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Restaurant POS For a Successful Restaurant Business

Restaurant POS For a Successful Restaurant Business

Point of sales software help in running the restaurant more efficiently to gain larger profits and earn maximum customer satisfaction. It allows the business owners to take control of every transaction. Ever order given by the customer is given through the POS system, and thereby, nothing goes out of the kitchen uncharged. After an in-depth research on the significant considerations of this business, the software development companies developed this software that ensures smooth running of the restaurant operations. Below are mentioned the benefits of this software that explains how the system can turn the business into a much profitable one.

1. Self-Ordering – No one likes standing in long queues or waiting for the servers to take the orders. The software’s provides the customers the service of self-ordering. They can browse through the menu, select the items they crave for and order them through the tablets or phones. This order goes directly to the kitchen. Thus, it saves the time of the customers, the restaurant staff and increases the levels of customer’s satisfaction opening the door for return business. It also increases the speed and accuracy, increasing productivity and minimizing and food or money loss due to order errors.

2. Digital Payment – Time is money and the cash only payment method slow down the checkout process. With a POS, the customers can make payments through a digital payment processor. This makes the payment process a swift procedure that pleases the customers and increase the staff productivity.

3. Inventory Control – A POS system allows the tracking of the food stock. It sends alerts to the staff if, an item in the menu is sold out or unavailable. As seen, the losses faced by the business are largely due to the spoilage of inventory due to excessive stocking. The POS software, calculates and assists in taking informed decisions on inventory purchase. Thus, such wastage issues can be avoided which, saves money. Also, a web development company includes, the tracking system in the software to track the incidences of inventory theft, or fraud with the software data.

Each restaurant has several goals to accomplish, which, can be achieved with the streamlined operations due to the right POS system. Other than the above benefits, the following errors can be avoided. -Incorrect orders -Confusion in kitchen -Pricing errors -Inventory shrinkage -Employee time keeping errors -Theft or fraud -Unknown sales breakdown of each item

The bottom line is, Restaurant POS system controls each operation and makes room for higher sales and customer satisfaction rate.

SmartBUZZ Inc., is software Development Company in Canada, dedicated to offer IT consulting services and products to simplify the IT concerns of various industries.


Restaurant POSqx is Next Generation Restaurant Software

Restaurant POSqx is Next Generation Restaurant Software

The days have passed by when everything, right from the listing of order to final billing, was done manually. Those were the hard times and often the restaurant manager found himself preoccupied with the things that were not actually meant to define his role. Times changed and so did the functioning of in house processes of restaurants. It was the result of development of software system that actually turned everything upside down for a better future. A point of sale was designed which automated the routine processes in small and big restaurants bring high end efficiency and synchronization at work.
Restaurant POSqx is a powerful and amazing restaurant automated system that brings marvels to the management and functioning of routine restaurant processes. Restaurant POSqx gets easily installed on the POSqx Hardware and functions smoothly as it manipulates the orders and provides complete scalability in managing restaurant operations. The automated system also lends innate flexibility to the Point of Sale Manager or Desk Manager to keep the track record of all the sales and/or transactions made through credit card, debit card or cash payment.
An effective completely automated Restaurant POSqx has an integrated payment processing system that provides quick and smart merchant account solutions to carry out routine processes and calculate the number transactions and orders made on daily basis. If the customer makes the payments in cash, Restaurant POSqx will trigger the cash drawer to for the moment cashier is entering the cash amount in the system. In case, the payments are made through debit card/credit card, the card is swiped in integrated credit card/debit card system and the amount is automatically deducted.
The important fact about Restaurant POSqx is that it integrates only in its very own unique and special POSqx Hardware. The hardware provides all the manipulation and data storage facility to automated restaurant system. Restaurant POSqx system is connected to secured online payment gateway which helps in carrying out the transactions over the web directed entirely from POS inventory system control. POSqx is a next generation optimized system that is taking the restaurant business to greater heights and give customers unique lunch, breakfast and dining experience. For remaining successful in restaurant business, it is very necessary to have high end automated Restaurant POSqx system that can really make the difference to the normal and quick functioning of routine restaurant processes.
It’d not be wrong to say that Restaurant POSqx has all the capabilities to take control of restaurant processes and coordinate efficiently between different processes that are otherwise maneuvered in a restaurant. Automated POS system has completely revolutionized manner in which restaurant operations are carried out, and the way they are maneuvered under the real time conditions. The real utility of automated restaurant system can come into action only when the POS manager is able to handle the system with complete religiosity and integrity. One cannot take the power of any POS system to higher levels if he or she is not adept with the features and functionalities installed in the system. http://www.processingamerica.com/

