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Improve Customer Satisfaction and Employee Performance through EPOS Systems

Improve Customer Satisfaction and Employee Performance through EPOS Systems

In today’s era of economic crisis and cut-throat competition it has become indispensable for companies to reduce their fixed costs for business management and increase profitability of businesses. Maintaining a balance between profit margins and overall costs of business are crucial to survive for any business in the long run. EPOS systems have evolved in the last few years as one of the most effective mediums for reducing costs and increasing sales of business. EPOS systems are now available in markets which are customized according to the various requirements of different business segments.

Two of the most significant factors which affect the overall performance of any business are customer satisfaction and employee performance. EPOS systems help businesses in several ways to improve customer satisfaction, monitor employee activity and boost sales of business. The modern EPOS technology is an effective tool for maintaining and monitoring several business activities at the same time which have a direct impact on overall performance and success of any business.

EPOS systems help offer better services to customers in a number of ways. Sold products can be entered into the Till machine rapidly providing customers ease to not to stand in queue for long times waiting for their turn at point of sales. Sales receipts can be issued to customers so that they can have a record of what they have purchased from your retail store. EPOS solutions are best to be used in places where customers prefer to perform transactions through mediums other than cash. These systems offer flexibility to customers to make payments in whatever mode they want. This also puts a positive impact on sales of business as customers would shop from a store which may provide them access to more than one ways of payment. One more great advantage of using EPOS solutions is that these are the best resources to gain customer loyalty for business. Information of customers can be recorded and traced through such systems which can be used to issue loyalty cards and various discount offers for loyal customers. In this way EPOS technology can be used for marketing campaign of products and services for a business.

Electronic point of sales systems have revolutionized the way business used to be managed. These systems have not only boosted the business performance and efficiency but these are really effective for boosting employee efficiency as well. This latest technology makes the work of employees extremely convenient. Employee activities can be traced and different business sections can be integrated. Owners do not need to keep an eye on activity of each and every employee as they can easily analyse the overall performance of all staff members through EPOS systems. Employees will have a sense of responsibility that their activities are being monitored and at the end of the day they need to balance cash registers. EPOS systems make employees of an organization responsible for their tasks and actions. Reports generated through electronic point of sales systems can be utilized for measuring performance of a specific business division and employee over a certain period of time.

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SharePoint 2010 Performance

SharePoint 2010 Performance

SharePoint development companies are aware of the need for performance testing guidelines and there are some guidelines that are particularly specific to SharePoint 2010. The testing and optimization of the platform or an application is important to determine the effectiveness and it is important to test new architecture before utilizing them for production. Testing the architecture enables SharePoint consulting team to identify and optimize the potential blockages before they have an impact during a live deployment. In order for SharePoint development team to conduct a complete test and check the performance of SharePoint 2010, a number of steps have to be followed:

Step 1: Model

SharePoint consulting team is aware that modeling of the SharePoint Server 2010 starts with the research and analyzing of the existing solutions and then creating an estimate for the targets before the deployment is setup. SharePoint development team needs to gather information on the user base, targets, documents, data requirements and the features that need to be deployed. It is also important that the SP development team understands the demand characteristics that the solution is expected to handle. Another important aspect is the workload that is needed for the system to sustain the user base and the usage characteristics.

Step 2: Design

The second step that SharePoint development team has to follow is the design where the SharePoint developers would need to design the proposed architecture. This proposed architecture should be able to sustain the desired demand and therefore at the end of this step, the physical topology and layout for logical topology should be ready.

Step 3: Pilot, test and optimize

In the third step SharePoint consulting team has to test the architecture before it is deployed. The SharePoint developers are required to carry out an acceptance testing that is in conjunction with the best practices thereby ensuring the designed architecture is able to achieve the desired capacity and performance targets. This helps in clearing the bottlenecks especially when the platform is being shifted from Office SharePoint Server 2007 to the new SharePoint Server based environment. SP developers are aware that testing is also an important factor where the system is tested to see if it can support the workload and the usage characteristics. In some cases optimizing the existing setup is required in case it doesn’t meet the capacity and performance targets.

