide those pesky toolbars by following DOM walking:


vararr = document.documentElement.getElementsByTagName(“img”);
for (vari = 0; i {
  varimgSrc = arr[i].src;
  if (imgSrc.indexOf(“ChartPreviewImage”) != -1)
var parent = arr[i].parentNode;

JQuery along with Dom is when preferred then it works well. Again it does also mean that we have to add the content editor and script to every single page our char web parts are on. Option to this one is that save the entire page back to the content DB in designer.


Retail POS Software Computerized Business Management

Retail POS Software Computerized Business Management

Retail POS software is providing businesses with smooth daily operations. The cutting-edge technology provides software management that streamlines business operations and minimizes waste. Learn more about this exciting software product and how it can benefit your retail establishment.

Retail establishments are utilizing a cutting-edge computer software product. The retail POS software is a computerized management tool that provides smooth efficiency, while removing waste and unnecessary costs. This program is a magnet for removing unwanted costs. It organizes employee hours, reduces managerial expenses, and implements marketing strategies that increase sales. POS is a uniquely designed tool that is catching the attention of the retail business world. This unique package has been designed by an expert in both management and computers. The combination is a revolutionary product that is transforming retail establishments such as: spas, beauty salons, stores, dry cleaners, and more. Find out more about this amazing product and how can benefit your establishment.

POS provides outstanding managerial services, which are customized for each unique individual business. Services include: menu programming, inventory import, computerized customer appreciation, product inventory, gift cards, employee hours, payroll, and more. This one package provides clear functioning communication throughout the establishment and can connect more than one store. 5+ cash registers can be viewed from one source, alleviating theft and error. Common glitches and errors in communication during business transactions are removed through this technology. This is an amazing managerial tool that is saving huge amounts on managerial expenses as well as reduced waste. There is often so much wasted profit found right inside establishment. This waste is eliminated by alleviating wasteful practices and computerizing daily procedures. Employee hours can be computerized to ensure that shifts are always adequately covered. This reduces customer dissatisfaction by ensuring that there is always adequate employee coverage. It also reduces waste found in excess employee hours. Computerize your business and comfortingly alleviate dangerous waste that hides lurking in the shadows. This one system is designed to perform 24 hour computerized management. Use this product remove waste, increase profit, create community awareness, and strengthen your overall is this operations.

Retail POS is easily adapted to meet the needs of each business. Installation is available in two options. The first option: POS retail software is installed on pre-existing equipment by a professional. This offers substantial savings for the retail business. The insulation is done quickly, in a timely manner. The second option: brand-new state-of-the-art equipment arrives with preinstalled software. The brand-new equipment is simply plugged in and ready to go. This option gives the business establishment high-quality computerized equipment along with the state-of-the-art retail POS system. The software is easily adaptable to meet the demands of one store or a multistate chain. Create a smooth operating system for your establishment. Cut common waste factors including excess employee hours, excess ordering of supplies, unsatisfactory customer service, delayed credit card transactions, and more. The customer appreciation option is a marketing strategy that works. It is seven times easier to keep a customer than it is to obtain a new customer. This concept is reinforced through automated coupons printed on the back of receipts, automated e-mails announcing specials, birthday incentives, and more. Customers quickly respond to appreciation incentives and make your establishment their common practice.

POS Nation is your source for Retail POS Software and all things POS


POS Installer

POS Installer

Point of Sale (POS) refers to cash wrap that is the point in a restaurant or a location where the transactions for the goods and services are done. The POS systems may differ and therefore it is important that you know what to consider when getting a Point of Sale installer.

You will need to consider the cost of the system that the POS installer has since many companies may offer you systems that look much the same but there is a big difference when it comes to the cost. Note that getting a cheaper POS system may also imply that it is less efficient. The cheaper system may be lacking the software that is needed to provide the functionality that will help in reducing the cost of labour as well as other expenses that you may incur on the software in the long run.

