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Do Companies Require SharePoint Consulting

Do Companies Require SharePoint Consulting

Microsoft SharePoint 2013 has come up with some new advanced features and capabilities which make it a much sought after platform. More companies are migrating to SharePoint platform in order to get the maximum benefits of its applications and offerings. To meet the needs of the business, it enables companies to streamline information and significantly enhance collaboration, efficiency, and productivity.

It is becoming popular among businesses and it is estimated that one in two corporations are now using Server and in 22% of the companies, every employee uses this popular Microsoft collaboration tool. Because it comes with a myriad of features and capabilities, businesses are finding it a better platform which can take care of even the common problems that companies face. Features like process automation, enterprise content management (ECM), Intranet/Extranet, collaboration, workflow building, archiving are some of the features that SharePoint showcases.

At the same time a platform that “does it all” can be complicated and requires professional training and consulting. Without proper guidance and support, working on a platform which is so vast and complex becomes challenging and requires a deep understanding and knowledge of its various features. This is where this helps organizations to get a simple, administrable and easy-to-use platform.

SharePoint consulting services help companies on different components of SharePoint infrastructure, which not only save time, cut costs but also help them to focus on their business more. Availing these services, the companies get proper guidance and support on navigating the process of transitioning it, customizing it for the organization’s specific needs, and maintaining the system efficiently.

Basically, companies require professional consulting and training on following areas, when they are either migrating from other platforms to Microsoft SharePoint 2013 environments or upgrading from its previous versions. -SharePoint Assessment and Planning- A detailed assessment and analysis is required according to the needs of a company whether SharePoint is the best fit for the company and a proper planning is done to develop the best strategy to meet those needs. -SharePoint Installation and Configuration- After the detailed analysis, careful planning is required to ensure smooth installation and configuration of infrastructure. -SharePoint Migration- An experienced consulting is required for a smooth transition, implement customizations according to the new requirements in your new migrated SharePoint system. -SharePoint Customization and Branding- Expert advice is required on how to create an aesthetic design and customize to incorporate the company’s branding elements such as colours, logos, layouts to make it more user-friendly and add value to the business. -Custom SharePoint Development-It provides you an insight in regard to which and how much customization is necessary and worth applying, and then implements such customizations. -SharePoint Maintenance and Support – Sometimes companies face problems in maintaining SharePoint and run into issues regarding the smooth running of the system. Hence, Its training and consulting becomes indispensable for troubleshooting, maintenance of infrastructure and for the support which is required to leverage its capabilities.

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SAP ERP Platforms For Integrating Business Functions

SAP ERP Platforms For Integrating Business Functions

No one can doubt that SAP is one of the biggest ERP software developers in the country. SAP carries the majority of U.S. based sales throughout the ERP systems, working with thousands of companies across the country. Again, there are other intelligent ERP setups, like Dynamics or Great Plains can be very beneficial to your business and probably all you’ll ever need. There are also other opensource software companies that provide very customizable programs for your business, especially if you have quality IT support, this can be an economic and successful choice. Why is SAP one of the best enterprise resource planning solution? SAP is focused on providing all of the framework and foundations for every need in a business solutions software.

Of couse SAP software is looking at the complete operations of your business: full integration and communication amongst all functions. Whether it is human resources, inventory management, sales, marketing, accounting, planning, any sector! All of these areas of the ERP software can be customized for your specific needs and requirements. There are a lot of opportunities to find local SAP consulting, primarily due to how many companies are implementing ERP solutions for their business intelligence needs. SAP is definetely one of the first companies to take a look at and evaluate for your business. Its tried and true, you can absolutely be successful and very efficient with this platform. Whether its overkill for your small business? Well, you need to answer that yourself and look into more economic options like peoplesoft, openbravo, and others. If you have quality IT support around or someone you can hire to integrate the ERP software, then these options may suit the small business owner or entreprenuer more. Just know that, this is 2011 and your company needs a brain for your business, get enterprise resource planning.

ERP System Software information, help, reviews, and discounts online.


SharePoint Offers Enterprise Level Info Sharing Platform

SharePoint Offers Enterprise Level Info Sharing Platform

The rich platform of SharePoint helps in the construction of web applications that are ‘multi-tiered’. There are three characteristics that define this development platform- reliability which means its ability for consistent performance, extensibility which enables consolidation with other applications as well as systems and scalability which enables the proper handling of growing work amount. For web application development several frameworks, languages, tools as well as object models can be used. The person who is new to this platform may find it difficult to know what to implement and where. So a developer should first understand his choices and then select the options accordingly to meet his design and architectural goals.


