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Hotel Marketing Plan – A 6-Part Sample Outline

Hotel Marketing Plan – A 6-Part Sample Outline

A hotel marketing plan is your action plan to fill the rooms of your new hotel. A marketing plan focuses on the four Ps (Product, Promotion, Price and Place), but doesn’t neglect customer retention and key partnerships. All of these elements should be specific to your hotel’s intended customers and the geographic area.

1) Product – Your hotel’s services

For every hotel, the basic product offered is the same service – use of a bed for a night. Beyond this similarity, there are endless ways to differentiate your service. Services can include entertainment (i.e., in-room cable, on-premises nightclub), food (i.e., chocolates on a pillow to a five-star restaurant), communication (i.e., free local calls, wireless internet), and health (i.e., a pool, fitness center, spa). Consider whether unusual services will be a draw for your customers or if you are better off providing the tried and true. Whatever you choose, present the information clearly and in just enough detail so that readers understand the level and type of service provided.

2) Promotion – How to get the word out

Promotion is how you make your people aware of your hotel and its unique value proposition and convert them into guests. The promotional tools you use depends entirely on the customers you seek. Rather than thinking about how other hotels seek customers, think from the customer’s point of view. How do your desired customers seek hotels? Make sure yours can be found where they are looking, whether this is in travel books, magazines, websites, or elsewhere. Remember that the most powerful type of advertising is the kind that money cannot buy – press. Consider whether a public relations strategy can help make this happen.

3) Price – The right rates for your hotel

Your marketing plan must show where you want your pricing to fall within the market’s range. The choice of price ties directly to your hotel’s profitability, but also to the brand you are trying to build in the minds of customers. If you bill your hotel as extremely upscale, but price it in the middle of the pack, customers may not believe your assertions that you are the next Ritz-Carlton. Pricing is about finding the right price to both represent what your hotel is and to cover costs, leaving room for profit.

4) Place – Where customers and your services meet

Place is more than the choice of location for your hotel. “”Place”” in this context means distribution, and this is the choice of how customers will book hotel rooms and receive other services you provide. This can be through websites, travel agents, or a dedicated sales staff, each of which have their own cost and benefit tradeoffs. Distribution of services continues inside your hotel and involves both your staff and your means to communicate with your guests (i.e., phone systems, TV ordering, even doorknob signs).

5) Customer Retention

Most of the cost of providing service to a customer is in getting them to buy for the first time. To keep a customer returning should be significantly cheaper than getting a new one so explain your retention strategy. For example, loyalty programs provide incentives for repeat visits and customer relationship management (CRM) software can save data on the preferences and activity of individual guests to make returning more enjoyable for them.

6) Partnerships

Finally, consider how you will work with your hotel’s neighbors, local government, and other stakeholders to build business. There may be potential for you to either get guests from or send guests to many local businesses, improving the experience the overall experience for those customers. Consider mentioning a few key partnerships that will pay off because of their importance to both parties. Don’t stretch yourself too think by proposing to partner with every business on your street. Describe any successful legwork you have done to inquire about the possibility of making those partnerships a reality.

Are you looking for more tips on how to start a hotel or develop your hotel business plan? Call 800-506-5728 to learn how Growthink can help you build your hotel business.


800 Numbers and Its Best Features

800 Numbers and Its Best Features

With more and more business enterprises beginning to recognize 800 numbers as a cost-effective marketing tool, the demand for of toll free 800 numbers is steadily on the increase. Gone are the days when it was believed that 800 numbers were the exclusive privilege of big corporations and out of reach for small and mid-sized business houses.

There are today a plethora of toll-free 800 numbers service providers and as such the task of choosing the right service provider assumes greater significance. You will have to carefully compare the various features and terms offered by the service providers of 800 number services before making a final choice.

There are two main types of plans – the monthly service plans and the pay-as-you-go plans. You will have to weight the two options and find out which of the two will be more beneficial and viable for your nature of business.

