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Can a POS System Help my Restaurant

Can a POS System Help my Restaurant

Many restaurant owners wonder what the big deal is about POS systems. POS, or point of sale software offers many benefits not provided by cash registers and other solutions. A good POS system will enable your restaurant to take orders more efficiently, quickly process credit card transactions, track inventory and reduce shrink, manage employee hours, track and order supplies, implement customer loyalty and discount programs, and more.

A POS system can help you run your restaurant more profitably and more efficiently. Since your entire restaurant’s information is stored and managed by one system you can quickly see the big picture in terms of what your restaurant needs.

* Processing credit card transactions on your POS system enables you to maintain records of each transaction you process in one location.

* Most restaurants lose money due to human error. Mistakes can cost your restaurant money. With a good POS system it will be easy for your restaurant to track sales, food costs, employee labor, taxes, and all the small details that affect your profit margin.

* A point of sale (POS) system gives you more control over your restaurant, helps you increase efficiency, maximize profits, and perfect your inventory management.

* Effective POS systems should reduce the amount of time your wait staff spends in the kitchen and expedite your order process. A POS system provides the added savings of less shrinkage since your servers can’t give free food to their friends without entering the order in the POS system.

* POS systems generate very detailed reports to assist you in making more informed business decisions in addition to the direct cost savings they provide. POS-generated sales reports help you track and predict sales volume and schedule your employees accordingly. POS-generated inventory reports help you order the proper amount of ingredients which reduces waste. Additionally, order reports show you which menu items are the most popular and which generate the most profit.

There is considerable benefit to using point of sale software and systems in your restaurant business. When shopping for a POS system, do your homework and make sure you purchase from a supplier that can answer your questions and assist you with selecting the right software or system for your restaurant. Each restaurant has different needs and there are many different POS systems out there.

When your restaurant uses a POS system there’s little room for human error. All information is entered and recorded accurately which reduces mistakes and re-orders. Your guests get the correct order faster improving staff productivity as well as your customer service. Profitable restaurants that are known for the level of service they provide almost inevitably rely on a great POS system to help them manage their business operations. In fact, if you ask the manager of one of these restaurants, they’ll probably admit they don’t know how they managed before they implemented their POS software! If you are wondering whether a POS system is right for your business you may want to take a better look at the benefits available through the use of a good restaurant POS system.

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Inventory Management Features HR Accounting CRM Custom Erp Software

Inventory Management Features HR Accounting CRM Custom Erp Software

Inventory Management Software : Features

Inventory forms one of the biggest investments in manufacturing and trading sectors. Huge capital blocked in inventory, inability to identify products, multiplicity of products, product freshness, order of arrival, guarantee/ warranty periods, handling and a host of related issues can confound any individual assigned the task of materials management. The solution lies in installing a software that will solve these problems and evolve a system for continuous operation and evaluation.

Inventory Management Software is an absolutely compatible and competent application to deal with inventory of several commercial and non-commercial industries such as Clothing, Electronics, Aeronautics, Mechanical, Medical, Hotel, Food, Stationery, Shoe, Retail Chains, Online Shopping Malls and other business. It handles invoicing, stock movement and customer details easily and rapidly via interactive, user friendly interface.

Inventory Management Software is extremely economical and a compliant package for all common window platforms like 98, NT, 2000, XP and Vista.

Key Features:

– Inexpensive, advanced and swift.

– Easy to configure and install

– Complies with all Windows operating systems.

Inventory Management Software is basically focused to derive stock balance, sales record, restore stock, goods record, goods category distribution, customer order records, invoice, price system, backup stock, reports customization, order processing, purchase order, pay orders and significantly reducing paper work. The application offers a broad and innovative inventory management resolution to synchronize items, stocks, cumulative productivity of stores, managing sufficient supplies by implanting modular classification of the entire process. Inventory management software is best suited to keep track of the records of sale, purchase and vendor prices of all the goods stocked in the system. Inventory package includes specific features like barcode reading for price identification, Multi-currency adoption to identified rates, reports generation for fast, precise analysis of goods, stock, quantity, prices, manufacturers, suppliers, vendors and sales. Expiry alert for various items, print preview option for flexible, multi-user compatibility, security with approvals and more.