The system of SharePoint Server is equipped with the following capabilities: -Communities- Collaborating through blogs, wikis, etc. -Sites- Websites both outside as well as inside the firewall. -Search- The technologies as well as products include search engines that can be customized according to your needs. -Content- Web content management, publishing along with enterprise content management systems. -Composite applications- Includes infrastructure, processes, user interface as well as data access. -Insights- Business intelligence.

Scalable architecture can be provided by the relevant technologies along with products making it absolutely perfect for several users like employees of a huge corporation. Flexible, scalable websites can be built by its virtue; they can be maintained with ease. When building applications you can customize several capabilities for specific vertical markets.

Role in Application development strategy

While considering the role, three basic strategies are there- enterprise portal, application and intranet along with application. Among these SharePoint viewed as application is the simplest approach. In this, deployment of SharePoint is as it is. Customizations are limited to either no-code customizations or configuring through web browser.

SharePoint may also be utilized as intranet platform as well as application. According to this model, the platform is used for building of intranet applications. This often includes remarkable customizations and partners can be included as well for initial deployment. After completing the deployment, in-house customizations can be limited to configuration through browser or no-code solutions with help of SharePoint Designer.

SharePoint can be adopted as an enterprise portal, acting as a core component of the application development strategy. This model will allow you to have an experienced as well as full-fledged software development team. You along with your development partner can also experience close relationship by virtue of this platform. Other considerations additionally associated with this approach are: -Maintaining the skills necessary within the development team. -Enforcement as well as development of coding standards specific to SharePoint for external development partners along with internal developers. -Robust approach needs to be established for ALM or Application Lifecycle Management like defining the standards, process as well as procedures for creation of SharePoint solutions. They can then be moved through production environments, UAT, integration as well as development. -In case of regional SharePoint farms engaged in global deployment, standards and efforts must be coordinated across diverse development teams.

Right applications for SharePoint

To use SharePoint for application development platform, you should try and determine when SharePoint can be used and when it cannot be used. Every problem can be solved by this platform but it may increase complexities in maintenance along with application development and cost as well. Things may become tricky in case of upgradation to SharePoint’s latest release due to heavy customizations. So some key considerations are: -Management of unstructured information is best suited by SharePoint. -There is no point in using this if things like content, search, insights, communities, composites or sites are not used. -It is best for creation of multiple examples of websites based on common templates.

Thus, in short this platform is not only great for enterprise level information sharing but for lots of features like file-sharing, web-publishing and collaborating, all under a single server. Business efficiency and productivity can be improved with the help of the easy to use and powerful infrastructure which boasts of capabilities for the development of websites, portals, content management systems, intranets and such other business intelligence implementations. You can hire developers from top SharePoint development company in India who can help you build mobile apps within allocated budgets and time schedules.

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Mobile HTML5 Kendo UI Framework Ruby iPhone Android Application Development Delhi India

Mobile HTML5 Kendo UI Framework Ruby iPhone Android Application Development Delhi India

Mobile Application Development: Options and New Trends
The sway that mobile devices hold over the whole industry provides a stirring opportunity for website owners and web developers. They are gnawing their applications into these gadgets while cross-platform mobile applications and website interfaces are set to fire their salvo into this vibrant sphere.

Whether it is for iPad, iPhone, Blackberry or Android a compatible application is every website�s gateway to exposure. In creating applications a list of HTML5 frameworks for mobile development provides a starting block- Ripple helps to test and debug the application on multiple platforms like JavaScript.

An impressive built-in Geolocation module enables testing of geolocation-related applications.

LungoJS which is supplied with full features of HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript can implement essential features such as Geolocation, History, Device Orientation and WebSQL.This framework does not require any web server support.

Joshfire is an open source mobile development framework that supports HTML5 and JavaScript. This framework will run on iPad, iPhone, Android and even on TVs and connected objects.

Sencha fully supports HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript. Our applications can be equipped with HTML audio and video components, local storage element and CSS3 styling effects. They can be adapted to iOS, Blackberry and Android devices.

Jo creates applications compatible with iOS, Android, Blackberry drawing the cream of CSS technology to solve design and animation issues.

Kendo UI is a set of HTML5 controls released late last year is quite akin to though it claims non-compliance with jQuery but when we try to use it, a lot of jQuery- style codes appear enmeshed.

