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Sharepoint Customization With Familiar Sharepoint Developers

Sharepoint Customization With Familiar Sharepoint Developers

In Sharepoint developers can customize pages on the site if they add or change Web Parts. It enables developers to enhance functionality to pages while Sharepoint customization and that too by avoiding code writing.

In this article we will discuss various things about Web Parts like its editing, moving or adding. Hiding the toolbars in the chart Web Part is something you will learn to know about. The latest version of SharePoint is SharePoint Server 2010 offers nifty Chart web part which shows visual data from various sources including sharepoint lists, BDC, Excel services, etc. This SharePoint Web Parts proves to be a handy control for the developers while the 2007 version missed it. Developers while creating SharePoint solutions are offered with number of options if they use the 2010 version. The chart options include pies, lines, scatters, bars, cones, etc. in both 2D and 3D.

Well we have seen only the positive side but it has some annoying features too that can drive administrators crazy. That thing is at the time of dropping onto the page a toolbar is displayed showing links for “Data & Appearance” and “Advanced Properties” to everyone with more than basic read permissions. So this is not the thing what we want, right? Tempting to click everyone to see and click on those links to show up pretty little graphs. Well, is this easy enough to turn that off? The answer is “No”. Aren’t we forgetting to include the ubiquitous hide toolbar switch that’s on most other out of the box webparts? This little undocumented feature is what came around while trying to figure out a workaround.

A blog post by Nick Grattan suggests editing the page in SharePoint designer and then changing the web part properties manually in the mark-up. SharePoint destroyer results into hobbling performance if the page mark-up is saved in the content db so it is a better option to try out somewhat JavaScript trickery for solving this problem. Well by turning out the chart webparts that render the content of the toolbar in a predictable pattern.

Well for doing so for rendering the chart preview image the tag in which the toolbar resides is followed by an tag giving a link to a particular page. The input control is followed by and it is the first child of the parent

. In the DOM it is easy to find and also a unique thing that we need to ensure that we aren’t turning off any other web part toolbars that we require. Thus, the below script is when added to the page in hidden content editor web part will hide those pesky toolbars by following DOM walking:


vararr = document.documentElement.getElementsByTagName(“img”);
for (vari = 0; i {
  varimgSrc = arr[i].src;
  if (imgSrc.indexOf(“ChartPreviewImage”) != -1)
var parent = arr[i].parentNode;

JQuery along with Dom is when preferred then it works well. Again it does also mean that we have to add the content editor and script to every single page our char web parts are on. Option to this one is that save the entire page back to the content DB in designer.


Audit Tool – Essential Part Of Inventory Management Audit

Audit Tool – Essential Part Of Inventory Management Audit

Inventory management audit is an important and crucial part of any organization. Staff and officials of any organization work relentlessly so that such an inventory management audit is carried on successfully. To make this possible every part of inventory management is taken care of – through inspection, investigation, surprise checks, recording, analyzing and by other means. In order to keep up with the change in technology several tools are now being used to make the inventory management audit even simpler.

If you too face problems related to inventory management audit, you probably are in need of software audit tool. With the help of such audit tool, your inventory management audit becomes much easy. One of the primary tasks of this tool is to inventory all your network assets and software. Such a tool works towards checking for software patches, services and views software which is related to each device. You do not have to worry about missing out on any software in your inventory management, because your audit tool is going to perform such a task for you. It also helps you by locating data related to any software, so that it can collect and analyze information which is related to its purchase price and licensing requirements. You will not have to worry as there won’t be any sudden stoppage of work on a realization that your license has expired and you had completely forgotten about it.

Imagine a situation when you find that your employees or someone else has installed some software without your permission or knowledge? This is a common problem in many organizations where employees often install software for their needs without having the authority to do so. Such software might be detrimental to the working of your company and you wouldn’t at all like your employees to use such software. This unpleasant situation will not arise when you use an audit tool. As soon as any software is installed in your network, you will get an alert. If it is known to you, you do not have to worry otherwise, you can immediately check it out. This audit tool also works to audit all your software licenses.

This is not all – your audit tool does more work for you! Managing all your product keys can be a real tough task. Each one of us have sometime or the other faced a situation when we became tired of tracking down notes and CD cases, in search of a product key. It is a common occurrence not to find the key, just when you are in need of it. With the help of this solution from Spiceworks, managing your product keys is simplified. You have all information related to any of your product keys or licenses just in one single place.