Disadvantages :

Like every software inventory management software is not a total bundle of advantage. There are disadvantages too. For a small company the cost overrun of installing such software is very high. Barcode readers don’t come cheap. No data is reliable unless updations is made continuously. When a software company walks out replacement is a laborious process that includes training and recasting data. Nowadays updations is carried out on a dynamic basis with PCs, iPods and Androids which can be connected to the central unit. Despite these disadvantages the utility of inventory management software far outweighs these minor snags. The enormous quantity of inventory, the capital involved and the necessity to keep the supply- production- distribution channel alive is enough for any right thinking materials personnel to seek out and latch on to an inventory management software most appropriate to the performance of the company. inventory management software – Which software to install? This is not an easy question to answer. There is a plethora of such software’s available. Each one with its own tall claims. Information from industry sources and similar business. Ventures will be a right indicator. Besides there are reliable software consultants who can provide valuable and relevant data.

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Own POS System Now to Enjoy Improved Efficiency in Your Business

Own POS System Now to Enjoy Improved Efficiency in Your Business

In order to automate workflow, improve efficiency and minimize paperwork, modern technology is widely used by most businesses. This way, they enjoy easy communication and simplicity in tracking various business operations and personnel and financial records. Later on, such kind of benefits become increased profit and sales. In order to streamline sales and customers and staff checkout process, POS equipment has been introduced in the market.

One of the major focal points for both hospitality and retail business operations is cash register. When it comes to increase the population of satisfied customers in your organization, it conducts business operations efficiently, tenders cash and processes all the business transactions successfully and efficiently. These days, all you need is efficient POS System that can fulfill all of your business needs. If you are running a hospitality business like a spa or salon, then you need Salon Iris POS system that can efficiently automate your business process.

A POS system not only eases daily business operations, in fact, it generates the reports in a way that it efficiently cut down costs and time to be indulged on daily monitoring tasks. According to many business owners, POS system is so efficient that it generates profits, revenue and orders drastically for their business. Here’s why you cannot start a fastest-running business without POS system.

The Significance of POS System

Improves Efficiency With an efficient POS System, your staff can easily leverage the process in order to improve your business efficiency and assist the customer in a way that there is no way without coming back to your outlet. Apart from eliminating cash register disparities, it reduces the requirement of double checking the inventory.

Keeps Control on Everything When the boss is away, the efficiency of staff and customer service can greatly be affected. But with an efficient POS system, you can gain the power to keep an eye on performance on everyone.

Eliminates Under-Stocking POS System makes all of your inventory functions so easier and user-friendly that you can pinpoint the cases of inventory shrinkage and eliminate “out-of-stock” conditions.

Generates Reports Accurate and Timely It analyses sales data and enables you to determine the effectiveness of your ad campaign and pricing. By quantifying all the items on stock in hand, it shows all the items that are required to be ordered. In addition, cost and profit and day-to-day gross income can easily be calculated. You can also forecast future needs of your business with historical data analysis provided by it.

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38; How it Can Help Your Business

What is ERP & How it Can Help Your Business

ERP – it stands for Enterprise Resource Planning — but the problem with this definition is that it doesn’t illuminate what is possible with the system. And that’s a problem – because there are many users of ERP who don’t realize the full potential or nuances of a good ERP program. So let’s dig a little deeper.

�Ш�ШLet’s suppose there’s a business that wants to buy a good that you sell. In this typical business-to-business (B2B) transaction, the ERP program allows your organization to take the order while checking to see if there is inventory in the stock ledger. But it’s more than an order taking and inventory system. The ERP also allows for the timing and planning of payment requests. In this example, when the order is fulfilled, the system can generate a request for payment through an invoice and account for the payment via a cash receipt.

These accounting capacities are all part of the finance function within an ERP.�Ш�ШSo as you can see – there is a great amount going on within an ERP just by the sheer accounting function alone. It allows for your business to plan ahead and schedule key action in the organization without the need to have multiple Excel sheets or other various programs to keep track of various customer information and purchase data.�Ш�ШIn essence, an Enterprise Resource Planning program is managing all the areas where there is a commitment to act.

ERPs differ dramatically from their less complicated cousin, the Customer Relationship Management system. The CRMs track speculative actions such as Marketing and Sales. An ERP, on the other hand, manages all the areas where there is a commitment to act such as purchasing, distribution, manufacturing, warehousing, shipping, and accounting. When there is a promise to fulfill on the part of the customer, the ERP is the system that makes for a smooth delivery of those promises among the many actors in all but the smallest organizations (when there are only one or two people involved, they can get away with lightweight ERP systems such as QuickBooks).