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POS Software for Retail Outlets

POS Software for Retail Outlets

A well-known giant in the IT and consulting space conducted the 2014 North America Consumer Payments Survey with a sample size of 4000, in order to understand and anticipate the forthcoming changes in the mode of payment preferred by consumers when they check out of retail stores. The results of the survey are startling enough to serve as a wake-up call for the honchos of organized retail, especially for those who are sure enough that data analytics is the only area they need to invest focus on.

By 2020, it is expected that 18% of the shoppers who were part of the survey are likely to use Bitcoins and other digital currencies for paying their bills at point-of-sale or POS counters. More importantly, 40% of those who were surveyed gave an affirmative reply when asked if they had made at least one payment by using their smartphones in last seven days or so, which was a meager 16% back in 2012. All these statistics unmistakably indicate the gradually growing global trend of diminished usage of cash, credit cards and debit cards – instruments of financial exchange that dominate the POS transactions across the world.

Demographic analysis of the data collected during survey suggests that individuals born in the late 1980s or later are leading the trend. A new breed of consumers has emerged with gross annual family income surpassing $150,000 and they are not reluctant to flush retail stores with digital currencies during payment. In fact, among the shoppers belonging to the high-income group, 19% have adopted digital currencies as the chosen mode for transacting at POS counters. As a result, it is expected that by the end of this decade, cash payments will be reduced by 12%, accompanied by a slump of 6% and 3% for debit cards and credit cards respectively – demonstrating a decline in the popularity of plastic money for the first time in 50 years.

Most certainly, top executives of every big name in the organized retail sector are grappling with multiple issues. With the threat of losing competitive edge in alluring the young and tech-savvy consumer segment that is cash rich, also comes the cost-benefit ratio of investing on futuristic payment acceptance mechanisms. When the majority of consumers with modest spending power are still quite comfortable with conventional methods, decision makers are facing the dilemma of prioritizing one segment over the other.

However, as with other cases of common people adapting to new technologies, there is also a flip side that needs to be considered. According to experts, the wide scale availability of POS hardware and software that will facilitate payment by using smartphones is a big question. The hardware, being manufactured by a handful of companies, will hit the market pretty soon in a coherent manner. On the other hand, innumerable big and small software firms that codes standard as well customized POS software for retail outlets will have to start from the scratch, simply because of the hardware compatibility issues. Since this is an emerging genre of technology that is yet to be embraced by the mass, there will be disparity regarding the packaging and pricing of software. Consequently, it will not be feasible for retailers to simultaneously install and maintain both the types – the one that favors mobile payment and the other, which is commonplace. Thus, for average retailers, the conventional transaction methods will still bear the same significance.

Author’s Bio:-

Steve Jo is an authority when it comes to POS software for retail outlets. He is the chief software architect of Swadesh Software Private Limited.

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Run Your Restaurant in Better Way With Best Point of Sale Pos Terminals (POSqx)

To run your restaurant in better way, you need to use high-end best restaurant management software. A POS inventory system can manage everything in your restaurant quite comfortably and precisely. Most importantly, the Best point of sale pos terminals can process all sales made in your store – be it credit card, debit card or cash payment. Naturally, the restaurant software is equipped with a complete payment processing system and from your part, you should take no chances in ensuring that the Best point of sale pos terminals is completely safe for such processing.

Your customers may opt to pay through various modes – it may be cash, credit cards or cash cards; even some of them may be your regular customers whom you will charge periodically. So, Best point of sale pos terminals vendors give enough options for collecting and processing payments in different modes. The restaurant software should also enable you to collect payments from customers whose records are saved in the main database of the best restaurant management software.