Step 4: Deployment

Once the final round of tests has been executed then the deployment of the SharePoint Server 2010 based environment takes place in the production and the ideal rollout strategy is dependent on the situation and the environment. The first step in the deployment stage involves rebuilding the servers that were utilized during the capacity planning. The second step is to see if it requires scale up to meet increased demand of a SharePoint Server 2010 farm. The third and the final step are enhancing the overall performance of the existing SharePoint Server 2010 farm.

Step 5: Monitor and Maintain

The server needs to be monitored to see if it is being monitored effectively or not. Depending on the settings, SharePoint development team can monitor the changes accordingly.


Retail Dashboards Monitor Key Performance Indicators

Retail Dashboards Monitor Key Performance Indicators

Every business unit needs to keep a track over the costs and the revenues generated over a period of time. There is every possibility of a mismatch between the two. Key performance indicators form the basis for determining the performance of any organization. The indicators are sales volume, price management, price optimization and others. These figures help the business units in increasing their sales and profits and in determining the market trends. A retail dashboard summarizes all the data in a top level snapshot. It displays the revenues received in different intervals of time as to have clear distinction of the revenue generated in a specific state in each month.

The laser focused dashboards shows the key performance indicators of every type of business models. Within a dashboard, the KPI (Key Performance Indicators) charts are different for every kind of enterprise. There is large volume of POS data and the dashboards offer retail data solutions by displaying all the KPI. In this competitive world, the retail dashboards have become an integral part of every organization. The owners cannot wait for the data to take crucial decisions. The multiple levels of data are very effective in boosting up the level of sales. The dashboards help in promotional planning, inventory management, and merchandise tracking.

eSENSE Retail make use of the latest technology and offers retail data solutions to the business firms both small and large. The eSENSE Retail solution is a web based application and it integrates various data points into the customized dashboards. Their retail dashboards help in identifying the areas which require action or follow up as to have increase in revenue. eSENSE Retail was established by a team of experts in the field of category management. They have been working with manufacturers distributing retail management tools, products and services to the retail community from many years. Get this opportunity and boost the ROI and have high sales volumes. For more details about their excellent services, please browse through www.esenseretail.com.


EPOS Systems And Business Performance Go Hand in Hand

EPOS Systems And Business Performance Go Hand in Hand

The advent of latest technology has revolutionized all over the world. The modern age of information technology has also completely transformed the way retail businesses used to be managed before. The introduction of EPOS technology in retail industry is the sign of a new age in this industry with its diverse features used for business management and increasing business efficiency. This latest technology has made the several works of retail business entrepreneurs extremely easy and provided them complete peace of mind for administering and processing business processes. EPOS systems can help increase business performance in following ways.

EPOS systems have made the complex and tedious task of inventory management extremely easy and efficient. Manual handling of inventory stock is a really difficult job as stock managers had to manually count all products available in stock and also had to keep track of sold products and deduct them from products available in inventory. This manual process used to become even more complex with high percentage of probability of human errors which had a negative effect on the overall profitability of business as well. But thanks to EPOS technology which has automated the process of inventory management through its stock control system also known as EPOS Software. Latest technology used in EPOS systems not only keeps track of all products available in stock but also alerts inventory managers about minimum levels of products. This feature greatly helps in preventing inventory shortage problem. Also orders can be sent to concerned suppliers automatically preventing managers from the hassle of manually sending orders to a huge range of products to suppliers.

One of the biggest reasons that EPOS systems are extremely useful for retail business is their speed and accuracy which can never be achieved through human resources. This unmatched speed and accuracy of EPOS technology helps businesses improve their overall efficiency in several ways. Entries can be made in EPOS software quite rapidly and orders from customers can be processed with utmost speed and accuracy. This increases customer satisfaction on one hand and reduces business expenditures on the other hand by saving costs for daily wages allocated for human resources used for managing those processes.

EPOS systems not only assist in improving business performance but that improved efficiency can also be monitored and measured through the use of this state of the art technology. This great feature helps manager and owners identify that which products are more profitable for their business and investment in which sector of business can be profitable for business in the long run. All the information obtained from reports generated from EPOS systems can further be used for formulating and implementing various growth and marketing strategies. Success of business growth strategies can also be measured and necessary amendments can be made as well.