If you get a micros POS system for example, there will be both the food cost option and the stock option in the system which may make it to cost more than others. Getting an installer that does not have these features will force you to hire someone to be calculating the cost manually and then enter the details in the accounting system.

Another thing to consider when seeking a POS installer is the ease of use of the system they have. It is okay to get a great and advanced system but you have to put in mind that it is operated by employees who may not stay for a long time. A Point of Sale system that is very easy to use will not cost you a lot when it comes to training new employees how to use it.

Training sessions can be very expensive and therefore it is better if there are few members of the team that understand the system so that they can train the new members. The POS installer customize the interface for you once the system has been installed. He or she does things like adding buttons for products, cancellations, discounts as well as other mechanics.

The POS Company usually considers the business needs as well as its work flow, but it is very important for you to also consider the experience as well as knowledge of the POS installer if you want the task to be done efficiently. A lot of times the POS system will be able to work well with other systems in your company such as the accounting systems.

The POS installer should be able to test and verify that the POS system can interface very well with other systems in your company. A lot of POS systems also allow remote connections for reporting and administration. This makes it easy for you to print reports, add new products and also adjust prices or menus from office or at home as long as you have a VPN connection.

If you are looking for a reliable company that can help you get the best POS Installer for your business, then don’t hesitate to visit IT-NetLogistics today!


Compare Microsoft Dynamics CRM to Prophet CRM

Compare Microsoft Dynamics CRM to Prophet CRM

Make your company profitable with CRM software.

In today’s world when the market is so competitive, companies have to take care to keep their customers coming back, and one of the best ways to do this is by using customer relationship management, otherwise known as CRM. Having a good CRM software system in place is important if you are going to make your company a profitable and successful one. However, there are a variety of different software options, including software like Prophet CRM and Microsoft Dynamics CRM software. Prophet is a software that is offered by Avidian and of course Microsoft Dynamics CRM is offered by Microsoft. Both CRM software programs have quite a bit to offer, but you may want to take the time to compare the two options before you decide if Microsoft Dynamics CRM is the right choice or if Prophet is the best choice for your company. So, let’s take a look at both Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Prophet, how they compare, and which one is the best choice for most companies.

The benefits of Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a software option for businesses that was designed to help meet integration requirements for a variety of different business systems, whether they are complex ones or even simple ones. Also, Microsoft Dynamics CRM was designed to work with different types of software applications that business use, such as Microsoft applications and other applications from different providers as well. In fact, Microsoft Dynamics CRM actually will even work with software that is custom designed as well. One of the main benefits of using Microsoft Dynamics CRM for your business is that it works so well at providing your employees with information that is up to date. You’ll also find that with Microsoft Dynamics CRM, you’ll be able to share the information between different departments as well. Having Microsoft Dynamics also helps businesses to be able to streamline their processes. Microsoft Dynamics makes it easier on employees, since they don’t constantly have to reenter information. This gives them the opportunity to work on other important sales tasks that will keep your company making a lot of sales.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is great, but Prophet CRM software is better.

Now for a look at the Prophet CRM software, and how it works. Prophet was designed and is marketed by the Avidian company, and unlike Microsoft Dynamics CRM, this is a software option that has been awarded many different awards. In fact, one of the best CRM software options on the market today is considered to be Prophet. Sure, Microsoft Dynamics CRM does have much to offer, but they have a hard time coming close to what Prophet can offer businesses for their CRM needs. First of all, the Prophet system is very easy to use and it is also extremely easy to implement into a company as well. The price on Prophet is reasonable as well, and it is cost effective. In fact, you’ll be able to have this software customized just like you want it, which is not something that all CRM software options, such as Microsoft Dynamics CRM can offer. Automated emails are another benefit that Prophet offers as well, which makes following up with customers a breeze. A calendar option is also a part of the Prophet system, which can be helpful. You can even make reports with Prophet which help to keep track of how the company is performing so you can make sure that you company is working at it’s best.

Prophet CRM software system is a better option.

