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Optimize PrestaShop With Store Manager – New Desktop Computer Software

Optimize PrestaShop With Store Manager – New Desktop Computer Software

With multiple shopping carts available in the Web nowadaysor future, current webstore owners can look for the one which operates needed tasks in the most convenient way and offers the facilities to suit most of the requirements. New shopping carts appear often but just a few of them break in the market and gain customer’s popularity. PrestaShop professional e-Commerce shopping cart is one of such carts. Those who’ve been already working with PrestaShop tool witness that its scalability, modular structure and uncomplicated installation make it a desirable decision as for beginner person as well as for an experienced one.

But how PrestaShop differs from other totally free open source shopping carts? Among the PrestaShop benefits users mention:

– shopping cart is handy and intuitive in usage, its quick, so you can make required updates much faster and offer your clients organized and attractive store

– it is SEO optimized. PrestaShop supports search engine friendly URLs and permalinks. It permits to state meta tags for each product separately and optimize images.

– PrestaShop is developed on modules and well structured. It helps to extend its functionality easily to perform particular tasks.

Store Manager for PrestaShop is a kind of tool that enhances entire PrestaShop store management tasks but not single operations. It simplifies and speeds up inventory management, particularly: organizes products, orders, customers, PrestaShop manufacturers, and other data.

Store Manager for PrestaShop brings:

1.Beneficial product management and category management using drag&drop feature to build convenient category tree, quick product search and filters, mass operations with PrestaShop products

2.Powerful Export / Import of products, PrestaShop categories, customers, orders – step by step Wizard that simplifies export to CSV and import from any CSV formats; advanced import services

3.Total store management – products, categories, product attributes, manufacturers, customers, orders, reports, etc

4.Rapid access to customers, orders, with discounts, coupons, reports and other store data

5.Capable for Quickbooks, ICEcat and USPS integration.

These are very important things to consider about efficient store management. Besides, there’s a whole lot of simple operations that can be done faster such as: add, edit, copy, clone, delete PrestaShop attributes, products etc. These operations are presented as tabs on a toolbar and in the context menu. Only right click on to speed up work with store’s data.

Accuracy of store’s information is quite a matter. You would actually want to avoid copy data entry, loss of data and other possible mistakes. In Store Manager you can setup one of the two kinds of connection – bridge to make changes locally and post them to a store later and direct connection for instant changes. Database backup option is generally at your hand there to avoid mess with database records.

Working with computer software like Store Manager for PrestaShop you will get rid of routine task and have more rest time to use up on competitive research, promoting and other strategic duties.


Why Restaurant POS Software is Crucial for your Business

Why Restaurant POS Software is Crucial for your Business

Earlier, when the desktop programming was not much in vogue, big restaurants found it difficult to schedule labor, manage inventory and report POS in an efficient and coordinated manner. Thanks to the advancements in the field of computing and Information Technology, managing high volume booking and reservations has become extremely easy, efficient and less time-consuming. Increasing number of restaurant businesses, large and small alike, are now opting for cost saving and effective touch screen restaurant POS system. There are various low-cost and high-end POS systems available, specially designed for increasing productivity of a restaurant business.

An overall increase in the productivity of the food sector has been recorded in the recent past, and this could be fully attributed to various quality restaurant programs present in the market. Especially all the top eateries specifically invest on quality POS software to speed up the efficiency, easy input of customer data, accurate kitchen records, quick orders and servings, better customer relations and greater turnovers. Whether it’s for small or large scale restaurants, it is always advisable to buy a comprehensive package that comes with both software and hardware solutions for hassle free productivity and services.

Major integrated features found in the software package meant for bars and restaurants are kitchen display system, table reservation, kitchen display system, promotion and gift vouchers, CRM strategies like loyalty programs and web based reporting. These features, when integrated properly, reduce any confusion and errors related to the product to depict a complete picture of the sale to both the employee and the customer. Mainly all business software packages are easily accessible online these days. One may download restaurant software directly from online sites or may approach a local vendor for getting demo and setting instructions. All big restaurant businesses handle multiple outlets for which touch screen restaurant POS system is a must.

If you are planning to download restaurant software for your business, it’s extremely important to understand the minute features designed in the software that would specifically cater to your venture. Again, it is also important to read the market niche of the software product you are planning to install on your desktop. Food and beverage industry is a huge sector and for its various twigs including bars, clubs, discos, diners, etc., there are operational specific packages available in the market. Even the most complicated orders are accommodated properly with quick orders and organized menu screen.

The article is written by Prakash Singh Chauhan who is an Executive Director of Swadesh Softwares Pvt. Ltd. He holds a Bachelor’s degree from Jai Prakash University and has vast knowledge in IT field. Download restaurant software


Benefits of EPOS Systems in E-commerce Business

Benefits of EPOS Systems in E-commerce Business

The introduction of EPOS systems in retail sector has opened several doors of business for e-commerce businesses all over the world. EPOS technology enables business organizations to make use of internet effectively and gain much more business sales of their products and services than other sources of marketing. A few years back it was almost impossible for retail small scale businesses to use EPOS systems. The absence of modern EPOS technology in retail and e-commerce businesses was resulting in reduction of all those sales and business activities which these businesses can perform due to this technology. But now customized EPOS systems are available in market which has made it possible for small e-commerce businesses to afford installing and taking benefits of EPOS systems. Also latest additions of internet connectivity in EPOS systems have made these systems much more efficient and profitable for e-commerce industry.

EPOS systems are extremely efficient for managing e-commerce sites of various businesses. EPOS software can be used to update information on website about various products. Product descriptions and services details can be sent through EPOS software directly to customers. EPOS solutions offer flexibility to manually change pricing of various products and their details online without any need to hire extra workforce to perform all such operations.

Online orders can be managed quite conveniently with the help of such systems. Customers can place orders through your website and such orders can be processed by forwarding those orders to concerned labour staff. Current details of orders can be seen all the time through EPOS software and once orders are complete, customers can be made aware of that. In this way, EPOS systems can be efficiently used not only for processing customer orders and queries but better online customer services can be offered to customers. More number of satisfied customers means more opportunities to grow and expand business.

EPOS systems offer a perfect solution for e-commerce industry by providing integration between your business and your website. Your stock management systems can be integrated with your website making it convenient to automatically deduct products from store or inventory with each product sold through your website.

Online marketing campaign can also be run much more efficiently and effectively through these EPOS systems. Existing customers can be informed time to time about discounts on different products and services through internet. Thus EPOS systems can be used as an excellent medium for flourishing marketing campaigns of business. These systems offer opportunity to maintain better communication and relationship with new and existing customers.

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