Last but not the least, EPOS systems also help greatly in price management of products. Decisions regarding increase or decrease in prices of different products can be taken and their effects on profitability of business can be analysed through this latest technology which was never possible with traditional and manual cash register system.

E-Till Solutions specializes in offering customized and most affordable Pharmacy EPOS Systems, dry cleaners point of sales Systems and Restaurant POS Systems in UK.


ERP And Supply Chain Management – Generate Rapid Improvement In Business

ERP And Supply Chain Management – Generate Rapid Improvement In Business

Supply chain management is an old concept but Enterprise Resource Planning has aided in reducing the inaccuracies. ERP has increased the performance of the supply chain. ERP and Supply Chain Management is a way of planning all the resources in the business enterprise effectively. The organizations establish operating systems and operating performance which help them in managing the business operations and meet the objectives of the business. ERP and SCM includes the trading partners of the organization also which are the customers and the suppliers. It is for the companies who are looking to generate rapid improvement in their operations. The assessment of ERP and SCM depends on the size of the operations and takes about three to four days. The organization’s intent, implementation and effectiveness of the existing operations are assessed based on an ERP model.

SCM or Supply Chain Management is essential to have an edge over the competition in the market. It improves the way the organization finds raw components it requires to make a product to deliver to the customers. The components of Supply Chain Management are Plan, Source, Make, Deliver and Return. Many of the SCM applications rely on the information which is with the ERP or the Enterprise Resource Planning software. ERP integrates the data in a single application and therefore benefits SCM applications. The SCM applications have a single source for the data which makes it easy. It is beneficial to implement ERP first to get the information in order. Nowadays the ERP vendors offer SCM modules too.

Investing on ERP systems provides a platform that enables effective response to the changing Supply Chain Management. An integrated ERP system can aid in improving the performance of the Supply Chain Management by achieving a global visibility. It is essential to optimize the investment on inventory and offer great customer service in today’s market. It is important to know about the inventory throughout the Supply Chain and this data is available with an ERP system. The manufactures can develop the best plan for production and make only what is required by having the knowledge of the inventory location and availability. This information also helps to provide the customers with inventory and product availability information. Real time data helps to make quick and correct decisions with the help of ERP.

ERP and SCM work together by developing a better customer interaction. It is important to know about the views of the customer and to obtain such information one needs to interact with the customer. This data can be achieved from different sources such as sales, marketing and supply chain systems. ERP offers this integrated view and helps the manufacturers to understand the customer needs better. They can provide better products and services which help the company to increase its profits. ERP and Supply Chain Management help in lean manufacturing, supplier integration and global sourcing. It helps to achieve a higher performance as the measurement and performance are linked together. ERP systems include analytics which enable to standardize metrics thereby bringing about speed and better quality.

Read about Types of ERP. Also know What is ERP System. Read information about Importance of Communication in Business.


What PacketShaper can do for you

What PacketShaper can do for you

What is PacketShaper?

It is an application-intelligent traffic management system which delivers predictable, efficient performance for applications running over the WAN and the Internet. It is able to detect and classify automatically an extensive collection of applications and protocols. Thanks to the use of state-of-the-art bandwidth, traffic, service-level and policy management technology, it is able to provide effective application Quality of Service.

How does PacketShaper work?

It discovers and classifies traffic by focusing on content and applications where value to the end user lies. The combination of PacketShaper’s layer-7 classification, analysis, control, and reporting capabilities enables network administrators to keep critical traffic moving at proper speed through bandwidth bottlenecks and stops any single type of traffic from monopolizing the link.

PacketShaper also identifies traffic markers, discovers changing or dynamic port assignments and tracks transactions with changing port assignments. This type of traffic classification enables network managers to fix policies and keep control over the traffic related to an individual application, server, client, and session or traffic type.

What are the benefits of PacketShaper?

Benefits of traffic shaping technology

PacketShaper has traffic shaping technology that allows you to sort out WAN and Internet performance problems. Through active prevention of network congestion, shaping controls bandwidth utilization and application performance. It also allows you to ensure true QoS for critical applications like voice and video to CRM and ERP.