In developing a web-based application it is necessary to ensure that our application is compatible with browsers in use today. Much less of a problem for the mobile world because of the rampant purchase of new devices and the advancement in technology incorporated in them. But our site needs to be tested with intended user devices.

New trends have emerged in the form of writing Ruby instead of Objective C. It was released in May this year in the form of Ruby Motion to develop and test native applications for Ipad and Iphone. For those accustomed to Ruby language this is quite an amazing make-over.

Before we set foot on the development phase let us decide whether to use Android, Apple or Blackberry models. A recent Forrester survey of 4000 information workers in 17 different countries found usages were in equal measure with Blackberry taking a light jab.

Mobile Development Platform helps low-power handheld devices such as mobile phones and digital assistants handle pre-installed applications during manufacture of these gadgets. But with the proliferation of Smartphone�s, tablets and mobiles it is necessary to take a relook at preinstalled software. Needless to mention, we cannot waste precious time developing new applications for each and every device.

Cross-platform framework has now emerged as a solution to this problem. A hybrid mixture of HTML5, JavaScript along with extra libraries provides enhanced access to the device over a pure HTML5 web application. Local Storage in excess of 5 MB, photos upload, background services run are all possible.

Leading this field is the PhoneGap framework- now donated to Apache Software Foundation as an open source project and renamed Apache Cordova. It provides a platform-specific wrapper for Android, iOS, Blackberry and Windows Phone, and exposes a platform-independent API to code against in JavaScript.

The final hitch is how we build the platform. For instance iOS requires Mac, Windows Phone calls for a Windows PC and the others come with a price tag. Today Mobile Development with options and new trends has come to stay and the web developers are now all over the platform scouting for an entry on the mobile bandwagon.

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Benefits of Implementing SharePoint application development

Benefits of Implementing SharePoint application development

SharePoint development is associate integrated platform that permits distributing associated sharing of valuable info inside an enterprise. The higher work performance of a company depends upon its technological tools, merchandise and services. SharePoint internet server will host many applications by maintaining records additional expeditiously. Today, corporations have an improved medium to exchange of information and knowledge about the Microsoft SharePoint development. In fact, SharePoint application development has become one amongst the foremost vital components of labor performance to increase the potency within the content management system inside a company. It permits workers to transfer knowledge simply for swish progress with none network and communication downside.

What are the advantages of SharePoint application development?

Secure knowledge sharing facility: SharePoint may be a secure and feature-rich platform, offers info sharing facility to the users. With the assistance of this platform, work force will maintain valuable knowledge associated confidential details in an economical approach. The sleek progress management of a company depends upon knowledge security and maintenance of records.

Aids exchange server functionality: Corporation’s area unit exploitation exchange server to manage e-mail traffic on their websites, which is accumulated at one purpose. SharePoint techniques are specifically for the exploitation for development of various websites with organized e-mail distribution system.

Integrating the work location: This usually means that several users and purchasers will have access to valuable content and records in numerous formats by exploitation applications. It provides associate integrated work surroundings with net, extranet and computer network platform to the users inside a company.

Improve collaboration with climbable solutions: Nowadays, every organization is probing for the most effective solutions and effective SharePoint services for application development to hold our specific business tasks in an effective manner. It will improve the collaboration system and also manage the team coordination by making changed and feature-rich applications inside an organization.

Give completely different use of internet elements and planning tools: By exploitation numerous planning tools, developers will produce an extremely info wealthy and engaging business websites for his or her purchasers. It makes use special internet elements that lead to sensible style and different well structured documents and application.

Facilitates decision-making method: Decision-making is that the most significant process in a company. SharePoint offers alternative ways to position knowledge on key some of the performance indicators, along with dashboards and some of the scoreboards as well. The informative knowledge management helps users in effective decision-making method with SharePoint application development.

The extremely customizable solutions and application development will facilitate the business organizations to reinforce their business productivity and potency. During this case, the integrated FrontPage ensures that it’s customizable and effective. Besides, the newest version of SharePoint is feature-rich and secure for knowledge management system. Corporations will take the benefits of the applying development from a putative SharePoint development company Asian country. Many corporations provide cheap services and customized solutions to their business purchasers.

The dedicated and skilful developers produce extremely customized applications for regulation business progress. Knowledge management is a vital issue to contour every business tasks and to hold out specific goals. Nowadays, Development Corporation’s area unit exploitation internet half design to link helpful knowledge with web site specific views. A scientific development method makes migration of websites a lot of easier, faster, creative, informative and really effective for no-hit business method.