Under normal conditions, your customer will dine in your restaurant, walk up to the cash-counter or the payment processing systems console and pay using his cash/credit card or simple cash. Now, if the customer pays in cash, the best restaurant management software will open up the cash-drawer automatically the moment the cashier enters the cash details in the console. For credit/debit card processing, you will get your customer’s card swiped in the system and the amount will be automatically updated in the best restaurant management software.

All POS inventory system is equipped with adequate security features to prevent mal-practices. As you get various reports on the data collected in the POS inventory system , any discrepancy will be easily noticeable to you. The information of your customers’ credit or debit cards is completely encrypted through the Best point of sale pos terminals so that they can dine and enjoy in your restaurant freely. A number of Best point of sale pos terminals are also equipped with online payment gateways to complete transactions over the web from the POS inventory system console.

It is important to run your restaurant with an optimized system and offer the customer with a great dining experience. So, to remain in the business successfully, you need to have Best restaurant management software besides efficient workforce and adequate infrastructure. In the end, your restaurant software makes the difference and takes you towards success.

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Car Buying Tips Focusing on Trade Difference

Car Buying Tips Focusing on Trade Difference

Four-Square. It’s one of the most common car deal worksheets used today. It’s been around since the 80s. It’s designed to rip customers off. How? Normally, the 4 numbers in the squares do not directly include the only one that is important: Trade Difference.

It is an extremely competitive market, more so than ever before. The internet has made it increasingly difficult for car dealerships to make money.

Consumers have access to online inventories and classified sites like Los Angeles Used Cars.

They can get ideas of their trade values at Black Book Online.

They can check loan payment calculators, find affordable warranties, and get a used car’s vehicle history report. For all of this, we can thank the Internet.

Having car buyers at the dealership, at the negotiating table, excited about a vehicle and ready to make a purchase is the only time the dealership has a chance to really make some money. The best way they can do this is by making consumers focus on payments.

This is where the four-square worksheet and other tools like it come into play. Usually the four squares show their price, the value of the trade, the cash down, and the payment. Here is a normal method of presenting the deal:

The car salesperson walks in and puts the sheet in front of you, facing you. They point to each square as they go over the numbers.

“This is for ours… this is yours… with $3,000 down, your monthly payments would be $789 per month. Initial here and I’ll go get it cleaned up!”

Whoa, whoa, whoa! $789 per month? $3,000 down? What happened to zero down and $249 a month like the advertisement said?

And just like that, they have you. The last two numbers were so outrageous and spoken out loud. The first two we skimmed over and never spoken. You’re ready to leave, but before you can, the salesperson will identify the objection, which will usually be the payment and money down, and try to fix it.

After a few rounds of back and forth, they relent to $500 down and $279 per month, magically making the numbers acceptable for you. Still, at no time did they adjust the top numbers. They simply kept the customer focused on payment and cash down. They won.

The best way to prepare for car shopping and get the best deal is to focus on trade difference – the difference between their car and your car. You can also consider “total financed amount”, which is trade difference plus your trade-in’s payoff.

If you can find an honest car dealer that works strictly with trade difference, such as Oklahoma Town Cars, you’ll have a much more enjoyable experience.

If there are no dealerships like them locally, follow these steps and you’ll avoid getting redirected in the direction the dealership wants you to look:

1) Determine your likely interest rate. Better yet, get pre-approved at your bank, credit union, or other lending institution. The dealership will probably be able to get a better rate, but knowing what the current rates are for your credit situation and for the kind of vehicles you are considering will help dramatically.

2) Determine your monthly budget, desired down payment (if any), and desired term. Find a loan calculator and plug in numbers until you know match your budget. If you know going in that a total finance amount of $15,000 with zero down will be $311 per month for 60 months at 8.9%, you will be able to find the car that fits your budget.

3) Get all the numbers you need ahead of time. If you know how much vehicles you are considering are selling for at local dealerships, and you know how much your trade is probably worth, and you know your exact payoff, you can determine what your target trade difference and amount financed will be.