The monthly service plan will assign for you a pre-determined number of minutes each month for a fixed price. This monthly fee is payable regardless of your usage. The pay-as-you-go plans, on the other hand, have a monthly subscription in addition to a fee for minutes used. Once you determine how many minutes you will be required to use per month will help you choose the better of the two plans.

When negotiating rates you should take into account the features that you intend availing. The toll-free 800 numbers have a host of features and your business enterprise may not need them all. Opting for features you may never use will merely end up your needlessly overpaying.

Please also know that some 800 numbers service providers include the cost of the additional features in their base price while others charge separately for the extra features. There are certain standard features which are universally provided by almost all service providers such as voicemail, call waiting, and call forwarding. It is good to know some of the other features unique to 800 numbers.

Call blocking: When availing 800 numbers, some of your callers may fall outside of your coverage area and thus would entail additional costs. With call-blocking feature you can block the calls that fall outside your coverage area.

Account codes: It is possible that you may wish only authorized callers to get the calls through. For this purpose, you can issue account access codes to employees, business associates and regular customers.

Automatic Number Identification (ANI): This feature more or less resembles caller ID. However, as ANI is not quite related to caller ID, even if caller ID blocking is activated, the caller’s telephone number and line type are captured by ANI equipment.

Dialed Number Identification Service (DNIS): Assuming you have more than one 800 number, DNIS will enable you know which particular number was called. This feature is highly beneficial in certain select cases – for instance, if you are running multiple marketing campaigns and want to know which was the most productive.

Regardless what features you avail or what features you discard, toll-free 800 numbers will lend your business a better professional image, motivate your customers to call you more often and the increased interaction with the customers will contribute towards a more efficient CRM (Customer relationship Management).

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Know the main ‘culprit’ and ‘worst’ planner

Know the main ‘culprit’ and ‘worst’ planner

Making ERP success: Identifying the right elements

In our last article we have discussed what makes a business grow. It was explained in details the basic qualities, applications and dedicated efforts are necessary to succeed in a business field. What we would like emphasis in coming series of articles are that just implementing ERP solution won’t make your business grow.

To make ERP implementation sensible, we have to consider some other elements along with its focusing styles and then formulate the overall plan of actions. Let us now get to know what the important elements of ERP are and how can ERP be used in a rightful manner that will contribute largely into the growth of an organization. There are five important elements that have been identified and these are analyzed in details in the following articles.

The Client: The first and foremost element

The client is, who suggests focusing on the organization’s main line of business. As ERP implementation is more of business strategy than IT strategy, one has to analyze the key business driver’s specific to the industry and also for the company. It is customary to redefine the business processes with proper synchronization of these drivers along with improved customer interactions. The term ‘customer ‘ includes internal as well as external. The organization must plan for leaving traditional functional set-ups and reconfiguring its resources across pull type process set-ups where every transaction has specified supplier, customer, and the activities known in all aspects.

What is happening in most of the Indian companies is that even after adopting ERP, the organization continues with traditional functional style of departmentalization. This is mainly because of the absence of customer driven strategic plan or its incomplete implementation. In such set-ups or typically in make-to-stock environment, we find the traditional atmosphere of rivalry between various functional departments. For example, Marketing is the main ‘culprit’ for the production planning inefficiencies because of the dynamic, non-standard requirements which do not make sense.

Similarly, production planning department is regarded as the ‘worst’ ever planner by the purchase department. The accounts department is the common enemy of all. Such culture is the outgrowth of the multi-hierarchy organization structure in which cohesive and common language for business performance is missing. The organization is operating with fragmented departmental optimum results and no orientation is observed for the integrated business strategies. ERP completely fails to address such environment the underlying reason being misunderstanding and lack of coordination between different departments. ERP cannot ‘fulfill’ the requirements of these users.

For example, a sudden change in released marketing plan without consent of planning and purchase will create complete nervousness in the organization. Also, the targets given to purchase will conflict with production and maintenance targets. Such local optimum objectives lead to overall fragmentation and underutilization of organizational resources. ERP never supports these practices and the corresponding deviation between the ERP concept and the organization practice will make ERP a costlier affair for the organization.