SharePoint Server 2010 Hosting Intranet, Extranet and Internet in SharePoint Server 2010

SharePoint Server 2010 Hosting Intranet, Extranet and Internet in SharePoint Server 2010

Microsoft Office SharePoint Server is an integrated suite of server capabilities that can help improve organizational effectiveness by providing comprehensive content management and enterprise search, accelerating shared business processes, and facilitating information-sharing across boundaries for better business insight. Office SharePoint Server 2007 supports all intranet, extranet, and Web applications across an enterprise within one integrated platform, instead of relying on separate fragmented systems. Additionally, this collaboration and content management server provides IT professionals and developers with the platform and tools they need for server administration, application extensibility, and interoperability.
SharePoint as a Platform for Intranets, Extranets and Internet sites.

1. Share Point as an Intranet Platform:
The following are the features that make SharePoint an ideal platform for implementing an intranet website.

• Collaboration
– SharePoint by default is an Collaboration platform aimed at improving the collaboration and communication between the internal users of the organization.
– Provides out of the box collaboration features like tasks, issues, surveys, discussions etc. that can be quickly setup and be used to publish and share information across the intranet.

• Search
– The inbuilt search capabilities provide a quick and easy method that can be used to find information residing throughout the portal without additional configurations.
– Its extensibility features allow the search to be customized to suit the organizations information targeting requirements.
– Provides inbuilt crawling and indexing capabilities, provide search results in very less amount of time.

• Self Service
– SharePoint as defined by its characteristics is a self service platform
– Users can easily create and publish information, as well as customize the SharePoint lists, libraries and pages according to their preferences
– Tools can include personalized tools or cross departmental tools that can automate the business processes across the organization from a single, central location.

• Content Management
– SharePoint’s Web Content Management abilities make it possible to differentiate and manage the different types of content present on the intranet
– Using the content types, SharePoint allows organizations to build the content type framework for the information residing on the intranet and reuse the same in different locations throughout the intranet

• Document Management
– SharePoint provides document management through the document library feature
– The document libraries can be customized to include metadata that by default are indexed by the SharePoint search
– Features like document level security, advanced versioning etc. make SharePoint a powerful document management tool
– Provides easy interface to share and collaborate on documents to achieve focused goals
– Document content types provide template based creation of documents right from the SharePoint interface.

2. SharePoint as an Extranet Platform
The following are the factors that make SharePoint an ideal platform for implementing an Extranet in your organization:

• Secure Access
– SharePoint can be easily configured to provide secure access to the extranet to the external users like customers, partners, vendors etc.
– With support for multiple authentication providers, the external users profile information can be stored in separate database, and can be managed separately

• Extending the Enterprise
– With the intranet and the extranet implemented using Microsoft SharePoint, communication between the internal and external users of the organization is delivered in a seamless manner.
– Only a subset of information from the intranet that is pertinent to a given customer, partner, vendor etc. can be published to the extranet to provide up to date information to both the internal and external users of the organization.
– With the workflow engine being the same for the intranet and extranet implementation, workflows can be extended to automate the processes that are carried out between the two implementations.
– With a single platform implementation for the intranets and the extranets, SharePoint truly extends the enterprise to include not only the internal users, but also the external users of the enterprise under a single umbrella.

3. SharePoint as an Internet Web Site:
The following features make SharePoint the ideal platform for implementing your organization’s internet sites

• Site Customization and Branding
– SharePoint provides a build once, use many times option using ASP.NET Master pages and page layouts
– SharePoint Themes allow customizations to change the look and feel of the site to meet your organizations branding requirements

• Content Management
– Content authors need not wait for the site administrators to publish content.
– Content can be published in a pre defined format, requiring no help from the web designers
– On the screen rich text editors to format the text on the fly
– Supports standardized look and feel across the web site without much effort
– A structured hierarchy makes it easy to maintain and manage the sites and content on the web site.

• Web Communities
– Inbuilt templates for blogs and wikis allow user communities to be created on specific topics on your web site that can be used as an effective feedback mechanisms on your solutions and product offerings

• Rich Media
– SharePoint supports rich media like images, videos, flash files etc.
– Can be easily streamed over the internet with minimal customizations

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Helping Colorama Retail Network Unify Under One Retail Software Platform

Helping Colorama Retail Network Unify Under One Retail Software Platform

About Colorama

Colorama was founded in 2007 as the result of a confederationof three independent retail chains in Scandinavia: Spektrum (Sweden) and Färgtema (Sweden). With 175 retail outlets in Sweden, and a purchasing alliance in Norway and Finland, Colorama is the largest independent retail chain for paint in Northern Europe.