4) Try to get your trade evaluated first. Many dealerships won’t do it, plus it won’t help you in negotiating (despite other articles that claim the contrary), but it will tell you how much vehicle you can consider at that car lot. Do not make the mistake of trying to find the dealership that offers the most for your trade up front. If your car is worth $5,000, some dealerships will say it is worth $4,000, while others may say it’s worth $8,000. In reality, they are all giving approximately the same, but you’ll find that the dealership giving $8,000 is probably $3k-$4k higher on the price of their vehicles. Again, focus on trade difference.

5) As rough as it is to go to multiple car dealers, it is a good idea. Gather trade differences on similar vehicles, then go back to the dealership with the best one. Then ask them to make it even better. They may or they may not, but it never hurts to ask.

6) Talk payments with the finance manager only, and only after the trade difference is acceptable. If you know that a $15,000 loan will be around $310 per month, there is no reason to argue it with a salesperson who comes with numbers showing the $15,000 loan at $370 per month. They want you to agree to leave a “cushion” for finance to sell you a warranty, bump your rate, or sell some other products. Again, if the trade difference is acceptable, worry about the rest of the numbers with the finance manager.

7) Be strong. Focus on the prize. Do not let anything or anyone distract you from the important number: trade difference. That is the only number you need to negotiate on the floor. Bring a copy of this article if you must, but make sure they know you know what they know. You know?

I hope it helps.

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Setting Up Credit Card Payment On Dynamics POS

Setting Up Credit Card Payment On Dynamics POS

There are 2 entry methods used by Dynamics POS to process credit card authorizations and captures: manual entry and card swipe. In this article I will talk about how to set up Retail headquarters in AX 2012 to facilitate both of these methods.

Prerequisite: you will need to set up MS Payment service account and make sure it is configured on payment processor side before you can complete successful card authorizations. POS hardware profile should also be configured with EFT account credentials used to connect to MS Payment service.

The following is the list of setups required in Retail module of AX 2012 to allow cc processing:

Retail->Setup->Payment method->Payment method. You should have one payment method with Default function ‘Card’

Retail->Setup->Payment method->Card types. You will need to have one card type for each type of credit card that the store will accept as a valid payment. For example, set card ID as MC, Card type mane as Master Card, Card type as International credit card and Card issuer as MC.

Retail->Setup->Payment method->Card number. You will need to create Card number for each Card type you set up. To continue with Master card example, you will select previously created Card type MC as Card ID and enter Card number from as 5000, Card number to as 5999 and Length of card number as 4.

Important note: there is a typo in Dynamics AX help file that incorrectly states that card number length in this case should be 16. That is not correct and it will cause an issue when processing cc payment with card swipe.

Retail->Common->Retail channels->Retail stores. Go to Set up tab and click Payment methods. Here you would need to create a record for a ‘Card’ payment method that you created in step 1. Make sure you select 201 as POS Operation ID (this will allow manual card entry at POS terminal when ‘Pay card’ button is clicked).

Retail->Common->Retail channels->Retail stores. Go to Set up tab, click Payment methods, select ‘Card’ payment method you created in step 4 and click Card setup button. Here you will need to add all Card types (created in step 2) that you want to allow in the store. Make sure to check Check expiration date and Allow manual card numbers check boxes.

Retail->Setup->POS->Screen layout. Main screen layout on the POS should include Payments button grid (usually Button grid ID 5). This grid should have ‘Card’ button that is linked to Action Item ‘Pay card’. This setup will allow manual entry of cc information.

Then you will have to install and configure MSR itself. Depending on hardware manufacturer, the installation will vary but the end result should remain the sale: configuration utility used will recognize card swipe and will display card information on the screen.

Once that is achieved, you will come back to hardware profile used by POS terminal and will input MSR type (usually OPOS standard), device name (as specified in OPOS configuration utility) and description (optional). Also you will verify that Start track 1 and 2 as well as Separator match the ones you can see when you swipe a card in configuration utility.

Finally, run 2 jobs: N-1070 ‘Stores and tenders’ and N-1090 ‘Registers’, restart POS application and get ready for testing.