If the client is not able to switch over to lean products and still wishes to eliminate these problems, then S&OP (Sales and Operations Planning – will discussed in details later) must be followed sincerely. It is the only way out for the Indian companies to improve their existing ERP performance.

A few organizations already started this, but it should become a general feature across all sectors. The main idea of S&OP is to collaborate internally and find out workable and naturally optimistic plans for particular planning horizons. Participating regularly in such meetings will boost the morale of participants for driving ERP towards success. An important point to be noted here is that this recommendation is applicable to each and every industrial sector including manufacturing and service.

For more information kindly visit: http://www.eresourceerp.com/making-ERP-success.html

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Low Cost Health Plan Quote – Health Insurance Plan POS

Low Cost Health Plan Quote – Health Insurance Plan POS

If you are looking for a health plan quote, be sure you check out the choices to compare plans because different providers offer varying benefits, therefore it’s up to you to pick the one that functions for you depending on requirements.

If it’s affordable medical coverage you are looking for, for example, you may try HMO, which gives relatively low-cost health plans. Or you can choose PPO, that is like HMO as there is a scroll of doctors and hospitals which the provider recommends. However as opposed to HMO, you can pick a healthcare company not on the list, though you will have to pay an extra fee. And, naturally there’s HSA, which offers the lowest-cost health plans, as it delivers in conjunction with the high deductible health insurance plan.

Going online works!

Given the ever increasing influence of the Internet, every major provider offers health plan quotes onlint, thus finding the perfect plan for you is much more convenient. Also you can usually fill in forms online, making your legwork is reduced to a minimum.

But remember

No matter how tempting the health plan quotes, you need to be hard-headed and figure out a couple of things. For instance, you must be wary of health plans that promise total coverage because there’s no such thing, really. Be very aware of the deductible cost as usually the lower the quote, the more the deductible will be.

Thus check out the small print to find out exactly what all the costs are, as well as whether the health plan is complete enough to cover other members of your family, and whether it covers for different sorts of medical examinations.

Beyond basics

You also need to find out whether specialist care and referrals are covered. What would happen if of an emergency and if you need immediate hospitalization? Will the health plan cover all prescription drugs?


Is Super Green Hosting Scam – Is Supergreen Bad

Is Super Green Hosting Scam – Is Supergreen Bad


In this Super Green Hosting Reviews I ‘ll point you totally about Supergreen Hosting in details, follow on.

These days numerous people are racing to begin their real individual websites and share them with the public. It’s true that you can use free web hosting services to produce your site up and running, only to truly hold the freedom to customize your website and provide value to its visitors, you will need a master webhosting account. Only did you realize that your web hosting can harm the environment?manypeople do not understand the true effect the hosting server cause on the surroundings. The general server creates the same emissions like a 15 mpg SUV have alone the information center where the hosting server is located that downs on general as much electrical energy as 30,000 households. Thus while you ar web hosting your internet site, you could be crushing the surroundings as well.

Supergreen Hosting is 1 of the basic green hosting service providers in the worldwide. It is consecrate to aiding its clients hosting their sites in a manner that is not bad for the surroundings. It as well engages in tree planning projects to assist cause our lives a little bit greener. Hence you could tell its plans are made for people who ar passionate around the green campaign.


Supergreen Hosting is so committed to the environment, any one can be sure they’ll be simply as committed to assisting the web hosting requires of their users. To make you an model of their loyalty to ‘green hosting’, SuperGreen Hosting implants 1 tree for every 1000 users that sign with them. And when it comes up to their webhosting programs, you will expect a stage of reliability that a few web hosting services achieve.

Green Data-center – Wind and solar powered free energy are the two one hundred percentage green inexhaustible power sources that power the state-of-the-art, Glendale, California Supergreen Hosting Information Centre. And that’s not every thing, the company’s office introduces, laptop computers, computers and web hosts are besides high-powered with these normal resources. As an effect, their hosts make twenty percent fewer CO2 than what an average hosting server anywhere else has.