Each store in the Colorama network is owned by the individual store owner. Each owner maintains individual responsibility over marketing and sales,andenjoys democratic influence over the central governance of the retail chain.

In addition to paint and accessories, the Colorama assortment also includes wall paper, flooring and ceramic tiles.

In Sweden alone, the chain is approaching annual sales of 2.5billion SEK (455 Million USD) and operates with the vision to be Scandinavians leading retail chain of paint.

Unified under a one-brand umbrella, Colorama believes in a disciplined approach to branding, where brand consistency is critical to success, including the implementation of central campaigns, cross network use of manuals, training and ability to distribute content seamlessly across operations.

Business Challenge

As Colorama was established over five years ago, the Scandinavian retail chainbegan moving assertively to leverage its size to achieve cost savings through increased buying power, and focusing its marketing efforts to establish Colorama as a national brand with top of mind consumer awareness.

Said a company spokesperson at the inception of Colorama in 2007: “This is a step towards the goal: one single Scandinavian chain. The size is the only thing that matters to the suppliers”

While buying power is one of the immediate and apparent benefits when forming an alliance, there are many other roadblocks to overcome.

For example, a centrally owned company has a board with ultimate voting power and ability to enforce centrally coordinated program. But a network built up from individual stores, with brand legacies and systems of their own, compliance and cooperation can only be achieved by reaching consensus and agreement.

And growing from a multi-branded retail environment to a centrally coordinated mono-brand retail chain doesn’t come without its fair share of headaches.

Immediately at its inception, Colorama put a strong focus on creating an aggressive central branding platform, which included campaigns that included TV, Radio, Media and events.

As many owners of retailchains will testify, brand consistency and compliance can only be achieved if communication from the top is crystal clear and the right tools are in place. Without the right tools and processes in place, retail chains struggle to overcome these challenges, and grow effectively.

To further complicate the realization of its goals to build a national brand rapidly, the network of chains now operating as Colorama, operated on more than five different store software platforms.

So with over 1,000 employees, Colorama acknowledged that communicating effectively,and under one synchronizing platform, would be critical to its success.

The company decided to laser focus on implementingits mono brand platform, unifying its retail network with a highly integrated and flexible work platform that enabled communication, collaboration and content to be shared with speed and efficiency. By doing so, the company believed it would be better equipped to manage its brand.

According to Anders Lundblad, Marketing Director at Colorama, “Managing a large retail network with individual store owners requires a great need for communicating clearly and effectively. We have a responsibility to provide the members with the toolsthey require to succeed, while at the same time establishing a framework which is easy to follow and implement. In a nutshell, you need an intelligent software platform that facilitates day-to-day communications that is also able to guide and educate your organization about your brand concept in a manner that is approachable for all stores in real time.”

As a first step to laser focus on brand compliance, the executive leadership team at Colorama decided to implement a group-wide approach that would help: Bring together retailcommunications into one single platform Store, share, and maintain manuals, documents, and marketing materials in a one-stop platform Facilitate the design and execution of customer loyalty programs and marketing promotions while respecting the Colorama brand guidelines and standards

This approach would set it apart from the competition and provide what Chainformation terms “distinctive capability,” a retail chain’s unique formula for business success aimed at securing brand compliance while outperforming the competition.

For help in realizing an Intranet-based communication platform, Colorama wanted to team with a partner that would bring not only expertise in technical environments and system integration, but also bringing a deep understanding of the retail industry.

Chainformation was the logical choice. Over the past twelve years, Chainformation has provided retail- and franchise-software for some of Scandinavia’s largest franchise- and retail-chains, including industry leaders such as IC Company, Iduna andIKEA.

How we helped

In partnering with Chainformation, Coloramawere able to leverage a retail specific solution based on proven technologies.

The move gave Colorama instant access to a high powered Intranet that would function as the retail chain’s delivery vehicle for know-how, business data and content for the daily operations including: Faster, role-based communication Brand and Identity Guidelines Marketing Design Templates and Execution tools Daily Sales Reporting

While CCM is ready to be used out of the box and can be implemented in just 2-4 weeks, Colorama worked with Chainformation’steam of development expertsto realize a number of features to be used across the retail network including: Customer Loyalty Program Management and Mailing Features Access to preferred vendors and procurement processes E-mail and Text Message Marketing tool to drive customer traffic Access to purchasing agreements, discounts and vendors

“Having partnered with Chainformation since our inception, we have continuously worked with their team of experts to align the CCM platform with our business objectives and creating useful tools for the members of our retail network. For instance, we can use CCM to communicate withany, or all of our members of our loyalty program. We can send out mass mailings or test messages with special in store promotions,” says Anders Lundblad.