While both Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Prophet CRM have a lot to offer, if you are looking for the best possible CRM software system for your business, you’ll want to go with Prophet instead of the Microsoft Dynamics system. Prophet can offer a better option for a price that is cost effective, which makes it a better choice than Microsoft Dynamics. So, if you are ready to start growing your business, increasing your sales, and enhancing your overall business success, instead of turning to Microsoft Dynamics CRM for help, consider going with Prophet CRM software. This software has so much to offer and there have been many awards offered to Avidian for this software as well. In fact, Prophet actually has a four star rating with PC World, which is not easy to get. So, until Microsoft Dynamics CRM can boast about the same awards, you’ll be best going with the Prophet software.

Author Bio: James Wong is the co-founder and CEO of Avidian Technologies, makers of Prophet, The easiest CRM software for Outlook, CRM – Your Business Solution.
For more information about Avidian, visit www.avidian.com


POS Cash Register Management And Marketing Opportunities

POS Cash Register Management And Marketing Opportunities

The POS cash register provides management and marketing opportunities for retail and restaurant establishments. This unique software is providing organization and managerial communication that runs from register to register and from store to store. This amazing product is eliminating waste while it increases profit margins. It is providing managerial and marketing strategies in one computerized system. Learn more about how it can benefit you.

There are unique needs associated with both food service and retail. These unique needs can be met through the POS cash register system. This unique system provides both managerial and marketing strategies through computerized functions. It removes the human error through computerization. Most establishments have large amounts of hidden waste due to human error and inconsistency. Perhaps your establishment has been showing some signs of leaking: leaking profit, leaking customers, leaking employees, and leaking success. You can stop up these leaks permanently through this computerized product. Your profit margins can increase, your customers can return again and again with friends and family, your employees can remain committed and steadfast for years, your success rate can go through the roof. Move your establishment into a new level of productivity through organized store management, customer incentives, employee training, and customized options hand selected by you. The restaurant POS software addresses the unique needs associated with food service. Organizing manpower, generating computerized shift organization, product ordering, product oversight, quick credit card transactions, inventory oversight, customer incentives, and more, can be handled automatically 24/7 through the POS cash register.

This amazing product is servicing establishments of all sizes including small cafes, sub shops, pizzerias, sit-down, delivery only, multi-store chains, and more. It is easy to incorporate into a facility and two options are available. The first option is having the product installed on the existing equipment. This option is most affordable and allows for easy integration into your present business functions. The second option is to order the product preinstalled on brand-new state-of-the-art equipment. This equipment is ready to be plugged in and utilized it provides printed gift cards, and automated coupons printed on the back of receipts, and many other selections. There are many features that are available for both of these options. Contact a representative today to learn more about which option is best for your facility. It is important to begin this unique process as quickly as possible to increase your business’s profit and move into a new margin of success. Beginning at one level is possible before you move your establishment into the next level. You can start with this product installed on your current equipment and then move into the next level of having it arrive on state-of-the-art, brand-new equipment. Consistent customer care is available 24-7! DVD training is also included.

The marketing strategy that is included with this product is the automated customer incentives. The customer incentives are automatically printed on the back of receipts, automatically e-mailed, etc. Select the customized choices for benefiting your facility. A customer incentives focus is included in the employees handbook. This handbook allows employees to experience a well organized and peaceful work environment. This training allows them to handle situations correctly before they occur. Your employees can begin enjoying their peaceful work environment through this excellent training. The computerized management offered through the restaurant POS software is revolutionizing the way businesses are run. Benefit from this product today by contacting a sales representative.

POS Nation is your source for restaurant POS software and POS Cash Register sales.




They say it takes a strong heart to start a business. But making it successful takes an even stronger heart. You can be a successful businessman if you get your basics right. If you have a business where hospitality is of the primary concern then there is something that can truly make running of your business as smooth as silk. It is called the Point Of Sales Software or better known as POS software. With the help of this hospitality POS software you can actually run your business smoothly. May it be any restaurant or a bar, a hotel gift shop, a spa, a tour desk and other guest services the POS is truly one gem of a software to have.