Increasing performance across the WAN

PacketShaper stops the endless cycle of bandwidth upgrades and multiplies application throughput across the existing network infrastructure. So, you can get more output in less time, with fewer performance-related complaints and a higher Quality of Service for all networked users.

Enhancing Network Security

It is observed that internal threats from worm infections, unsanctioned recreational traffic and rogue servers sometimes can severely impact network capacity and cause critical applications. PacketShaper helps in identifying infected PCs and unsanctioned traffic as well as protecting performance of key applications and the network during the time of attack. And it does this all while delivering hard ROI from bandwidth savings, multiplied WAN capacity and increased application performance.

Kaitlin Lucy is a renowned business writer who has years of experience in writing technical reviews, product descriptions and product feature analysis of technical gadgets and gizmos. He has won appreciation especially for enlightening people about the latest communication gizmos…the PacketShaper


A Multibagger stock tips that can give good returns

A Multibagger stock tips that can give good returns

Bullish on Jindal Drilling, JM Financial, Gujarat Ambuja Exports and Lakshmi Electrical Control Systems.

Q: What is the story in Jindal Drilling?

A: This is a drilling contractor having five jack-up rigs. If you see the performance, yesterday they have announced their Q3 results, that translates into an earning per share (EPS) of about Rs 10 plus. If I go by the full year performance, since we have the nine months performance in front of us, with bottom-line of about Rs 75 crore and top-line of about Rs 750 crore, FY11 should result in a top-line of about Rs 1,100 crore and bottom-line of about Rs 100 crore. And that makes the share ruling at a PE multiple of about ten times because EPS should be close to about Rs 42-43.

Traditionally, this stock tips has been ruling at a PE multiple of 16-18 times. But because of the carnage we have been seeing in the market and specially in this midcap or smallcap stocks, they have all taken beating beyond proportion. If you go by the financials performance, the five jack-up rigs have long tenure also. They have been deployed and the term of the contracts will be expiring from October ’11 to as long as March ’14. So, there will be having the periodical renewal also of these rigs at a higher level which will keep increasing their revenue as well as the profits. There is a very small debt of about Rs 4-5 crore in the books of the company.

So, taking all this into consideration, I think that stock has very limited downside. It has a good upside potential. If somebody can keep a view of about six months, it can give a price target of about Rs 550 from the current level.

Q: Your second pick is brokerage, a sector that hasn’t done too well lately, JM Financials?

A: That’s right. In fact that was the idea of choosing the stock because wherever we have seen this kind of negative perception for the sector or for the stock, the price has taken a huge beating and in fact it applies to JM Financials also. We have seen price moving to about Rs 45, maybe three-four months back on the rumour of the stake sale by the promoters and all that, when that was done by the Enam promoters. At that time, it went up to Rs 45.

If I go by the pure financials by the core business model of the company, this has a good presence in the broking mutual fund business, realty asset management. If we take a call on the earnings also, the share is ruling at a PE multiple of close to about ten because company has been consistently delivering the performance, the bottom-line has been about Rs 145 crore for Q3 on a top-line of about Rs 702 crore.

If you see the results, it has been equally divided in all three quarters that means they have a stable working and this is expected from Q4 as well. So, taking all this into consideration, whenever you have renewed interest coming back in these stocks or maybe because of the some corporate announcements or some expectations coming, the stock takes good jump from these levels. So, downside is virtually low. But one can expect a price to move to at least Rs 30 in next six months.

Q: What about Gujarat Ambuja Exports?

A: We don’t often hear about this stock. But this is an interesting company, they have about 13-14 plant, they are into the maize processing, solvent extraction, flour mills, they have presence in Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat and Maharashtra. But their major presence is in Ahmadabad with about 10-11 plant. Also, they have the cotton yarn, they have 73,000 spindles.

If you go by their Q3 performance, they have posted a top-line of about Rs 650 crore, while the topline for first half H1 was 650 crore. Even the earnings have been quite good in the Q3 with EPS of close to about Rs 2 to 2.10. But if you go by the cotton yarn industry, they have been making very good money and the company has presence in Gujarat where you have good cultivation of cotton. They have the advantage of acquiring the cotton on a longer-term basis. They have always been prudent in having their better inventory management in respect to the raw material as well as in respect to the selling. So, taking a positive call on the cotton yarn because as I said they have 73,000 spindles that is going to give them a very robust performance.