Another popular component of the CCM platform is the Colorama College – an individual module that offers e-learning directly to the store staff, regardless of their location.

This means that any employee with access to the Colorama network can access training programs, such as the “new recruitment training” or product specific training programs. As students go through various stages of interactive training programs, they then take tests online.

Some of the information shared via CCM is either confidential or business sensitive. But the retail software is completely role-based so that users will only see what they need to see. For instance, CCM captures critical sales information which is made available only to the central finance department.

More than just a gatekeeper of confidential information, CCM also helps streamline communication so that employees are not over-informed.

Perhaps one of the most useful features included with the retail software platform, is the Web Content Management Plug-in. This plug-in providesColorama with the ability to publish and manage content on local store website.

With pre-approved web-page templates and role-based user rights, Colorama can rely on the plug-in to published content according to pre-approved brand standards, and that websites will look the same in every location and geography.

How the implementation was done

In rolling out CCM in the Colorama network, Chainformation was committed to designing, testing and implementing CCM with minimal disruptions to existing daily business.

Chainformation deployed a team of professionals who were involved in all aspects of project delivery, beginning with analysing Colorama key processes, and business drivers. Through a series of requirements-gathering workshops and functional design sessions, Chainformation were able to frame a customer unique solution that supported Colorama in each of its focus areas, including guest management, brand management and staff education.

Once the functional design was in place, the team worked quickly to complete the CCM-platform customized for Colorama, including technical design, development and testing and system integration.

The primary solution components included:

The roll-out of CCM, a state of the art retail software and single point of entry and for the Colorama network.

This customized approach of an out-of-the-box solution was designed to meet all the system-, knowledge delivery- and communication-needs of the Colorama network.

The solution equips the members of the franchise network with a tool that makes daily operations easier and more transparent, while at the same time providing head office with a tool that helps secure brand compliance, improve communication flow and deplete operational deficiencies: A user friendly-interface for speedy publication of news and updates Real-time access to manuals, Brand Guidelines, and Identity Standards A media asset manager that contains brand-compliant visual elements such as images, logos and document templates. A design tool that enables the design of local promotions and e-mail campaigns A management tool for the Colorama loyalty club program A SMS Text Message Marketing Tool for executing campaigns that drive customer traffic Customer feedback functionality

High performance Delivered

With CCM by Chainformation, Colorama has transformed from a disparate network of stores to a leading Scandinavian retail star equipped with best practice work processes.

Says Anders Hall, Sales & Marketing Manager at Chainformation: “In 2007, Colorama was operating on five individual store software systems which made it incredibly difficult to capture relevant information on sales, and communicating effectively across the stores. By implementing CCM by Chainformation, we have been able to synchronize and funnel information from all legacy systems, while providing one single platform for store staff to use in day-to-day retail operations.”

Every Colorama location now has one single point of entry from which it can access manuals and marketing modules, communicate and cross-collaborate, while also receiving important updates and news from Colorama’shead office

As campaigns and marketing materials are made available in real-time, CCM also enables Colorama to see if individual staff member have missed to take part of important documents or content. The system even keeps track if anything has been printed out.

“The success of any retail chain begins with people and communications. With CCM by Chainformation, we have equipped our organization with a state of the art tool which allows us to maximize and fully leverage the potential of the Colorama network, from purchasing information to brand building. As we laser focus on building Scandinavia’s leading retail chain in our segment, we can implement large scale changes and keep our network informed in seconds,” explains Anders Lundblad.

In hindsight, the strategy has worked well for Colorama. They have carved out a clear leadership role in a short time and continue to expand. According to a recent internal report, Colorama has become one Sweden’s most recognized consumer brands, with a brand awareness of 25 per cent (closest competitor at 9%), and top of mind brand awareness for TV commercials.

According to Anders Hall, Sales and Marketing Manager at Chainformation, “Partnering with Colorama, we were able funnel the wealth of information flowing through fivelegacy computer systems in play across the Colorama network, while also providing a communication platform where Colorama could communicate and share business critical information. This is a great example of how Chainformation is able to rapidly deploya unifying approach and help deliver business critical knowledge when large chains and alliances are born.”