Apart from recording the normal vending option and money receipt options a hospitality POS software is capable of issuing a day-to-day transaction report to the management authority. The restaurant POS can not only keep stock of the income but can also keep a track of the incoming inventories and by updating price changes almost instantly. Thus, making and preparing bills, ordering the food and saving time goes hand in hand. This not only ensures time management but also ensures a greater efficiency at the workplace.

The indispensability of hospitality POS software can be seen by the fact that not only the restaurants use POS solutions but a vast array of other hospitality businesses uses it too. Since it keeps tracks of inventories, keeps a record of sales transactions, cash flow, control the other costs and updates itself with price changes almost instantly, even hotels and nightclubs and spas have also understood its benefits. Even though installation of the hospitality POS software does pinch the pocket yet it’s worth it. The return it provides is tenfold.

Another thing to be kept in mind is that there are different POS solutions for different businesses. A gift shop can do without the option to take orders for food. So the POS solution for a gift shop is different from that of a restaurant. Your business need will choose for you the right POS mate.

Hospitality POS software helps you increase profits while making your work a lot easier. Neither do you have to keep every minute detail in mind nor do you have to stress yourself too much on preparing hand-written documents. Many software have recording options where you can also keep a record of each employee’s details. Many of the software also are provided with barcode readers and false currency note detector. With all these innovations and additions into this software it is surely a boon for your business. So what you have to spend some money? Isn’t spending a little to gain a lot better than spending nothing and yet losing more?

Now that you know about the POS solutions isn’t this software really the thing to actually take your business to the next level? Besides, a business that equips itself to the taste and preference of the target customers and can tempt them with their technical advancement is surely to gain a lot more customers than lose them.


Why ERP Software Should Be Free

Why ERP Software Should Be Free

Most of us may already know what ERP software is and what is used for. However, to find a good ERP software for small and midsize businesses (SMBs) and fit manufacturing businesses is not that easy. Most ERP solutions are costly, heavy, hard to use and implement. Do you know you have another option to use world-class manufacturing ERP software without a penny? If you are seeking a free manufacturing ERP, 2BizBox ERP ( http://www.2bizbox.com/ ) is great software really worth your time.

2BizBox is free ERP software designed for manufacturing industry. It is a comprehensive ERP system that offers best practice support for make-to-order manufacturer model. For most SMBs, they are challenged by the requirement of customers, effective management, cost and quality control, and finding new customers to grow. Meanwhile, SMBs do not have big budget and professional IT staff for ERP software. Most ERP software is too costly and complicated for SMBs. They need a solution to enable them to implement ERP and get competitive in the market. It is critical to find ERP software that would fit their vision of the ideal system. Now, with 2BizBox ERP, you have another option. 2BizBox is the only free ERP software in manufacturing sector. 2BizBox ERP is a perfect alternative for all small business to implement ERP system without any software cost.

2BizBox has been developed for 20 years. A small team was founded in 1990 and started working on the first generation of 2BizBox which is based on DOS and dBase system. The team members were managed several manufacturing businesses and had rich experience on manufacturing management. The team aimed to build easy-to-use, lightweight software for all managed businesses and the manufacturing industry. Over years, the software has been used by 100 companies in the United States, China and other counties. In 1999, the second generate 2BizBox is developed based on Java and Web-based technology. In 2004, the company opened two new development centers in Wichita Falls, Texas and China Shanghai. A brand new 2BizBox v2.0 with a new framework and Java technology was designed and developed at that time. Eventually, after long term development, 2BizBox has been carried out a powerful, complete ERP system for manufacturing businesses.