As a result of an evolution without a design-in-mind, in many businesses, you will find that there are typically multiple systems to track the accounting and fulfillment functions. As you can imagine, this causes a lot of headaches – so much time is spent tracking down and pulling together lists, performing information lookup, or creating reports, that valuable time and money is lost.

In many cases, businesses hire employees to keep track of the information that can easily be stored and managed in an ERP system.�Ш�Ш

What makes an ERP system so important is precisely this: it is more efficient and it is more cost effective to track your fulfillment and accounting functions in one system. And ERPs also allow owners to plan these communications and work ahead of schedule – for example, if you have a monthly subscription program, the system can automatically handle recurring credit card charges while creating future orders to fulfill in a fully-automated fashion.�Ш�ШA quality ERP system allows for the planning of your future growth. QuickBooks,for example, works for a very small business. But the QuickBooks design breaks down when there are 15 or more employees; it’s not the right tool as you grow; — think of it as using a shovel to dig a swimming pool when you really need a bulldozer. Most any organization that has experienced significant growth has at least contemplated or captured the value offered in an ERP system.

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Marty Zigman, founder of Prolecto Resources, has developed scalable eCommerce systems for companies such as Time Warner and Bank of America which processed over $1.6 billion in order revenue within 12 months. Prolecto Resources invents with Cloud based software to make business owners more profitable. For more info, visit http://blog.prolecto.com


Inventory Management Florida Keeping Your Customers Happy in Florida

Inventory Management Florida Keeping Your Customers Happy in Florida

Retail and wholesale organizations based in Miami or Jacksonville, FL have clients all over the world to keep happy. In some cases, the local Miami retail merchants need to always have their most popular products in stock to make sure that their clients always come back for more. The wholesale suppliers in Jacksonville have online and catalog sales clients that require products to be in stock at all times. If you cannot keep your customers happy, then they will find someplace else to go buy products. That is why an inventory management Florida solution is extremely important to the success of any sales organization.

One of the most immediate benefits of a good inventory management Florida system is the ability to see what products are in stock in real time. When a customer places an order online, it is good to know that you will be able to ship that product from your Fort Lauderdale location and get the product to the customer immediately. When you have a sale in your Tallahassee retail store, it is a good idea to make sure that you have plenty of inventory on hand to satisfy the customers that will be on-hand looking to buy product. With a good inventory system, you can see what products you have and let customers know if their orders will be satisfied or not.

If you use the inventory software Florida businesses have come to rely on, then you will also be able to project inventory needs and place orders before you run out of product. There is nothing more frustrating to a client than to place an order only to find out that the product has been backordered. When you use your software to develop inventory projections, then you can develop a regular supply schedule with your vendors that will insure that you always have product on the shelves. It can also help you to determine if you need secondary suppliers for your more popular products.

Inventory software Florida companies use will help your organization to track purchase orders and reduce the amount of inventory that you have on hand. When you have fewer products on hand, then you are tying up less of your money in inventory. A good inventory projection program will help you to make sure that you always have what you need in stock, but you are also not going to put thousands of dollars into inventory that will not generate you any profit.

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The Importance of Cash Registers

The Importance of Cash Registers

For security and efficiency, it is vital that retail outlets and other establishments which deal with cash transactions on a regular basis invest in a reliable and sturdy cash register. No matter how small or large your business is, if you deal with the general public, at some point you will have to make cash transactions, and it is important to invest in a cash register in order to keep track of these. When the drawer is open and the lights are on, cash registers become much more than a safe place to store money. It has the ability to process a customer’s transaction and accurately keep records.

Which Cash Register?

There are so many cash registers out there that it can often be difficult to decide which is most suited to your business. They come in a huge variety of sizes, designs and prices. The simplest cash registers do calculations and provide printouts of the transactions, but they are much more than fancy calculators – even the most basic models can store product codes, making it much easier to keep track of sales and taxes.

One thing that you need to consider when choosing a cash register is its security features. Most large cash registers will come with a locking drawer in order to keep money safe, although for added security you may want to consider a larger, more advanced register. Those more advanced cash registers come with password protection in which the locking drawer can only be opened when an authorised cashier enters the relevant code.

Cash registers in general may have a relatively high initial price, but this is simply because a business can expect to get many years of service for the first register they buy. In fact a cash register is expected to last for around 10-15 years. Cash registers are much more cost effective than pricey POS systems and for those with smaller budgets, they can be wholly adequate. Before selecting a cash register to buy, do your research and make sure you fully understand your business needs. Make sure your choice is based on an educated decision.