Warranted 99.9% Up-time – Non could be more hindering to web masters or commercial enterprises than sharp or prolonged web down-time. That is why SuperGreen hosting features a group completely committed to monitoring its network and each of the service providers’ several servers . around the clock! In this way, users will be ensured of solid 99.9% up-time, too as fast and continuous availableness to their internet sites at each times.

Power Efficient Servers – All SuperGreen hosting Hosting Servers present multiple gains. They are wholly powered by one hundred percentage green inexhaustible energy resources as Wind and solar powered energy; they are built entirely with the highest supreme hardware and elements; they are super speedy and reliable; and there’s virtually unlimited GB’s of spare capability continuously usable.


Supergreenhosting.com offers sure hosting solutions at all times that I must indicate in my Supergreen Hosting reviews.

The Supergreen Hosting plan allows a comprehensive range of characteristics that are not only simple to apply and customer-driven in nature, but made specially to befit the broadest breadth of webhosting application programs at the cheapest possible price. Here are some of the main features that you can expect from the good-conceived, Super Green Hosting plan :

. Endless GB hosting place

. Unlimited Information Bandwidth

. Limitless Electronic Mail accounts

. Endless Domain Hosting

. Unlimited MySQL Databases

. Free Site Builder

. Supergreenhosting.com cPanel

. FTP Access and customer backup

. POP3 or IMAP E-mail Access

. CMS software package

. SSL & FTP Statistics

. On-line Statistics – Webalizer / Sub-Domain / Live Visitor Reports

. Python / Perl / CGI-BIN

. Pay Pal-integrated E-commerce solutions

. and a lot more than.


Supergreen Hosting may feature of offering 1 of the extra competitive, if not the most less, green webhosting price around. Taking the number of easy features, their fantastic support services, the 99.9% network uptime and all the small extras, the $4.95 monthly cost is a steal.


Supergreen Hosting offers customers all mode of contact to obtain info, address enquiries and look for answers concerning to their specific necessities and claims. For this, SuperGreenHosting.com offers 24/7 Electronic Mail and Telephone Support, besides as on-line Tutorials, Help Desks and Active Community Support.


I performed my best in this Supergreen Hosting review and will state my finale.

After weighting of total the advantages and profits that Supergreen Hosting provides its customers and prospects; its unique commitment to the environment; the convenient, reliable and high-tech characteristics of its host plan; the down-to-earth price, web masters and businesses can certainly await superior value in return for their money. For those who have been in the red with the incorrect hosting service providers, here’s an opportunity to have wide greenbacks . by functioning GREEN!

If you are concerned in moving to Just Host, I am proud to offer a particular coupon to hold whole 20% – 50% off of your rate. Just click this super green hosting coupon link in order to take the voucher.

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5 Steps to Developing Effective Marketing Strategies

5 Steps to Developing Effective Marketing Strategies

Download Marketing diagram on a blackboard – Stock Image
from © Dreamstime.com

Setting out clear marketing strategies is a crucial step for any business, not least for smaller businesses.

While having a clear marketing strategy doesn’t guarantee success, research shows that it’s a key ingredient in improving your odds of profitable growth.

In short, a successful marketing strategy ensures a need in your target market matches a product or service your business can deliver.

Once you’ve found a match, your goal is to cost effectively communicate the benefits of choosing your offering to the target market.

Remember though that acquiring customers is a difficult and expensive business, so when you’ve found a new customer how much are they worth to you: is it a one-off transaction or a more profitable relationship you hope to nurture over many years?

Any marketing strategy you choose needs to be flexible, so imagine the strategy you set out as a series of sign posts rather than a fixed train track. By taking a flexible approach you’ll be able to navigate unforeseen circumstances you’ll come across along the way.

Here are the 5 steps to developing a strong marketing strategy:

1.Understand your strengths and make your weaknesses irrelevant

So what are you good at?

A marketing strategy with substance must play to your strengths as a business.