As I said Rs 650 crore turnover came in Q3, but even if I don’t extrapolate the same the company should be able to post a top-line of close to about Rs 2,000-2,100 crore for entire FY11 because they have already achieved a turnover of over Rs 1,350 crore. So, they should be able to have a turnover of Rs 2,100 crore. Even the EPS is likely to be about Rs 7 because they have already posted an EPS of Rs 4.50-4.60. So, they should be able to post an EPS of close to about 7.

The share is now ruling at a PE multiple of less than five. There have been institutional investors also in the company for quite sometime, so they must also be keeping the watch and the corporate governance issues and all that because there were some issues in the past as well for the company. But I don’t think now those things are there. It is multidivisional, multi-location company with good presence in all the business segments and with a marketcap of close to Rs 450 crore, I think this is quite an interesting company at these levels.

Q: What are your thoughts on Lakshmi Electrical Control Systems?

A: This is LMW Group company and it’s a smallcap stock having a marketcap of about Rs 60 crore. Couple of year back, they had the cotton yarn spinning units also along with them which they have hived off to a subsidiary and now that is in the process of getting sold off. Part of that fund is still lying in that project. But the core business of the company is low voltage switchgear and the stabiliser and that’s a very profit making venture.

If you take the present financials, they have a very low equity of Rs 2.5 crore with face value of Rs 10 and that translates into marketcap of about Rs 61-62 crore. For nine months, they have already posted a top-line of about Rs 110 crore with EPS of close to about Rs 33-34 with bottom-line of Rs 7.8 crore. In fact this low voltage switchgear, which is also with the big players like Siemens, ABB, they have their presence in high voltage switchgear and low voltage switchgear, but this product has a very good demand. They have a very good presence in the southern market.

FY11 should have a topline of close to about Rs 140-145 crore. Generally, Q4 result is always better for the company with EPS of close to Rs 45. I am very positive on the financial performance expected from the company for FY12. I won’t be surprise to see if they post a growth of about 30% in the bottom-line. So, they should be able to post an EPS of close to Rs 55 for FY12. If I take that earning, share is available at a PE multiple of 5.

This stock has been showing lot of volatility in this market, maybe couple of months back it went up to Rs 350-360 and now has fallen to about Rs 250. So, this should be an opportunity to buy this stock at these levels with a view of about three-six months again to see it moving back to close to about Rs 400.


Real-Time Call Center Performance Management Software By VPI Enables Profitability

Real-Time Call Center Performance Management Software By VPI Enables Profitability

Authored by Patrick Botz, Vice President of Solutions Marketing, VPI

Call center performance management software is now recognized as a valuable solution to a long-standing problem. Much of the information within most contact centers is still collected and stored in disparate systems. Each system typically has its own reports, making it very difficult to make cohesive and accurate decisions based on data that can’t be properly compared and analyzed. With the advent of call center performance management software, companies can now cost-effectively merge all of their bits and pieces of inter-related intelligence from multiple applications and multiple locations into one big chunk of consolidated, actionable information.

With real-time call center performance management software, organizations can collect data pertaining to the vast number of interactions handled, such as how they are classified and evaluated. Call center performance management software can show managers which and how many coaching sessions have been taken, review employee skills, their performance over time, and much more. With color-coded drill-through reports, managers can rapidly identify employees displaying outstanding and poor performance. Reasons for poor responses to sales and marketing campaigns or product launches can be accurately identified much more quickly – based upon detailed, just-in-time analysis of specific areas of concern. To help enable this, innovative call center performance management software systems offer the most meaningful, consolidated performance metrics used by contact centers today and standardized data collectors for popular PBXs, ACDs, WFM and CRM solutions.

Empowering Front-line Employees with Real-time KPIs and Notifications:

Given that contact center agents account for two-thirds of contact center overhead costs, companies are also looking for ways to get more out of these front-line employees. Typically, contact center employees want to do well and are competitive in nature. A real-time call center performance management software system that helps deliver real-time information provides immediate feedback and reinforcement to motivate quality and performance improvements – it empowers employees to quickly get where they want to be. The combination of greater, faster responsiveness and better decisions translates to increased staff morale, productivity and utilization.