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38; Controls of Your Inventory Management Software

Know The Features & Controls of Your Inventory Management Software

As a manufacturer, you hold enough amounts of stocks in order to fulfill your requirements of the clients at the proper time. Having client expectations taking a huge increase, it has become essential for manufacturers or organizations to install inventory software system. As a supportive tool, inventory management control system ensures you to overcome the situations of overstocking and stock-out. In return, it allows you to maximize your profits in the form of bargain.

As an organization, your are forced to know stock amounts, the order status, the location of products and other things in order to be in accordance with the market demands all the time. The inventory system software is a valuable asset and supports you in getting real-time data in regard various aspects of inventory control as you are in position to take right decisions for your organization. Some unique features of this system enhance its value as it is designed & developed to improve the inventory control procedures. Go through the features:

Set order parameters – The installation of this software permits you to set parameters and in return automatically activates orders pertaining to the inventory at the store. Through the installation, your organization is well placed to have enough stock of products all the time. This process ensures that your company is ready to fulfill the market demands at all times.

Analyzing order trend – As a company owner, you ought to explore ordering trends in order to make the best use of space at the storehouse and attain control over the inventory. Having knowledge about order placing process, companies are at a better level for the management of good stock of products to fulfill the market demands at all times. Through the generation of reports, this inventory control management software allows you to pick up the essential details that generate result-oriented measures required to ensure the expansion of your firm.

Get integrated with other business areas – This inventory system software is able to get incorporated with the accounting tools. Doing this, you can enhance the efficiency of your organization. Further, this software system works in collaboration with other areas of business that permits other departments to make sufficient use of this tool for general purpose.

Conducting audits – This inventory tool is capable of conducting audits on a regular basis which is the most important for a company eager to maintain high level of inventory control. The audit report generated by this software system is highly accurate.

Summary – Inventory management software is very important for a firm in order to enhance the business and be able to meet the market demands all the time. As a company owner, you must install it if you don’t have and you must keep it updated for more profitability.

Inventory management software is very important for a firm in order to enhance the business and be able to meet the market demands all the time. As a company owner, you must install it if you don’t have and you must keep it updated for more profitability.


Inventory Management Solution For Your Business

Inventory Management Solution For Your Business

Are you spending valuable fragment of your time tallying your inventories and counting the stocks? Do you need to monitor your products all the time? Recording is necessity to all businesses operating in retail, wholesale and manufacturing enterprises. Having accurate count is crucially important as under and over inventory can mean greater loss in your business.

Effective stock management can help you gain edge over your competitors. It can cut your operating costs and can maintain numbers of satisfied customers in your business. Business planners pay close attention in maintaining a level of stocks in order to cater the customer’s orders and requirements. As all methods have gone modernized, getting an advanced system can bring enormous benefits on your company more than you can realize.

In the earlier days, counting and recording of stocks are done through cardex system. There are bin cards in warehouse in order to update the movements of items. Apart from bin cards, there are also registers and books to maintain the transactions. All reports are done manually and usually it takes time to accomplish them.

In short, in former days, the system is basic that doesn’t provide complex solutions and flexibility. As everything is performed manually, they are time consuming and as expected there is always room for errors. With many concerns associated with the system, advanced solution came into place.

Inventory Management were introduced to improve inventory accuracy, save large portion of time and money and to simplify work. The modern day inventory is managed by state-of-the-art software that is designed to control complex plans and processes. Companies resort to one single ERP system that spans all across offices, factories, departments and branches allowing seamless operation, control, visibility and management.

Inventory Management Solution offers great benefits including: -Cost effective. It avoids you on wasting money on your shelves for slow moving items and prevents you from stocking so many products that are slow moving. -Time saving. It saves a big portion of your time as everything can be accessed and done automatically without manual entry. -Accurate tracking of goods. You can automatically track the flow of goods in any location or department anytime. -Precise Order Fulfillment. If you know the amount of stocks that are on hand, then you must also smart to know when, how much or how many and what to order. It hastens the ordering procedure as you order based on forecast and not on guesswork. -Increase sales. With good inventory, you are able to meet the demands of your customers. This means that they will be satisfied and come back for repeat business. -Balance of Inventory. It allows you to determine the exact amount of items you actually need. This prevents shortages as well as overages.