Manual entry:

Log in to POS

Type/scan item # and press Enter. Item should have sales price other than zero

Click ‘Pay Card’ payment button

Enter required cc info in opened form

Click OK

Depending on weather on not MS Payment service is connected to live merchant ID of selected provider you should get one of the two possible results: successful authorization or decline. If you get Error code: 50000 then setup in Retail module was not completed properly and retail log on the POS database machine will be the best source to investigate the root cause of the error.

Card swipe:

Log in to POS

Type/scan item # and press Enter. Item should have sales price other than zero

Swipe card through MSR

Click OK in opened form

The expected result is new popup window should open when you swipe card. This form is very similar to the one that opens when you click ‘Pay Card’ button except that all fields are greyed out as they are populated directly from the magnetic stripe.

That is it. Of course, for the test to be successful, MS Payment service account needs to be configured with the one of the payment providers available through this service (FirstData, CybeSource, PayPay, etc.) You will need to provide Merchant ID that was automatically generated when you sign up with the selected provider to your contact at provider’s side so that it can be linked to the bank of your choice. You will need to sign contracts both with payment provider and the bank.

Next time I will talk about reason codes and different situation you may want to use them. It’s a very flexible feature of Dynamics AX POS.


Nextone Consulting offers online training sessions that cover the following main areas: Retail headquarters setup, POS terminal configuration and Microsoft Online services includingpayment service.


The Benefits of Using a Cash Register

The Benefits of Using a Cash Register

You can purchase both mechanical and electronic cash registers for your business and these will enable you too quickly and efficiently process customer purchases and keep accurate records of your daily sales transactions. Cash registers provide a number of useful services across a wide range of sales businesses including retail stores, food and drink outlets, cinemas, supermarkets and more.

Fast Checkouts

Cash registers will ensure that the checkout stage of your business is as fast and seamless as possible as they can be used to quickly calculate the total sales price of each transaction and also provide the sales clerk with the exact change that needs to be given. A sales receipt can be provided for customer that details the transaction and may also include additional details such as the date/time, sales clerk ID name/number and refund policy. You can even make use of sales receipts to advertise upcoming events in your store such as seasonal sales or new product launches.

Increase Security

Cash registers can improve the security on your shop floor as the cash drawers will be securely locked until a successful sales transaction is put through. This will trigger the cash drawer to open so that the sales clerk can add money/vouchers and also access change for the customer. Cash registers prevent the need to keep money out in view of the public and also reduce the chances of theft or embezzlement on the shop floor as each transaction is fully recorded against the time, date and also the sales clerk operating the register. Senior sales staff can be provided with an override code or passkey in order to access the sales drawer in case a refund needs to be given or the customers has received the wrong change.

Multiply Payment Options

With electronic cash registers you can purchase integrated credit card readers. This allows you to accept instant credit card payments which can be processed securely through PIN readers. You will also be able to accept cash, cheques, vouchers, loyalty cards and other payment methods and this will enable you to provide a good range of payment options for your customers.

Audit Reports

Cash registers will record detailed information about each sales transaction. This can not only provide you with a way to corroborate stock levels but it will also provide you with a clear audit trail which you can use to ensure that your incomings and outgoings balance correctly.

Cash registers are an essential tool for modern businesses and provide a secure, accurate way to process customer sales transactions and also record daily sales information.


Why Lightspeed POS For Mobile – An Incredible Way to Transform Sales Process With iPhone And iPod

Why Lightspeed POS For Mobile – An Incredible Way to Transform Sales Process With iPhone And iPod

Point of Sale systems definitely an impressive way to make business deals with less time and effort. Mobile POS lead us to next generation selling easy with any iPhone or iPod.

Why LightSpeed?

There may be various point of sale software available to enhance ecommerce but above all other point of sale systems, LightSpeed POS is one such wonderful solution to facilitate retail businesses more effective.

Which LightSpeed POS can support Mobile?

LightSpeed Pro Mobile POS is unique product available for iPhone, iPod from LightSpeedRetail.