To lay strong foundations for your marketing strategy it’s worth spending some time putting together a SWOT analysis, assessing your business’ strengths and weaknesses; the market opportunities and market threats.

During this stage it might be worthwhile conducting some market research with your existing customers to get a more honest idea of your reputation in the market place.

An anonymous email survey may give you more candid response – so be prepared for praise and criticism! If you’re sending a survey out to 100 or fewer people try www.Zoomerang.com as it’s free to use and easy to create a professional looking survey.

Strengths might include: specialist knowledge, unique product features, personal service, flexible service.

Weaknesses might include: inefficient computer systems, high customer attrition, limited financial resources, low employee skills.

Opportunities might include: growth in market sector, change in government regulation, using the internet to reach new markets.

Threats might include: new competition, economic downturn, more attractive alternative to your product/service

2) Segment your market

Many small businesses fall into the trap of thinking that their product or service will appeal to ‘everyone’. Often the reason they do this is because they fear that excluding certain groups of people will limit their opportunity.

This thinking couldn’t be further from the truth – and remember that while you may think your target market is limitless your marketing budget certainly isn’t!

So, instead of trying to ‘boil the ocean’ let’s instead try to characterise the needs of particular segments or groups of a market. The focus of your marketing strategy should be to identify their needs through market research and address those needs more successfully than your competition.

By matching your strengths to the particular needs of a segment in the market place will give you the greatest chance of success. For example, there might be a market segment that considers quality first and foremost. If this matches your strength as a business that delivers a quality product then all your marketing activity should highlight the high quality of your product or service.

3) Write a marketing plan

Once you’ve clarified your strengths, the market opportunity and your target market it’s time to write it down in a marketing plan.

Your marketing plan will crystallise much of the thinking you’ve done so far and help you to formulate the actions needed to put your strategy into place and the resources needed to make your goals a reality.

Using SMART (Specific, Measureable, Achievable, Realistic, Time-based) objectives in your strategy should make measurement of your success easier to judge later on.

Your plan is a working document and should be regularly reviewed so that it reflects any changes in your market. If you’ve not written a marketing plan before you can download a marketing plan template at Marketing Strategies 101

4) Decide on tactics to reach your market

Now you need to consider how you’re going to reach your market.

Will you sell direct, through a partner channel, a retailer….?

These decisions will affect how you go about making your target market aware of the products or services you have to offer and why they meet their needs.

Typical approaches to communicating your message might be through print advertising, direct mail, telemarketing, public relations stunts, online, and point of sale (POS).

While an approach that uses several communication channels usually works well, try to stay disciplined otherwise you’ll burn your budget up fast and lose focus.

It’s worth considering some of the emerging marketing channels presented by social networking sites, too. However, while these channels might be a free or low cost way to promote your business, they can still take a lot of time to nurture.

Ultimately the channels you choose should be dictated by what your target audience is most responsive to. By building up a detailed picture of a typical ‘buyer’ of your product (their gender, age, income level, family circumstances), you’ll be able to start thinking more creatively about how to reach them.

5) Measure your progress and refine

While marketing is not always an exact science, you should still be able to build a fairly accurate picture of the impact of your marketing activities and strategy.

A simple start to measuring your success is to ask every new customer how they heard about your business.

By putting in place mechanisms to track the effectiveness of your strategy you can judge how well you’re performing today and use the results to shape future marketing strategy.


Mark Britton is a small business marketing specialist based in the United Kingdom and owner of Marketing Strategies 101 an online destination for sales and marketing planning guides and templates.


Advantages of Marketing Materials Stock Management and Beverages POS

Advantages of Marketing Materials Stock Management and Beverages POS

Marketing has an important place in any business plan because a proper marketing strategy business cannot earn profits. Marketing is a process or a system of business designed to plan, price, promote and distribute the products and services to the consumers. Therefore, it is necessary to formulate proper marketing plan for the success of any business and such marketing planning is the responsibility of the Marketing Materials Stock Management. Hence, it is necessary to have thorough knowledge of Marketing Materials Stock Management. Without appropriate knowledge it is difficult to take care of marketing materials and if any business firm thinks that they are not confident to use the marketing materials and gain profits for the business, then they should hire marketing consultants. They are professional and will perform their duties well and provide them positive results.