We dedicate all our time to free manufacturing ERP system. Our mission is to provide world class, free to use ERP solution for SMBs of manufacturing industry. 2BizBox ERP covers engineering, purchasing, sales, inventory, work order, manufacturing, quality, accounting, human resources, customer services 10 integrated modules and more than 100 sub modules. It is built by Java technology and supports Windows and Linux platform. 2BizBox can be deployed on in-house server or online server easily in minutes. 2BizBox is compatible with Excel and PDF. It supports infinite level of Bill of Materials, multiple currencies, barcode and serial number tracking, printing checks, embedded standard manufacturing processes complying with ISO 9000 and abundant reports like vendor shipment and quality performance reporting etc. 2BizBox supports multiple companies deployed on single server. At the same time, 2BizBox supports multiple language including English and Chinese. A lightweight MRP engine provides the fast, intuitive and on-the-fly reports. 2BizBox specially designs and offers modules for manufacturing management such as Work Order, Manufacturing, and Engineering modules to provide comprehensive management for complete manufacturing processes and utilize resources efficiently.

More importantly, 2BizBox is free. Free doesn’t mean a trail version, an evaluation version, or a free version with limited functions. Conversely it means totally free. A typical game played other ERP software vendors is offering a simplified “Free Version” to attract users to buy a full functional “Enterprise Version”. 2BizBox always has only one version for everyone. 2BizBox is available by everyone with all functions and zero obstacles. We believe this is the only way to maximize the power of software.

2BizBox is not open sourced software. We respect the spirit of open source. We utilize open source frameworks as well. However we believe functions and quality of the software are more important than the source code for end users. To offer everyone an option with zero cost software and release every function we have for free, 2BizBox empower all SMBs the capability to utilize the power of modern computer and Internet technology. You use the software, and we take care of it. Also, you can get all free resources and supports from our online community site: www.2bizbox.com.

We believe the power of software. We believe the power of free. Our vision is to provide the best free manufacturing ERP software for the world. We try to make the software available for everyone without any limits, and maximize the power of the software. Our business model is to provide services base on user request. The services includes training, consulting, implementation assistant, server hosting etc. However, you have the total right to choose services or not. The service is not bound with any part of the software and you are never forced to buy. Actually we encourage and believe most of businesses are able to study, setup, implement and use the software successfully by themselves. The service is just another option offered to you when you really need assist.

As a summary, it is critical to select right ERP software for you. 2BizBox offers you a full functional, powerful, lightweight and easy to use option, and it is totally free. With 2BizBox, SMBs benefit from a fully integrated, easy-to-use and totally free ERP solution to significantly reduce costs, improve the performance, better inventory and quality control and generate more revenue. If you are a small manufacturing company without sufficient budget, if you are willing to spend some time to study and try the software by yourself, 2BizBox ERP is absolutely an option and worth a try.

It’s time to use free ERP software, and it’s time to feel better.


Know the Differences of Infor Visual, Microsoft Dynamics AX and Epicor 9 ERP Software

Know the Differences of Infor Visual, Microsoft Dynamics AX and Epicor 9 ERP Software

Infor Visual, Microsoft Dynamics AX, Epicor 9 ERP software are especially designed in order to help manufacturing companies. Their features and functions cover every aspect involved in manufacturing a product and they also offer efficient solutions for distribution, including warehouse management and shipping management. This makes Infor Visual, Microsoft Dynamics AX, Epicor 9 ERP software also suitable for being used by wholesale distribution companies, although they are more oriented towards manufacturing businesses.

Infor Visual claims to be appropriate for any company, regardless its size. It allows the user to plan the production in an efficient manner, to schedule the jobs, to manage the inventory and to take the best decisions in what concerns materials and suppliers. It has options like materials requirement planning and advance materials planning. It also makes quality management a lot easier and, as well as Dynamics AX, provides a shop floor control option.

Dynamics AX is suitable to be considered by companies that intend to expand their activity or to enlarge their customer base. It will help those companies to manage the change in the most profitable manner.

Epicor 9 also has a lot of options that help planning the production, planning the sales and making the best choices in what concerns the supply chain. Its sales management module makes it suitable for wholesale distributors because it allows a comprehensive management of the orders and it offers support for logistic details.

Infor Visual, Microsoft Dynamics AX, Epicor 9 ERP software all provide solutions for the inventory management, keeping shipping products and receiving materials under control at all times.

