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Hotel Marketing Plan – A 6-Part Sample Outline

Hotel Marketing Plan – A 6-Part Sample Outline

A hotel marketing plan is your action plan to fill the rooms of your new hotel. A marketing plan focuses on the four Ps (Product, Promotion, Price and Place), but doesn’t neglect customer retention and key partnerships. All of these elements should be specific to your hotel’s intended customers and the geographic area.

1) Product – Your hotel’s services

For every hotel, the basic product offered is the same service – use of a bed for a night. Beyond this similarity, there are endless ways to differentiate your service. Services can include entertainment (i.e., in-room cable, on-premises nightclub), food (i.e., chocolates on a pillow to a five-star restaurant), communication (i.e., free local calls, wireless internet), and health (i.e., a pool, fitness center, spa). Consider whether unusual services will be a draw for your customers or if you are better off providing the tried and true. Whatever you choose, present the information clearly and in just enough detail so that readers understand the level and type of service provided.

2) Promotion – How to get the word out

Promotion is how you make your people aware of your hotel and its unique value proposition and convert them into guests. The promotional tools you use depends entirely on the customers you seek. Rather than thinking about how other hotels seek customers, think from the customer’s point of view. How do your desired customers seek hotels? Make sure yours can be found where they are looking, whether this is in travel books, magazines, websites, or elsewhere. Remember that the most powerful type of advertising is the kind that money cannot buy – press. Consider whether a public relations strategy can help make this happen.

3) Price – The right rates for your hotel

Your marketing plan must show where you want your pricing to fall within the market’s range. The choice of price ties directly to your hotel’s profitability, but also to the brand you are trying to build in the minds of customers. If you bill your hotel as extremely upscale, but price it in the middle of the pack, customers may not believe your assertions that you are the next Ritz-Carlton. Pricing is about finding the right price to both represent what your hotel is and to cover costs, leaving room for profit.

4) Place – Where customers and your services meet

Place is more than the choice of location for your hotel. “”Place”” in this context means distribution, and this is the choice of how customers will book hotel rooms and receive other services you provide. This can be through websites, travel agents, or a dedicated sales staff, each of which have their own cost and benefit tradeoffs. Distribution of services continues inside your hotel and involves both your staff and your means to communicate with your guests (i.e., phone systems, TV ordering, even doorknob signs).

5) Customer Retention

Most of the cost of providing service to a customer is in getting them to buy for the first time. To keep a customer returning should be significantly cheaper than getting a new one so explain your retention strategy. For example, loyalty programs provide incentives for repeat visits and customer relationship management (CRM) software can save data on the preferences and activity of individual guests to make returning more enjoyable for them.

6) Partnerships

Finally, consider how you will work with your hotel’s neighbors, local government, and other stakeholders to build business. There may be potential for you to either get guests from or send guests to many local businesses, improving the experience the overall experience for those customers. Consider mentioning a few key partnerships that will pay off because of their importance to both parties. Don’t stretch yourself too think by proposing to partner with every business on your street. Describe any successful legwork you have done to inquire about the possibility of making those partnerships a reality.

Are you looking for more tips on how to start a hotel or develop your hotel business plan? Call 800-506-5728 to learn how Growthink can help you build your hotel business.


Learn More About POS Systems

Learn More About POS Systems

POS systems have been the favorite choice for most retail shop owner for the past two decades. The general POS system was generally designed to take care of all the actions that take place during the point of sale procedure and it does a great job of helping out the owner of the business to save time that would normally be spent on careful introduction of values in the cash register and then careful monitoring and inventory of all the products of the company.

In this small article I am going to tell you about the benefits using a POS system can bring to your business and what you should expect from such a system and why.

First of all we need to begin with the main purpose why it was designed. The point of sale system was designed to help you efficiently keep track of all the transactions that take place in your company during the point of sale procedure and to help increase the overall productivity and speed of your services. now for that respect a proper POS system can help you improve your customer services and over all accounting issues.