How LightSpeed POS for Mobile is beneficiary? -It gives a personalized shopping experiences digitally using iPhone or iPod by allowing every retail sales team to close deals with no time. -It allows the iPhone or iPod to scan barcode using Linea Pro scanner and add to products to customer shopping cart. -We can simply choose the customer by selecting them from customer list. -All backend retail management provisions like creating new invoice, verify inventory and stocks levels, scan and add products to cart, check out for payment with LightSpeed POS CreditCard Processing. -Mailing the receipts or print them done efficiently happens in minutes by connecting and accessing data from database.

What are requirements for installing LightSpeed for iPhone or iPod? -You may require access to LightSpeed 3.6 to connect to database Server using Wi-Fi, 3G, or VPN. -You can download LightSpeed PRO Mobile POS 1.5 demo version on Apple ITunes free of cost. -It also requires hardware like iPod 4 Touch, iPhone, Linea Pro kit inclusive of barcode scanner, credit card swipe, battery pack, and USB A to Mini B to charge scanner devices.

What are the Limitations? -1 user / every available LightSpeed server license -LightSpeed Server with 5 user access can log in concurrently up to 5 mobile or MAC devices. -Without Device running with IOS 4.0 and above, it is not possible to process sales and payment. -Credit card processing is limited to credit card processors supported by lightspeed. -Axia, Merchant Warehouse, Tyro and Authorize.net are the LightSpeed POS Credit card processing services in United States. -Tyro is the LightSpeed POS Credit card processing services in Australia while other payment processors are explored for international payments.

Why should not be Shopify POS or ShopKeep POS or VendHQ POS?

There are Multiple Mobile POS available apart from LightSpeed PRO Mobile Point of Sale. Nothing is comparable with LightSpeed Features with limitless sales opportunities.

We Radiant proffer limitless solutions for integrating LightSpeed POS for iPod at affordable costs. We can also handle Custom FileMaker Plugin Development and JBilling CRM Integration for Retailers to enhance their business functions.


POS System Software for Restaurant makes Credit Card Processing Easy

POS System Software for Restaurant makes Credit Card Processing Easy

Nobody wants to carry cash these days. Debit cards and credit cards are so easy to carry and so much safer, if you happen to lose them. People visit restaurants to relax, to enjoy. It is a business of offering leisure to people. Hence, a good software at the point of sale or at the point where customers make their payments can be crucial for a restaurant.

POS system software for restaurant, such as one available on posequipment.net, includes much more than merely a POS credit card processing system. It can assist you in building a full menu and is equipped with a full bar menu, enables you to accept all payment types including credit cards, checks, cash and even maintaining House Accounts.

You can opt for touch or non-touch POS system software for restaurants that can be used by hostess to make reservations and put up a waiting list. Table and chair layouts on each floor of your restaurant can also be visualized through POS software for restaurant.

While a lite version of POS system restaurant software is suitable for coffee shops and small restaurants which usually have only one to two computers, a professional version of restaurant software is fit for expansive restaurants.

A POS system at a restaurant can help you generate extensive management reports and can easily be geared up for receiving food orders on Internet. Cloud POS software for restaurant allows true freedom to restaurateurs in connecting all their restaurants on the Enterprise Cloud and monitoring them from wherever and whenever they like.

Leading hospitality technology solutions provider, like Posequipment.net, offer easy-to-use and reliable POS credit card processing system separately too, that can be installed in bars, restaurants, night clubs, drive-away, and other quick service restaurants to make it easier for your business to accept payments from different types of customers.

A good POS system provider is one that can understand the needs of your restaurant management and offer you customized solutions. You can always bargain for value-added services like free software training, technical support and even ask for warranty.

While choosing good POS system software for restaurant, make sure that it has features like table reservation and management, kitchen display system, payroll programs, system to receive food orders and manage inventory, tracking food delivery, displaying menu and the capacity to integrate gift vouchers, loyalty programs and promotion schemes.

Experts can help you with minute like split check processing, tracking server tips, built-in interfaces for printer-controlled cash draws, bar code readers and weight scales. For a free consultation on POS systems, call (479) 553-7432.

I have more than 10 year experience in content and article writing. I have been writing article for the electronic avenue Inc since 2014. We provide restaurant pos systems software, pos system software restaurant, pos software systems etc. Please visit:http://www.posequipment.net/