Another useful feature that Infor Visual, Microsoft Dynamics AX, Epicor 9 ERP software have is related to financial management. They improve and fasten the processes that take place in the financial department of the company. The cost accounting module that Infor Visual has also covers the management of the human resources. Dynamics AX also has such a module and it comes with an expense management option and with an environmental management option. Financial management is possible with Epicor 9, too and this also has a separate module for measuring and managing the performance of the company. It is helpful in establishing a strategy on the long run and in taking the best decisions in what concerns the company.

Infor Visual, Microsoft Dynamics AX, Epicor 9 ERP software provide valuable solutions for companies and help the management control every phase of the activity. They definitely lead to a decrease in the operational costs and it can certainly be said that Infor Visual, Microsoft Dynamics AX, Epicor 9 ERP software are an investment that will pay off very fast.

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Comparison on Sage ERP X3 vs Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP Software

Comparison on Sage ERP X3 vs Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP Software

The debate on Sage ERP X3 vs Dynamics AX makes taking a decision very difficult because they are both competitive, manufacturing oriented and capable of providing effective business solutions. In order to find out which one is most suitable for a certain company, one needs to make an in depth analysis of the features and options the software provides.

Sage ERP X3 vs Dynamics AX is a very close competition from the point of view of the features. They both offer similar solutions for every business process involved in a manufacturing company. CRM, BOM, order management, sales management, material planning, shop management, accounts payable or accounts receivable are just a few features both products have. A difference between them can be noticed when it comes to managing warehouses, because this option is better defined in Dynamics AX. On the other hand, Sage ERP X3 is in advantage when it comes to the CRM module because it has a few extra features than its “competitor”.

Dynamics AX covers every aspect involved in manufacturing and distributing products. It even has an option that allows the user to develop a portal of the company that brings together customers, employees, suppliers and other interested parties in order to improve communication and collaboration. Another feature that is not found in Sage ERP X3 is the environmental management. This means that using this software will allow the company to monitor their consumption of energy and emissions. Dynamics AX also has a reporting component which assists the management decision, offering guidance in making the best business choices. Besides all these, it is popular software because it is compatible with other widely used Microsoft products.

Sage ERP X3 vs Dynamics AX might seem like a very balanced debate and the costs of software might help someone take a decision easier. The first product claims to be the most affordable available on the market and to deliver maximum functionality at low operational costs. It also provides tools that will help the management take the best decisions in what concerns business aspects and it has access options that ensure employees, customers and suppliers can easily access information, either online or through client-server operation. All the hard work involved in keeping the web store inventory is eliminated due to the fact that Sage ERP X3 provides support for e-business. This also allows a better management of the company’s website and a better web design.

Deciding between Sage ERP X3 vs Dynamics AX can only be done after considering the particularities of the company, since they both have features that differ so slightly.

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Top 5 Best DNN Shopping Carts

Top 5 Best DNN Shopping Carts

When you own an ecommerce website it is important to have a shopping cart that provides your customer with ease of searching and buying products off your website. Chances are, if their shopping experience was anything below subpar, they are going to go elsewhere to find their products. Providing your customer with a superior check out system ensures them of legitimacy as well as being more inclined to return to your website for future purchases.

Due to the wide variety of options out there, finding a good shopping cart to use is not always the easiest decision to make. While shopping carts generally all have the same basic features, there are always those much needed features that some will have and others do not. Is it easy to customize? Can you skin it to match the rest of your site? Does it integrate with the payment processor of your choice? How does it handle shipping?

Other features to take into consideration: How large is your catalog or how many products do you have? Do you need a shopping cart capable of handling large catalogs, and if so, how important is ease of organization to you? Or does a shopping cart with a much smaller capacity suit your needs better? Does it integrate with your shipping provider? Does it offer multi-currency support?

These are just a few of the many things to think about when selecting your shopping cart.