If you are the owner of a restaurant you can keep track of all the past transactions that took place in your establishment and you can even keep track of some of your favorite customers. At the same time in some other line of business you can avoid the nasty situation of employees stealing from you while you are not in the store.

It has been a long way from the cash register to the point of sale systems that are used today and this transition as brought many companies a new sense of efficiency and profit. If you are considering to purchase a POS system for your business as well then you should also know that it is not just one piece of hardware and that it is composed from the main POS computer that will store the inventory and your transaction, a cash drawer so that you can exchange some cash, a touchscreen monitor so that you will not have to use a boring keyboard or mouse and the mandatory printer to that you can give your customers their receipts.

Like I said there is no doubt that a proper POS system can help you and your business grow both in efficiency and the the aspect of the rate of profit however the best way to learn this lesson is to see it for yourself.


Tips To Give Boost To Your Business Presence In Google Places

Tips To Give Boost To Your Business Presence In Google Places

Localized search option has made it easy for search communities to find out information with reference to a place they are interested in. But it is not only the search communities that benefit from this option. Business owners can have a better raking on the Google search when the query includes the name of the place they are operating in. Google Places has simply overhauled the way a website gets visibility in on the SERP. The moment an Internet user puts a place name in the keyword, all the companies operating in that geographic territory stands the opportunity of converting the user. What you have to do is go to the Google Places register with the search engine.

However, optimization in the Google Places requires a website owner to consider certain parameters to make it to the first page of Google Local Search Results. Here are some tips on how one can secure a place on the first page.

Profile completeness: When registering with Google, make sure that you provide as much information as possible. The Places page requires a lot of information which appears auxiliary or at best secondary in importance, for example email address, description, categories. Google asks for all these information to make the relevancy evaluation broad-based. These apparently optional fields need to be filled. There are also fields like operation hours, photo and video uploading etc. While registering in the Places page, one should provide these minute details properly to make the profile complete. Google factors these data in calculating relevancy and determining rank.

Keywords: If you are interested in having a presence in Google Search, you cannot fiddle with the search engine. To enjoy Google’s favor, you should avoid stuffing keywords in unlikely places. For example, if the business name conflates two or three keywords, you will be considered a spammer. Instead you should incorporate keyword phrases strategically in the description while ensuring that Google does not understand the strategy.

Service area: One of the most characteristic information you provide while targeting local search is the data specifying your service area. This does not imply the address of your business or office; it’s rather about the area you operate in. In order to indicate the area, Google makes a circle on the map, does not pinpoint it. While the circled area will help visitors identify and access your service, complaints are that it might affect ranking.

Ask for review: In traditional SEO, Google assigns ranking on the basis of how many good quality back links a site has. But in case of optimizing for Google local search, Google relies on the number of reviews a business gets from its visitors. But satisfied clients hardly write review. On the contrary, if they have been treated unfairly, they write pages of adverse comments. Here is what you can do instead.

-You can request your fans and followers to write reviews at your Google Places page. -You can also put a sign in the contact us page or cash register segment of your website asking visitors to write a review on the Places page. -You can also put a link to the Places page on your website and request visitors to review your business.

Bulk uploads: One of the current trends with large companies with several areas of operation and several franchisees (i.e. fast food chains) is uploading data in bulk. However, while loading the data file, one needs to stay focused on certain areas.

-Make sure that all the subsidiaries and franchisee businesses are distinguishable (include locations in the name) but all of them contain the name of the parent company such as Barista Lavazza Emu Plains, Barista Lavazza Kingswood etc. -While the brand name remains the same everywhere, some of the vital details should be unique. For example, email Id, categories, phone numbers etc. should be differentiable at any cost.

So, for the time being, these details will enable you to secure a position on the first page of Google Local Search Results. And as for the change in local search algo, don’t plunge into prediction.


Get Several Benefits From Epos Software

Get Several Benefits From Epos Software

Running a business is not an easy task as it needs lots of tasks to manage and handle at the same time. So, how do you handle all the tasks at the same time? Do you never being confused or angry anytime? If you are looking for something that might help you to improve the efficiency of the business, then you are at the right place.