Rapid, Outstanding Results:

A group of highly successful, progressive contact centers have achieved rapid, outstanding results with the latest real-time call center performance management software systems. By delivering the right information to the right employees at the right time, based on individual or contact center performance, they are empowering their staff to make immediate, accurate decisions and properly change direction on an intraday basis. For example, shortly after implementing real-time employee desktop tickers and integrated electronic coaching, major retailer 1-800-FLOWERS.COM experienced five additional sales per employee per day and a significant three percent increase in overall sales conversions. A leading U.S. bank achieved a 16 percent reduction in outbound talk time, a 34 percent increase in average speed of answer, and a 37 percent improvement in abandon rate – resulting in a quick return on their investment in less than 60 days. By empowering their employees with real-time desktop performance tickers and notifications, a global telecommunications leader recently reduced talk time by ten percent, decreased their post-call wrap time by 12 percent, boosted call quality scores by 14 percent, increased instant payments by 13 percent and increased dollars collected by five percent – resulting in the generation of several million dollars.

To learn more about best practices for using and the latest developments in Call Center Performance Management Software, visit VPI-corp.

Patrick Botz serves as Corporate Vice President of Solutions Marketing for VPI (Voice Print International), the leading provider of interactions recording, contact center quality management and performance optimization solutions. Leveraging more than a decade of field experience as a CRM and contact center practitioner, he focuses on the mission-critical aspects of capturing customer intelligence and optimizing business processes and workforce performance. Patrick’s work has been published in Customer Inter@ction Solutions, Business Management, Contact Professional, Call Center Magazine, Connections Magazine and Contact Center World. Patrick holds an MBA from Pepperdine University and a BSE in Engineering from Arizona State University.

VPI [Voice Print International] is the premier global provider of interaction recording and analytics, contact center quality management and workforce optimization solutions. For more information visit http://www.vpi-corp.com/.


Epos Has Powers To Change Your Business Positively

Epos Has Powers To Change Your Business Positively

Introduction: It is true that the productivity of employees is something which can have a great impact on the wealth of a firm or industry. Due to this reason, many businesses are now desire to have epos systems that are ideal for serving a help to monitor whole staff performance.

In this modern era, there is a continue launch of software and hardware technologies that are becoming more and more advanced in terms of functions and features. Epos is the biggest and most popular example for this that allows your employees to balance the cash register at the end of the day by monitoring the staff performance.
In this competitive world it is not compulsory that if you are working hard means your staff is also doing the same to get your business forward. To ensure their performance and check whether workers are operating every task as effectively as possible you need something. Cheap epos system is suitable for all sizes of businesses that can fill the requirements of your business which in return give you several advantages.

Epos systems UK are really providing the way in which businesses cannot only boost the sales but also assist you to make more profits in different ways. One of the key benefits that this system serves is that it keeps a track of employee activity. By boosting the production capacity of staff, undoubtedly it also improves the honesty of employees working in your company. For those who want to install epos systems in their firm, shops or at any other commercial place, you must speak to experts who are the best dealers and manufacturers of this system.

Take a look at your business, business size, clientele and various other factors to get the right epos software that meets with your needs. Make effective recommendations based on your research on the internet. Thus, there are plenty of firms that have best deals for you and supply both touch screen and keyboard operation for retail epos, cashless epos and catering epos. Learning to operate this system is absolutely easy and simple that will increase efficiency in terms of sales and profits.
If you want to enjoy the several advantages of epos you must get information on it and compare prices with each other to get the best out from it. You are not required to worry about money because there are also firms that offer this system with different discounts, packages and offers at any of their showrooms located in your area. So, just fulfill the needs of your business to earn more from it. Now, it’s not time to wait for the success, but just go to it. The very true lines that the advent of cheap epos systems is a boon to every business who want to become successful.

Conclusion: Make your financial control a lot easier and manage products in an organized manner with epos system UK. View a complete revelation of the imperial epos by simply visiting the websites. Ensure about the product that it is of high standards by going through demo.

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