Marketing Materials Stock Management is not easy as it can directly affect the profitability of any business and therefore, it is better to take expert advice. It is responsible for the marketing of the product and is required to deal with many other factors like stock management, transportation, materials handling, warehousing, inventory management, demand and supply management, order fulfillment and others. Therefore, better the Marketing Materials Stock Management more will be the profits of the business. Therefore, if you want your product to be successful in the market then it is better to seek help from a Marketing Materials Stock Management company regarding marketing of the product. These companies are professionals and have expertise in this field as this is their job and definitely they will help you in proper marketing of your product.

Beverages POS refers to a flexible point of sale system. This system is a user friendly system. It is designed as an ERP module in which there is a simple accounting system. This system enables to control and regulate various accounting procedures like bank, general ledger, accounts receivable as well as tax related information. The Beverages POS is designed to fit any business related to beverages easily and most efficiently. It is very helpful as it enables the business to grow and reach great heights because it is a scalable solution. Its functionality can be expanded if you add new tills, new modules and new retail locations to the system.

If a Beverages POS module is added to any beverage business, it will be helpful in handling not only big or small services but also full services and that too very quickly. Nothing can be a perfect addition than this. This system provides simple ordering and remote printing which are well featured and advanced to such an extent that the efficiency of the employees increases to a considerable extent. Besides increasing the employees’ efficiency it also enables the business to enjoy advanced reporting and easy exporting to the accounting program. Beverages POS allows the business to grow smoothly without any hindrances.
Hence, both the Marketing Materials Stock Management and Beverages POS are advantageous for the businesses in their related fields and increase their profitability.


Careington 500 Dental Plan

Careington 500 Dental Plan

Careington International was established in 1979 and has since provided affordable dental plans to over 8 million members residing in the United States. They have the largest network of dental care providers, vision care providers, and prescription providers. Their most prestigious dental care plan is the Careington 500 Dental Plan and Careington POS (Point of Service) Plan. This article will focus on providing about the former dental plan.

The Careington 500 Dental Plan is actually a series of discount dental plans that Careington offers that provide dental care discounts and visual care programs. With this, you will be able to save up to 60% on dental exams and minor or major dental operations. They also provide huge discounts for dentures.

Application and membership takes no time at all. Application has been made fast and easy as you can now do it online. Processing only takes 24 hours to complete and you will be emailed a temporary membership ID so you can immediately avail of the discounts that the Careington 500 Dental Plan has to offer.

Careington 500 Dental Plan has three plans that are suited to fulfill your every need. The first discount dental plan is for individuals who want to enjoy a personal dental plan. This plan only costs $6.95 per month with a free vision care program. If you want to share your membership to a loved one, you can opt to enroll to their dual plan which is only $11.95 per month. It covers both members’ dental costs and also gives them free vision care programs. For big families, you can opt to enroll to their family plan for $15.95 per month. This plan can cover up to twelve members and they will also receive free vision care programs.

Are you planning to enroll? You must first locate your series number for the 500 Dental Plan. Below is the list of states and their respective series number:

– 501: Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Kansas, Louisiana, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Nebraska, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia

– 502: Arizona, Colorado, Indiana, Maryland, Michigan, Nevada, New Mexico

– 503: Arkansas, Hawaii, Massachusetts, New Jersey, North Dakota, South Dakota, West Virginia

– 504: Iowa, New York, North Carolina, South Carolina, Washington DC

– 505:Connecticut, Idaho, Maine, Montana, Oregon, Utah, Vermont, Wisconsin, Wyoming

– 506: Alaska, Delaware, New Hampshire, Rhode Island

– 507: California

– 508: Washington

For more information, click on the following links:

>> Careington 500 Dental Plan

>> Careington Dental Plan