Last but not the least, it is now possible to generate any report on any of your software. If you need to provide information for inventory management audit, you will have a quick list in your hand with the help of this audit tool.

If you too face problems related to inventory management audit, you probably are in need of software audit tool. With the help of such audit tool, your inventory management audit becomes much easy.


Insert Coin A Vending Machine Legacy of Innovation

Insert Coin A Vending Machine Legacy of Innovation

The vending machine industry is booming. Every day millions of coins are inserted into soda, snack and candy machines. But Michael Burnett and Jeffrey Marsh have discovered the formula for the most durable, best-looking and most profitable vending machines on the market. Their innovations resulted in 1.800.VENDING, a company that has changed the face of the vending machine industry.

The Search for a Better Vending Machine

Burnett and Marsh came into vending in 1999. They spent years researching the most popular vending machines on the market, but every system they studied had terrible flaws. Some machines had plastic coin mechanisms that frequently broke down. Other machines had cheap locks and were constantly being broken into. Soda machines had high maintenance costs, and the money coming in barely covered the cost of restocking the machines in addition to paying high lease fees.

So Marsh and Burnett came up with something better. After picking apart all those different vending machines over the years, they knew every flaw and every benefit to each kind of machine. Armed with that information, they began a year-long process of designing, testing and manufacturing their revolutionary vending machine by 1.800.VENDING.

A Superior Machine is Born

Burnett and Marsh looked at three key factors when they began to design their vending machine: durability, appearance and profitability. Since maintenance costs were such an expensive part of other vending machines, Burnett and Marsh wanted their machine to have durable, high-quality parts both inside and out. From the steel anti-jam coin mechanism to the all-metal heavy-duty hopper and shatterproof polycarbonate canisters, the 1.800.VENDING machine is tamperproof and virtually indestructible. The lid and cash drawer are equipped with a recessed “bullet-lock” security system, and each machine is supplied with a removable sun shield to protect candy in vending machines placed near windows.

Burnett and Marsh know that the appearance of a vending machine can have just as much impact on potential customers as the products offered inside. They designed their vending machines to look sophisticated and professional – to show off their products in the best possible light. The 1.800.VENDING machine is offered in 17 color combinations. Vending machine owners also have a choice of matching metal stands or a pine wood stand – in addition to optional spill trays.

By creating durable and attractive machines, Burnett and Marsh had already offered a higher profit margin by lowering maintenance costs and ensuring more profitable locations can be secured. Then they took it a step further.

Interchanging the Face of Vending

Burnett and Marsh became the most innovative men in the vending industry through one simple idea: shatterproof polycarbonate interchangeable canisters. By creating a system of identical canisters that can be filled with a wide selection of products and switched out in a matter of seconds, Burnett and Marsh created an easy way to boost profits that is changing the face of the vending machine industry. The interchangeable canister system eliminates the messy and time-consuming process of refilling vending machines from bags of candy. And with 1.800.VENDING machine’s divided cash drawer, it’s become easy to track the profits from each canister of product. Vending machine owners can use that information to stock each machine with the most profitable combination for any location.

The innovations of Burnett and Marsh have made 1.800.VENDING a world leader in the vending machine industry. Their company is one of the few vending machine manufacturers to have no complaints with the Better Business Bureau or any government office. Add to that their 100 percent Lifetime Warranty on every part of their vending machines and their superior design, the 1.800.VENDING founders have created a legacy any other vending machine manufacturer would be hard pressed to match.

More information about the vending machine innovations developed by Mike Burnett and Jeff Marsh, including a side-by-side comparison with the five most popular vending machines on the market, is available at www.1800vending.com.


Nights by a Pinocchio Lamp

Nights by a Pinocchio Lamp

The Size of the Shade

Get a shade that’s too compact and your lamp will seem peculiar, specifically if it is a tall, floor standing base. Get a shade that is as well significant and everything will look out of proportion. Imagine about the area of the light and its proximity to walls and sites wherever individuals may stroll. Don’t have a shade that’s so vast it’ll be in the way of walls and the surroundings. As a really general rule of thumb the height of lamp shades should be about two thirds of the height of the base and the widest piece of the shade really should be about an inch wider than the widest part of the base, but constantly use discretion and prevalent sense along with this rule.

The Form of the Shade

Don’t blend and max styles of bases and shades, or you will risk making the lamp appearance unusual. A round base seems best with spherical lamp shades, a square base with square shades and so on.