There are many things around you that might assist you how you would run your business efficiently, but you just need to make a proper search to get the right things and benefits out from it. Well, the epos software you can choose for your business is crucially an extension of your workers and staff. You even don’t require hiring more workers that was unable of doing their job because this software performs every task as per your expectations and needs. Thus, there are plenty of cheap epos software solutions available on the market. All of them performs different functions, features and even different at a glance.

Do you have business that operated with a high volume of finance and credit card transactions such as bars, restaurants and hotels, then definitely epos solutions are exceptional for you that easily record each transaction to help manage the business effectively. Much epos software provides services that also include employee timesheet and inventory tracking software that assist the business assets and overhead. Quick and reliable business managements begin with such solutions that can move quick than your workers to do on your hectic day. Various transactions could be entered by you and your workers which just need a primary server, routers, and hubs to several terminals. This can reduce the chances of human error caused by physical calculations.

Before you buy any of the cheap epos software one must decide which software is going to be best for your business needs. It is much important to meet with your expectations than to fearing from investing some more amount of money. Make a list of factors that you think important to you in your software. If you know the best places to buy, then you will have an easier time to make the best choice. But, if you don’t know, then you have to do compromises with prices and quality of course. So, it would be better to find the best places by going online now.
Most of the epos services packages are able to exactly compute and display prices of objects, discounts, voiding transactions, web-accessible record etc. however, make sure that the software you are going to choose must have capability to meet with all your business needs to get best out from it. Not only epos software gives you improvement in sales and enhances profit levels, but also allowing customers to experience a better shopping experience.
Simply go to the store that has least expensive and best quality epos software and speak to the company to considering your options carefully.

Pick out the right epos solutions for your business. Consult with software solution provider around your area and get them to explain to you what it is the good option for you.

For more information about epos and epos software please visit us at eposdirect.co.uk/Epos_Software.asp


Clinical What Does it Mean

Clinical What Does it Mean

Ever see the deodorant where the seller claims it’s “clinical strength”? Ever wonder what the difference is and what it all means if anything? Well, here’s the scoop:

To start, here is the dictionary meaning of the term “clinical” per dictionary.com: -pertaining to a clinic. -concerned with or based on actual observation and treatment of disease in patients rather than experimentation or theory. -extremely objective and realistic; dispassionately analytic; unemotionally critical: She regarded him with clinical detachment.

“Clinical” experience in regard to a profession can mean you’ve had experience in a controlled lab setting. For instance, I’m seeing clinical exercise physiologist, as opposed to just exercise physiologist. “Clinical” is a term I’ve never thought to use as a differentiation even though I have had 3 years clinical experience in a lab setting. Clinical in terms of a profession just means that you’ve spent time in a lab making sure that what you studied/claim to be true is in fact true.

“Clinical” is simply a term that advertisers are capitalizing on to mean stronger and to indicate that usually a prescription is needed in order to obtain it. “A vital part of modern medical research is “clinical research.” Although laboratory and animal research are of great importance, it is clinical research that answers the question “Does it work?” To answer this question, specific conditions or treatments are studied in a RESEARCH STUDY or CLINICAL TRIAL to understand the nature of a disease or the effectiveness of a drug or medical device.”

-NYU School of Medicine, General Clinical Research Center

In a nutshell, the term “clinical” is an indication that the item in question has been put to the test to see if what is says it does is actually true. There are many things that need to go in place when a “clinical” study is being done. For instance, there must be a sponsor, a principal investigator, an institutional review board and other things for it to be considered a “real” institutional study.

For now, let’s assume that this is the true method that is being followed with rules in place until bandwagon jumpers who try to make claims to sell a product will force stiffer rules and proof. Eventually, you can count on it being watered down just as the same way “fresh” and “natural” can’t really be trusted anymore to have the meaning it was intended to in the first place.