To help you out in your decision making process, below, is a list of our top 5 shopping carts for DotNetNuke, or DNN, for both small and large business websites.

1. Smith Cart
Smith Cart made it to the top of our list due to its overall power and great functionality. It comes loaded with tons of modules and features to decide what suits your needs best as well as the option to create your own custom check out fields. It is ideal for B2C and B2B Ecommerce websites and is very user friendly with easy to configure back-end settings.

-Can handle large product catalog with ease
-Good support response
-Separate ship to and bill to names and addresses
-SEO features titles, descriptions, keywords, and meta tags for each product to allow your products to allow your products to be found
-Automatic thumbnail generation
-SSL supported
-“Fast Checkout” for return customers
-Authorize and settle credit cards automatically
-Automatic email to customer and administrator upon purchase
-No product limit

-No wish list
-No product review
-No gift card option
-No multi-language support
-No option to email customers with newsletter
-No re-seller discounts

Catalook was designed for the developer so in return it has fully customizable features and canned be skinned to keep in theme with the rest of your website. Catalook is broken down into different modules so you can decide what works best for your website. It also has a feature that places a mini-cart module on every web page that shows the customers current items in cart and total of current order. Catalook also features rentable options for booking things like hotels, cars, ect. While Catalook is at a slightly higher price tag and is packed full of features for just about anything you can think of, it falls into second place due to its lack of SEO tools and is much more difficult during the initial set up. However, the rewards can be great once setup and established.

-Quick order forms for B2B transactions
-Reseller discount
-Multi-language support
-Wish list
-Customer registration
-Product reviews
-Email customer and administrator upon purchase
-Shipping calculator integration
-No product/category limit

-No Search Optimization tools
-No gift certificate
-Harder on the developers side during initial installation and set up

3. DNNSpot
DNNSpot is the recommended choice for smaller ecommerce stores that do not have a large product catalog; although it has no product or category limit, it becomes difficult to organize and keep track of items with a large catalog. It was designed more the business person/side rather than the developer so it has very easy installation and is easy to use and understand.

-UPS Integration as well as FedEx support with shipping rates and tracking numbers.
-Sell downloadable goods like music files, video files, documents, ect.
-Great SEO (custom title, description, keywords as well as ability to set up what you want the url for that product to read
-Inventory management to keep track of your products
-Customizable email templates
-Option to pay by check or Pay Pal if wished

-Not very customizable
-Lacks some of the more detailed oriented features of some of the other carts
-Cannot handle large product catalogs with ease.
-Lacks free shipping option for orders of $X amount.

4. Portal Store
At a slightly higher price tag than the rest of the shopping cart modules, Portal Store offer tons of features and skin layouts built in and pays keen attention to detail to make sure you get the most out of your shopping cart.

-Wish Cart
-Digital Purchases
-Multi-currency support with real-time rates with a fixed price adjustment or a manual currency rate entry
-Tons of different payment options included
-Great image and file management with the ability to re-size and watermark images individually or in groups as well as upload individually or in groups
-Comes with 17 modules
-Option to have images in item detail be thumbnails or on a slideshow
-FAQs and reviews with the option to set reviews to be only those customers who have already purchased the item
-Ability to display featured, recommended, or related user purchase products

-Not supported on DNN 6
-Not as customizable as far as skinning goes as some of the other shopping carts
-Can be difficult to grasp at first.

5. NB_Store
NB_Store is a free DNN shopping cart module that is great if you are looking for a cheap option for a shopping cart. It has many of the important features you want in a shopping cart but lacks the detailed features and customization of some of the bigger players, but hey, it’s free.

-Supports multi-language
-Supports multiple tax levels
-Can hold tons of products while still being easy to search and organize large quantities in the manner desired

-Can be difficult to understand
-Not very customizable in the look and feel aspect as well as creating custom fields
-Lacks some of the features you might be looking for

These shopping carts can be a bit tricky to set up and take some time and explaining to thoroughly understand. Let 10 Pound Gorilla set these up for you and get your shopping cart online.