The Color of the Shade

The shade really should match the base, of program, but also the normal d?cor of the space in which the lamp will be positioned. Bear in brain that a darker color will restrict the total of light cast close to the place and too pale a shade could consequence in the light staying overly shiny, defeating the object of the use of the lamp for delicate extra lighting.

The Materials of the Shade

Ultimately contemplate material when buying lamp shades. Some materials appeal to extra dust than some others, even though all lamp shades will grow to be dusty often. Glass shades are the simplest to clear since they can be taken out and washed in soapy h2o, whereas paper shades can’t be wet and could therefore have to be replaced a lot more promptly than other materials.

The lamp shades you pick to put on your lamp bases can do a person of two points. They could make a terrific appear for your lights or they could ruin a perfectly good lamp. You really should therefore think about these elements when deciding on new shades: no matter whether to choose for plain or decorative, dimensions, form and color.

Plain or Ornamental Lamp Shades

Before getting take into consideration your lamp base. Plain bases can be manufactured additional fascinating with decorative, patterned shades and ornamental bases, mainly painted ceramic bases, need to be accompanied by plain lamp shades. Working with shades with daring prints or colours about a decorative lamp base can generate a sturdy color clash and stop up looking a mess.

The Size of the Shade

Get a shade that’s also little and your lamp will appear odd, specially if it is a tall, floor standing base. Get a shade that’s as well significant and every thing will look out of proportion. Assume about the area of the light and its proximity to walls and spots where by folks may possibly stroll. Really don’t have a shade that’s so extensive it’ll be in the way of walls and the surroundings. As a extremely standard rule of thumb the height of lamp shades will need to be about two thirds of the height of the base and the widest part of the shade really should be about an inch wider than the widest part of the base, but constantly use discretion and common feeling along with this rule.


The Sharepoint Business Intelligence Provides Web Parts Feature

The Sharepoint Business Intelligence Provides Web Parts Feature

The SharePoint web parts are totally five. The five SharePoint parts are default webparts which are given by the SharePoint Server 2007. They are Business Data Item Data List Data Related List Data Item Builder Data Actions

The SharePoint web parts offer a lot of benefits. The main advantages of these parts are as follows.
With the help of these web one can exhibit all the data that is related to the SharePoint business intelligence in the site without doing any type of coding. These parts can be reused and they are also general. This means that any kind of data can be showed in the site. This data must however be registered in the business data catalog.

Web part connections are supported by these parts which means one can make a master application in detail without doing any kind of coding. Let us take for instance the list of customers and the details relating top those customers can be displayed with the help of the Biz Data List and the web by connecting the data list with the particular data item web part. It is possible to integrate these webparts in dashboard.

The webparts that are there in the share point server that offers support to WYSIWYG editing in the Microsoft Office Share Point Designer 2007 and it can also be modified with the help of XSLT transformations.

The SharePoint business intelligence provides this webparts feature. SharePoint Business intelligence is an amazing component of the Share point server 2007.

Kinds of Web Parts

Business Data List – display the total list of the instances of the entity which are registered in the data catalog. Say for instance you need the list of the customers of the organization you can get it easily get it with the help of the business data list part.

Biz data Item web part – this shows the detailed of the instances of the entity from applications of the business. Say when you want more details about a particular customer or details about any particular order instead of just the list then you need to get the aid from the Business data Item web.

Business Data Related List web part – this shows instance which are related to the business application. Say for instance if one needs to know all the orders which are placed by a particular client they can use this part which is called the Business data related list.

Business Data Actions – this shows the list of actions that are associated with the entity as registers in the Biz data catalog. Data Actions webpart shows what all actions can be performed by the users who are using the portal. Say for instance a customer entity will be able to perform actions like send mails to the customers, edit their mailing information etc.

Business Data Item Builder web part – this will create the data item keeping in mind the various parameters and will supply such information to the other SharePoint web parts. Data Item Builder webpart can be used only in the profile pages.


Understanding Your Family As a System

Understanding Your Family As a System

Systems theory suggests that families are systems in which individuals are interconnected and interdependent on one another. Thus the understanding of an individual can be analyzed by the prevailing reflection of how the individual’s family functions.

In the systems theory, the first of which is that a family is an interconnection of family members. In a family environment, it means that actions by one family member will affect the rest of the members in the family and vice versa. This also suggests that change in one part of the system will reverberate throughout the other parts.