There are more benefits that a company gains with streamlined inventory software. It can also aids the decision makers in coming up with good and timely decisions as they get real time data and information all across the areas of the company. With a reliable and advanced method, businesses can track and act on business issues immediately without losing time and money.

Megaventory offers inventory software that offers intelligent inventory system to small and medium businesses. The Inventory Management enhances the inventory and Order Fulfillment through order fulfillment and easily generates reports in the whole operation.


Implementing Successful Inventory Management System

Implementing Successful Inventory Management System

One of the most important aspects of any business is inventory management. Inventories form part of the largest expenses acquired from business operations. Countless companies therefore use inventory managements system that track and sustain the inventory required to meet customers’ demands. Several systems are linked to management and accounting data systems in order to increase the overall efficiency of business operations.


Every company has a form of inventory that needs to be monitored at all times. There are always items that must be prepared for your business, whether for manufacturing, retail or administrative purposes. Companies therefore invest in their inventory management systems in order to keep efficient track of all resources.


The basic aim of inventory management is to ensure a balance between incoming and outgoing items. This involves paying sufficient attention to delivery schedules, product movements, sufficient stock reserves, and accurate record keeping.


There are lots of steps and methods to having a successful inventory management system. You may limit the number of people that have access to your stockroom to protect against theft. Set up an accurate stock list of your inventory that you can check against. Allocate bin and pallet locations in your storehouse to make shipping and receiving a smoother activity.


Moreover, a successful inventory management system maintains a record of all the products that leave the warehouse. There should be no item or shipment that leaves your storage without first being encoded into the system. All paperwork should also be processed in a timely manner. Do not let it pile up and try to accomplish everything before the following day. Transfer excess inventory stock to another branch or office that might need it to save on money as this would normally have gone to purchase the inventory.


Of course, an effective inventory management system requires that you set aims for your buyers, reward them with exceptional customer service and other perks as well as return on investment for the product that they purchased. Make sure that stock balances are accurate and always set up a complete cycle counting program. Finally, include any inventory management concerns you may in your yearly and quarterly strategic agenda.


The All New Restaurant Pos System Eliminates The Middle Man Today

The All New Restaurant Pos System Eliminates The Middle Man Today

When it comes to a restaurant that has no POS System, let’s go that restaurant today. We sit down a table and wait for a waiter, and choose the order from hand written menu. The restaurant has invested a lot but not yet on having a POS system to get the order. For instance, we place the order for two servings of quattro formaggi spaghetti but by mistake, the waiter has written the order for two quattro formaggi pizzas. Should we accept this mistakenly written order in this restaurant? Do we have to go through this mess?

There are some reasons, why most businesses of restaurant fail like poor equipments, too many investment, low sales and competition. There is another reason that is doing the work hand-in-hand. Therefore, there are the chances of having mistakes on getting the orders of customers that may lead to bad impression on them. Once a customer gets the dish that is not according to his order, he will never come to the same restaurant again. That is why it is important to have the restaurant POS system that can get the order and help to serve the customers according to their order.

Let’s go back to the same restaurant that has its restaurant POS system that allows the waiters to take quickly the order and submit it with their iPads. The POS system of today is well equipped with the connectivity feature that can connect with any device. The POS system can take care of everything in the POS system. Think about that. How much work did it take the poor waiter to process all the orders? Harbortouch has launched the revolutionary POS system that can connect with the iPad and is designed especially for working in restaurants.

There is decrease in the amount of mistakes in the order with the arrival of latest restaurant POS systems. This is a streamlined POS system that can allow the waiters to get the orders instantly and process the same automatically with the iPad connected to it. Moreover, with the arrival of restaurant POS system, the paperwork has also been eliminated along with third person. The orders are getting by the waiters through their iPads in spite of note pads. So, there is less chance of making mistakes by the waiters on the restaurant to get the order and serve the same to the customers on table.

Apart from being useful and helpful to waiters, this is also very much convenient for the entire restaurant staff especially for chefs on the kitchen of restaurant. The order of the customer is already displayed to the chef so that he could be able to get the information as what he should prefer first to cook and serve the customers. When it comes to get the POS hardware online, there is a company Gemini Computers that offer the best online deals of POS systems and POS equipments. There is the POS system helps to manage the organization and the customer’s order without making any mistake and errors.

Gemini Computers is a company offers best deals on POS systems and POS hardware.