The second feature is that a family is greater than the sum of parts. This means that it would be more accurate to assess an individual by looking at their interactions within the family rather than focusing on the individual’s personality as per se. This is because it is believed that individuals are what they are based on their interactions with family members. The start of society begins in each family unit.

Thirdly, it suggests that a family is in equilibrium. This means that the family will generally resist change in such a manner that if any parts within the family tries to change, the rest of the parts in the system will try to pull the individual back to their original state. This is also true even if the change is something positive. However, despite being resistant to changes, the family also constantly adapting itself to its members and the changing environment.

A system can also be flexible or rigid, depending on the boundaries set within a family. Boundary is also a key element of the family system, there can be both emotional and physical boundaries. For families which are flexible, it means that they are “open” and accepts certain changes. On the other hand, a rigid family means that it does not accept any changes at all. In order for a family to function effectively, members should have flexible boundaries, as the family will be in equilibrium without forcing states of change.

Lastly, the system theory suggests that in a family, there are rules and roles made by the family itself and hence, are unique to each and every family. Rules can be spoken or silent and are self regulating within the family. On the other hand, roles are also present in the family, where each individual plays a part in maintaining the family.


A mother who is a vegetarian can possibly influence her family to be more vegetarian even though the other family members may not by their nature, like to eat vegetables. Normally when there is dinner together the whole family had to eat vegetarian meals with her. Over a period of time, the family members individually may develop a habit to vegetables not because they like it, but rather because they are used to it. In this example, the family has open boundaries which potentially save the family from arguments.

All it takes is perhaps the rest of the family to protest to eating vegetarian meals on a constant basis and the mother may stop becoming a vegetarian due to inconvenience and the fear of domestic arguments. When that happens, it is not the mother who does not have the personality to become a vegetarian but rather is forced by the family to dilute away that part of the personality, in order for the family to function well. This phenomenon can be seen in group think as well whereby a group makes a decision not because everybody is readily in for it but rather maybe two dominant characters decide and the rest of the group consent to it.


Part Time Jobs for 16 Year Olds What Jobs Are The Best

Part Time Jobs for 16 Year Olds What Jobs Are The Best

Download Job woman hiring – Stock Photography
from © Dreamstime.com

Are you a teenager or a parent who is looking for information on the best jobs for those around the age of sixteen? If so, keep reading on for a few suggestions.

Retail: One of the best part time jobs for 16 year olds is that of working in a retail store. Unfortunately, you may run into some complications along the way. Some retailers or even state laws prefer that children be a certain age to use machinery, such as a forklift for unloading trucks. In addition, some retailers prefer that teenagers be at least 18 years of age before working a cash register (due to the money). With that said, not all retailers have these limits. Moreover, there are plenty of other positions available, such as customer service, stocking, sales floor workers, and so forth.

Fast Food: Another one of the best part time jobs for 16 year olds is that of fast food. Yes, your teenager may originally cringe at the thought of working for Burger King, but it is a great job for newer workers. Fast food establishments are some of the most common employers of those in the age range of 16 to 18. Moreover, the hours tend to be more flexible than other jobs.

Babysitting: It is well-known to parents that teenagers make good babysitters. That is why babysitting is another one of the part time jobs perfect for 16 year olds. Teenagers are old enough to be responsible, but still young enough to know how to entertain a younger child. Although babysitting isn’t an official job (you won’t get a W-2), it does have the potential to become a profitable part-time job or even a profitable business. Advertise babysitting services through word-of-mouth, local newspapers, community bulletin boards, and classified websites like Craigslist.

Tutoring: Have a sixteen year old is who great at school? Does he or she get good grades? If so, you might have a tutor on your hands. Do a search on a classified website or have your teenager do it; you are sure to find parents who are looking for a high school or college student who is good at a subject like math, science, or a foreign language. Just like babysitting, this may not be an official part-time job, but it is a great way to make money. Advertise services through online websites, local newspapers, and word-of-mouth.

Summer Jobs: As you can imagine, summer jobs include a lot. But, these are some of the best part time jobs for 16 year olds because they take place in the summer. School isn’t in session meaning there is more time to work and a job will not interfere with homework, studying, or sports. Many towns, cities, and villages have jobs designed for teenagers, such as lifeguards, landscapers, summer camp counselors, and so forth.

Whether you are a 16 year old or if you are the parent of one, start your FREE job search at SpotThings.com. Search thousands of classified sites and job sites to find a part-time job today.